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<p>Donald Sutherland doesn't get older, he just gets cooler.</p>

Donald Sutherland doesn't get older, he just gets cooler.

Credit: HitFix

Donald Sutherland takes the subtext of 'Catching Fire' very seriously

Find out which of his older films young fans have mentioned to him

We may be living in an age where genre material has become completely dominant, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily treated with any more respect than it was in the past.

Donald Sutherland didn't have a huge presence in the first "Hunger Games" film, but when I spoke to him about that movie, it was obvious that he felt like the books offered up some great meaty subtext, and he was eager to see if the films would end up reflecting that. This time around, he's playing a much more prominent role, and President Snow has become an active antagonist instead of just a presence hovering at the edge of things. He is focused on Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) now because he's aware of just how important she could be to the ultimate fate of Panem.

Sometime, I'd love to do a long-form interview with Sutherland about his full body of work. This is a guy who worked with everyone, who was a giant movie star during my favorite era of movie-making, and who helped birth Jack Bauer. Sutherland is about as badass as badass gets, and one of the nice fringe benefits of him getting cast in something like that that speaks to a younger generation of filmgoers is that it may inspire some of them to go back and check out some of his earlier work.

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<p>Ciera and Laura of &quot;Survivor: Blood vs. Water&quot;</p>

Ciera and Laura of "Survivor: Blood vs. Water"

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' - 'Big Bad Wolf'

The season's familiar twist finally pays dividends in an emotional episode
Pre-credit sequence. Snakes at the camp. Get it? SNAKES! Thunder. Lightning. "We lost a good one," Katie tells her fellow castaways. She knows that if she doesn't figure something out, she's doomed. Silly Katie doesn't realize, though, that Ciera and Laura may have become the biggest targets, even if they seem all nestled in the bosom of a seven-person alliance. They're the season's last remaining couple and they're giddy about their position of power. Ciera's feeling cocky, figuring that she's survived one Tribal Council after another, while her mother was voted out at her first Tribal. The daughter has become the daughtee. Wait. That doesn't work. "It is a little unnatural feeling to follow my daughter's lead, but I totally trust her judgment," Laura says, calling this a "Survivor" gift. Ciera wants to go as far as she can with her mother, but she also thinks she has a better chance of winning. That was our first one-segment pre-credits in weeks.
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"American Horror Story: Coven"

 "American Horror Story: Coven"

Credit: FX

'American Horror Story: Coven' recap: Will Queenie be loyal?

Kyle's luck finally changes and Marie Laveau gets a gift

I just don't get Zoe. One week, she oozes puppy-eyed empathy and love-kissy snuggles. The next, she's all about the killing and the zombie sex. Truth is, Killer Zoe is much more fun, don't you think?

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'Person of Interest' creator defends shocking twist

"Person of Interest" creator defends shocking twist

"There are a million concerns that go into this — from us, the network, everybody else," says creator Jonah Nolan. "The primary concern is to tell a compelling and entertaining story. Everything else is secondary." PLUS: Watch the cast's reaction, and Taraji P. Henson visits Letterman.

Hulk Hogan considered suicide after "Hogan Knows Best" was canceled
"After the show...I kind of hit rock bottom," The Hulkster tells "Oprah: Where are they Now?," especially combined with his son's car accident and his failing marriage. (Watch the video)

"The Mentalist" jumping 2 years into the future
The time-jump will take place next month.

Ian Somerhalder's life is becoming a comic book
"The Vampire Diaries" star's celebrity life and environmental activism will be highlighted in "Fame."

Billy Joel hasn't watched "Glee," but he's glad the show is paying tribute to him

"I'm very happy that my material is being done by people of that age group, and that I guess it has meaning for them," says Joel, who inspired Thursday's episode "Movin' Out."

