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Keith Olbermann's ESPN2 talk show will be called 'Olbermann'

Keith Olbermann's ESPN2 talk show will be called "Olbermann"
ESPN officially announced Olbermann's return after a 16-year absence. Originating from ABC's Times Square Studio, "Olbermann" will mostly air at 11 pm Monday through Friday, debuting Aug. 26 with a mix of commentary, panel discussions, interviews and highlights. Olbermann says he's glad to be bake and "I'm not going to waste" this opportunity.

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'Whose Line is it Anyway?' has a big debut for CW

"Whose Line is it Anyway?" has a big debut for CW

The 2.9 million was the CW's 2nd-best launch in the past two years.

Besides drugs, Cory Monteith struggled with his "Glee" fame

People magazine quotes a Monteith friend saying, "Fame was hard for him. It was something he knew he deserved but somehow he never quite knew how to handle." PLUS: "Glee" sat down Monteith and had an "open conversation" about his addiction.

Jon Hamm waited tables for nearly a decade, even when he was on "Providence"

The "Mad Men" star talked about his early struggles with ESPN's Bill Simmons, recalling that he was "unhirable" because he looked too old for the teen shows that were hot in the late '90s. Hamm worked at a restaurant called Ciudad on his days off from "Providence," which he appeared on in 2000 and 2001. Hamm also talks about binge-watching "The Wire," "Friday Night Lights" and "Deadwood." PLUS: ESPYs host Hamm talks tonight's show.

Woody Allen: I'd love to do a movie starring Louis CK

The "Louie" star has a small role in Allen's new film "Blue Jasmine." "I'd love to do a movie with him and me, a comedy," Allen tells the NY Times. "I'm looking for some idea that would work, for the two of us to do."

"Game of Thrones" adds Mark Gatiss of "Sherlock" and "Doctor Who" fame
The British actor/writer/producer has written several episodes of "Who" and he co-created "Sherlock." PLUS: Giant dragon skull on beach used to promote "Game of Thrones."

BET resurrects "Comic View"
Former host Sommore will be back when the BET staple begins taping next month after a five-year hiatus.

"Harry Potter" actor Toby Jones joins M. Night Shyamalan's "Wayward Pines"
He'll play a mysterious and charismatic psychiatrist who treats Matt Dillon's Secret Service agent.

Here's a pic of "The Wire's" Larry Gilliard Jr. on "The Walking Dead"

He's playing former Army medic Bob Stookey.

Stephen Colbert caught sabotaging "The Daily Show"
It was Colbert who caused Monday's blackout.

"Breaking Bad" creator on the final episodes: "They satisfy me, and that's saying a lot"
Vince Gilligan tells GQ that "the bulk of our viewers" will be satisfied by the ending. PLUS: See Bryan Cranston's "Malcolm in the Middle" reunion at his Walk of Fame star ceremony. Watch "Breaking Bad" summed up in 9 minutes.

Chuck Woolery's new gig: Promoting catheters

Watch the former "Love Connection" host in an ad for Medical Direct Club‘s Virtually Pain Free Catheters.

Bravo to premiere "The New Atlanta" in September: "Atlanta is mecca," says Bravo exec

"There is so much personality to that city and the people really reflect that," says Shari Levine, vp of current production for Bravo. PLUS: "I Dream of NeNe" gets premiere date.

"Damages" now available to watch online for free
Crackle has the entire first season on its website and YouTube. Watch the pilot.

Bruce Willis wears a wig for Jimmy Fallon's "Perm Week"

"Is this your real hair?"

Are those tattoos on Rachel Bilson's neck?

The "Hart of Dixie" star is currently sporting colorful stars on her neck.

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'Sharknado 2" is a go

'Sharknado 2" is a go

Syfy has greenlighted a sequel (or prequel) to "Sharknado" set in New York City. Fans can even help name the movie.

