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<p>Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski in &quot;The Office&quot;&nbsp;series finale.</p>

Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski in "The Office" series finale.

Credit: NBC

Series finale review: 'The Office' - 'Finale'

Dwight gets married and the staff revisits the documentary in a lovely farewell

A review of "The Office" series finale coming up just as soon as I sell ceramic tile out of Newark...

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Credit: ABC

'Scandal' recap: 'White Hat's Back On' for Olivia, but what of the gladiators?

Did you expect the cliffhanger?

I may need to lie down. The season finale of "Scandal" was so packed with ups and downs and twists and turns I may be a little sick to my stomach. Some story lines were tied up with a neat little bow, while others were clearly left in a big, knotted mess for next season. Of course, spoilers galore. I'm just hoping I can keep track of them all.

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Ranking 30 years of 'Star Trek' at the movies

Ranking 30 years of 'Star Trek' at the movies

Where will 'Star Trek Into Darkness' fit in?

A new Starfleet adventure hits theaters this weekend in the form of "Star Trek Into Darkness." It will enter a long legacy of films capturing the spirit of Gene Roddenberry, including, of course, the 2009 reboot that paved the way for a sequel.

The crew's first celluloid excursion, "Star Trek: The Motion Picture," was released back in 1979. There was a new "Star Trek" film at least every three or four years until the 30th anniversary brought J.J. Abrams' re-imagining. Going into this weekend's release, that's 11 films, three Enterprise captains and a lot of canon to play with.

The HitFix staff put our heads together to crank out a ranked list of those films. But how will "Star Trek Into Darkness" fit into that legacy? Audiences will find out this weekend, but for now, click through the gallery below for the best and worst of the franchise to date. You can rate the films as you go. And feel free to vote on your favorite "Star Trek" film in the poll as well.

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<p>Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter.</p>

Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter.

Credit: NBC

Review: 'Hannibal' - 'Fromage'

Lecter becomes interested in a local killer, and Will begins hearing things

A few quick thoughts on tonight's "Hannibal" — and other recent developments on the show — coming up just as soon as I take a hammer to my chimney...

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<p>Marine Vacth in Francois Ozon's &quot;Jeune &amp;&nbsp;Jolie.&quot;</p>

Marine Vacth in Francois Ozon's "Jeune & Jolie."

Cannes Review: 'Jeune & Jolie' proclaims once a whore always a whore

Francois Ozon's latest isn't as titillating as it wants to be

CANNES - Director Francois Ozon has made a career of exploring sexuality and sexual awakenings on the big screen, but his latest, "Jeune & Jolie" (Young and Beautiful), sadly falls short of his previous efforts.

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"The Vampire Diaries"

 "The Vampire Diaries"

Credit: The CW

'Vampire Diaries' recap: The gang survives 'Graduation' but for how long?

What did you think of Damon's big moment?

I was going to say that this finale did an excellent job of keeping the focus on the bloody, beating heart of the series. Yes, there was some nail-biting drama, but mostly it was about big emotional moments. Klaroline. Delena. To a lesser extent, Stelena. Jeremy and Bonnie (they probably have a cute nickname, which you're welcome to mention in the comments). It all felt like (as befit a graduation-themed episode) a sweet and often poignant summing up, moving on and coming together. 

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<p>Kree and Candice of &quot;American Idol&quot;</p>

Kree and Candice of "American Idol"

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'American Idol' Finale Results - The Winner Is...

Kree or Candice? Join as as we wade through over two hours of filler.

It's finale night on "American Idol." 

We're at the end. 

In a little over two hours, we'll know the winner between Kree Harrison and Candice Glover. 

Yup. 2:07. That's how long we're gonna have to wait. 

That's a lot of filler, so you might as well join the conversation below!

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Exclusive: Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins induct Rush into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Credit: HBO

Exclusive: Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins induct Rush into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Watch the Foo Fighters' hilarious speech now before it airs on HBO

This is how you do an induction speech... Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins inducted Rush into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame last month and their speech, which was the highlight of the evening, was hilarious, profane, and genuine all at the same time.

After lots and lots of lobbying by the power trio's fans, Rush finally made it into the Rock Hall and no one was more surprised (or delighted) by Grohl and Hawkins, who recall their first exposure to the group as young boys. They basically geek out and let their fan boy selves run wild.

In this clip exclusive to Hitfix, watch Grohl and Hawkins totally bust on Rush, while they manage to praise them as well.

The R&R Hall of Fame ceremony was taped April 18 at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.

