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David Bradley and Mark Gatiss

 David Bradley and Mark Gatiss

Credit: HitFix

Watch: Mark Gatiss, David Bradley talk 'Adventure in Space and Time'

The 'Dr Who' genesis story 'won't be an episode of 'Dr. Who''

Having seen the advance footage of "An Adventure in Space and Time" (premieres on BBC America Nov. 2013), I suspect even people who are more fans of first season "Mad Men" and not "Doctor Who" may still be fired up to see this TV movie. It tells the story of the genesis of the show, which first aired Nov. 23, 1963. That means lots of retro costumes, great old cars, London streets and a little train that could tale about a show everyone suspected was a whole hella lot of crazy.

I got a chance to talk to David Bradley ("Harry Potter," "Game of Thrones") as well as writer Mark Gatiss ("Sherlock) about the movie while we were all at Comic-Con, and it seems the "Doctor Who" legacy is in very good hands.

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"The Blacklist"

 "The Blacklist"

Credit: NBC

Press Tour: James Spader talks hair, Robert California and 'The Blacklist'

The NBC show promises no one 'is who they seem to be'

To promote the new NBC show "The Blacklist," (premieres Mon. Sept. 23 at 10:00 p.m.), a clip was shown before the panel in which Raymond Reddington (James Spader) sat facing a green FBI profiler Liz Keen (Megan Boone), doling out information by half spoonfuls. In person, Spader is by no means so tight-lipped.

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"Sean Saves the World"

 "Sean Saves the World"

Credit: NBC

Press Tour: 'Sean Saves the World' talks about comedy in the post-gay era

Hayes thinks 'it's sad that it's a question, really'

It does speak to a remarkable change in TV land that most people are responding to an openly gay male lead played by an openly gay man in "Sean Saves the World" (premieres Thurs. Oct. 3 at 9:00 p.m.) with a collective shrug. Well, unless they're critics at press tour.

Though star Sean Hayes was asked about the influence of his breakout show "Will & Grace" on the cultural zeigeist, he wasn't eager to beat a drum for the series' influence. "Of course it was impactful; I don't want it to sound egotistical… I would like to believe it had a big influence on gay America. To Joe Biden it did." But as to why he took the gig, it wasn't with an eye to the future. "I was 26 years old. It was a job... It's even sad that it's a question, really. But here we are. It's normal."

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Michael J. Fox: I can handle the 22-episode sitcom grind, despite my Parkinson's

Michael J. Fox: I can handle the 22-episode sitcom grind, despite my Parkinson's

Fox says he hasn't any problems, so far. "We've done six episodes now," Fox told critics. "I knew one of two things would happen over the year...  I would atrophy or I'd rebuild the muscles, and I'm rebuilding the muscles." PLUS: Real wife Tracy Pollan to guest this season.

NBC's "Sunday Night Football" will begin showing "Matrix"-style replays of touchdowns
Viewers will be able to watch end-zone replaces from 360 degrees.

NBC won't announce "Celebrity Apprentice's" return until there's a "restocking of the celebrity pond"
"That's taking some time. So no imminent plans for an announcement," says NBC reality boss Paul Telegdy.

Watch Matthew Perry interview former "Friends" co-star Lisa Kudrow on CNN

Perry guest-hosted "Piers Morgan Live" on Friday, where he chatted with Lisa Kudrow and later interviewed Lauren Graham.

Sean Hayes credits "Will & Grace" for paving the way for his new NBC sitcom

"Sean Saves the World" wouldn't be around were it not for his past NBC hit sitcom.

Check out images from "Star Wars Rebels"

"The Clone Wars" follow-up will premiere on Disney Channel in fall 2014, before moving to Disney XD.

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"Project Runway"

 "Project Runway"

Credit: Lifetime

'Project Runway': Is boring really worse than ugly?

