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'Rizzoli & Isles' halts production after Lee Thompson Young's death

"Rizzoli & Isles" halts production after Lee Thompson Young's death

The TNT show released a statement saying: "Everyone at 'Rizzoli & Isles' is devastated by the news of the passing of Lee Thompson Young. We are beyond heartbroken at the loss of this sweet, gentle, good-hearted, intelligent man. He was truly a member of our family."

History channel greenlights a 4-hour miniseries starring Adrien Brody
The Oscar winner will begin filming "Houdini" this fall.

Kris Jenner's talk show lands guest Kanye West
The father of her granddaughter taped an hour-long interview on Monday.

"Breaking Bad" fans call 911 over cable outage

Cablevision customers in Southern Connecticut inundated the police department after cable went out last night.

"Breaking Bad" and "Mad Men" sons reenact "Weird Science"

Check out the video RJ Mitte and Marten Holden Weiner (son of Matthew) made for Funny or Die with Alessandra Ambrosio.

CBS settles lawsuit over ABC's "The Glass House"
CBS had sued claiming "The Glass House" was a ripoff of "Big Brother."

Poll of Louisiana voters says "Duck Dynasty" star should not run for Congress
Only 26% of residents surveyed said Willie Robertson should run for office, something he vowed not to do last week.

Watch the "Grey's Anatomy" blooper reel

Bloopers for Season 9.

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<p>Jay Leno</p>

Jay Leno

Credit: NBC

What if NBC hadn't given the 10 p.m. hour to Jay Leno?

What would have happened to Conan O'Brien? Or Damian Lewis?
This week HitFix is revisiting some of the key turning points in recent entertainment history and considering what would have happened if history had turned a bit differently. What if...?
In 2004, NBC announced a plan for the orderly transition of "Tonight Show" power between Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien for 2009. Everybody seemed happy. But there were two catches: The first? Jay Leno didn't actually want to leave and Jay Leno was still ruling his time period and making NBC lots of money. So Jeff Zucker came up with a brilliant idea: Five nights a week of "The Jay Leno Show" airing at 10 p.m. Leaving out the irrelevance of Saturdays, NBC has 18 hours of primetime and they decided to give five of 'em to Jay Leno. The theory was that original episodes of "The Jay Leno Show" might not beat originals on ABC or CBS, but they would do OK and then perform even better against inevitable repeats. It did not work out that way. After nearly 18 million people tuned in for the premiere, the numbers dwindled rapidly and, by winter, the audience was under 5 million. With Conan O'Brien struggling on "The Tonight Show," NBC had to pull the plug on "The Jay Leno Show," send Jay back to 11:35 and, refusing a demotion to 12:05, Conan O'Brien left the network. Rarely has a network worked so hard to bottom out. But...
What if NBC hadn't given the 10 p.m. hour to Jay Leno?
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<p>A scene from &quot;Glory,&quot; for which Donald O. Mitchell won his only Oscar.</p>

A scene from "Glory," for which Donald O. Mitchell won his only Oscar.

Credit: Sony Pictures

Motion Picture Editors' Guild honors Oscar-winning sound mixer Donald O. Mitchell

Veteran's screen credits range from 'Top Gun' to 'Terms of Endearment'

The Motion Picture Editors' Guild -- a body that covers not just editors, but other post-production professionals too -- will present veteran sound re-recording mixer Donald O. Mitchell with its Fellowship and Service Award on October 5 in Los Angeles. The award acknowledges not just the recipient's screen work but their spirit of collaboration and peer support within the industry.

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<p>I'd ask this guy, but I don't think he'd be able to answer.</p>

I'd ask this guy, but I don't think he'd be able to answer.

Credit: Bad Robot

Mysterious new trailer for 'The Stranger' from producer JJ Abrams appears online

Looks like another mystery box has been giftwrapped for us

Okay, I give up. What is "The Stranger"?

First, I'm not even sure it's right to be using that as a title. It is the name of the mysterious YouTube clip that went live today, but it's not necessarily the title of whatever is being advertised. If this is indeed an advertisement.

I congratulate Bad Robot on pulling this one off completely. No matter what gets uncovered about this project and when, they managed to pull off the reveal without any leaks at all, something that is not easy to do. This short piece, just over a minute long, is very odd. Images of a man washing up on a beach, his hands bound by rope. A low, gravely voice speaks in voice-over as we see the person struggle to their feet.