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<p>James Mangold had to get sneaky to win a major battle on his new film 'The Wolverine'</p>

James Mangold had to get sneaky to win a major battle on his new film 'The Wolverine'

Credit: HitFix

Director James Mangold talks about how he approached redeeming 'The Wolverine'

Plus find out how he snuck through all the Japanese spoken in the film

I've never met James Mangold before. I had a great couple of meetings with his producing partner Cathy Woods back around 1995 and 1996, but nothing ever came of it. Mangold at that point was still establishing his voice, and what I've enjoyed about watching his career over the years is that he's never really allowed himself to be pinned down to one thing, but he certainly doesn't seem like an anonymous studio guy, either. That's not easy to pull off.

When I sat down for our interview this past weekend, I was operating on no sleep and a weird case of jet lag, and I had just ridden in from the airport and showered quickly before we spoke. I barely knew where I was, and I thought it was very kind of Mangold to check out the way my shirt buttons were lined up and get up, walk over, and make sure I was camera-ready. He did it unconsciously, like he was setting up a shot, and it said so much about him, and especially in the way he introduced himself at the same time in a very disarming manner.

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Keith Olbermann can't talk about politics on his new ESPN2 talk show

Keith Olbermann can't talk about politics on his new ESPN2 talk show
On his new nightly hourly talk show -- which is set to be announced today -- Olbermann will be free to talk about subjects other than sports like pop-culture and current events. But no politics, according to the NY Times.

Emma Roberts arrested for allegedly beating up her "American Horror Story" boyfriend

The niece of Julia Roberts and daughter of Emma Roberts reportedly got into an altercation with boyfriend Evan Peters, from the FX series.

HBO orders "Togetherness" starring Amanda Peet and Melanie Lynskey
The Duplass brothers comedy follows two couples living under the same roof.

"Paternity Court" TV show is in the works

The syndicated series premiering this fall will reveal the results of paternity tests on each episode.

"The Glee Project": An appreciation
The Oxygen reality spinoff was much better than "Glee" itself.

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<p>Yep. That's a snail versus a race car.</p>

Yep. That's a snail versus a race car.

Credit: Dreamworks Animation

Review: Dreamworks Animation's 'Turbo' offers up a sort of diet 'Ratatouille'

Kids should be entertained, but it covers familiar ground

It seems unfair to compare Dreamworks to Pixar or Illuminated Entertainment or Blue Sky. After all, they all produce family-oriented family entertainment, but that doesn't mean they're chasing the exact same goals… does it?

To be honest, I wish they worked harder to distinguish their product, because it can start to all blur together at times. Even when someone makes an amiable, charming little movie, when you start to see unavoidable echoes from one project to another, it's a bit of a drag. "Turbo" arrives in theaters tomorrow, and while younger viewers are going to enjoy it, most likely, it started to feel very familiar to me to a disconcerting degree.

Brad Bird's "Ratatouille" was one of those cases where Pixar reached a breaking point on a film that wasn't working, and they were willing to strip it down and start again, resulting in a film that carries a powerful emotional charge and a surprisingly smart, adult message. It was not originally Brad Bird's film, but the idea of a rat who loved to cook was enough of a hook that they felt like they had something there to build off of.

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<p>Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Bruhl in &quot;The Fifth Estate.&quot;</p>

Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Bruhl in "The Fifth Estate."

Credit: DreamWorks Pictures

Benedict Cumberbatch is Julian Assange in first trailer for 'The Fifth Estate'

Bill Condon's WikiLeaks drama opens October 18 in the US

I recently caught up with Alex Gibney's terrific documentary "We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks," a no-nonsense study of Julian Assange's rise and fall that plays, for all our familiarity with the elements at hand, very much as a thriller. Still, the material was bound to make for a narrative film sooner or later, and sooner it is: Bill Condon's "The Fifth Estate" opens on October 18, presumably after premiering on the fall festival circuit. Now the first trailer for the film has landed, and it looks to be glossy, smart mainstream entertainment.