Designers can mess up, but the greater crime this season is to be dull

After this week's episode of "Project Runway," it seems a theme is developing. I'm not sure it's one I'm excited about, either. On Thursday, Kahindo Mateene was sent packing for the crime of making a nice dress. Sure, it wasn't a showstopper. It was hard to notice the multi-million dollar jewels the model was wearing. But it was a perfectly pleasant cocktail-length dress that you could probably find at a department store.

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<p>Mike O'Malley</p>

Mike O'Malley

Credit: FOX

Press Tour: Mike O'Malley discusses Cory Monteith, 'Glee' tribute return

TV step-father calls Monteith 'the very real quarterback on that set'
There's probably no "right" way to interrupt a comedy panel at the Television Critics Association press tour to discuss a recent tragedy, but in the case of NBC's "Welcome to the Family," it was probably inevitable.
The "Welcome to the Family" cast and creator met with reporters on Saturday (July 27) morning and it took at least a few questions before star Mike O'Malley was asked about the death of Cory Monteith. While several of my colleagues expressed disgust about the question on Twitter, it wasn't like Monteith was being brought up with an actor who had minimal ties with "Glee" or minimal ties with the late star. No, O'Malley was an Emmy nominee for Glee and his character was step-father to Finn Hudson, sharing several powerful scenes with Monteith.
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<p>Betsy Brandt and Michael J. Fox in &quot;The Michael J. Fox Show.&quot;</p>

Betsy Brandt and Michael J. Fox in "The Michael J. Fox Show."

Credit: NBC

Press tour: Michael J. Fox on Parkinson's and his return to regular TV

The beloved sitcom star killed it in his first TCA panel in years

Michael J. Fox's return to press tour, with his first series (the NBC sitcom "The Michael J. Fox Show") since he was diagnosed with Parkinson's, was everything you would have hoped for from one of TV's most beloved stars: smart, candid, self-deprecating and slyly funny.

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NBC announces Hillary Clinton miniseries starring Diane Lane, 'Rosemary's Baby' remake

NBC announces Hillary Clinton miniseries starring Diane Lane, "Rosemary's Baby" remake
NBC -- which also announced new version of Stephen King’s "Tommyknockers" plus a Plymouth Rock miniseries -- says it'll air the Clinton miniseries before she's expected to make an announcement about her presidential plans. Bill Clinton hasn't been cast.

NBC talking to Jay Leno about staying at the network in some capacity
"A la Bob Hope."

NBC cancels "Fashion Star"

The Jessica Simpson design reality show won't return for Season 3.

Sam Elliott to guest on "Parks and Rec" as the Ron Swanson of Eagleton
He'll appear in the same episode where Leslie Knope meets her Eagleton equivalent, played by Kristen Bell.

NBC boss defends his ratings, says "The Walking Dead" is an anomaly

The Peacock's ratings have been flat, and "flat is the new up," says Bob Greenblatt. He also says that besides "The Walking Dead," the ratings of hit cable shows wouldn't pass muster on broadcast TV. Like "Girls."

NBC boss: "We need to be in the event business"

Entertainment president Bob Greenblatt told critics the new network trend is event television, from "The Sound of Music" for the holidays to a live game show like "Million Second Quiz." "They feel immediate," he says. "We're looking for more and more of those events."

Mike O'Malley remembers Cory Monteith as the quarterback of the "Glee" set
The NBC "Welcome to the Family" star says he plans to appear on Monteith "Glee" tribute episode.

"Ray Donovan" producer may get 5 years in prison after pleading guilty to running an illegal gambling operation
Exec producer Bryan Zuriff's operation was tied to the Russian mob.

"Downton Abbey" getting a taste of royalty
Fiona Ogilvy, age 18 and the 45th in line to the throne and the granddaughter of the Queen's cousin, will appear as an extra.

Dennis O'Hare will be back for "American Horror Story: Coven"
Ryan Murphy announced the news on Twitter without revealing further details.

