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Exclusive: Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins induct Rush into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Credit: HBO

Exclusive: Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins induct Rush into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Watch the Foo Fighters' hilarious speech now before it airs on HBO

This is how you do an induction speech... Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins inducted Rush into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame last month and their speech, which was the highlight of the evening, was hilarious, profane, and genuine all at the same time.

After lots and lots of lobbying by the power trio's fans, Rush finally made it into the Rock Hall and no one was more surprised (or delighted) by Grohl and Hawkins, who recall their first exposure to the group as young boys. They basically geek out and let their fan boy selves run wild.

In this clip exclusive to Hitfix, watch Grohl and Hawkins totally bust on Rush, while they manage to praise them as well.

The R&R Hall of Fame ceremony was taped April 18 at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.

The 2013  Rock & Roll Hall of Fame airs May 18 on HBO. In addition to Rush, the other inductees are Heart, Albert King, Randy Newman, Public Enemy, Donna Summer, Lou Adler and Quincy Jones.   A 24-hour marathon will start immediately on HBO Signature.

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<p>If this man ever offers to 'shimmy' for you, my advice is that you should run.</p>

If this man ever offers to 'shimmy' for you, my advice is that you should run.

Credit: HitFix

Ken Jeong gets serious talking about ending it all in 'The Hangover Part III'

Plus we look back at a more spirited encounter with the comic actor

I am genuinely happy for Ken Jeong.

When I first saw him in "Knocked Up," I thought he was great, one of many scene-stealers in that movie. When I talked to Judd Apatow about him, he mentioned that Jeong was an actual doctor. At the time, I thought Judd meant that this was Ken's first time acting, that he was a doctor who they just met and thought was funny and then hired. Jeong was actually working in TV a full decade before that, though, while also having trained and worked as a doctor. He's a great example of a guy who kept his dream alive while also having this full-time professional life, and to see him find a niche where he's become a very in-demand comic character actor is just enjoyable. He deserves it.

After all, Ken Jeong will attack a role if you give him a chance. He doesn't phone it in. Say what you will about him as a performer, but that's a guy who will make gigantic choices and he'll throw himself into it, and there's no ego about things. Whatever's funny is funny. He doesn't care if he looks "cool." He cares about the laugh. He is merciless in his pursuit of it.

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"The 100"

 "The 100"

Credit: The CW

See the first trailer from The CW's post-apocalyptic "The 100"

Watch the TV show before you read the book!
You know who gets really excited about trees and stuff? People who have never, ever seen them. And hikers. But this show is about how the only humans to survive nuclear Armageddon on earth were those living in space stations, and now their descendants (who are actually being punished, so earth is basically considered juvie) get to come back and see what their grandparents had been whining about missing. 
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<p>Who are these men, and what role do they play in the secretive new science-fiction action film 'Jupiter&nbsp;Ascending' by the Wachowskis?</p>

Who are these men, and what role do they play in the secretive new science-fiction action film 'Jupiter Ascending' by the Wachowskis?

Credit: Warner Bros.

Updated - Did Terry Gilliam just leak the first image from 'Jupiter Ascending' by the Wachowskis?

The Channing Tatum/Mila Kunis science-fiction action movie is shooting now

UPDATED: I've been informed that a batch of set photos appeared online over a week ago, and this is from that set of images. Collider ran a piece, for example, and a lot of the gossip sites appear to have picked it up. I confess that I don't pay attention to unofficial images all the time, and I missed this. Gilliam is not the source of the image, but was merely passing it along. The "news" here, then, is his appearance in the film, giving us a chance to round up what we know about it so far. Some of what we've got to say about the film is not general knowledge so far.

As usual, if you're obsessive about seeing every detail of something, finding a specialized fan site is going to be the best from-the-tap stream of info you'll get.

Now here's the original piece:

One of my favorite films from last year was "Cloud Atlas," and part of what I enjoyed about the film was seeing what happened when Andy and Lana Wachowski collided with Tom Tykwer. That's not a collaboration I would have ever demanded to see, but the results of it were very special, and I'm very glad it happened.

Today, Terry Gilliam posted a photo to his Facebook page showing two extras on the set of "Jupiter Ascending," the new science-fiction action film that the Wachowskis are filming, and he revealed that he'll be playing a bit part of some sort in the movie as well. While this isn't the same scale of collaboration as "Cloud Atlas," just knowing that Gilliam and the Wachowskis are in contact with one another makes me very happy.

Right now, "Jupiter Ascending" is an enigma for most people. The last two films by the Wachowskis have been large-scale experiments, and while I've enjoyed the films, I appreciate that they make very big movies that require very big budgets, and that doesn't happen forever if you can't make money for a studio. To some extent, it feels like "Jupiter Ascending" is a step back for them, a conscious decision to do something that is more like what people expect from them. Then again, I get the feeling after chatting with the Wachowskis last year that they are not terribly concerned about what people expect.

