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<p>Zhang Ziyi in &quot;The Grandmaster.&quot;</p>

Zhang Ziyi in "The Grandmaster."

Credit: The Weinstein Company

Martin Scorsese lends his name to Wong Kar-wai's 'The Grandmaster'

Will it boost the film's fortunes ahead of its August 23 release?

Ever since it landed slightly softly at the Berlin Film Festival back in February, it seems The Weinstein Company has been doing its best to re-engineer “The Grandmaster” less as an art house item than as a crossover piece. It’s probably for the best. Wong Kar-wai devotees, hungry for the film after years of protracted waiting, will catch the film regardless, whether or not its critical reception improves upon its US release. Genre enthusiasts, however, will need more persuading on a film that, given Wong’s trademark flourishes of woozy romanticism, is still far from conventional martial-arts fare. 

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<p>Amber Heard seems happy that her first major movie, 'All The Boys Love Mandy Lane,' is finally about to hit theaters, just as she's promoting her newest movie, 'Paranoia'</p>

Amber Heard seems happy that her first major movie, 'All The Boys Love Mandy Lane,' is finally about to hit theaters, just as she's promoting her newest movie, 'Paranoia'

Credit: HitFix

Liam Hemsworth and Amber Heard talk about their mini-movie in the midst of 'Paranoia'

Plus listen to me make an out-of-left field Walter Hill reference

I'm not sure if it's going to happen for Liam Hemsworth, but one thing's sure: he's being given every opportunity to prove himself a movie star.

There are, of course, plenty of famous siblings who have managed to find places in the entertainment industry, but there are also plenty of cases where one person in the family eclipses everyone else in terms of fame and employment. Sometimes it comes down to the luck of the draw. Someone gets the right role at the right moment and they blow up. Sometimes it comes down to charisma. You aren't always photogenic just because your brother or your sister is. And right now, with both Chris and Liam Hemsworth in the early days of their careers, it's hard to tell if they're both going to end up carrying movies.

So far, Chris has been way more high visibility, and it's his work in films like "Red Dawn" or "Star Trek" or "Cabin In The Woods" that has me convinced he's the real deal. Thor is certainly a very high visibility part, but Chris has shown that even in films that don't completely work, he's able to come in and create a magnetic, interesting performance that stands out. "The Avengers" isn't just a gimme, where anyone could have done equally well in the role. Chris Hemsworth makes smart choices as an actor, and he has this great decency that shines through even in short appearances.

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'Eastbound & Down' books Lindsay Lohan

"Eastbound & Down" books Lindsay Lohan
Lohan is in North Carolina this week filming a wedding scene for the HBO series.

"Modern Family" to tackle the U.S. Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling
The season premiere will address gay marriage, but no further details have been divulged.

"Mad Men's" Kiernan Shipka joins Lifetime's " Flowers In The Attic" movie
She'll join Heather Graham and Ellen Burstyn in the movie based on the controversial V.C. Andrews book.

AMC could be in for a windfall from "Breaking Bad" advertising dollars
One analyst says the series finale could be the biggest cable event since "The Sopranos" ended in June 2007.

Sandra Oh hopes "Grey's Anatomy" doesn't kill off Cristina Yang
"I don’t want them to off me," she says of her character.

"Chicago Fire" casts Mena Suvari
She'll recur as a friend of Isabella's.

Eva La Rue to guest on "Criminal Minds"

The "CSI: Miami" alum tweeted the news this afternoon.

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<p>Matthew Lillard and Emily Rios in &quot;The Bridge.&quot;</p>

Matthew Lillard and Emily Rios in "The Bridge."

Credit: FX

Review: 'The Bridge' - 'ID'

Sonya struggles to bond with their witness in Diane Kruger's best hour yet

A review of tonight's "The Bridge" coming up just as soon as I eat my freedom fries...

