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Whoopi Goldberg developing a variety show for NickMom

Whoopi Goldberg developing a variety show for NickMom
"Lounge" will feature "raw, honest and funny conversations" between "everyday moms." Also coming to NickMom: "Country Mom, City Mom" and "Undercover Cupid."

Watch the "Breaking Bad" cast go the premiere in an RV

The RV was part of a charity contest for Bryan Cranston.

Phil Robertson plans to leave "Duck Dynasty" "not long" from now

He tells Parade: "I think it'll go on without me." PLUS: Retailers are stocking up on "Duck" merchandise.

Michael Emerson: "I've heard some murmurings" of a 10th-anniversary "Lost" reunion in 2014
"Whether it will take place at Comic-Con or not I'm not sure," says the "Person of Interest" star. "No matter what happens, if anything happens, it will be really hard logistically to put it together."

MTV renews "Ke$sha," announces a Miley Cyrus documentary
The one-hour Miley doc will delve into her life making an album.

"Idol" racism lawsuit clocks in at 429 pages and also targets the show's corporate sponsors
Plaintiffs call the "American Idol" contracts "highly oppressive, unconscionable Willy Wonka contracts."

"Wayward Pines" adds Shannyn Sossamon
The "A Knight's Tale" will be married to Matt Dillon in the Fox M. Night Shyamalan limited series.

"Hart of Dixie" promotes a fan favorite
Kaitlyn Black will become a series regular in Season 3.

David Cross & Amber Tamblyn film a women's health PSA

In "Gynotician," he plays the doctor and she plays the patient.

Danica McKellar wears fishnet stockings for Avril Lavigne video
The "Wonder Years" vet apparently appeared in Avril's video at the singer's request.

Gretchen Rossi is the latest "Real Housewives" star to record a song

Listen to her love ballad to Slade Smiley, called "The Time Is Now."

Arrested "Top Model" alum goes to court with a shaved head

Renee Alway hoped her bald head would convince the judge she had changed.

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<p>Lorraine Warren trusted James Wan to tell her story on film, and we sat down with both of them to talk about 'The Conjuring'</p>

Lorraine Warren trusted James Wan to tell her story on film, and we sat down with both of them to talk about 'The Conjuring'

Credit: HitFix

Winning the creepy Annabelle doll from 'The Conjuring' is as simple as sending a Tweet

Plus check out the director of the year's scariest film with the real-life inspiration

UPDATED: We are pleased to announce that Linda Vee Sado (@LindaVeeSado on Twitter) is the winner of the Annabelle doll contest, and will soon be welcoming the haunted doll to her house. You're very brave, Linda, and congratulations!


Normally, I would have posted all of the interviews we had for "The Conjuring" before the film opened last Friday, but a couple of things prevented that from happening.

First, we ended up with a whoooooole lot of James Wan in one seven-day period thanks to a press day they had for "Insidious: Chapter Two" in LA, and we decided to space the interviews out a little bit so as not to overload you guys. Second, Comic-Con. It might seem like there's no verb in that sentence, but trust me… "Comic-Con" encompasses whatever else I might say on the matter.

I am thrilled to see how well "The Conjuring" is doing, and not because I really care about numbers, but because I think this is an uncommonly good version of what a studio horror film can be, and I want to see them rewarded for not only making a very good movie, but also for selling it right. They have been carefully laying the groundwork for that opening weekend for most of this year, and it really paid off.

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'Doctor Who's' 50th anniversary special will be broadcast around the world at the same time

"Doctor Who's" 50th anniversary special will be broadcast around the world at the same time

That means Los Angeles "Who" fans can watch at 11 a.m. on Nov. 23, while Australians will be watching at 6 a.m. The simultaneous broadcast is aimed at avoiding plot leaks.

"Sharknado" is heading to movie theaters for 1 night only
On Aug. 2, 200 Regal movie theaters will screen the Syfy sensation at midnight.

Chris Colfer breaks his silence on Cory Monteith's death
"Love and miss you, buddy," the "Glee" star wrote on Instagram.

Jimmy Fallon posts a GIF of his newborn daughter
Watch Winnie Rose Fallon wave. PLUS: Fallon sings "YOLO" with The Roots and The Lonely Island.

Bravo passes on "Rita" starring "Breaking Bad's" Anna Gunn
Gunn was to have played an acerbic, outspoken private-school teacher.

