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<p>Spoilers make Batman sad.</p>

Spoilers make Batman sad.

Credit: Warner Bros/Clay Enos

Local reporter believes Detroit extra knows major character spoiler for 'Batman v Superman'

Watch how this game of Internet Telephone evolved

Warner Bros has been hard at work on "Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice" in Detroit, where local news crews have been stalking the film, trying to break whatever they could about the production.

Now it appears one station is at the center of a controversy about information they revealed. While there are plenty of details that have already been confirmed about the film, the vast majority of what we'll see in March of 2016 is still a mystery. And good for them. Warner Bros. has no other film in production right no that is more important to their overall game plan for their tentpole movies for the next six years. Forget about the creative side for a moment… just in terms of numbers, this movie matters more to them than anything else they're making right now. If it works, they are off to the races. If it doesn't, then they're looking at a whole slate of stuff they might start second-guessing.

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'Marley & Me' sequel is coming to NBC
Credit: 20th Century Fox

'Marley & Me' sequel is coming to NBC

Viacom fires back at VH1 'Dating Naked' contestant who sued for $10M

“Marley & Me” sequel is coming to NBC
The Peacock is developing a sequel to the 2008 film starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, with the sitcom picking up where the movie left off.

Viacom fires back at VH1 “Dating Naked” contestant who sued for $10M
Jessie Nizewitz filed suit because producers failed to "blur out her vagina and anus.” But Viacom says Nizewitz signed three separate releases allowing VH1 to show her naked. Viacom also released a quote from her saying the "nude thing isn’t a big deal to me, I’m very comfortable being naked and with my body in general.”

“Scandal” bringing back Paul Adelstein
The “Private Practice” alum will reprise his role as Sally Langston’s questionable campaign consultant.

DirecTV renews “Kingdom” for 20 more episodes
The MMA drama has received an order of 20 more episodes to go with its 10-episode 1st season.

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<p>Michael Keaton in &quot;Birdman&quot;</p>

Michael Keaton in "Birdman"

Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Give Michael Keaton the Oscar

'Birdman' serves as a reminder that he's one of the industry's most versatile actors

The conversation around "Birdman" has shifted a little bit since early raves out of the Venice and Telluride film festivals. Maybe as expected, a number of writers are taking umbrage with a certain critic depiction in the film. Some reviews go so far as to read like performance art based on that depiction. Nevertheless, there was always going to be a bend in that road, and I'm fine with that. But I want to talk about something else. I want to talk about how Michael Keaton deserves the Oscar for Best Actor walking away.

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Susan Sarandon to play Marilyn Monroe’s mentally ill mom on Lifetime
Credit: Associated Press

Susan Sarandon to play Marilyn Monroe’s mentally ill mom on Lifetime

Stephen Colbert takes us through his 'Colbert Report' day

Susan Sarandon to play Marilyn Monroe’s mentally ill mom on Lifetime
Sarandon will star in the miniseries “Marilyn,” based on the book "The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe.” Because of her mother’s mental instability, Marilyn Monroe lived in several foster homes and was a ward of the state during her childhood.

Stephen Colbert takes us through his “Colbert Report” day
Colbert reveals in a Slate podcast that he calls a script “that won’t kiss me back” a “bad girlfriend,” that he tests his audience by stroking his makeup artists hair, and that he only watches 10% of his shows.

McDonald’s hires ex-“MythBuster” Grant Imahara to find out what’s in its food
The hiring of Imahara is part of McDonald’s effort to become more transparent.

Ben Whishaw to star in BBC America’s “London Spy”
The “Skyfall” and “The Hour” actor will join Jim Broadbent and Charlotte Rampling in the story of an "innocent young romantic drawn into a dangerous world of espionage.”

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Black or White
Credit: Relativity

Relativity picks up Kevin Costner-led race drama ‘Black or White’

The marooned TIFF premiere finally finds some love.

After a quiet bow at the Toronto International Film Festival, a distributor is finally coming to the rescue of writer-director Mike Binder's racially charged drama "Black and White." Excuse me, "Black or White," because someone owned the rights to the former and producers couldn't get it cleared. Sharing a title with a Michael Jackson track is easier, apparently.

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<p>Logan Lerman in &quot;Fury&quot;</p>

Logan Lerman in "Fury"

Credit: Sony Pictures

Logan Lerman recalls going through the grinder of grueling 'Fury' shoot

Also: Why didn't he talk to Brad Pitt much during the shoot?

David Ayer's "Fury" rumbles into theaters today. We've talked to Ayer, we've talked to composer Steven Price and now, one of the stand-outs from the cast, Logan Lerman.

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'The Courtship Of Eddie’s Father' is getting a Fox remake, co-starring Willie Garson
Credit: ABC

'The Courtship Of Eddie’s Father' is getting a Fox remake, co-starring Willie Garson

'Lost’s' Mr. Eko is joining 'Game of Thrones'

"The Courtship Of Eddie’s Father” is getting a Fox remake, co-starring Willie Garson
Conan O’Brien and Garson are producing the project based on the 1969-72 comedy that co-starred Bill Bixby and Brandon Cruz. The sitcom was based on the 1963 film starring Ron Howard, which itself was based on a 1936 book. Garson is set to play Eddie’s father’s work colleague.