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<p>&quot;We Are Men&quot;</p>

"We Are Men"

Credit: CBS

Take Me To The Pilots '13: CBS' 'We Are Men'

It could be worse. That's the high praise on this Monday comedy.

[In case you've Forgotten, and as I will continue to mention each and every one of these posts that I do: This is *not* a review. Pilots change. Sometimes a lot. Often for the better. Sometimes for the worse. But they change. Actual reviews will be coming in September and perhaps October (and maybe midseason in some cases). This is, however, a brief gut reaction to not-for-air pilots. I know some people will be all "These are reviews." If you've read me, you've read my reviews and you know this isn't what they look like.]

Show:"We Are Men" (CBS)
Airs:Mondays at 8:30 p.m.
The Pitch: "Sex and the City" for sad, desperate middle-aged men. So... "Entourage" in its later years.
Quick Response: New TV Season Pet Peeve: People who compare "We Are Men" to "Happy Endings," just because both shows begin with a guy being ditched at the altar, even though the scene in "We Are Men" is explicitly a referencing "The Graduate" and "We Are Men" has nothing particular in common with "Happy Endings" otherwise. I lead this blurb with that essentially meaningless annoyance because there's hardly any point in saying anything about "We Are Men." It's there. And by causing me almost no discomfort or pain, it's better than "Partners," which tanked in this slot last year. It's better than "Dads," which has a similarly disconnected sensibility regarding homosocial friendship. And it's better than the legion of Mancession comedies which several networks, mostly ABC, tried and failed with a couple years ago. So what I'm saying is that I was prepared to be annoyed or offended by "We Are Men" and, instead, I was merely bored. Victory! Tony Shalhoub seems amused to be playing a sleazy letch at this point in his career and who am I to begrudge Tony Shalhoub's self-amusement? Jerry O'Connell seems amused to be wandering around in a banana hammock in several scenes and who am I to begrudge the fat kid from "Stand by Me" wanting to show off that he's still the kinda stud-muffin who can marry a former super-model? Kal Penn seems a bit uncomfortable and I'm not sure how I'd describe his character, but he may just be easing back into TV after his brief period sorta-kinda working for the Obama Administration, so perhaps he'll find something to amuse him by the fourth or fifth episode. And then there's Christopher Smith, who is playing what absolutely would have been the Josh Cooke role two or three years ago and I want to warn him that shows that contain A Josh Cooke Role usually suffer A Josh Cooke Fate, which is speedy cancellation. But I forgot he was there, which is at least as much a factor of his not having much of a character as his not giving much of a performance. The fact is, I kinda like the backdrop of a "Quality furnished short-termed housing" complex in Tarzana and I don't hate the core trio not counting Chris Smith (who I also don't hate, but who I really have no opinion on). The pilot, though, is a random hodge-podge of leering and "rules," plus stuff with Fiona Gubelmann, who you know I love, but who won't have anything to do going forward. So... Whatever.
Desire To Watch Again: One more episode. Period. When it turns out that it's yet another "The guys try to fix Carter up on a date" snooze, I'll be done, even though this is a time slot in which I notoriously give shows too many chances.


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<p>Tony Leung in &quot;The Grandmaster.&quot;</p>

Tony Leung in "The Grandmaster."

Credit: The Weinstein Company

Academy to host screening of Wong Kar-Wai's 'The Grandmaster'

After a rough Berlin debut, the martial arts epic is seeking a second wind

Wong Kar-Wai's long-awaited, long-delayed martial arts epic "The Grandmaster" looked to be the dream opening film at this year's Berlin Film Festival, but it received a slightly rude awakening when it finally premiered. I was far from the only critic to voice my disappointment with the film, which bore the scars of work that had been labored over a little too long -- though it still offered sporadic thrills and ravishing beauty aplenty.

