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Steve McQueen on the set of "12 Years a Slave."
Steve McQueen on the set of "12 Years a Slave."
Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures

The Long Shot: Direct influence

There's much to celebrate if this race comes down to McQueen vs. Cuarón
"How are you not the best director if you made the best movie?” I remember this question being asked, with ingenuous bafflement, at an Oscar party earlier this year, as the puzzle of Ben Affleck’s missing Best Director nomination was being hashed out for the umpteenth time in six weeks. It’s one that surfaces repeatedly in similar situations, often by people who haven’t given that much thought to its politics – it’s a funny truth that hardline auteurists and many casual film fans are united in their belief that all films are the exclusive creative property of their directors, and should only be measured and compared as such.
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<p>Ming-Na Wen of &quot;Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.&quot;</p>

Ming-Na Wen of "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

Credit: ABC

TV Ratings: 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' drop slows, 'Person of Interest' rises and 'Voice' leads NBC Tuesday

'The Originals' and 'Supernatural' give CW a big night
Fast National ratings for Tuesday, October 15, 2013.
A so-so premiere for "The Biggest Loser" combined with "The Voice" and "Chicago Fire" to help NBC win a slim Tuesday victory among young viewers, while CBS dominated the night overall led by "NCIS" and a rising "Person of Interest."
ABC's "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." posted its smallest drop so far, but the news was less positive "The Goldbergs," which now holds only a tiny advantage over "Trophy Wife" for ABC.
After a pretty steady fall of drops, most of FOX's comedies were steady week-to-week and even, in some cases, posted growth in viewers. 
Also showing positive numbers were The CW's "The Originals" and "Supernatural." It was, in fact, The CW's highest rated Tuesday since 2009.
On to the numbers...
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Kerry Washington to host "SNL"

Kerry Washington to host "SNL"
The "Scandal" star will be joined Nov. 2 by musical guest Eminem.

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Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein
Credit: AP Photo

Roundup: The two faces of Harvey Scissorhands

Also: Reports from Academy screenings of 'Captain Phillips' and '12 Years a Slave'

Harvey Weinstein didn't acquire that "Scissorhands" nickname casually -- no producer in the modern era has exerted quite such fierce artistic control over the films he decides needs it. But is he an enabling or obstructive influence? Karina Longworth breaks down the pros and cons in this excellent long-form piece, which goes from his recent editing input on such films as "August: Osage County" and "Snowpiercer" back through the likes of "Gangs of New York" and Billy Bob Thornton's "Sling Blade." (The quoted exchange between Weinstein and Thornton is priceless.) Finally, Longworth wonders if a villainous reputation is exactly what Weinstein has been deliberately cultivating all along. [Grantland]

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<p>Andy Samberg and Dean Winters in &quot;Brooklyn Nine-Nine.&quot;</p>

Andy Samberg and Dean Winters in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

Credit: FOX

Morning TV Round-Up: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' & 'New Girl'

Dean Winters stops by 'Brooklyn,' while Nick inherits some money

It's morning round-up time, with quick reviews of last night's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and "New Girl" coming up just as soon as I'm knitting a mansion...

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<p>Julian McMahon and David Boreanaz of &quot;Full Circle&quot;</p>

Julian McMahon and David Boreanaz of "Full Circle"

Credit: DirecTV

Intervew: David Boreanaz and Julian McMahon talk 'Full Circle'

'Bones' and 'Nip/Tuck' actors face off on DirecTV's Neil Labute drama
DirecTV's innovative "Full Circle," from playwright Neil LaBute, premiered last week and introduced a two-people-a-dinner format in which characters  rotate, "La Ronde"-style, through the narrative with a slew of familiar stars appearing in two episodes in a row.
Last week, audiences met Julian McMahon's Stanley, a high-powered attorney dealing rather aggressively with his younger wife's (Minka Kelly) request for a divorce. 
Kelly, who was in both of last week's episodes, doesn't appear on Wednesday's (October 16) two episodes. Instead, this week's double-performer is "Bones" star David Boreanaz, playing a particularly boorish shock-comedian who professional life is jolted when he discovers that his words, including words delivered on social media, have very real consequences. Boreanaz's Jace appears in his first episode opposite McMahon and then spars with Keke Palmer's Chan'dra in the second of Wednesday's 30-minute verbal meals. 
All of the "Full Circle" segments are set in a restaurant and back in August, I sat down with Boreanaz and McMahon at the Little Door eatery in Beverly Hills to discuss this unique project. In the wide-ranging interview, the "Buffy" and "Nip/Tuck" veterans talk about the theatrical style LaBute brought to "Full Circle," the challenges of acting while seated and acting while eating and the advantages and disadvantage of public communication in the digital age.
Click through for the full Q&A.
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Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep get dysfunctional in new 'August: Osage County' poster
Credit: The Weinstein Company

Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep get dysfunctional in new 'August: Osage County' poster

Latest one-sheet highlights the Broadway adaptation's darkly comedic qualities

Let's just say that Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep aren't exactly seeing eye to eye.

