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"Once Upon A Time"

"Once Upon A Time"

Credit: ABC

Comic-Con 2013: 'Once Upon A Time,' Peter Pan and Ariel

In a video clip the creators hint the mermaid will be in season 3

The "Once Upon A Time" panel followed hot on the heels of the "Once Upon A Time in Wonderland" panel, and as much as fans enjoyed visiting the spin-off, they were even more excited to see the landing of the mothership.

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

'Godzilla' storms into Hall H to kick off Warner's Comic-Con presentation

It looks like he's got some serious foes to face

SAN DIEGO - For the second year in a row, Legendary and Warner Bros. came to San Diego's Comic-Con so they could promote one of the biggest films they have on their release schedule, next summer's "Godzilla."

As they did last year, Warner Bros. blew everything out to three screens that surrounded the front end of Hall H. It's a very clear sign that they want to overwhelm the audience that's gathered here at the start of the day. The presentation began with black and white footage of nuclear bomb tests, filling every screen until a logo emerged from the ash, the single word. "Godzilla."

Chris Hardwick, the panel moderator for the day, introduced the mood piece that was shown last year. It really is a gorgeous introduction to what director Gareth Edwards hopes to accomplish with the film, with Oppenheimer's narration placed over visions of mass destruction, evidence of something that has already happened, holes in skyscrapers and derailed trains and bodies positively everywhere. And then, at the very end, just a hint of Godzilla himself looming up out of some smoke.

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<p>Stephen Moyer of &quot;True Blood&quot;</p>

Stephen Moyer of "True Blood"

Credit: HBO

Comic-Con 2013: 'True Blood' Live-Blog

Vampires, werewolves, faeries and other critters hit Ballroom 20

Hey Gang. Welcome to Saturday's (July 20) second live-blog. 

I've already done "Bates Motel" today. Here comes "True Blood" and then "The Vampire Diaries" and Arrow" will be back-to-back. 

Whee! Follow along!

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<p>Cover of Greg Pak's &quot;Batman/Superman&quot; #2 drawn by Jae Lee</p>

Cover of Greg Pak's "Batman/Superman" #2 drawn by Jae Lee

Credit: DC Comics

It's about time: WB announces Superman/Batman film at Comic-Con

Plus: Vote on who you think should play the Dark Knight this time around

First reported in the LA Times this morning and confirmed at Warner Bros. Pictures' Comic-Con panel shortly thereafter, the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight are finally going to share the big screen together in 2015.

"Man of Steel" director Zack Snyder, (executive) producer Christopher Nolan and writer David Goyer are reuniting on the sequel to this summer's Superman reboot, which will introduce the Caped Crusader to the newly established DC Universe on film. And all I can really say is…it's about time.

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Ryan Murphy: 'Glee' will deal with Finn Hudson/Cory Monteith's death in Episode 3

Ryan Murphy: "Glee" will deal with Finn Hudson/Cory Monteith's death in Episode 3
Finn's absence likely won't be addressed in the season's first two episodes, says Murphy. "We had several options," he explains. "We could delay shooting until November, we could delay shooting until January. But, ultimately, what we decided to do for the cast and crew was start shooting with something that we had already written."

Watch a preview of the "Veronica Mars" movie

The cast and crew unveiled this lengthy trailer at Comic-Con.

"The Carrie Diaries" casts Young Samantha
Newcomer Lindsey Gort will take on the character famously played by Kim Cattrall.

"Lost's" Naveen Andrews joins "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland"

He'll play "Aladdin's" Royal Vizier of Agrabah.

Ted Mosby's kids cuss out dad in "HIMYM" Comic-Con video

"I went through puberty on this couch."

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"Once Upon A Time in Wonderland"

"Once Upon A Time in Wonderland"

Credit: ABC

Comic-Con 2013: 'Wonderland' gets a 'Lost' connection

Horowitz and Kitsis reveal a familiar face who has joined the cast

"Once Upon A Time in Wonderland" kicked off its panel with a screening of footage from the new spin-off. Like the series it's based upon, "Wonderland" tweaks stories we all know and love, in this case "Alice in Wonderland." And like "Once Upon A Time," it seemed the 19-minute presentation already has fans sucked in, eager to see more.

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<p>Will the &quot;How I&nbsp;Met Your Mother&quot;&nbsp;cast suit up for their first and only Comic-Con appearance?</p>

Will the "How I Met Your Mother" cast suit up for their first and only Comic-Con appearance?