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<p>Cliff Martinez</p>

Cliff Martinez

Credit: HitFix

Exclusive: Composer Cliff Martinez scoring French action-thriller 'Mea Culpa'

Composer is also behind the wheel of a Corvette commercial score

AUSTIN - Cliff Martinez has had a busy 2013 thus far. The successful stateside bow of "Spring Breakers" and the wide release of "Only God Forgives" this month seems to be part of a larger career surge for the composer. During an interview promoting his (current) film with "Drive" director Nicolas Winding Refn, Martinez revealed some more of his future work, which includes penning music for forthcoming feature "Mea Culpa."

"I'm about to do a French film called 'Mea Culpa.' It's an action-thriller," Martinez said, likening it to a mix of  "Die Hard" and "Taken." It will be his third French movie, though he said, "I've never done anything like it."

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, "Mea Culpa" is directed by Fred Cavaye ("Anything For Her," "Point Blank") and stars Vincent Lindon, Gilles Lellouche and Nadine Labaki. It is set for release in early 2014, and was picked up by Fox International just ahead of Cannes this May.

Martinez said he and Cavaye bonded over a mutual disdain of traditional action movie scores.

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Cory Monteith's friend: 'He couldn't stop. He tried. He just couldn't'

Cory Monteith's friend: "He couldn't stop. He tried. He just couldn't"
E! spoke with several of the "Glee" star's friends, including one who said he was shooting up heroin and crystal meth in March. "It was very scary," the friend says, adding that he had "major track marks." PLUS: Monteith's ex-girlfriend was kept in the dark about his drug use, and "Glee" casting for 2 new roles in wake of Monteith's death.

ESPN could make a Keith Olbermann announcement on Wednesday

The former "SportsCenter" anchor is close to getting his own ESPN2 late-night show.

Watch Bryan Cranston sing during his Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony

Check out photos of Cranston and his star from today's ceremony. PLUS: Watch Aaron Paul's speech, and Jane Kaczmarek's emotional tribute. Also, check out new "Breaking Bad" cast pics, and even more pics + episode titles.

"Big Bang Theory" getting an "Artist Series"
The CBS comedy will debut as a work of art at Comic-Con.

Watch the new "X Factor" panel in action
Here's your first glimpse of Paulina Rubio and Kelly Rowland.

Will Netflix become an Emmy game-changer on Thursday?

There's a lot of buzz that "House of Cards" and/or "Arrested Development" will score when nominations are announced Thursday.

"Big Brother" this season: "A lab experiment in overt racism"
This year, says Jon Caramanica, CBS has turned the show "into a rare opportunity to watch white privilege and unconscious racism in the field. It may be occurring in a sealed-off space, but it’s feasting on the oxygen of national network television."

Why isn't the Jewish community outraged by "Princesses: Long Island"?
The Anti-Defamation League couldn't care less about the Bravo reality show, which may be because it's ethnic stereotyping is over the top in hits outlandishness.

Expect to see Jenny McCarthy wearing glasses on "The View"
Apparently McCarthy turns into "Librarian Jenny" every time she's guest co-hosted in the past. PLUS: Dear ABC: McCarthy on "The View" will kill children.

"Game of Thrones" becomes a periodic table
Showing the dead and living characters.

"The Walking Dead" composer talks about working on "Agents of SHIELD"
"At first glance, I was nervous that 'Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD' would be difficult to approach," says Bear McCreary. "… It ties together a cinematic universe that spans years of characters, storylines and scores by talented composers. The instant I saw the pilot, I connected immediately with the characters." PLUS: New "SHIELD" footage released.

Mary-Louise Parker quitting acting?
"I'm not really that into it anymore," the former "Weeds" star says. "I don't know how many more movies I wanna do. I wouldn't mind doing a TV show again, I'd like to do a couple more plays, but I'm almost done acting, I think."

CBS sued again over "Hawaii Five-0"
An L.A. judge has brought back CBS in the fold of a lawsuit filed by the talent manager for the creator of the iconic series.

