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Watch: Kelly Clarkson's new video for 'Tie It Up'

Watch: Kelly Clarkson's new video for 'Tie It Up'

She salutes marriage as she gets ready to walk down the aisle

With her own nuptials approaching, Kelly Clarkson clearly has weddings on her mind. In her video for “Tie It Up,” Clarkson performs in a barn during a wedding reception, as scenes from other weddings and happy brides and grooms roll.

The video for the country single features straight and gay couples, so we’ll see if she gets any push back from those who oppose same sex unions.

It’s a fluffy, fun song that may be a one-off as it doesn’t appear on her most recent greatest hits set and we haven’t heard word of a new album. Clarkson, who is getting ready to marry Reba McEntire’s step son (and artist manager), has already proven that she can have country hits via her duets with the likes of McEntire, Jason Aldean, and Vince Gill. Now we’ll see if she can have one on her own.

At the end, she catches the bouquet and winks in the camera. Sounds like she's ready for her fall wedding.

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<p>Amy&nbsp;Adams in &quot;American Hustle&quot;</p>

Amy Adams in "American Hustle"

Credit: Sony Pictures

Performances on the lead-supporting bubble dance with category placement this season

Studios strategize on what's best but at the end of the day AMPAS will have its say

This week's report about Meryl Streep potentially being campaigned in the supporting actress category for her performance in John Wells' "August: Osage County" reminds of a slew of actors in a similar boat this year, dancing with category selection with arguments to be made on both sides.

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'The Bachelor' star Gia Allemand dies suddenly at 29

"The Bachelor" star Gia Allemand dies suddenly at 29
The Season 14 "Bachelor" star had been hospitalized since Monday following a "serious emergency medical event." UPDATE: Allemand was found after an apparent suicide attempt.

Showtime prevented "Homeland" from killing off Brody last season

This was the 2nd time Brody's life has been saved. "We had sketched out this plan in the early parts of season two which called for Brody’s demise, which may have been premature, and they asked us to reconsider," says co-creator Howard Gordon, who adds of Brody, "That guy is like a bad penny, he keeps turning up." PLUS: Watch a new "Homeland" teaser.

Amazon is getting pilots from "The X Files" creator, Ice Cube and Jason Schwartzman

Chris Carter's "The After" would be set at the moment of the apocalypse.

"Duck Dynasty" star claims he was the victim of "facial profiling"
Jase Robertson says he was told to pee outside by the fancy hotel he was staying at. PLUS: Willie Robertson too busy to run for Congress.

Jimmy Fallon: "Jay Leno has just been awesome to me"
In the 2nd part of his "Today" interview, Fallon says of his "Tonight Show" predecessor, "He kept the franchise going for a long time, and I hope I make him proud."

"Portlandia" and "The Simpsons" win early Emmys

"Adventure Time" also took home an Emmy.

E! orders 6 more "Total Divas" episodes
That'll stretch the season to Nov. 17.

"The View" releases Jenny McCarthy pics

Check her out with Barbara Walters.

GSN orders game show "Mind of a Man"
The game show will incorporate answers from a survey of 100 men.

Reelz gets Adam West to voice "FanAddicts!"

The former "Batman" star will be featured in a new show about movie fandom.

"New Girl" books Dreama Walker

The "Don't Trust the B---" alum will guest as a "b----."

Happy 30th birthday to Spencer Pratt and Mila Kunis!
"The Hills" star and the "Family Guy" star were both born on the same day.

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<p>Hans Zimmer</p>

Hans Zimmer

Credit: AP Photo

Hans Zimmer to receive Classic BRIT Award

Also, an FYC plea for his 'Lone Ranger' score

Okay, I'm just going to put this out there: I would really, really like Hans Zimmer to get an Oscar nomination for his tremendous score to "The Lone Ranger." The film may already be a punchline in industry circles -- undeservedly so, I think -- and the film's makers haven't done themselves any favors with their silly complaints of critical conspiracy. But it's one of the most remarkable crafts showcases Hollywood has produced this year (yes, the production budget is ludicrous, but at least it's evident), and Zimmer's elaborate orchestrations are among its foremost virtues.

