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"Cake Boss"

 "Cake Boss"

Credit: TLC

Watch: It's a tearful baby photo shoot on 'Cake Boss'

It should be fun to smash pretty cakes, but for one kid it's not

You know what's fun? Pimping out a kid for a photo shoot, then watching the kid cry for his or her mommy when it comes time to snap pictures! Yay! Poor cake artist Buddy Valastro has to watch from the sidelines as someone else's kid sobs over the prospect of mashing up his cakes. I don't blame the kid; seems like a waste of really good eating, if you ask me.

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<p>Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer.</p>

Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer.

Credit: AP Photo

Hans Zimmer (who else?) to score Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar'

The sci-fi epic will mark Zimmer's fifth collaboration with the director.

It may not be out for another 17 months, but Christopher Nolan's elaborate sci-fi project "Interstellar" is already -- inevitably -- generating enough excitement that any detail of its production is being seized upon by a ravenous internet. As these details go, the announcement that Hans Zimmer will be scoring the epic isn't news so much as a virtual given, but it's good to have it confirmed. 

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Kris Jenner

 Kris Jenner

Credit: AP Photo

Watch the promo for Kardashian mama Kris Jenner's talk show

The mastermind of Kim Kardashian's 15 minutes gets her own time to talk

If you want to blame anyone for the entire Kardashian clan milking way more than 15 minutes of fame out of Kim's stupid sex tape, it's this woman. And now, Kris Jenner has her own chat show on which to talk about how other housewives can turn pimp their kids! Not really. Actually, of all the Kardashians, Kris appears to be the only one with an actual personality, and as she's proven as a guest host on "The Talk" and other programs, she's smart and, yes, insightful. If you have to watch any member of the Kardashian clan, you might as well give "Kris" a chance. And as far as we know, no sex tape. 

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"Princesses: Long Island"

 "Princesses: Long Island"

Credit: Bravo

'Princesses: Long Island' gives aging, single spoiled brats a forum

If you hate 'Real Housewives,' you'll really despise these girls

I'll admit that prolonged exposure to "The Real Housewives" franchise has worn me down. I regularly get swept up in the (probably fake) battles, the screaming, the backbiting. While their lives of self-indulgence and aimless luxury are both enviable and kinda gross, put any gaggle of women together in a room, sprinkle in some envy and hormones, and the end result will be kinda watchable.

At least I thought that was true until I saw "Princesses: Long Island." 

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Dan Harmon may film himself watching the 'Community' season he missed

Dan Harmon may film himself watching the "Community" season he missed
"Sony said they're very interested in recording me watching it as a commentary track," says Harmon, who points out that his involvement could help sell the DVDs.

"Girls" finds its Christopher Abbott replacement on "Boardwalk Empire"

Michael Zegen, who played Bugsy Siegel on "Boardwalk," is expected to fill the void left by Abbott.

"Conan" to make a "Family Guy" cameo

Conan O'Brien and his talk show will make a cameo on the Fox cartoon when Peter and Quagmire perform.

"Game of Thrones" final scene was unrealistic, says witness in O.J. Simpson murder trial

Dr. Michael Baden, a forensic pathologist, happened to catch last night's shocking scene. PLUS: Watch clips of people reacting to the final scene.

Filmmaker Ridley Scott debuts his new CNN series on June 23

"Crimes of the Century" each week will focus on a single shocking crime event from the past.

Oxygen renews "Best Ink," announces "Break Up Tattoos" and "Tattoos After Dark"
The creator of "Jersey Shore" will explore what happens late-night at a tattoo parlor in "Tattoos After Dark."

"Episodes" taps Roger Bart and Chris Diamantopoulos

Bart will play Matt LeBlanc's agent, while Diamantopoulos will appear all season as the head of the premium cable network.