Khandi Alexander's biggest "Scandal" thrill was meeting Lisa Kudrow
"Above and beyond everything else, the most amazing thing is that I got to Meet. Lisa. Kudrow," she says. "Oh my god! I'm such a big fan of HERS. You have no idea ... I told her. I said, 'Lisa, you have understand, I love "The Comeback."' I still watch it as if it's still on TV. " PLUS: Alexander met Kerry Washington years ago at an actor's lab.

Are TV dramas better to watch in bars?
The communal atmosphere of a bar benefits shows like "Scandal," and even "Breaking Bad."

"Revenge's" Josh Bowman: "I'm trying to pitch a Daniel death by the end of the season"

"I love working on the show," he says, "but I'm just being honest. My character has flip-flopped the most, and it's been so hard for me to play." PLUS: The sound of "Revenge."

Movie tie-in hampers "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."
The TV series can't delve into its own world when it has to be conscious of the Marvel movies. PLUS: "S.H.I.E.L.D." is getting good, finally.

How "Friends" hooked up Monica and Chandler
Fifteen years later, producers recall the surprise coupling.

Don't call "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" a conservative propaganda

One New Republic writer deemed the Fox comedy a conservative sitcom because it doesn't take the liberal view of the NYPD.

How will John Oliver's exit impact "The Daily Show"?
Will there be a new heir apparent?

Sarah Silverman: "Network TV is just not the place for me"
So why did her rejected sitcom "Susan 313" end up on NBC? "The networks want you," Silverman explains, "and you forget about 'I want to take this to cable.' You’re just so excited by love and acceptance." PLUS: Why Silverman shouldn't be "as dirty as the guys" in her standup, and why that opinion is wrong.

Hulu renews "Behind the Mask"

The sports mascots docu-series will be back for a 2nd season.

Roastmaster Jeffrey Ross says he's coming to "The Simpsons"

Will he roast Homer Simpson?

What is up with "New Girl's" Schmidt?
Schmidt seems to be off this season.

Conan mashes up Thanksgiving and Hanukkah
Thanksgivukkah is upon us.

"The Sound of Music": Here's an extended preview of NBC's live event
NBC is offering a 2 1/2 minute "first look" at next month's event.

Kelly Clarkson's NBC Christmas special will feature William Shatner, Whoopi, Robin Williams
"Kelly Clarkson's Cautionary Christmas Music Tale" airs on Dec. 11.

Bobby Moyniham reveals his favorite "SNL" wig
It was from a sketch that got cut from the show.

Inside the "Modern Family" kitchen
Production designers tell all about where the Dunphys like to cook.

Adam Driver doesn't watch "Girls," has only seen the pilot

Does he watch the show on HBO? "No, no, no," he says. "I did watch the pilot with Lena, like, four months or so after we shot it, when we'd just found out that it was picked up. I watched it on her laptop in her apartment." PLUS: Check out illustrated "Girls."

Why is "It's a Wonderful Life" rarely on TV?

The holiday movie used to be on television all the time.

Meredith Vieira's worst "Today" guest was with a comedian named Steve
Stephen Colbert or Steve Martin?

Check out The Miz on ABC Family
The WWE wrestler and "Real World" alum stars in "Christmas Bounty."

"The League" cast tells all

With Season 5 ending, "The League" stars reflect on the beginning.

"Devious Maids" star Paula Garces welcomes a boy
It's the 2nd child for the actress, who has a 21-year-old daughter.

Scott Wolf and his "Real World" wife are expecting Baby No. 3
The "Perception" star's wife Kelley from "Real World: New Orleans" is  pregnant.

Psychic Sylvia Browne dies
Browne, 77, was a frequent guest on talk shows from "Montel" to "Larry King Live."

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<p>A detail from the new poster for &quot;Nymphomaniac.&quot;</p>

A detail from the new poster for "Nymphomaniac."