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"Preachers of L.A."

 "Preachers of L.A."

Credit: Oxygen

Exclusive: Meet the mostly hunky stars of 'Preachers of L.A.'

One pastor is the brother of dance music icon Grace Jones

Oxygen is hoping to make the case that men of God aren't necessarily stuffy (and, in some cases, can be kinda sexy) with its new show, "Preachers of L.A." (premiering Oct. 9 at 10:00 p.m. ET). Promising to give viewers a "candid and revealing look at six boldly different, world-renowned mega-pastors in Southern California," the show has given HitFix a first look at the stars' virtual trading cards. Fun facts: one of the guys is music icon Grace Jones' brother. Also in the batch are former drug addicts, a retired pro skateboarder, and one guy who designs his own clothes. Collect 'em!

Will you be watching? 

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Peter Berg created the new 'Monday Night Football' intro

Peter Berg created the new "Monday Night Football" intro

Debuting Sept. 9, the new intro will incorporate 44 years of history in 90 seconds.

Twitter is testing a "TV Trending" feature
At the top of some users' timelines are a promo for a show, plus tweets about it.

Google Maps allows you to tour a TARDIS on a London street
Clicking on the Google Maps streetview will take you inside the "Doctor Who" prop. PLUS: Bill Nighy says he turned down "Doctor Who" nearly a decade ago.

Rhys Ifans is joining Philip Seymour Hoffman's Showtime pilot
He'll play Hoffman's boss on "Trending Down."

ABC orders "Fresh Off the Boat" pilot from the creator of "Don't Trust The B—"

Nahnatchka Khan's next comedy project revolves around a Chinese immigrant family that moves to Orlando.

Cate Blanchett to star in an HBO film written by Julie Delpy

They're working together on "Cancer Vixen: A True Story."

Jack McBrayer plays a "Breaking Bad" drug lord
Watch his sketch for "Conan."

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<p>Chloe Grace-Moretz seems awfully relaxed considering the non-stop work schedule she's had both making and promoting 'Kick-Ass 2'</p>

Chloe Grace-Moretz seems awfully relaxed considering the non-stop work schedule she's had both making and promoting 'Kick-Ass 2'

Credit: HitFix

Chloe Grace-Moretz talks about the surprising similarities between Hit Girl and Carrie

How is Mindy handling life without Big Daddy?

There are people I interview every year or so who seem to be basically the same people every time we talk. They may change their haircuts or make some superficial change to their appearance, but they don't really change.

With Chloe Grace-Moretz, though, every time we check in, I am struck by how much she's grown, both in terms of height (she's got to be at least a foot and a half taller now than when we first met) and in terms of maturity. She has become a very poised and confident young woman these days, and each new film she makes seems to expand both her ability and her ambition.

Since the first time we spoke, she has worked with with Martin Scorsese, Kimberly Pierce, and Tim Burton. She has gone toe-to-toe with Alec Baldwin on "30 Rock" to hilarious effect, and she has tackled difficult emotional material in films like "Let Me In" and "Hick." Even so, she is still a teenager, and what I find most encouraging about our chats every so often is that even as she puts together this impressive resume and turns in smart, sensitive performances, she still sometimes seems like a goofy, silly teenage girl, and that's got to be a healthy thing.

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"So You Think You Can Dance"

 "So You Think You Can Dance"

Credit: Fox

'So You Think You Can Dance': Top 10 perform

All-Stars are added to the mix and the bar is raised

We're down to the top ten, and this season is getting much, much harder to read due to the level of talent this season. Usually there are a few dancers squeaking through on great backstories and arresting person style (mohawk, cough, cough, ear plugs, cough). This season, even the remaining tap dancer and hip hop dancer are strong in other styles. Of course, having too many favorites is a problem I can handle.