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<p>Paulie Walnuts and Tony Soprano soak in the adulation that comes with &quot;The&nbsp;Sopranos&quot;&nbsp;being named the best-written TV&nbsp;show of all time by the Writers Guild of America.</p>

Paulie Walnuts and Tony Soprano soak in the adulation that comes with "The Sopranos" being named the best-written TV show of all time by the Writers Guild of America.

Credit: HBO

'The Sopranos' tops WGA list of best-written TV shows ever

The WGA includes many worthy series in its top 101, but makes some odd decisions along the way

Last night, the Writers Guild of America released its list of the 101 best-written TV shows of all time, a delayed follow-up to the WGA's 2006 list of the best-written films ever.

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<p>Miley Cyrus' &quot;We Can't Stop&quot;</p>

Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop"

Credit: RCA

Listen: Miley Cyrus' new single 'We Can't Stop'

Is it this summer's worst party anthem?

“We Can’t Stop,” Miley Cyrus’s new single, never really starts.

[More after the jump...]

 The tune, which will be featured on Cyrus’s RCA Records debut this fall, is like a 3 A.M., zoned-out version of the far superior “Party In The USA.”  Everyone is tanked out of their minds, but they won’t, or can’t, find their way home.

Co-written by Cyrus, Mike Will and Rock City, it is a slow-jamming ode to partying that never gets out of first gear. It’s offers an insinuating start with a hypnotic groove, but then has nowhere to go. It’s like the guest who won’t leave the kitchen.

Cyrus seems to continually shout out from the roof top that she is GROWN UP and in the world where grown up means flashing side boob, singing about getting high with Snoop Lion/Dogg, and posing naughtily for V magazine, she has convinced us. However, in the world where talent matters, she’s got a far way to go and that’s a shame because she has a fine voice.

The bigger sin against “We Can’t Stop” isn’t that Cyrus seems to want to party all the time, it’s that the song is so lazy in its attempts to show that.  You don’t have to be adult to write lines like this— “We like to par-tee/dancing with Mi-ley, this is our house, this is our rules.” — a six-year old could have written that.

But our favorite lyrical transgression is where Cyrus praises the girl with the junk in the trunk for shaking what her mama gave her as if she’s in a strip club. Get on that pole, girl, and remember, only God can judge you. You go!! In case you don’t want to listen below: “To my home girls here with the big butt, shaking it like we at the strip club remember only god can judge you forget the haters cos somebody loves ya.”

That’s followed by a line that I’m taking as a big coke reference, but I’m hoping I’m not hearing it right: “Everyone in the line for the bathroom trying to get a line in the bathroom, we are so turned up here, getting turned up yeah, yeah.”  If it is, it’s not that big a surprise, since Cyrus hasn’t flaunted her drug use like Rihanna, but she’s not hiding anything.

If Cyrus wants to go the trashy party girl  Ke$ha route, that’s her prerogative, but could she at least be a little more creative about it?

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<p>ADHD Producer Hend Baghdady, Wolvesmouth Chef Craig Thornton and Head of ADHD Nick Weidenfeld</p>

ADHD Producer Hend Baghdady, Wolvesmouth Chef Craig Thornton and Head of ADHD Nick Weidenfeld