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<p>The more benign a mask is, the creepier it ends up being, and the animal faces in 'You're Next' are incredibly effective</p>

The more benign a mask is, the creepier it ends up being, and the animal faces in 'You're Next' are incredibly effective

Credit: Lionsgate

An exclusive image from the animal-masked killers of 'You're Next' has us worried

Looks like Lionsgate is trying everything they can for their horror release

I can't believe "You're Next" is actually arriving in theaters this month.

I saw the film the first time at the Toronto International Film Festival almost exactly two years ago, and I thought at the time that it seemed like a natural to get picked up for distribution. At the time, it seemed like a big jump forward for Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett, and this was before the two "V/H/S" films raised their profile so significantly. The movie stuck me as an easy crossover hit, the kind of film that mainstream audiences love because it feels so rough and raw and fringe, but it's got a recognizable shape, a hook that works well, and a heroine who audiences can really invest in. It is a commercial film not because it is expensive and heavily marketed, but because it is so good at delivering kicks, start to finish.

Lionsgate has said from the very start that they were all aboard, and they've certainly lived up to that in the way they've tried to reach audiences during those two years. They've kept the film active on the festival circuit, so the buzz built gradually, and it sustained, and they've really kicked it up since about March or April of this year. They had a strong presence at Comic-Con, and I would imagine everyone on the entire team flipped out when Michael Fassbender found one of the animal masks in the podium when he came out for the "X-Men: Days Of Future Past" panel. All of a sudden, one of the most covered events of the entire event turned into a beautiful bit of accidental marketing.

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"Big Brother"

 "Big Brother"

Credit: CBS

'Big Brother' recap: Will McCranda take control of the house?

Andy is the HoH, but will he do what he's told?

It's hard for me to believe, but Amanda has somehow morphed from a fun, occasionally charming presence in the house to an entirely annoying, bullying monster -- and it looks like she's calling all the shots. As one half of McCranda (a two-headed creature that occasionally bickers with itself), she has no problem pouting, coercing and letting personal vendettas rule her decision-making. I'd call this bad game play if it wasn't proving itself so effective. 

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Andy Cohen declines to return as Miss Universe co-host due to Russia's anti-gay crackdown

Andy Cohen declines to return as Miss Universe co-host due to Russia's anti-gay crackdown
This year's competition will be broadcast from Moscow.

Eva Longoria to reunite with "Desperate" hubby Ricardo Chavira on NBC
She'll guest on "Welcome to the Family" as a teacher who has a romantic history with Chavira's character.

Report: "The Office" mastermind Greg Daniels is frustrated his new TV projects are getting made
Daniels is walking away from his two-year Universal TV deal after his comedy projects starring Brian Baumgartner and Craig Robinson weren't picked up.

Keith Olbermann's ESPN producers have reached out to George W. Bush
Olbermann would also like to have President Obama on as a guest.

Kevin McKidd reacts to Sandra Oh's "Grey's" exit
"It wasn't a surprise, but I was still sad when she told me," he says, adding that he's sticking with the show. PLUS: Shonda Rhimes tweets a spoilery photo from today's table read, and what about a Cristina Yang spinoff?

Kid Cudi to guest on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"
He'll play an ex-con that Andy Samberg is investigating. PLUS: Dean Winters will play Samberg's nemesis.

John Oliver has done fine in ratings during his "Daily Show" hosting stint

Numbers are down slightly from last year, but last year was an election year. PLUS: Watch Oliver talk to Charlie Rose about his "terrifying" "Daily Show" summer, and Oliver owes Piers Morgan $10,000.

Programmer creates a robot that automatically makes gifs from "The Wire"
The special robot creates a new gif every hour.

Watch the "Game of Thrones" Season 3 visual effects reel
How much VFX was used last season?

Kate Gosselin is making ends meat nowadays
"I'm living very carefully these days," she tells People of her post-reality TV life.

How does "Breaking Bad" stack up against the greatest dramas in TV history?
Is the AMC series better than "The Sopranos," "The Wire" or "Mad Men"? PLUS: Jesse Pinkman's Toyota is for sale on eBay, Walt & Jesse get a rom-com edit, Aaron Paul drank tea while chatting with the LA Times, and Dean Norris sings/sang with guitar in a rock band.