Credit: Magnolia Pictures

Charlotte Gainsbourg's ready for her close-up in latest 'Nymphomaniac' posters

The long, strange campaign for a long, (presumably) strange film continues

The procession of publicity materials for Lars von Trier's "Nymphomaniac" has been so long and complex that I'm not only beginning to lose track of which ones I have and haven't seen -- though I've maintained a blanket avoidance of the clips and trailers thus far -- but find myself wondering if there's actually a film behind all the, er, foreplay. I rather hope there is, since "Nymphomaniac"'s seemingly ceaseless campaign hasn't yet succeeded in dulling my anticipation for von Trier's gargantuan sex epic: I'm a Lars die-hard, admittedly, but the sheer brazen loopiness of this project on paper would have me intrigued even as an agnostic.

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<p>For some reason, I'm using an Ellona Santiago picture.</p>

For some reason, I'm using an Ellona Santiago picture.

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'The X Factor' Season 3 Top 10 Performances - British Music

The remaining acts sing British music, which sounds pretty vague

It's British Music Night on "The X Factor," which means that the Top 10 Finalists will sing... oh, pretty much whatever they want to. Except for Restless Road. They may struggle a bit.

I'm still going to be missing Sweet Suspense, which missed out on doing a Spice Girls song, and Rachel Potter, who missed out on... something or other. 

With Duffy, Adele and Amy Winehouse all within this week's nebulous theme, is Khaya Cohen ready to move up the leaderboard? 

Will we pretend that Irish music counts for this theme and that Alex & Sierra can fulfill their life's destiny by doing "Falling Slowly"?

Click through and follow along for the full recap...

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Credit: Andy Kropa/Invision/AP

Lorde's 'Royals' continues its reign atop Billboard Hot 100 for eighth week

Will Eminem's 'Monster' finally topple 'Royals?'

Lorde’s “Royals” spends an eighth week atop the Billboard Hot 100, tying Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” for most weeks at the summit this year.  “Royals” also continues its rule on Billboard’s Hot Rock Songs, spending its 12th week at No. 1.

However, it looks like Eminem’s “Monster,” featuring Rihanna, will knock Lorde off her lofty perch next week on the Hot 100. The song, which remains bulleted at No. 2 for the second week, is gaining speed at airplay and sales, according to Billboard.

Rounding out the Top 5: Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” stays at No. 3, while Avicii’s “Wake Me Up!” switches places with Katy Perry’s “Roar,” at the DJ’s tune rises one spot to No. 4 and “Roar” falls to No. 5.

OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars” shoots 7-6, Imagine Dragons’ “Demons” leaps 9-7, Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” slips 6-8, after rising as high as No. 4, and Lady Gaga’s “Applause” spends its 14th week in the Top 10, moving 10-9.

The lone new entry into the Top 10 belongs to Sunday night’s American Music Awards host Pitbull, whose “Timber,” featuring Ke$ha,” leaps 15-10.


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 A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera's stirring  'Say Something' video: Watch

A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera's stirring 'Say Something' video: Watch

What you need to know about the New York duo

You know it seems like you’ve never heard of an act and then, in a flash, it seems like they’ve everywhere? So it is with A Great Big World.

The New York duo composed of Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino first caught people’s  attention with their viral hit “This Is the New Year,” which was covered on “Glee” earlier this year.

Then on Nov. 4, they performed their fragile, sad piano ballad, “Say Something,” with Christina Aguilera on “The Voice.” A studio version of the tune, also featuring Aguilera, was released that night on iTunes and sold enough copies for the song to soar to No. 2 on the ITunes Songs chart, according to Billboard.

And now the video of the song, released last night,  takes its anguish to a new level. If you’re not reduced to tears by the elderly couple, your last name is clearly Grinch and your heart needs to grow three sizes immediately. While Aguilera over-emotes a little in the video, she shows admirable restraint vocally, beautifully pairing with Axel’s vocals. The tune, which is No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100,  could have the sustaining success of Pink’s “Just Give Me A Reason,” featuring fun.’s Nate Ruess.