And then at the very end, the money shot, which is the unsettling image at the top of this story.

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<p>The Foo Fighters</p>

The Foo Fighters

Credit: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

Foo Fighters done writing new album, head back to studio in early 2014

Dave Grohl reveals why he won't listen to Nirvana's 'In Utero'

The next album from the Foo Fighters is already written and fans can expect to hear it in 2014.

After telling Hitfix at South X Southwest in March that the new set was in the “very earliest stages,” head Foo Dave Grohl told London radio station XM a few days ago that progress has definitely been made: "We have been in our studio writing and in the past few weeks we've written an album, and we are going to make this album in a way that no one's ever done before and we're pretty excited about it," he's quoted as saying. "It's a little ways off — it's not ready to happen right now, but I think next year is going to be a really big year for the Foo Fighters without question." 

It’s hard to imagine that there’s a new way to make an album: the Foos have recorded live, analog, digital, in a garage, in a home studio, in a professional studio... how many other options are there?

In case you needed further confirmation, Foo guitarist Chris Shiflett told Rolling Stone over the weekend, before a Chris Shiflett and the Dead Peasants show in San Luis Obispo, Calif., the band is already playing together again. “”We actually just started making a new Foo Fighters record within the last few weeks,” he said. “We’ve started rehearsing...we’re going to start recording the new Foo Fighters record at the beginning of next year.”

All this news comes a year after Grohl said the Foo Fighters wouldn’t play again for a “long time,” but maybe he means there will be no tour behind the next album or maybe, thankfully, “long time” means something different to Grohl than to the rest of us. He completely dodges the rumor of some small Foo Fighter gigs in the U.K. next year in the XM interview.

Regardless, even Shiflett is surprised the band is coming back together so soon. “I knew we weren’t done,” he says about Grohl’s “long time” comments, “but I just thought it’d be a little longer. But whatever —it’s good. It’s good getting back to work.”  The album will be the group's first since 2011's "Wasting Light."

In the XM interview, Grohl also talks about the release of 20th anniversary, 70-track deluxe re-release of Nirvana’s “In Utero," out Sept. 24. “It’s hard to believe that much time has gone by,” he says, admitting that so much of the past two decades feels like a “blur.” He's most excited for fans to hear some improv tunes in Brazil.  "Whenever I hear that, it really reminds me what it was like to be in Nirvana," he says. "I don't like listening to In 'Utero,'" he says with a bittersweet laugh. "It's too real. We hit record and we managed to honestly capture the emotional state of the band and it was a weird time for us. It was dark. It was kind of a little too real. It's the most honest recording I've ever made in my entire life." He calls it "heartbreaking" that they aren't making music anymore, following Cobain's 1994 death.

He also jokes about taking his kids to Nirvana’s exhibit at Seattle’s Experience Music Project. “They really couldn’t care,” he laughed.

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<p>Justin Timberlake's &quot;Mirrors&quot;</p>

Justin Timberlake's "Mirrors"

Credit: RCA Records

Countdown to MTV's Video Music Awards: Best Male Video

Will it be Justin Timberlake or Robin Thicke?

As MTV’s 2013 Video Music Awards approach, we’ll countdown to the Aug. 25 ceremony, which airs live at 9 p.m. ET from Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

Justin Timberlake and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis lead the nominations with six each, closely followed by Bruno Mars, Pink, Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus and Thirty Seconds To Mars.

Among the artists performing on the show are Lady Gaga, who will open the awards; Timberlake, Mars, and Cyrus.

We’ll look at a different category each day leading up to Aug. 25.