"New Girl" unveils Season 3 teaser
"Friends don't let friends do friends!"

Why doesn't HBO show male full-frontal nudity?
College Humor says: "HBO Should Show D*ngs."

"Duck Dynasty" vs. "Dynasty"
As "Duck Dynasty" returns tonight, here's an infographic comparing the two "Dynasty" hits.

Ashton Kutcher: I am the new "half a man" on "Two and a Half Men"

Kutcher is back at work and said working with Amber Tamblyn has been an "amazing" experience so far.

Ed Helms sells a comedy to ABC
He'll produce a single-camera comedy about a big-city female lawyer who moves to a small town.

18-year-old "Teen Mom 3" star gets married and announces she's pregnant with Baby No. 2
Mackenzie Douthit says she's 12 weeks into her pregnancy.

"Entourage" movie may be struggling to get the entire cast together
Asked by Kevin Connolly the status of the movie, creator Doug Ellin responded on Twitter: "Trying to get everyone on board. Ain't easy."

George R.R. Martin opens his new movie theater
The "Game of Thrones" author apparently isn't busy writing.

"The Walking Dead": Meet Michonne's new horse
How will a horse named Flame impact Season 4?

Does "The Sopranos" hold up to binge-watching?
A writer who was in middle school when "The Sopranos" premiered finds that the HBO drama "isn't the most bingeworthy show out there."

Watch the "Revenge" blooper reel
From the Season 2 DVD.

New Tumblr combines Charlie Brown with lyrics from The Smiths
Morrissey's words fit perfectly in Charlie Brown's world.

"True Blood's" Janina Gavankar joins CW web series "Husbands"

She'll play "something of a trophy wife."

Hayden Panettiere getting a possible new "Nashville" love interest

British actor Charlie Bewley is joining Season 2.

What is Jason Priestley up to, besides writing his memoir?

The former "Beverly Hills 90210" star is busy directing these days, from a David Mamet play to an episode of "Saving Hope" to his movie debut featuring Tatiana Maslany and Richard Dreyfuss.

"Seinfeld" inspires fake movie posters
Here's what Larry David's fake movie titles would look like in poster form.

What if you could trade your favorite TV actors from show to show?
Introducing the Fantasy TV Trade Machine.

See a new trailer for "Ravenswood"
The "Pretty Little Liars" spinoff got a terrifying new trailer.

"Wilfred" becomes a dad
Actor Jason Gann welcomed his first child yesterday, a boy.

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Prince joined Twitter and revealed a 'Groovy' new song

Prince joined Twitter and revealed a 'Groovy' new song

Living legend makes a meme, makes you scream with 3rd Eye Girl track

Prince has had a long complicated history with information technology and social networking, but he has done the unthinkable and joined Twitter.



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<p>A scene from &quot;The Wind Rises.&quot;</p>

A scene from "The Wind Rises."

Credit: Studio Ghibli

New trailer for Miyazaki's 'The Wind Rises' grounds spectacle in reality

And yes, the film will be released in time for Oscar consideration

One of the films I'm most looking forward to seeing at Venice in a couple of weeks' time -- and I'm not pretending this is a particularly original choice -- is Hayao Miyazaki's "The Wind Rises." Miyazaki is the rare animation director who has ascended to A-list auteur status, but while his last feature, "Ponyo," arguably found him (literally) treading water, this ambitious new project represents an exciting creative leap for him. Dropping the fantasy that has dominated most of his features, the film is a fictionalized biopic of WWII fighter plane designer Jiro Horikoshi, as told in the work of renowned writer and poet Tatsuo Hori.