Credit: CBS

Comic-Con 2013: 'How I Met Your Mother' panel live-blog

'HIMYM' comes to the Con for the first (and last) time

"How I Met Your Mother" doesn't fit the classic definition of a Comic-Con-friendly TV show, but that definition becomes less relevant with each passing year. What we have here is one of the most popular comedies on television, with a cast that includes Willow Rosenberg, Dr. Horrible and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill. Between those two factors, "HIMYM" should easily fill the mid-sized ballroom they've been slotted in. (Fans have been camping out in line since yesterday.) The panel will have the full cast — Josh Radnor, Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders, Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel — plus creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays and the series' longtime director Pamela Fryman. You know that I'm incredulous that Thomas and Bays actually mean to stretch the final season over the long weekend of Robin and Barney's wedding, but maybe the panel will shed more light on exactly what that'll mean, and whether the wedding may just be a framing device while we visit the past and future of the gang and the Mother (new castmember Cristin Milioti). Assuming the wi-fi holds up, I'll be live-blogging the whole thing, so check back frequently for updates.

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<p>Freddie Highmore of &quot;Bates Motel&quot;</p>

Freddie Highmore of "Bates Motel"

Credit: A&E

Comic-Con 2013: 'Bates Motel' Live-Blog

What's in store for Season 2 of the 'Psycho' prequel?

Time for another busy day of Comic-Con live-blogging.

Because the "I'm Just Following Orders and I Have No Immediate Superior You Can Talk To" Comic-Con fascists have placed tight restrictions on computer charging in Ballroom 20, I'm gonna be live-blogging, rather than taking notes at panels and writing later. It's just easier.

I've got "Bates Motel" now and then "True Blood," "The Vampire Diaries" and "Arrow" in the late afternoon.

But for now? Let's hear about Season 2 for our favorite Mother-Son team of Norma and Norman Bates...

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<p>Comic-Con fans got to see the first new &quot;Veronica Mars&quot;&nbsp;movie footage, and now so can you.</p>

Comic-Con fans got to see the first new "Veronica Mars" movie footage, and now so can you.

Credit: Warner Bros.

'Veronica Mars' Comic-Con trailer

The first new footage from the Kickstarter-funded film

Yesterday,"Veronica Mars" made a successful return to Comic-Con with most of the core cast from the movie and creator Rob Thomas entertaining the huge crowd in Hall H with memories of the series and teases about what's going to happen in the film. I live-blogged the panel as it was happening, and was pleased with the bits of movie footage we got to see. Now the clip reel — including scenes from the movie, plus the actors and Thomas talking about the whole Kickstarter phenomenon that made the film possible — has been posted online. It gives some sense of where Veronica is in her life at age 28 and lets you see all the regulars (and a great joint interview between "Party Down" alums Ryan Hansen and Martin Starr), but doesn't give away much about the film's plot or some of the other casting surprises that Thomas hinted at on the panel. 


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<p>ABC's &quot;Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.&quot;</p>

ABC's "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

Credit: ABC

Take Me To The Pilots '13: ABC's 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'

Joss Whedon pilot generated Comic-Con buzz, but does it deliver excitement?

[In case you've Forgotten, and as I will continue to mention each and every one of these posts that I do: This is *not* a review. Pilots change. Sometimes a lot. Often for the better. Sometimes for the worse. But they change. Actual reviews will be coming in September and perhaps October (and maybe midseason in some cases). This is, however, a brief gut reaction to not-for-air pilots. I know some people will be all "These are reviews." If you've read me, you've read my reviews and you know this isn't what they look like.]

[Note: This entry spoils a bit of casting that a number of media reports spoiled today. It's not really a huge spoiler and the character appears within the first 10 minutes of the pilot and I'm betting ABC will feature the character in trailers now. But you've been warned. And the picture spoils it too. But ABC hasn't released enough pictures from this show. So... Sorry. Like I said. Not a surprise.]