Parminder Nagra joins "The Blacklist"
The "ER" alum is returning to NBC as an FBI agent.

Steven Soderbergh will direct "The Knick" for Cinemax
Soderbergh is returning to direct the first 10 episodes of a series set in a New York City hospital in 1900.

Syfy greenlights "Dominion"
The future supernatural drama is based on the 2010 film "Legion" starring Paul Bettany.

Disney XD renews "Lab Rats" for Season 3
It's the No. 1 show on the Disney XD.

Watch Bob Odenkirk and David Cross reunite
The "Mr. Show" stars appear on next week's "Comedy Bang Bang."

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<p>Katy Perry has usurped Lady Gaga's Twitter position</p>

Katy Perry has usurped Lady Gaga's Twitter position

Credit: Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

Katy Perry passes Lady Gaga on Twitter for No. 2 spot

Which celebrity is still ahead of both ladies?

While we were all focused on other things, like the birth of the Prince of Cambridge, Katy Perry was stealthily collecting Twitter followers.

Perry has now surpassed Lady Gaga as the female with the most Twitter peeps. Perry, who tweets on a very regular basis, has 39.8 million followers, while Lady Gaga has 39.3 million. Lady Gaga’s Twitter activity has been fairly dormant, although she has ramped up slightly since she has a new album, “ARTPOP,” on the way.

Hello was the first to notice Perry's  very important advance. Other observations: Justin Bieber remains the most followed human on Twitter with 42.3 million followers. Lady Gaga was No. 1 for a few years before Beibs, and now Perry, overtook her.

President Barack Obama comes in 4th with 34.5 million followers and is the only non-music act in the top 10.

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<p>Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin and Andrew Dice Clay in &quot;Blue Jasmine&quot;</p>

Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin and Andrew Dice Clay in "Blue Jasmine"

Credit: Sony Classics

Tell us what you thought of 'Blue Jasmine'

Woody Allen's latest makes its way to theaters this weekend

Woody Allen's latest hits theaters this weekend. I'm a huge fan of it, particularly Cate Blanchett's searing performance (which I think even detractors can admit is an accomplishment, one that showed up on our list of the greatest performances in Woody Allen movies, in fact). We've also talked to Blanchett about working with Allen and digging in deep on the character. But now it's your turn to speak up. When and if you get around to seeing it, please give us your take in the comments section and feel free to vote in our poll below. And, as always, if there are any other films you've seen recently that you want to discuss, have at it. Open thread.

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<p>Play some games, hoopleheads, and sit tight for a combined &quot;Deadwood&quot;&nbsp;review next week.</p>

Play some games, hoopleheads, and sit tight for a combined "Deadwood" review next week.

Credit: HBO

Programming note: 'Deadwood' review delayed again

We'll be doubling up on episodes a week from now

Hey, "Deadwood" fans. As I suggested last week, the Comic-Con/press tour crunch made it impossible for me to do a review for this week. So as I predicted, I'm going to do a combined review of "Leviathan Smiles" and "Amateur Night" (which functions as something of a two-parter, anyway, thanks to the Earp brothers) for next week. So look for it next Friday at this time, hoopleheads.

If you want a bit of vaguely "Deadwood"-y news, HBO's executives yesterday said that David Milch is developing a new series with producer Art Linson about "a dynastic New York media family." 

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<p>Lady Gaga</p>

Lady Gaga

Credit: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Lady Gaga will make her return at MTV's Video Music Awards

Momma Monster is first performer announced for Aug. 25 show

Lady Gaga will return to the big stage for the first time since her hip surgery at MTV’s Video Music Awards on Aug. 25. She is the inaugural performer announced for the show.

Lady Gaga will perform the first single from “ARTPOP,” according to MTV
. Though it’s not official, the track is believed to be “Applause,” based on hints delivered by Momma Monster on Wednesday. The single will come out Aug. 19 and the album on Nov. 11.

Lady Gaga, who has won 13 Moonmen, is no stranger to the VMAs: she “died” at the end of her performance of “Paparazzi,” sung “You & I” as alter ego Jo Calderone, and, of course, wore the infamous meat dress at the awards.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Justin Timberlake lead this year’s nominees. Bruno Mars, Pink, Taylor Swift,  and Thirty Seconds to Mars also have multiple nominations. Fans can vote for the winners at

The MTV Video Music Awards will air live from Brooklyn's Barclays Center.