The 2013  Rock & Roll Hall of Fame airs May 18 on HBO. In addition to Rush, the other inductees are Heart, Albert King, Randy Newman, Public Enemy, Donna Summer, Lou Adler and Quincy Jones.   A 24-hour marathon will start immediately on HBO Signature.

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<p>If this man ever offers to 'shimmy' for you, my advice is that you should run.</p>

If this man ever offers to 'shimmy' for you, my advice is that you should run.

Credit: HitFix

Ken Jeong gets serious talking about ending it all in 'The Hangover Part III'

Plus we look back at a more spirited encounter with the comic actor

I am genuinely happy for Ken Jeong.

When I first saw him in "Knocked Up," I thought he was great, one of many scene-stealers in that movie. When I talked to Judd Apatow about him, he mentioned that Jeong was an actual doctor. At the time, I thought Judd meant that this was Ken's first time acting, that he was a doctor who they just met and thought was funny and then hired. Jeong was actually working in TV a full decade before that, though, while also having trained and worked as a doctor. He's a great example of a guy who kept his dream alive while also having this full-time professional life, and to see him find a niche where he's become a very in-demand comic character actor is just enjoyable. He deserves it.

After all, Ken Jeong will attack a role if you give him a chance. He doesn't phone it in. Say what you will about him as a performer, but that's a guy who will make gigantic choices and he'll throw himself into it, and there's no ego about things. Whatever's funny is funny. He doesn't care if he looks "cool." He cares about the laugh. He is merciless in his pursuit of it.

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"The 100"

 "The 100"

Credit: The CW

See the first trailer from The CW's post-apocalyptic "The 100"

Watch the TV show before you read the book!
You know who gets really excited about trees and stuff? People who have never, ever seen them. And hikers. But this show is about how the only humans to survive nuclear Armageddon on earth were those living in space stations, and now their descendants (who are actually being punished, so earth is basically considered juvie) get to come back and see what their grandparents had been whining about missing. 
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<p>Who are these men, and what role do they play in the secretive new science-fiction action film 'Jupiter&nbsp;Ascending' by the Wachowskis?</p>

Who are these men, and what role do they play in the secretive new science-fiction action film 'Jupiter Ascending' by the Wachowskis?

Credit: Warner Bros.

Updated - Did Terry Gilliam just leak the first image from 'Jupiter Ascending' by the Wachowskis?

The Channing Tatum/Mila Kunis science-fiction action movie is shooting now

UPDATED: I've been informed that a batch of set photos appeared online over a week ago, and this is from that set of images. Collider ran a piece, for example, and a lot of the gossip sites appear to have picked it up. I confess that I don't pay attention to unofficial images all the time, and I missed this. Gilliam is not the source of the image, but was merely passing it along. The "news" here, then, is his appearance in the film, giving us a chance to round up what we know about it so far. Some of what we've got to say about the film is not general knowledge so far.

As usual, if you're obsessive about seeing every detail of something, finding a specialized fan site is going to be the best from-the-tap stream of info you'll get.

Now here's the original piece:

One of my favorite films from last year was "Cloud Atlas," and part of what I enjoyed about the film was seeing what happened when Andy and Lana Wachowski collided with Tom Tykwer. That's not a collaboration I would have ever demanded to see, but the results of it were very special, and I'm very glad it happened.

Today, Terry Gilliam posted a photo to his Facebook page showing two extras on the set of "Jupiter Ascending," the new science-fiction action film that the Wachowskis are filming, and he revealed that he'll be playing a bit part of some sort in the movie as well. While this isn't the same scale of collaboration as "Cloud Atlas," just knowing that Gilliam and the Wachowskis are in contact with one another makes me very happy.

Right now, "Jupiter Ascending" is an enigma for most people. The last two films by the Wachowskis have been large-scale experiments, and while I've enjoyed the films, I appreciate that they make very big movies that require very big budgets, and that doesn't happen forever if you can't make money for a studio. To some extent, it feels like "Jupiter Ascending" is a step back for them, a conscious decision to do something that is more like what people expect from them. Then again, I get the feeling after chatting with the Wachowskis last year that they are not terribly concerned about what people expect.

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Watch: The-Dream doesn't care for foreplay in 'IV Play' music video

In case you were wondering, he's talking about 'straight sex'

I want to take moment and note that the Lego Palace that is the venue for The-Dream's "IV Play" music video also features stairs that look straight outta the Comic Con convention center in San Diego.

The R&B singer throats the words every girl longs to hear: "I can give a f*ck about foreplay." So he can, doesn't mean he will. He then gently drapes his arm on the ass of a model as though it were a piece of furniture. Man knows his audience.

"IV Play" goes for longer than IV minutes, which may be longer than the IV minutes The-Dream can "straight sex" without IV Play.

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