CNBC orders "Money Talks," a sports betting reality show
The series will take viewers behind the scenes of a Las Vegas handicapper.

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<p>NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt</p>

NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt

Credit: NBC

Summer Press Tour Live-Blog: NBC's Robert Greenblatt

Was it a good year for NBC? Let's hear about the unqualified successes.

Last time we met with NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt, he was celebrating a relatively successful fall and telling us that the first season of "Smash" was "an unqualified success."

Let's see how Greenblatt handles questions on Saturday (July 27) morning...

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<p>Kathleen Kennedy and JJ&nbsp;Abrams are hard at work preparing for the start of production on 'Star Wars:&nbsp;Episode VII'</p>

Kathleen Kennedy and JJ Abrams are hard at work preparing for the start of production on 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

John Williams will return to score the new 'Star Wars' trilogy for JJ Abrams

More news should start breaking out of SWCE2013

Right now, Star Wars Celebration Europe 2013 is underway, and that means there will be news about all the different corners of the "Star Wars" universe and what fans should be looking forward to in the near and far future. Of course, the majority of the attention of the fan community right now is focused on "Star Wars Episode VII," and all you have to do is look at the way any rumor of any substance ripples through the entire Internet to know how keen the anticipation is out there for this film, whatever it's going to be.

I think JJ Abrams has a terrifying job. Seriously. I think anyone after him who directs anything related to "Star Wars" has permission to play, and we're going to see just how flexible a film universe it is in the next decade or so. But for JJ Abrams, this is the moment. For "Star Wars," this is the moment. The prequels left a divided fandom. The television projects have divided fandom. There are fans so hurt that they don't consider themselves fans anymore. The only thing that is going to truly bring fandom back together in a meaningful way is if this next film gets it right. Abrams has to convince us all that there's something left to tell, some reason for these movies to go on. It's not just "And then some more stuff happened!" This is "Star Wars." It's got to be a story that feels like it takes everything that's come before and spins it into something new and engrossing and fun and exciting and different.

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<p>Selena Gomez</p>

Selena Gomez

Credit: Jordan Strauss/AP

Selena Gomez' 'Stars Dance' shoots for No. 1 on Billboard 200

Solo set will be Disney queen's first chart topper

Disney star Selena Gomez will land her first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 next week as “Stars Dance” could sell up to 100,000 copies, according to Hits Daily Double.

Two other titles will bow in the Top 10: Marc Anthony’s “3.0” at No. 5 (30,000-35,000) and the Cash Money/Young Money compilation “Rich Gang” at No. 10 (19,000-21,000).

A hyphen-less Jay Z will drop to second place as “Magna Carta Holy Grail” sells up to 80,000. Disney Channel’s soundtrack to “Teen Beach” will be No. 3 (50,000-55,000) and Kidz Bop Kids at No. 4 (40,000-45,000).

Florida Georgia Line’s “Here’s To The Good Times” and Imagine Dragons’ “Night Visions” at in a dead heat for No. 6, with both targeted to sell 27,000-30,000. Sara Bareilles’ “Blessed Unrest” is at No. 8 (22,000-25,000), falling from No. 2, and J. Cole’s “Born Sinner” will be No. 9. (21,000- 23,000).


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Kenan Thompson on 'SNL' male exodus: 'I'm never leaving'

Kenan Thompson on "SNL" male exodus: "I'm never leaving"
"I can have a little seniority happening, you know what I mean?" says Thompson, who begins his 11th season this fall. PLUS: 11 shows that went head-to-head with "SNL" and failed, and Dana Carvey is's Hans and Franz.

"Project Runway" sorry for telling a contestant to remove her U.S. Army uniform

Producers feared they didn't have clearance to show the uniform, when the U.S. Army did in fact clear the uniform for air.

"Biggest Loser" contestant sued for getting too fat files countersuit
Tara Costa says the fitness company suing her owes her money.