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Watch: The-Dream doesn't care for foreplay in 'IV Play' music video

In case you were wondering, he's talking about 'straight sex'

I want to take moment and note that the Lego Palace that is the venue for The-Dream's "IV Play" music video also features stairs that look straight outta the Comic Con convention center in San Diego.

The R&B singer throats the words every girl longs to hear: "I can give a f*ck about foreplay." So he can, doesn't mean he will. He then gently drapes his arm on the ass of a model as though it were a piece of furniture. Man knows his audience.

"IV Play" goes for longer than IV minutes, which may be longer than the IV minutes The-Dream can "straight sex" without IV Play.

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'The Voice' is keeping all of its judges -- Shakira and Usher will return next spring

"The Voice" is keeping all of its judges -- Shakira and Usher will return next spring

The fall's "Voice" season will reunite the original judges, while the spring edition will be made up of this spring's current lineup.

Lifetime's "Jodi Arias" movie will air next month
"Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret" will debut June 22, a month after Arias' murder conviction.

Why was this the year viewers stopped caring about "American Idol"?

Season 12 will go down as the year "Idol" lost its magic. PLUS: "Idol" found its best singers in years when nobody was watching.

"The Big Bang Theory's" quality has improved season by season
Season 6 has been its best season yet, says Ken Tucker, adding: "'The Big Bang Theory' is finishing up a season in which it remains both underrated and high-rated, a combo that currently looks like one new pop-culture model for long-term success." PLUS: Simon Helberg says we topped ourselves this year.

USA unveils drama pilot slate, including "Blanco County" from "Veronica Mars" creator

USA is also developing "Horizon" from the producer of "The Walking Dead."

Anderson Cooper will play a 75-year-old version of himself on "The Simpsons"
For his episode, the CNN star will travel to 2043.

Joshua Malina enjoys being hated by "Scandal" fans
After stints on "The West Wing" and "Sports Night," Malina is enjoying all the attention. PLUS: "Scandal" stars defend Malina's character, and Tony Goldwyn reads "Scandal" steamy fan fiction.

"Elementary" opted against ending the season on a cliffhanger
"When it looked more likely that we would get to go to London for our premiere, we didn't want to drag any of this year's business into a second season," says exec producer Robert Doherty.

Meet the linguist who created languages for "Game of Thrones" and "Defiance"
David Peterson is responsible for Valyrian and Dothraki on "Game of Thrones" and the "Defiance" alien languages Irathient and Castithan.

Obama gets the "Scandal" treatment
Can Olivia Pope save the president?

Neil deGrasse Tyson to host "Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey" on Fox
The 13-part docu-series will air next year, focusing on Carl Sagan's exploration of the universe.

6 TV shows with puppets that failed miserably

From "Red Pepper" to "Alligator Boots."

"The Vampire Diaries" graduates

In tonight's season finale, says exec producer Julie Plec, "we get the s--t hitting the fan behind the scenes, but we still get a great glimpse of that nostalgic milestone." PLUS: CW's Upfronts reunite Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder.

Why does CW have so many fantasy TV shows?
No network is betting on genre shows like the CW.

Tumblr blog celebrates "Jeopardy! Hotties"
Presenting hot people on "Jeopardy!"

Jessica Capshaw talks about her "Grey's Anatomy" twist
"It totally upset the apple cart for me," she says.

Fired Amy's Baking Company waitress shares behind-the-scenes "Kitchen Nightmares" tidbits
Katy Cipriano says last week's episode was "100% real."

Green Bay Packers fans are getting their own reality show on TBS
"Cheeseheads" will focus on the lives of Packers fans.

Happy 40th birthday, Tori Spelling!
The "Beverly Hills, 90210" vet turned reality star celebrates 40 years today.

What will "Arrow" do in Season 2?

Three to four months will have gone by before next season.

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<p>&quot;The Office.&quot;</p>

"The Office."