Show:"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." (ABC)
Airs:Tuesdays at 8 p.m.
The Pitch:You see... Marvel. And... S.H.I.E.L.D. And... Joss Whedon. This is not a hard sell.
Quick Response: ABC was ultimately brilliant in holding back this pilot for a Comic-Con premiere. The response in Ballroom 20 was, from some quarters, rapturous. Hold your horses. Chill. Relax. I know that was impossible for a lot of people in Ballroom 20 and who can blame them? It's Marvel action for TV! It's Joss Whedon! And it's good. It's not great. I'm not even sure I'd put a "very" in front of "good," but the total number of new drama pilots for this year that I'd even categorize as "good" doesn't exceed the fingers on one hand. So take "good" as a compliment, but don't expect the hype from Ballroom 20 to carry over. It won't change your life or ABC's life, but it's got potential. I'll start with the negatives. "S.H.I.E.L.D." is a pre-sold property, but obviously there are fears that nobody connects this pilot to "The Avengers" (a problem for most people outside of San Diego), so the pilot spends a lot of time mentioning context from within the Marvel Universe in ways broad enough to make both Mike at Comic-Con *and* Joe in Omaha feel hip. That's fine, though it's a bit of a tease. I love Agent Coulson. You love Agent Coulson. We all love Agent Coulson. But maybe you let us love Agent Coulson without reminding us that we're missing Thor and Iron Man and The Hulk. So it has to play the "reminder" game, but it also has to play the much more complicated game of, "Since we're not *really* gonna see most of the people we know, what is the world in which this show takes place?" To that end, the pilot has as many as three point-of-entry characters in combat badass Grant Ward (Brett Dalton), mysterious hacker Skye (Chloe Bennett) and J. August Richards' character, who I won't describe. That's too many characters coming from too many outside points-of-view for any of their perspectives to actually sink in, much less for the pilot to feel like it's a wholly satisfying 44-minute story. I was interested in Richards' performance, but I don't know what's happening going forward. I liked Bennet, who's pretty much a prototypical Whedon leading lady, quick with a quip and easy on the eyes. And Dalton seemed OK, but probably a bit too pretty and not dangerous enough. Dalton's character needs a clearer pilot arc, or he probably just needed to already be a member of the team. Instead, it seems like the middle two-thirds of the pilot is people explaining to other people what S.H.I.E.L.D. does, which is a necessary evil, but it's not necessarily good drama. And most people still won't get what S.H.I.E.L.D. does or why Agent Coulson is hanging out with these people when he could be hanging out with Tony Stark and Nick Fury. Yes, he's got a cool vintage sports car and they have a nifty airplane, but after the fully populated Helicarrier from "The Avengers," everything in this pilot is comparatively claustrophobic and sparse. Having Cobie Smulders in the pilot helps and it's not a tiny role. They need to get more of her and I'd love to get some sense of what contractual magic will allow her to make at least occasional appearances until she gets liberated from "HIMYM." The show needs her and vice versa. Ming-Na is initially mysterious and then effectively nails her one action scene. Charming British scientists Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) are as Whedon-y as you'd like them to be. Lots of the pilot, in fact, is satisfyingly Whedon-y. At times the jokes are smart and well-constructed and literate. And then at times it panders in a way that played flawlessly in Ballroom 20, but probably not everywhere. As a director, Whedon doesn't overreach. That means that none of the action scenes are ruined by the frustration of limited TV budgets, but you also never go, "Wow. I've never seen anything like this on the small screen before." It does look like a TV show. It doesn't look like a $200-million feature. Weird, right? I do think Whedon made this pilot so that the subsequent show would feel mostly reproducible, rather than the legion of blow-your-wad-on-the-pilot dramas we see every year. This is a template and a cast that future directors and writers should be able to work with.
Desire To Watch Again: I think the above super-paragraph feels a little negative, but of the fall drama pilots, this is still the one that has me most jazzed for a second episode. There are a number of mythology-based things introduced in the pilot, particularly involving Coulson's return, that I'm interested in and, thanks to Gregg, invested in. I want to watch Bennet and Ming-Na and Henstridge and De Caestecker play around in this world. I think an awful lot is going to depend on Brett Dalton. I really do trust in Joss when it comes to casting, but Dalton's not there yet. "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." is not all the way there yet. But it's fun and sometimes exciting and everybody's trying to make it likable. 


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<p>Sara Bareilles' &quot;The Blessed Unrest&quot;</p>

Sara Bareilles' "The Blessed Unrest"

Can Sara Bareilles topple Jay-Z from the top of next week's Billboard 200?

Who are the five debuts in the top 10?

Jay-Z will remain atop the Billboard 200 next week, as “Magna Carta Holy Grail” will be the only title to top the 100,00 mark.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of activity: five of the Top 10 titles will likely be debuts. Coming in at No. 2 will be Sara Bareilles’ “The Blessed Unrest,” with sales of up to 70,000. No. will be the latest edition from Kidz Bop Kids at 65,000. Rapper Ace Hood’s “Trials & Tribulations” and pop star Cody Simpson’s “Surfer’s Paradise” are neck and neck for No. 4, with each predicted to sell between 28,000 and 32,000, according to Hits Daily Double.

The other newcomer will be “Last of the Great Pretenders” from singer/songwriter Matt Nathanson;  it’s slated to sell up to 24,000 to land at No. 10.

Holdovers include Imagine Dragons’ “Night Visions” and Florida Georgia Line’s “Here’s To The Good Times,” both of which too close to call for No. 6,  J. Cole’s “Born Sinner” at No. 8 and Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience,” which looks good to reenter the Top 10 at No. 9.

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Jesse & The Rippers perform the 'Full House' theme on Jimmy Fallon

Jesse & The Rippers perform the "Full House" theme on Jimmy Fallon
John Stamos' "Full House" band reunited, with Bob Saget and Lori Loughlin in attendance.

Watch as "Mythbusters'" reenacts a scene from "Breaking Bad"
Here's a first look at the special episode, featuring Aaron Paul and creator Vince Gilligan.

How "Orphan Black" pulls off those clone scenes

The BBC America show hit up Comic-Con, and the cast and crew said the show will be back in April.

See the trailer for "Vikings" Season 2
The History channel series was at Comic-Con today.

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