Credit: FOX

FOX teams with Craig Thornton's Wolvesmouth to tease Animation Domination HD

Seven courses of delicious food, plus 'Axe Cop'
FOX's long-gestating Animation Domination HD block will launch on July 27 with the comedies "Axe Cop" and "High School USA!," but FOX began the promotional rollout for the late-night block this past week with a series of high profile dinners at the ADHD offices.
The dinners were run by Los Angeles chef Craig Thornton's Wolvemouth. You can read all about Thornton and Wolvesden in this rather exhaustive New Yorker profile. To appreciate the challenge Thornton and his culinary cast faced at the ADHD office, you have to know that while the ADHD offices include room after room of brand, spanking new computers that represent the epicenter and totality of the animation operations, they don't include any kind of true kitchen space.
ADHD moved into its Sunset Blvd digs earlier this spring after extensive renovations to a space that can feature as many as 110 workers. Each upcoming show has its own computer space, while a high-ceilinged library features both coffee table-style art books and vintage early addition Hardy Boys mysteries. Previous in-house dining endeavors in the ADHD offices seem to have been limited by the power of two microwaves, but Thornton's team came equipped with a small deep-frier and toaster ovens and they were able to produce a seven-course meal that I assure you that I could never produce with all the deep-friers and to toaster ovens in the world.
Calling it "a weird partnership that you wouldn't expect," Thornton explained that he knew ADHD head Nick Weidenfeld from multiple Wolvesden meals and relished the opportunity to create a dinner that embodied the spirit of the yet-to-premiere ADHD, while also playing off the limitations to the kitchen space.
The non-edible highlight of the evening was a screening of the first installment of "Axe Cop," which Widenfeld boasted "never left the building" in its production process. If you know the conceit behind "Axe Cop" -- it comes from the mind of six-year-old Malachai Nicolle and adheres to exactly the loopy internal logic that implies -- you're likely to be amused by the animated result, which features a fine lead voice performance by a certain "Parks and Recreation" star who will go uncredited for confusing contractual reasons.
I'll have more on "Axe Cop" and ADHD when we get a little closer to premiere, but for now, I thought I'd use this blog as an Instagram page to post some iPhone photos of the Wolvesmouth meal, along with complete descriptions of the myriad ingredients and preparations. [These pictures are from last Wednesday night's dinner, which was followed by five subsequent dinners...]
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'The Wire's' Dominic West will have an 'Affair' on Showtime

"The Wire's" Dominic West will have an "Affair" on Showtime
"The Affair" will feature the British actor as a "good husband" who suddenly finds himself cheating on his wife with a women whom he thinks is his soulmate.

Alyssa Milano to host "Project Runway: All Stars"
The "Mistresses" star will host the 3rd season of the "Project Runway" spinoff.

Will Ferrell's "Spoils of Babylon" will feature Kristen Wiig, Jessica Alba, Tobey Maguire
The IFC parody of TV miniseries will also star Michael Sheen, Val Kilmer, Haley Joel Osment and Tim Robbins.

"Glee's" Charice comes out
The Filipina pop star, who played Sunshine Corazon, has revealed that she's a lesbian.

"Arrested Development" fan creates a chronological version of the Netflix season
At least two different fans have been putting the shows together in sequence.

Starz greenlights "Outlander" from "Battlestar's" Ron Moore
The romantic time travel series is based on the books by author Diana Gabaldon.

History channel orders "God, Guns & Automobiles" starring radio DJ Mancow

Eric "Mancow" Muller and his brother will star in a reality show about their "throwback auto dealership."

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<p>John Slattery and Vincent Kartheiser in &quot;Mad&nbsp;Men.&quot;</p>

John Slattery and Vincent Kartheiser in "Mad Men."

Credit: AMC

Review: 'Mad Men' - 'A Tale of Two Cities'

While Don and Roger go to California, Joan and Jim stir up revolutions at home

A review of last night's "Mad Men" coming up just as soon as I'm Vasco da Gama and you're some other Mexican...

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George R.R. Martin explains the 'Game of Thrones' shocker

George R.R. Martin explains the "Game of Thrones" shocker
"I knew it almost from the beginning," he says of the developments in "The Rains of Castamere." "Not the first day, but very soon. I've said in many interviews that I like my fiction to be unpredictable. I like there to be considerable suspense." He adds: "That was the hardest scene I’ve ever had to write. It’s two-thirds of the way through the book, but I skipped over it when I came to it. So the entire book was done and there was still that one chapter left. Then I wrote it." PLUS: The final scene was impeccably well-constructed, the ending will be hard to forget, the episode went too far, congrats if you were unspoiled, "Thrones" characters get 90s makeovers, the scene took 1 week to film, and Richard Madden and Michelle Fairley discuss the episode.