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<p>It all comes down to this for Hit-Girl (Chloe Grace Moretz), Kick-Ass (Aaron&nbsp;Taylor-Johnson), and The Supervillain Formerly Known As Red-Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) in 'Kick-Ass 2'</p>

It all comes down to this for Hit-Girl (Chloe Grace Moretz), Kick-Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), and The Supervillain Formerly Known As Red-Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) in 'Kick-Ass 2'

Credit: Universal PIctures

Review: 'Kick-Ass 2' offers a nasty, rowdy look at the ugly consequences of violence

The real-world superhero sequel is an intentionally nasty ride

As much as I enjoy the "Kick-Ass" films, and I unapologetically do, what I enjoy more is watching the range of reactions that people have to the movies. The first film was embraced enthusiastically by one crowd I saw it with, and roundly rejected at another screening. I've seen people get spitting mad about these movies and what they mean, and I've heard people enthuse about some truly questionable things contained in the films.

As adaptations, both movies are fascinating exercises in pushing the envelope while also playing it safe regarding a rating. I don't think there was any danger that either one of the films would have gotten an NC-17, but if you were to just treat the original comics by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. as storyboards, the thing you'd get as a result would be an NC-17 no one would bother appealing because it would so obviously deserve it. Matthew Vaughn's movie streamlined relationships and also adjusted certain choices that made Dave Lizewski (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) a much more conventionally heroic figure. For the new film, writer/director Jeff Wadlow has taken material from the comic mini-series "Kick-Ass 2" as well as material from the spin-off series "Hit Girl" and he has built very carefully off of the end of the first "Kick-Ass" film to come up with something that I think does a good job of expressing the idea that the black and white notions of heroism and villainy that comic books sell to their readers are both ridiculous and dangerous.

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<p>Lady Gaga at Micky's</p>

Lady Gaga at Micky's

Credit: Micky's

Lady Gaga's 'Applause,' now with 100% more drag queens: Watch the lyric video

Put your hands up for Mother Monster's makeup

Lady Gaga's "Applause" leaked over the past weekend, more than a week earlier than the pop singer was prepared to reveal the song and its music video. So you can see why the lyric video for "Applause" looks a little rushed: it was shot in a rush, to add some traction to a leaky reveal.

Mother Monster gathered up some Little Monsters and some drag queens and hit Micky's nightclub and gay bar in West Hollywood just last night (Aug. 13), coming up with a colorfully cable-access performance for the vid. Featured is Gaga in her some of her "Applause" single cover makeup, with several performers rocking a similar look. Fans partied in close quarters with the singer and her new recruits.

After the experience, Gaga felt a calling.

"Can I PLEASE be a judge on drag race! I started out in these club, these women taught me how to serve!" she Tweeted today.

Watch the "Applause" lyric video below. The official "Applause" music video is still expected to arrive within the week, leading up to Gaga's performance at the MTV VMAs on Aug. 25. Her album "ARTPOP" is out Nov. 11.

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Laura Prepon is leaving 'Orange is the New Black'

Laura Prepon is leaving "Orange is the New Black"
Prepon isn't under contract for next season and she'll wrap up her Alex character at the start of Season 2, though the show is open to her returning.

Jimmy Fallon: My "Tonight Show" debut is set for the middle of the Winter Olympics
"I want to say it's the 17th of February," he tells Ryan Seacrest of his start date. Feb. 17 is the 2nd Monday of the Winter Olympics. He adds: "Of course, it's NBC. It's not the beginning or the end. It's like somewhere floating in the middle."

"The Bachelor" alums react to Gia Allemand's apparent suicide
"I had to pull over, I can't stop crying. We have lost an angel," tweeted Jake Pavelka, Gia's "Bachelor." PLUS: Gia reportedly hanged herself.

"Family Guy" snags Lauren Bacall

She'll voice Peter's mom's BFF who has a thing for Peter.

Teresa Giudice and her husband plead not guilty
The "Real Housewives" stars are facing a 39-count indictment.

"Parks and Rec" casts April Ludgate's doppelganger

June Diane Raphael from "NTSF:SD:SUV::" will play the Eagleton version of April.

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