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Nirvana, Kiss, N.W.A. and Hall & Oates lead Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominations

Linda Ronstadt, Peter Gabriel, Yes and Deep Purple also get nods

Fans of Hall & Oates and Kiss can rejoice. The acts have both been nominated for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s class of 2014. Seen as two of the Rock Hall’s biggest omissions, Kiss was previously nominated in 2010 but not elected, while this is the first time Hall & Oates has received an invite to the big show.

They join Linda Ronstadt, Peter Gabriel, Nirvana, Cat Stevens, Yes, LL Cool J, The Replacements, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Chic, Deep Purple, N.W.A., the Meters, Link Wray and the Zombies.

Nirvana is the closest thing to a sure bet this year, while it may finally be Chic’s year after seven previous nominations. Linda Ronstadt deserves to be in on merit alone, but her Parkinson’s diagnosis may also tip the sentimental vote.

Acts are eligible 25 years after the release of their first recording. A number of the artists, including N.W.A., LL Cool J, Chic, Deep Purple and Paul Butterfield Blues Band, have been nominated before, yet didn’t make the final five.

More than 600 music industry execs, musicians, Rock Hall inductees, and journalists vote for the winners. Additionally, starting last year, fans were invited to vote. The fans’ votes are tallied and are counted as one collective vote among the 600.

The Class of 2014 will be announced in December, with induction ceremony taking place in April in New York City, after talking place in Los Angeles this year.

The Rock Hall righted a big wrong this year when Rush was inducted, but among the acts that have never been shown any Rock Hall love (and their fans are none too happy about that) include Cheap Trick, Todd Rundgren, Duran Duran, Electric Light Orchestra, The Monkees and Roxy Music.


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David Labrava, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan and Theo Rossi in 'Sons of Anarchy'

David Labrava, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan and Theo Rossi in 'Sons of Anarchy'

Credit: FX

'Sons of Anarchy' recap: 'Salvage' pauses the insanity

A murder-free episode reasserts the show's interest in brotherhood while setting up more trouble ahead

If I had to speculate about what helped make "Sons of Anarchy" such a big hit for FX, it wouldn't just be the extreme violence, the soapy twists, the provocative peek into outlaw culture or the availability on Netflix Instant. Those are all important factors, sure, but so is the strong sense of friendship and brotherhood at the core of SAMCRO. At one point or another, I think every fan of "Sons of Anarchy" has bonded with the characters because of their bonds with each other. And that's not something we've seen much of this season, at least until "Salvage."

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"The Originals"

"The Originals"

Credit: The CW

'The Originals' recap: Klaus puts plans into action in 'Tangled Up in Blue'

Klaus and company begins stirring up chaos in New Orleans

After a lot of talking and plotting and talking some more, it seems as if Klaus' dastardly plan to take New Orleans back from Marcel is finally being put into action. While the Original bad boy's convoluted plot relies a bit too heavily on deus ex machina (even with that convenient compulsion trick), this episode delivered some gloriously devious twists and turns, however loosely based in logic they may have been. Best of all, Klaus and Marcel are fighting over more than just turf as a full-fledged love triangle has taken shape. To paraphrase Klaus, "Oh, to look (if not be) young and in love… what a tragedy."

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Barbara Walters denies any "View" unhappiness with Jenny McCarthy

Barbara Walters denies any "View" unhappiness with Jenny McCarthy
Through her rep, Walters said, "There is absolutely no truth to this story."

Mark Wahlberg: "Greedy" people are holding up the "Entourage" movie

Wahlberg wouldn't specify who's being greedy, but it's been reported that several cast members are holding out for more money.

"The Walking Dead" tops 2nd week of Twitter TV rankings
"American Horror Story" came in 2nd place, followed by "Catfish" and "The X Factor."

NFL considering more Thursday Night Football games -- possibly on Google or Netflix
The Wall Street Journal reports that the NFL is considering putting on doubleheader games on Thursday nights, and the league is considering partnering with nontraditional media like Google and Netflix.

Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show" is already on its 2nd showrunner
Amy Ozols, who was named showrunner in June, will be replaced by "Daily Show" vet Josh Lieb.