"The Sopranos" named the No. 1 best-written TV show of all time, "Seinfeld" No. 2
The Writers Guild of America's list of the "101 Best Written TV Series of All Time" also includes No. 7 "Mad Men," No. 9 "The Wire," No. 10 "The West Wing," No. 11 "The Simpsons," No. 12 "I Love Lucy" and No. 13 "Breaking Bad."

"All in the Family's" Jean Stapleton: An appreciation
Stapleton's Edith Bunker on "All in the Family" was truly different, says Neil Genzlinger. "What set Ms. Stapleton's work in the show apart was her ability to create a character who was not imprisoned by her own daffiness," he explains. "There have been plenty of female airheads on television: bikinied bimbos, empty-headed housewives, batty old broads. But only a few have been able to make the kinds of transitions from the comic to the dramatic that were asked of Ms. Stapleton in 'All in the Family.'" PLUS: Edith Bunker was no doormat.

"Community" stars may be responsible for Dan Harmon's return
In his tweet announcing his return, Harmon thanked Joel McHale -- which, says Alan Sepinwall, "squares with what I've heard from people close to the show:  several of the castmembers weren't happy with the season 4 scripts and pushed Sony for Harmon's return."

Could the Rolling Stones end up on "Downton Abbey"?

Hugh Bonneville has been pitching a cameo for Mick Jagger and his legendary bandmates, who are huge "Downton" fans: "Obviously they wouldn't play themselves, but they could be a rag-tag bunch of traveling entertainers or even a circus act."

Discovery pays tribute to its fallen "Storm Chasers"

Sunday's "Mile Wide Tornado: Oklahoma Disaster" was dedicated to Tim Samaras and Carl Young, who perished Friday during the 2nd tornado to strike Oklahoma in as many weeks. PLUS: 12 days ago, Samaras talked about chasing the first Oklahoma tornado.

Jay Leno victorious in his final May sweeps
"The Tonight Show" topped David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel in total viewers and the key 18-49 demo.

What happened to Jimmy Fallon's hand?

The "Late Night" star's left hand is heavily bandaged up.

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh to make a cameo on today's "Judge Judy"
Harbaugh is such a huge "Judge Judy" fan -- she taught him to never tell a lie -- that he's appeared in local commercials promoting her show.

"The Newsroom" releases its "Desert Promo"
Check out the latest glimpse from Season 2.

Oprah's "Voice" special: She asks Carson Daly about the lack of breakout stars

Daly's response: "Oprah, when did the endgame become success? And what does it mean to be successful? What does it mean to be a breakout star?"

"Blue Bloods" promotes Marisa Ramirez as Jennifer Esposito's replacement

She'll become a series regular next season.

See Amy Poehler & Seth Meyers hanging out in real life

The former "SNL" Weekend Update duo were spotted grabbing coffee in NYC on Sunday.

Who should replace Matt Smith on "Doctor Who"?
How about somebody not white and/or male? PLUS: Jenna-Louise Coleman pays tribute to "very special friend" Smith, and bookies offer odds on Smith's replacement.

Kim Kardashian is expecting a girl
"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" revealed her upcoming baby's gender.

Heidi Klum celebrates 40 years
The "Project Runway"/"America's Got Talent" star celebrated entering her 40s with a hat-themed party.

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<p>Richard Madden and Michelle Fairley as Robb and Catelyn Stark in &quot;Game of Thrones.&quot;</p>

Richard Madden and Michelle Fairley as Robb and Catelyn Stark in "Game of Thrones."

Credit: HBO

Review: 'Game of Thrones' - 'The Rains of Castamere'

A wedding doesn't go quite as planned, Bran discovers a new gift, and Dany's men make their move

A review of tonight's "Game of Thrones" coming up just as soon as I can always tell what's going on beneath a dress...

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