Following a self-released, Kickstarter-funded EP, A Great Big World has since signed with Black Magnetic/Epic Records, and will release its full-length debut album, "It There Anybody Out There,"  early next year.

As for Aguilera, she seems to be having more success as a featured artist right now than as  the main attraction. She and Pitbull took “Feel This Moment” to No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 earlier this year and it topped Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Songs.

A Great Big World and Aguilera will perform “Say Something” on the American Music Awards Sunday night (24).


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<p>The make-up is subtle and so is the interpretation of Walt Disney by Tom Hanks in the new film 'Saving Mr. Banks'</p>

The make-up is subtle and so is the interpretation of Walt Disney by Tom Hanks in the new film 'Saving Mr. Banks'

Credit: Walt Disney Studios

Tom Hanks says 'Cloud Atlas' rewired him for 'Saving Mr. Banks' and 'Captain Phillips'

A sprawling interview with the actor on his new films and his future as a filmmaker

Last year, when Tom Hanks was just gearing up to play Walt Disney for the new film "Saving Mr. Banks," I sat down to talk to him about "Cloud Atlas," which was just coming out. He did a ton of press for that film, no doubt because he knew just how hard it was going to be to sell to anyone, and he seemed enormously proud of the picture in every conversation about it.

That's not to say he's any less proud of "Saving Mr. Banks" or "Captain Phillips," the two films he has in release this fall, and I have no doubt he will be nominated for one or the other for a whole shelf-full of new awards to go with all the other awards he's already racked up over the years. His publicity schedule has been a lot less demanding this year, though, as part of a very specific strategy. Hanks didn't do any online interviews for either of the movies on-camera, and at the very last moment, I got a call saying that he was willing to sit down with a group of five reporters for a half-hour to talk about "Banks" and I was one of the five that he had approved.

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<p>A&nbsp;scene from &quot;Aningaaq&quot;</p>

A scene from "Aningaaq"

Credit: Warner Bros.

Watch 'Aningaaq,' the 'Gravity' short film companion piece

You don't have to wait for DVD/Blu-ray after all

Last month we broke the news that Warner Bros. will be submitting the short film "Aningaaq," a companion piece to Alfonso Cuarón's "Gravity" directed by Jonás Cuarón, for Oscar consideration in the Best Live Action Short race. We also talked to the father and son about what the thought process was behind the piece. Today, well ahead of the film's DVD/Blu-ray release, it looks like you can have a look at the short yourself.

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<p>James Gandolfini in &quot;Enough&nbsp;Said&quot;</p>

James Gandolfini in "Enough Said"

Credit: Fox Searchlight

James Gandolfini to receive posthumous tribute at IFP Gotham Awards

Steve Buscemi will present the honor to his late friend on Dec. 2

The Independent Filmmaker Project announced today that the late James Gandolfini will be presented with a tribute at the upcoming Gotham Awards in New York by actor Steve Buscemi. He joins previously announced tributees Forest Whitaker, Richard Linklater and Katherine Oliver.

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Shonda Rhimes is writing her memoir

Shonda Rhimes is writing her memoir

The "Scandal" and "Grey's Anatomy" honcho has signed a deal with Simon & Schuster to publish her memoir in 2015. "Simon and Schuster is crazy for giving me a book deal as I am clearly in no position to be handing out wisdom," says Rhimes, who plans to write about juggling being a single mom with running TV shows.

"American Horror Story" Season 4 will either shoot in Santa Fe or New Orleans

"It's not contemporary," says Ryan Murphy, who adds that next season won't be a spinoff of "Coven."

Elizabeth Hurley to lend her voice to "The Tomorrow People"

She'll guest star as the voice of a super-computer.

Michael Chiklis' "Pantheon" comic book may become a TV series
In 2010, Chiklis released the five-issue "Pantheon" to tell the story of Greek Gods in the present day.

Watch "Holland's Got Talent" unapologetically racist judge
The judge who goes by "Gordon" shocked viewers by targeting a contestant of Chinese descent with racist comments.

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