Justin Timberlake, "Mirrors"
Robin Thicke feat. T.I. and Pharrell, "Blurred Lines"
Bruno Mars, "Locked Out of Heaven"
Ed Sheeran, "Lego House"
Kendrick Lamar, "Swimming Pools"

The Contenders: JT’s “Mirrors” is an epic production that spawns the story of a couple’s tumultuous  life together before evolving into an artsy dance number. Like “Mirrors,” Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools” takes an artsy approach to the story of his drunk father and Lamar’s relationship with alcohol. Robin Thicke’s clip features nearly naked women, which would make it the instant frontrunner, but there’s been enough backlash that it may suffer among female voters. Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out Of Heaven” is a fuzzy club performance with ‘70s gauzy effects. Ed Sheeran’s video for “Lego House” is sweet, lowkey, and slighty creepy, but it doesn’t really compare with the others, unless you’re a huge Sheeran fan. In that case, the scenes of stalker Rupert Grint impersonating Sheehan as he walks through town in his red hoodie straight onto stage (and into the arms of awaiting security) will have you rooting for the British songwriter. Timberlake’s video is the most elaborate and artistic of the bunch, but the second half could also strike some as pretentious. When in doubt, go for the boobies, especially since the award is fan voted, and the fact that “Blurred Lines” is not just the song of the summer, it’s the song of 2013.

Who Should Win:
“Mirrors,” Justin Timberlake
Who Will Win: “Blurred Lines,” Robin Thicke

Who are you rooting for? 

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<p>Last year's WGA documentary winner, &quot;Searching or Sugar Man.&quot;</p>

Last year's WGA documentary winner, "Searching or Sugar Man."

Credit: Sony Classics

WGA gets stricter on documentary eligibility

New rules impose same eligibility criteria on documentary and narrative films

File this under "eligibility rules I didn't know weren't already in place." Any seasoned-awards watcher knows that Writers' Guild of America Awards for Best Original and Adapted Screenplay are inconsistent with other precursor honors in the category because of their highly exclusive eligibility criteria, which dictate that only films written by Guild signatories can be considered. It's a rule that annually disqualifies many of the leading contenders in the race: earlier this year, "Django Unchained" (which, of course, ueventually won the Academy Award) headed a list of barred titles that also included Oscar nominees "Amour" and "Beasts of the Southern Wild."

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<p>This is how fast everyone's going to have to work if they expect to make 'Star Wars Episode 7' in time for a December 2015 release.</p>

This is how fast everyone's going to have to work if they expect to make 'Star Wars Episode 7' in time for a December 2015 release.

Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Is a 'Star Wars' movie still a 'Star Wars' movie if it's released in December?

We may find out the answer to that question in 2015

I see Devin decided to print the rumor about the "Star Wars Episode VII" release date.

I tried to get Disney to comment on the possibility of a Christmas release date last week when word first started to leak, and of course, they've said nothing. I'm still trying to find someone to back up the reports, and I've had no luck doing so. I'll say this, though… it makes sense. That seven month difference changes the entire cycle of when things are revealed, and it also means that Disney will be able to do another D23 Expo before the film comes out, making that next D23 the one where they had better kick out the jams in terms of selling "Star Wars" as a Disney brand.

If Christmas 2015 (I specifically heard December 23 from one person, a date which falls on a Wednesday in 2015) is indeed the target release date, it gets the film away from Disney's other biggest film that year, "The Avengers: Age Of Ultron," which has been announced for May. It seemed odd that Disney would cannibalize their own mega-blockbuster with another mega-blockbuster aimed as ostensibly the exact same audience, and now it looks like they're poised to own both of the big holiday seasons with gigantic event movies.

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<p>Oscar Isaac, Justin Timberlake and Adam Driver in a scene from &quot;Inside Llewyn Davis.&quot;</p>

Oscar Isaac, Justin Timberlake and Adam Driver in a scene from "Inside Llewyn Davis."

Credit: CBS Films

Jack White, Marcus Mumford, Avett Bros. set to play 'Inside Llewyn Davis' concert

Benefit show, organized by Coen Brothers and T Bone Burnett, also features Patti Smith, Joan Baez

Jack White, Mumford & Sons’ Marcus Mumford, the Avett Brothers, Colin Meloy of The Decemberists, and The Punch Brothers will play a benefit concert at New York’s Town Hall on Sept. 29 to promote “Inside Llewyn Davis.”

The film’s music supervisor and long-time Joel and Ethan Coen collaborator T Bone Burnett organized the concert, dubbed “Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of ‘Inside Llewyn Davis'," along with the Coen Brothers. Proceeds from the event will go to the National Recording Preservation Foundation.