Credit: NBC

Why 'The Office' mattered: It adapted scripted TV to the reality TV era

Why "The Office" mattered: It adapted scripted TV to the reality TV era

As "The Office" exits tonight, James Poniewozik explains six ways "The Office" was hugely influential in TV, including bringing hard reality to the workplace sitcom and helping mainstream the cringe factor. But perhaps most importantly, "The Office" applied reality TV tropes successfully to he sitcom format. As he explains, "to NBC’s primetime audience, its signifiers–the confessional interviews, the cameras rushing to keep up with the action–were more immediately familiar from reality TV, which in 2005 people were talking about replacing sitcoms altogether."
The American "Office" had no business working -- the odds were stacked against it
Why we loved and hated "The Office": It was pure escapism that was meant to look real
What made "The Office" great is what ultimately killed it
Jumping the shark: Key moments in "The Office's" decline
Should "The Office" finale signal the end of the mockumentary sitcom?
"Office" breathed new life into the sitcoms -- but the change it ushered is going away
The floppy evolution of Jim Halpert's hair // "Office" and "Mambo No. 5"
"The Office" gets a "Six Feet Under"-style sendoff
"The Office" will live on thanks to Staples' Dunder Mifflin paper
5 ways "The Office" ruined her life // 59 reasons to miss "The Office"
Greg Daniels knew from the pilot that "The Office" would be special
Director Ken Kwapis directed the first episode and the last episode
"The Office" is ending like it began -- as an afterthought
See Ellie Kemper's farewell photo album // 19 best sports moments
Cast members reveal what they took home // Here's the real "Office" in Van Nuys

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Kanye West, Rick Ross and 2 Chainz on 'The Bling Ring' soundtrack
Credit: A24

Kanye West, Rick Ross and 2 Chainz on 'The Bling Ring' soundtrack

Phoenix is also on soundtrack for Sofia Coppola-directed film

The soundtrack for “The Bling Ring,” Sofia Coppola’s film about Los Angeles privileged teens who rob celebrities’ homes, features tracks from Sleigh Bells, Azealia Banks, M.I.A, Kanye West, and, of course, Phoenix (Coppola’s married to Phoenix lead singer Thomas Mars.

In Contention’s Guy Lodge saw the movie at Cannes and called it a “brisk, funny, unexpectedly substantial study of a tabloid diversion.” Read his full review here.

Daniel Lopatin, from Oneohtrix Point Never, scored the film. His composition, "Bling Ring Suite," written with the film's music supervisor, Brian Reitzell, appears on the soundtrack as well.

Def Jam will release the soundtrack June 11, while the movie opens in theaters June 14.

The Bling Ring Original Soundtrack Tracklist:?

01. Sleigh Bells – ” Crown On The Ground”?
02. Rick Ross [ft. Lil Wayne] – “9 Piece”?
03. Rye Rye [ft. M.I.A.] – “Sunshine”
04. Azealia Banks - ”212″
05. Oneohtrix Point Never – “Ouroboros”
06. 2 Chainz – “Money Machine”
07. M.I.A. - ”Bad Girls”
08. Kanye West - ”All of the Lights”
09. Ester Dean [ft. Chris Brown] – “Drop It Low”?
10. Reema Major - ”Gucci Bag”?
11. Can – “Halleluwah”?
12. Kanye West - ”Power”?
13. Klaus Schulze - ”Freeze”?
14. deadmau5 - ”FML”?
15. Brian Reitzell and Daniel Lopatin - ”Bling Ring Suite”?
16. Phoenix - ”Bankrupt!”?
17. Frank Ocean [ft. Earl Sweatshirt] - ”Super Rich Kids”


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Credit: The CW

Watch Adelaide Kane in the first trailer from The CW's 'Reign'

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, gets the teen treatment
What better way to teach high school students actual history than to slap it on TV and cast a bunch of adorbs teenagers in the important roles? Better yet, history is public domain! So The CW brings us "Reign," which follows Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, through her teen years. Good thing the real Mary wasn't executed until she was, like, old.
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<p>A scene from &quot;Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon&quot;</p>

A scene from "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"

Credit: Sony Classics

'Crouching Tiger' sequel to be directed by 'The Matrix' and 'Kill Bill' choreographer Yuen Wo Ping

The 'Drunken Master' filmmaker's spin goes into production next year

The Weinstein Company has announced today that production on "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II: The Green Destiny" will begin in March of 2014 in Asia. Yuen Wo Ping is set to direct after serving as a choreographer on the original film, which was directed by Ang Lee and was nominated for 10 Academy Awards, winning four.

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<p>Robin Wright in &quot;The Congress.&quot;</p>

Robin Wright in "The Congress."

Credit: Summit Entertainment

Cannes Review: Robin Wright gets animated in messy, sometimes mesmerizing 'The Congress'

Ari Folman's 'Waltz With Bashir' follow-up opens Directors' Fortnight at Cannes

CANNES - Most likely in sheer desperation at having to say anything at all about Colin Farrell dud "Dead Man Down," veteran critic David Thomson recently turned his review into a plea to Hollywood casting directors to make bolder, braver, weirder choices -- to throw gender and other demographic demarcations to the wind and let familiar screen stars become other people entirely. "We need to revolutionize casting," he wrote, "often enough to live up to our sense of ourselves: that we are not one fixed persona -- we contain multitudes."

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"Star Crossed"

 "Star Crossed"

Credit: The CW

See the first trailer from The CW's alien/human romance 'Star-Crossed'

Girl meets alien, love blossoms in this new drama

It seems that "Star-Crossed" is really a TV show about interracial love and school busing, but instead of people of color, we get aliens who look like white people with cool tattoos.  

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