Sharon Osbourne calls NBC a "disgrace" -- "America's Got Talent's" stage is a "death trap"
Sticking up for her former makeup artist, who is suing NBC after falling through the stage, Osbourne says it's "the worst stage in the entire world."

"The Walking Dead" gets the "Honest Trailer" treatment
"A show so inconsistent, you have to keep talking yourself into keep watching." PLUS: Why "Walking Dead" picked Michael Cudlitz, and Hyundai is giving away a zombie-proof survival machine.

"Sherlock's" Benedict Cumberbatch: My name sounds "like a fart in a bath"

Cumberbatch tells Katie Couric he once changed his name to "Benedict Carlton," using his middle name, until an agent told him to change it back.

"All My Children's" Thorsten Kaye joins "The Bold and the Beautiful"
He's the new Ridge Forrester.

Does TV have too many Fitzes?
There's "Scandal's" Fitz, a Fitz on "Pretty Little Liars" and a Leo Fitz from "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

Jeff Garlin interviews Bob Odenkirk
"The Goldbergs" star and the "Breaking Bad" alum go way back, from their time living in New York when Odenkirk was a writer on "SNL."

Why does the Internet hate cable TV wives?

A sketch shows what the real world would be like using pro-anti-hero comments from TV recaps.

Dear Kenan Thompson: Here are black women who'd be perfect for "SNL"

The thing is you have to dig deeper to find them.

Dan Patrick marks the 10th anniversary of being pranked on "SportsCenter" by a fake Steve Bartman
It was 10 years ago tonight that Captain Janks of the Howard Stern show pretended to be the infamous Chicago Cubs fan.

Watch a supercut of Stephen Colbert breaking character
Five minutes of Colbert cracking up.

Is "Supernatural's" Dean Winchester bisexual?

It was recently revealed that Dean was supposed to say "I love you" to the angel Castiel, but the line was changed to "I need you."

PBS devotes 3 hours to "Superheroes"
"Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle" is entertaining enough, but PBS decided to air it in one night instead dividing it over three weeks.

"The Simpsons" merchandise alone has raked in $4.6 billion
In fact, it's 20th Century Fox's biggest moneymaker.

See behind-the-scenes "Breaking Bad" photos
"Breaking Bad" camera operator Andy Voegeli has been tweeting photos for the past two days. PLUS: Aaron Paul does Drake Hands.

"Sleepy Hollow" is fall TV's unlikeliest breakout hit
Some of the reasons for its success is that it's limited episode order has kept it focused, that it's a genre show that doesn't feel like a genre show and that it's over-the-top crazy.

Spoiler: Photo captures filming of an important "Game of Thrones" scene
Filming took place last week on a beach in Ireland.

How "Sons of Anarchy" became the most popular show in FX history

As much as 7.9 million, watch nowadays, when you consider time-shifting viewers. That's way up from the 2.2 million tuning in during Season 1.

20 years ago today: Fox canceled "The Chevy Chase Show"
Chase's talk show (watch here) was one of TV's biggest-ever disasters.

See pics from "Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special
Featuring David Tennant and Matt Smith.

Japanese kindergartners sing "It's Always Sunny's" Dayman song
With Peter Griffin's face on the whiteboard.

E.G. Daly: A midlife crisis prompted me to try out for "The Voice"

The noted voice actress says: "I felt fragile as I got closer to 50, and it threw me into a spiral. I couldn't see what I wanted to do anymore, but woke up one day -- after going to doctors and therapists -- and realized I wasn't doing what I wanted to be doing."

Watch an interview with the "SNL" cast before the show's 1975 debut

Lorne Michaels and his cast sat down for an interview with Tom Snyder.

Read about Mike Myers' unmade "SNL" Dieter movie
Could the "Sprockets" host have carried a whole film?

Conan plays an "Eric Andre Show" prank Adult Swim couldn't air

What was wrong with showing a deranged Ronald McDonald?

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"Joe Millionaire," Kathy Griffin, Carson Kressley

"Joe Millionaire," Kathy Griffin, Carson Kressley

10 Reality TV shows that we'd like to see come back

They're gone but not forgotten...

It's hard to say goodbye, and when it comes to reality TV it's something we have to do pretty often. There's plenty of programming churn in the fast, cheap and often out of control world of reality, even when that means we're left with lingering nostalgia (FYI, Bravo is airing a "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" reunion Oct. 20 at 9:00 p.m.).

We rounded up a list of flawed but sometimes fabulous reality TV shows that have been taken off the air but might deserve a second chance. Some were great, some were weird, and some just had awesome potential. Here's our list -- and let us know yours, too.

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