HBO crops movies, Showtime doesn't?

Turns out some of the movies shown on HBO aren't in their original aspect ratio.

"Breaking Bad" filmed a comprehensive documentary
The two-hour film will be part of the complete DVD box set. PLUS: Watch Aaron Paul greet tourists outside his home, see 5 early Aaron Paul commercials, and meet the "Breaking" writers.

Molly Shannon is headed to Fox and HBO

The "SNL" alum will guest on "Raising Dad" and HBO's "Getting On."

Alfre Woodard has received 17 Emmy nominations for 16 roles

Is she TV's most versatile performer?

How the "Game of Thrones" creators tackled "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"
In writing their script, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss weren't exempt from the usual "It's Alway Sunny" contributor process.

"Shark Tank" stars sued
Daymond John and Robert Herjavec have been hit with a lawsuit for canceling on plans to show up at a "Shark Tour" entrepreneurial event.

"Blue Bloods" books Ali Wentworth
She will play a pain in the butt NYC resident who constantly complains to police.

Lesbians characters are having quite a summer on TV

From "The Fosters" to "Under the Dome," this has been a great summer for lesbians on TV.

Millennial-targeting Pivot network: We're not Current TV

Pivot will have a scripted comedy, a musical variety series and a talk show hosted by Meghan McCain.

See Jimmy Kimmel on his honeymoon

Kimmel and new wife Molly visited Portofino, Italy.

Inside the Netflix "war room"

The Associated Press was invited to witness the launch of "Orange is the New Black" from Netflix headquarters, as execs poured over every tweet mentioning the prison series.

TV lawyers, evaluated

From "Ally McBeal" to Jackie Chiles.

"Mad Men's" original score is being released as a soundtrack
"Mad Men on the Rocks" drops on Aug. 13.

Watch a supercut of every "Simpsons" movie reference from the first 5 seasons
It's 19 1/2 minutes long. PLUS: "Simpsons" writers have their own movie fantasy league, Yeardley Smith has her own shoe line, and 32 celebs who almost made it on "The Simpsons."

Nat Geo goes "Inside the American Mob"
The six-part series, starting Sunday, tells of New York's infamous "Five Families."

Fred Armisen's next project: Directing a Kings of Leon show

The former "SNL" star has previously directed music videos.

"Orphan Black" Season 2: Less plot, more "character stuff"

Exec producer/director John Fawcett says next season, "It is kind of my instinct to give the audience a little bit more breathing room sometimes, to just enjoy, like, the fact that the clones are really fun to hang out with."

Check out Peter Weller on "Sons of Anarchy"

Here's the first look at his role as crooked ex-cop Charles Barosky.

Sean Combs on launching a music channel: "It literally almost drove me crazy"
He says of Revolt: "This is the hardest thing, the most stressful thing that I have ever done in my life."

Can "Low Winter Sun" help Detroit in these difficult times?

There's talk of the cop drama being AMC's equivalent of "The Wire."

"Orange is the New Black's" transgender actress is impressed by her role
"I've never seen a trans character played by a trans actor written with this much depth and humanity on television before," says Laverne Cox, who auditioned for the part the old-fashioned way.

Fox's ADHD creates a "Scientifically Accurate DuckTales"
Does this prove ducks are awful?

Lifetime's "Witches of Eastwick" gets a premiere date
The drama starring Julia Ormond, Mädchen Amick, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Rachel Boston, Eric Winter and Virginia Madsen debuts Oct. 6.

"The Bachelor" funeral director Shawntel Newton is now married
After getting dumped by Brad Womack and writing a book, Shawntel has married an Italian orthodontist.

New "Hell on Wheels" boss: "I think we're telling better stories better this year"

John Wirth is taking "a little bit of a different approach" with Season 3.

"Unforgettable" returns from cancelation lighter and more playful

Unlike Season 1, Season 2 starting on Sunday will focus on standalone cases.

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