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How 'Grey's Anatomy' will handle Sandra Oh's exit

How "Grey's Anatomy" will handle Sandra Oh's exit
"It won't be until the end of the season," says Shonda Rhimes. "The minute Sandra and I started talking about this, we have a story that we want to tell and we want to tell it really well, and that story isn't about her leaving the show as much as it is Cristina Yang's growth as a person and as a surgeon. Cristina Yang is not going to magically decide she wants babies, no."

Ex-"Bachelor" star Gia Allemand is in critical condition
Allemand was taken to a New Orleans hospital last night after a "serious emergency medical event."

NBC buys a comedy project from Tina Fey and her "30 Rock" partner
Fey and "30 Rock" exec producer Robert Carlock have sold NBC another female-centered workplace comedy.

"The Notebook" author Nicholas Sparks is turning his attention to TV
Sparks has signed a deal to create the two-hour movie "Deliverance Creek," which could become a series.

"The Good Wife" adds Talia Balsam
The "Mad Men" actress will play a political reporter.

Here are possible "SNL" replacements
John Mulaney? Maria Bamford?

Is Will Arnett dating Katie Lee?
According to E!, the "Arrested Development" star and the former "Top Chef" host are an item.

"Orange is the New Black" creator: "Piper was my Trojan Horse"
Says Jenji Kohan: "You're not going to go into a network and sell a show on really fascinating tales of black women, and Latina women, and old women and criminals. But if you take this white girl, this sort of fish out of water, and you follow her in, you can then expand your world and tell all of those other stories."

E! to air a Steve Jobs documentary
"Pop Innovators: Steve Jobs" airs Thursday at 10.

Heidi Klum reveals her goth girl past?
Check out a nearly unrecognizable photo of the "America's Got Talent" judge at age 9.

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<p>I've heard the special edition of the autobiography has actual finger-paintings by Brick included with every purchase.</p>

I've heard the special edition of the autobiography has actual finger-paintings by Brick included with every purchase.

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Ron Burgundy's autobiography hits shelves in November just ahead of new movie

I assume this is what Will Ferrell used for research

It's starting to look like 2013 is the year of Ron Burgundy.

It's hard to believe it has been a decade since the making of "Anchorman," and it was flat-out surreal when I was on the set of the sequel not long ago. If you saw me talk to Harrison Ford about his time on the set, he lit up at the mention of the film, and the same was true when I talked to Steve Carrell recently about "Despicable Me 2."

I know that Adam McKay and Will Ferrell are the best-known public spokesmen for Burgundy, but it appears that he's going to be speaking for himself later this year when Crown Archetype publishes "Let Me Off At The Top! My Classy Life And Other Musings," a memoir, on November 19th. That's about a month before the new movie hits theaters, giving audiences a chance to learn more about the real man before we see another film about him.

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"Grey's Anatomy"

 "Grey's Anatomy"

Credit: ABC

'Grey's Anatomy': Why it's the right time for Sandra Oh to go

Cristina Yang may be Meredith's person, but she could be more

It had to happen eventually, didn't it? After the upcoming tenth season of "Grey's Anatomy," Sandra Oh (who plays the frequently crotchety Dr. Cristina Yang) will be signing off from the series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. As Oh explained, "It's such an interesting thing to play a character for so long and to actually get the sense that she wants to be let go as well. [Cristina] wants to be let go, and I am ready to let her go." Me, too.

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<p>Kirsten Dunst</p>

Kirsten Dunst

Credit: AP Photo

Kirsten Dunst joins Michael Shannon and Joel Edgerton in Jeff Nichols' 'Midnight Special'

The director of 'Take Shelter' and 'Mud' is back at work

Jeff Nichols' "Mud" may be fresh in everyone's mind this summer, but the film -- which premiered at Cannes almost a year before its eventual release -- is old news for its eager writer-director, who's already at work on his fourth feature.

And if you thought the Southern-fried coming-of-age tale found the maker of "Shotgun Stories" and "Take Shelter" embracing a slightly brighter shade of indie, you'll note that his flirtation with the mainstream has become a commitment: backed by Warner Bros., the supernatural adventure "Midnight Special" will be his first studio production.

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