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<p>Hugh Jackman in &quot;The Wolverine&quot;</p>

Hugh Jackman in "The Wolverine"

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Tell us what you thought of 'The Wolverine'

James Mangold's take on the fiery mutant opens this weekend

For about 80% of James Mangold's "The Wolverine," I had a huge smile on my face. It was a pretty solid adaptation/re-imagination of the Chris Claremont/Frank Miller miniseries from 1982, it got the most out of a fresh environment for Hugh Jackman's eponymous mutant and you could tell, for a variety of reasons, that an actual filmmaker was at the helm. Then…that third act. I won't go into spoilers here (though assume the comments section will), but it was heartbreakingly awful and not in a nifty comic book way. It was more reminiscent of the dreadful "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" than anything else in the film and that just bummed me out.

But that's me. Drew McWeeny had some forgiveness for it, and certainly I do, too, but I'd love to hear what you made of the film, which is kicking off midnight screenings on the east coast as we speak. So when/if you get to the movie this weekend, head on back here with your thoughts and feel free to vote in our poll below. (And remember to stay for the credits.) Or if there's anything else you've caught up with recently that you'd like to discuss, consider this an open thread to do just that.

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<p>David Twohy seemed pleased by the reception to the footage they showed Friday at Comic-Con from his new film 'Riddick'</p>

David Twohy seemed pleased by the reception to the footage they showed Friday at Comic-Con from his new film 'Riddick'

Credit: HitFix

David Twohy talked to us about the creative struggles of getting a new 'Riddick' made

We talk about playing pulp with a straight face

David Twohy has carved out a very specific place for himself in the world of genre movies, and I think it's amazing he's been able to pull it off considering how sincerely he treats it.

Sincerity is not a virtue in modern pop culture, or at least it's not treated as one. Everything in pop culture seems to be winking at you all the time these days, and the more post-modern something is, the more it feels like it fits into the current landscape. I don't mind some of that, and done right, like in this summer's "This Is The End," it can pay off surprising dividends. Done wrong, though, and it highlights the artificial nature of film in a way that kills it for me.

I would much rather see someone do something they mean sincerely, even if it is just a crazy action film or a weird science-fiction flick. Twohy started out plugging away in the low-budget genre world in the late '80s as a writer on "Critters 2" and "Warlock," making his debut as a filmmaker with 1992's "Timescape." He had his first big mainstream success the following year as the screenwriter of "The Fugitive," and then as one of the many writers who had their hands on "Waterworld."

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<p>Cate Blanchett in &quot;Blue&nbsp;Jasmine&quot;</p>

Cate Blanchett in "Blue Jasmine"

Credit: Sony Classics

Cate Blanchett on navigating the dark corners of a broken individual in Woody Allen's 'Blue Jasmine'

The actress talks about compartmentalizing the residue of her tragic latest role

NEW YORK - The obvious question when you're talking to an actress who has just finished a collaboration with Woody Allen, an actress like "Blue Jasmine" star Cate Blanchett, for instance, is whether that specific collaboration an actor's dream. After all, so many performers have produced some of their best (in many cases, award-winning) work under the director's helm. But the answer isn't necessarily the one you might expect.

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<p>The three &quot;Big Brother&quot; nominees</p>

The three "Big Brother" nominees

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'Big Brother' Thursday Results - Which awful hamster went home?

Judd's reign will eliminate at least one malconent

It's elimination night on "Big Brother" and guess what? No matter who goes home on Thursday (July 25) night, they're gonna be a relatively icky person. It says something that Kaitlin is probably the best person among the three hamsters up for eviction on Thursday night, which mostly relates to her being placed against Aaryn and GinaMarie.

Does that mean she'll be sent home? Of course not! Let's see how things go down...

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<p>Jon Hamm and Larry David in &quot;Clear History.&quot;</p>

Jon Hamm and Larry David in "Clear History."

Credit: HBO

Press Tour: Larry David on 'Clear History' and 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

The master improviser had a fine time mocking the critics at his TCA panel

Larry David was at press tour to discuss his upcoming HBO movie "Clear History," which debuts on August 10, but because he's Larry David, and because "Clear History" — in which David plays a man who gave away a future fortune out of spite in an argument with boss Jon Hamm — was made in the same improvised style as "Curb Your Enthusiasm," discussion inevitably turned towards the future (or lack thereof) of "Curb."

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