"Whose Line Is It Anyway?" is back on track

Wayne Brady says of the CW version, premiering tonight: "When we were shooting, we were joking around saying it felt like everyone stepped out for lunch and came right back."

"Pretty Little Liars" spinoff "Ravenswood" experiences a cast shakeup
Model Elizabeth Whitson is out, and her role will be taken over by Merritt Patterson, who was set to play Whitson's character's best friend.

In defense of Aaron Sorkin's self-righteousness

"Smugness has a way of covering up the reality on the ground," notes Stephen Marche. "That's the flaw of a show like 'The Newsroom,' but it's also its major advantage."

"SNL" alum Jack Handey of "Deep Thoughts" fame publishes his first novel

Handey has become the envy of every comedy writer in America.

Kris Jenner's talk show has a solid debut

New syndicated talk show "The Real" also did well in its limited premiere. PLUS: "Kris" was awful.

"Homeland" casts 2

New additions include "Weeds" alum Martin Donovan and Shaun Toub.

Watch "30 Rock's" Grizz carry a man like a baby
Comedian Mark Malkoff gave the 7-foot-tall Grizz Chapman a challenge.

Will "Veronica Mars" bring back Sheriff Lamb?

He was killed off in Season 3, but Rob Thomas hinted that a "Sheriff Lamb" will be part of the movie.

Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to honor Jon Stewart

"The Daily Show" host will be presented with the 2013 Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) Civilian Service Award.

"Major Crimes" cast creates an anti-bullying PSA
In support of gay and lesbian youth.

Check out a map of "Seinfeld"

Dan Zinman has put together "Maps About Nothing."

Stephen Amell returning to "Arrow" very ripped

"June 13th & July 15th. No filter," the actor wrote in captions showcasing his transformation.

"Covert Affairs" returns

What can we expect of Annie and Auggie in Season 4? PLUS: Hill Harper on being the new CIA boss, and about those bombshells.

Here's a look at the "Treme" cookbook
With a forward from Anthony Bourdain.

Poppy Montgomery "thought it was a joke" when "Unforgettable" was uncanceled

She tells Letterman: "I didn't believe them."

Why "Arrested Development" shouldn't get another season
Season 4 was bad enough.

Adam Levine gets engaged
"The Voice" star is going to marry his latest model girlfriend.

"Top Chef's" Gail Simmons is pregnant
The celebrity chef is expecting her first child.

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<p>Let's see... Tom Hanks, a pretty European actress, a work of art, and a secret... yep, that's a Robert Langdon film, all right.</p>

Let's see... Tom Hanks, a pretty European actress, a work of art, and a secret... yep, that's a Robert Langdon film, all right.

Credit: Sony Pictures

Ron Howard and Tom Hanks are both back for Dan Brown's 'Inferno' for 2015

Robert Langdon has a new mystery to solve thanks to David Koepp

I am not remotely surprised that they're skipping "The Lost Symbol" completely.

Actually, maybe I am a little surprised. After all, Tom Hanks and Ron Howard both made mountains of cash for the first two Robert Langdon films, "The Da Vinci Code" and "Angels and Demons," despite the fact that very few people seemed to genuinely like either of the films. Dan Brown's books are pop culture juggernauts, and that combination of talent combined with the omnipresence of the books made the movies as close to a can't miss proposition as you can get in modern Hollywood.

"The Lost Symbol," though, tarnished the brand pretty thoroughly, because it seemed to reveal the mechanical structure behind the franchise too nakedly. It is a formula book to such a deadening degree that it's almost a parody. It's so by-the-numbers, and it covers the exact same ground as the not-terribly-subtle also-ran series of "National Treasure" movies that Bruckheimer made for Disney. Those films seemed to stake a pretty firm claim on the idea of Washington D.C. as a big giant Rubik's Cube ready to be solved, and Brown's book felt thin even by his own standards.

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