Burnett revealed to Hitfix in May at Cannes that some concerts were planned around the movie’s release. "I don't think we're going to do a tour, but we're going to do a series of shows," Burnett said. "I guess we should announce it. Are we ready? I don't know when we're supposed to talk about this, but we're going to do a series of shows. There won't be a tour. I won't say that." The team produced a very successful series of shows around the music of "O Brother Where Art Thou" more than a decade ago.

The Joel and Ethan Coen movie is one of the main selections announced today for the 51st annual New York Film Festival, which runs Sept. 27-Oct. 13. Following its bow at the Cannes International Film Festival this Spring, where it won the Grand Prix, the movie about a folk singer in the ‘60s in New York’s Greenwich Villlage, will skip the Toronto Film Festival.
Also on the "Another Day, Another Time" bill are Joan Baez, Rhiannon Giddens of Caroline Chocolate Drops, Milk Carton Kids, Conor Oberst, Patti Smith, Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings, as well as Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, and Stark Sands, all of whom appear in "Inside Llewyn Davis."

Marcus Mumford serves as an associate producer on the movie’s soundtrack, which comes out Nov. 12 on Nonesuch. He also appears on the track, “The Auld Triangle.” Other artists on the soundtrack include the film’s stars Isaac, Mumford’s wife Carey Mulligan, and Justin Timberlake, as well as Bob Dylan.

The official poster for Another Day Another Time the Inside Llewyn Davis charity concert

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<p>Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum in &quot;Magic Mike.&quot;</p>

Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum in "Magic Mike."

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Casting Society of America nominees range from 'Argo' to 'Mud' to 'Magic Mike'

The Artios Awards for film, TV and theater will take place on November 18

Last month, the Academy's Board of Governors created a new branch for casting directors, 30 years after they were first invited to join the Academy. Few could argue that the move wasn't overdue, but there was more debate over the inevitable question that followed: should the Academy Awards have a category for Best Casting? There are arguments to be made in either direction, but I'd ultimately say no: casting is a highly skilled profession, but not a screen craft, and I don't think most Academy members are qualified to assess it. (Yes, most Academy members aren't qualified to assess sound editing either, but that's another discussion.)  

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Disney's 'Jett Jackson'/'Rizzoli & Isles' star Lee Thompson Young dies in an apparent suicide

Disney's "Jett Jackson"/"Rizzoli & Isles" star Lee Thompson Young dies in an apparent suicide

Young, 29, who played the title role on Disney Channel's "The Famous Jett Jackson" was found with what authorities believe was a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Young was discovered after he failed to show up on the "Rizzoli & Isles" set, where he played  Detective Barry Frost.

Report: Dr. Luke is in talks to become "Idol's" 3rd judge

The 39-year-old former "SNL" guitarist who's created hits from Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone" to Katy Perry's "California Gurls" is in negotiations with "Idol" after talks with stalled.

NBC News' Chuck Todd praises GOP's NBC and CNN boycott over Hillary Clinton

The move is "smart," says the NBC News political director and White House correspondent, because it limits the number Republican debates.

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<p>'Well maybe I just don't feel like eating something THAT&nbsp;IS&nbsp;SMILING&nbsp;AT&nbsp;ME&nbsp;RIGHT&nbsp;NOW !'</p>

'Well maybe I just don't feel like eating something THAT IS SMILING AT ME RIGHT NOW !'

Credit: HitFix

Exclusive new 'Cloudy 2' poster features James Caan being chased by a BananaOstrich

Animated sequel looks delightfully silly

"This is James Caan's character Tim Lockwood being chased by our food animals known as the BananaOstrich."

Well, you just sold me a ticket, "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2."

The first "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs" was one of those lovely little animation surprises, where something came together beautifully. Phil Lord and Chris Miller took the lovely but simple book by Judi Barrett and Ron Barrett and turned it into a very fast-paced and sincere bit of animated surreality, full of wonderful goofball gags and a very sweet and sunny disposition. The first film ended with a victory for Flint Lockwood (Bill Hader) and Sam Sparks (Anna Faris) and 'Baby' Brent (Andy Samberg) and Mayor Shelbourne (Bruce Campbell) and Earl Devereaux (Mr. T) and his son Cal (Bobb'e J. Thompson), and it felt like it had done a great job of making all the characters feel like a community.

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