“Lost’s” Mr. Eko is reportedly joining “Game of Thrones”
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is reportedly playing a character named Malko, who doesn’t appear in the books.

“The Walking Dead” sets a new record for DVR viewership
DVRs added 5.086 million viewers, bringing the total viewership for the Season 5 premiere to 22.372 million.

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Queen Latifah
Credit: John Shearer/Invision/AP

Queen Latifah to host not-all-that-significant Hollywood Film Awards

The show will air on CBS in November.

The 18th Hollywood Film Awards will mark the first time the pre-season awards bonanza's history airs for public viewing. Because the world needs another televised awards show. They do! Someone does.

With the ceremony's promotion comes a host with a personality worthy of the screen: Queen Latifah. The Oscar-nominated actress, musician and talk show host will will play ringleader to the event, which CBS will air in mid-November.

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<p>The last play of Thursday&#39;s Jets-Patriots game</p>

The last play of Thursday's Jets-Patriots game

Credit: AP

TV Ratings: Jets-Patriots football leads CBS Thursday as 'Murder' dips

'Vampire Diaries' and 'Reign' are both up for The CW

Fast National ratings for Thursday, October 16, 2014.

A consistently tight Thursday Night Football game between the Jets and Patriots didn't give CBS a bit ratings boost, but the coverage was in line with last week and led the network to primetime wins in all measures.

Thursday's ratings sported only minor variations, so it's better not to over-invest in thought, which would be the kind of thing ABC might say after a semi-steep Week 4 decline for "How To Get Away With Murder," which may or may not have been the victim of the closeness of the CBS football game.

Things continued to be discouraging for FOX's "Gracepoint," which dropped even as "Bones" was up a little. 

NBC's "Bad Judge" continued to hold its advantage over lead-out "A to Z," though "A to Z" held its place at The Mulaney lead, week-to-week.

And over on The CW, both "The Vampire Diaries" and "Reign" were up and I've been told preemptions were negligible, so good luck making sense of anything.

On to the numbers...

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Credit: NBC

Review: 'Parenthood' - 'A Potpourri of Freaks'

Zeek comes home, Julia and Joel confront Sydney, and Crosby goes to a spiritual retreat

A quick review of last night's "Parenthood" coming up just as soon as I'm the boss of my own hair...

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Credit: Walt Disney Animation

Watch a sneak peek of Disney's gorgeous, Best Animated Short contender, 'Feast'

Film set to premiere in front of 'Big Hero 6'

As massive and business-minded a corporation as it is, Walt Disney Animation leaves room in their pipeline for experimentation. Each year, crew members on any and every rung of the bureaucratic ladder have the opportunity to pitch short films to John Lasseter and the WDA "story trust," a group of the company's veteran directors, writers, and artists. The goal: Push story and animation technology to places where the feature slate can't go (at least, not until the shorts lay the groundwork). Animator Patrick Osborne pitched "Feast" as a living work of concept art — graphic, fluid, and nostalgic — that also fell into the Disney mold, a sweet story of a dog that loves food. Lasseter took to it, and this November, the fully rendered short hits theaters in front of "Big Hero 6."

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HitFix Mix: Lady Antebellum is paging Channing Tatum for 'Freestyle'

HitFix Mix: Lady Antebellum is paging Channing Tatum for 'Freestyle'

'Best of Me' soundtrack trio recommend three tracks to blow your hair back

Lady Antebellum just released their new album "747" and have a song on the soundtrack to "The Best of Me." There's a lot of noise out there, so their newest single "Freestyle" could use a leg up, too.

So, Channing Tatum, what say you?

In our interview this month -- ahead of tomorrow's release of the Nicholas Sparks romance adaptation "The Best of Me" -- multi-Grammy Award-winning Lady A was brainstorming some talent hey could bring into their music video world. Tony Hale and Kate Upton co-starred in the trio's smash country hit "Bartender" this summer, for instance.

Coming up with the tune for this week's Michelle Monaghan and James Marsden-starring feature didn't come totally out of left field.

The group "didn't have any of the visuals," said Dave Haywood, when they were approached to write a song for the movie earlier this year. But he, Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley were already in the zone of writing every day for "747." (And it doesn't hurt that the group was fans of Sparks' stories, too.)

Scott said the process for making "747," felt altogether different because Lady A wanted this effort to be different, from all its other efforts.

"This record especially, we put so much time and thought and heart into making it different, and something that the fans would hear different from us," she said. "Just to see the response so far has been so affirming."

If you're curious about what lights each members' fire musically, you're in luck. The next three songs are hand-selected tracks from Lady Antebellum, for this week's HitFix Mixtape.

Charles Kelley recommends: Haim, "If I Could Change Your Mind"

Hillary Scott recommends: Kacey Musgraves, "It Is What It Is"

Dave Haywood recommends: Sam Hunt, "Leave the Night On"

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