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"Orphan Black"

 "Orphan Black"

Credit: BBC America

'Orphan Black' creators hint at what's to come in April

It's 'safe to assume' new clones will be joining the show

Fans of "Orphan Black" still have to wait until April 19 for season two, but show creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson are releasing some tantalizing hints of what's to come just to torture us a little. 

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E! orders 'Botched,' a bad plastic surgery reality show

E! orders "Botched," a bad plastic surgery reality show
"Botched" aims to correct bad plastic surgery, from, as E! puts it, "frightening facelifts, shockingly bad boob and hideous nose jobs, to devastating tummy tucks and lopsided butt lifts."

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The Flash helps boost 'Arrow's' Ratings

The Flash helps boost "Arrow's" Ratings

The introduction of Barry Allen was the season's most-watched episode. PLUS: "Modern Family" hits a season low.

Benedict Cumberbatch gives a dramatic reading of R. Kelly lyrics
Cumberbatch tackled "Genius" for Jimmy Kimmel. PLUS: Cumberbatch is "The Cumberbatchelor."

Kristin Chenoweth added to "Glee's" 100th episode
Ryan Murphy tweeted that April Rhodes will return.

Houston "Scandal" fans are upset they have to wait till 12:45 AM to watch tonight's episode
Tonight's NFL Network game between the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars
is being simulcast on Houston's ABC affiliate, per NFL rules requiring cable games to air on local TV.

Chris Elliott will guest on "Community"
He'll play Greendale Community College's disgraced founder.

Conan auditions for TV commercials
He wants in on the "lucrative IHOP spokesman racket."

"The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!" star dies
Danny Wells, 72, played Luigi in the live-action 1989 series.

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<p>Jewel performs on &quot;Christmas in Rockefeller Center&quot;</p>

Jewel performs on "Christmas in Rockefeller Center"

Credit: NBC

TV Ratings: 'Survivor,' 'SNL Christmas' lead Wednesday, while 'Arrow' gets a boost

ABC comedies hit season and series lows
Fast National ratings for Wednesday, December 4, 2013.
A heavily promoted episode of "Survivor: Blood vs. Water" drew a season-high audience for CBS and led the network to an overall win on Wednesday, but a pair of holiday-themed specials, including "Saturday Night Live Christmas" gave NBC a win among young viewers.
Like "Survivor," "The X Factor" aired last week to pre-Thanksgiving lows and bounced back a tiny bit, albeit not to the same level.
The CW drew a large audience and good demos for the introduction of the proto-Flash on "Arrow" and also got a little bump for "The Tomorrow People."
Finally, it was a low night for ABC's comedies, but "Nashville" was steady.
On to the numbers...
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<p>Spider-Man's feeling the heat in the first trailer for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'</p>

Spider-Man's feeling the heat in the first trailer for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Credit: Sony Pictures

First trailer for 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' is shockingly full of bad guys

And it looks like they're sticking with the mystery of why his parents died

Peter Parker's back, and it appears that positively everyone would like him dead.

The first trailer for "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" covers a fair amount of ground, and it looks like the way they're making a story work with a multitude of bad guys running around is somehow tying all of them together. When Marc Webb cut back the stuff about some mystery behind the death of Peter's mother and father, I was hoping that was the end of that story thread. Instead, it looks like it is a major part of this film as well.

There's a lot to take in during this 2:41. I love the opening shot of him falling towards the city from above. One of the kicks of the best of the Spider-Man games is that feeling of falling as far as possible before snapping out a web to swing on. It looks like Peter and Gwen Stacy have picked up despite her father's dying wish. It also looks like Harry Osborne is absolutely the Green Goblin, with Norman stuck upstairs in bed.

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<p>Joaquin Phoenix in &quot;Her.&quot;</p>

Joaquin Phoenix in "Her."

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Roundup: The fashion-forward futurism of 'Her'

Also: On the early critics' award blitz, and a bit of Sundance fakery

Among the many things I liked about yesterday's NBR champ "Her" is the sleek, subtle futurism of its design elements -- Casey Storm's costumes, in particular, are among my favorites of the year, and while I wouldn't expect the Academy to spring for them, I really hope the Guild takes notice of Storm's cleverly evolved silhouettes and punchy color palette. After all, it's the only film this year to inspire a range from a high-end fashion house: with Spike Jonze's collaboration, Opening Ceremony is introducing the technology-minded line this month. Says Storm of his designs: “The idea was to create a world that looks a lot like the world we live in, but just different enough to tell you that you are not 100 percent in the present.” [New York Times]

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<p>If Baloo doesn't sing, then I'm not interested.</p>

If Baloo doesn't sing, then I'm not interested.

Credit: Walt Disney Feature Animation

Why are Disney and Warner gearing up to go to war over 'The Jungle Book'?

Is this really the best way for anyone to be making movies?

So now we're down to watching studios fight over public domain properties that have been filmed repeatedly already?


I'm not sure I see the appeal of one new film version of "The Jungle Book," much less two, but at least I understand why Disney is making theirs. It's part of their new "You Already Love This, But Now It Has Real People!" franchise along with "Maleficent" and the still-shooting "Cinderella," and it keeps Jon Favreau in the Disney family, which is something that seems to be important to them. I'm happy for Justin Marks, who has been writing some big projects for the last few years and now seems to finally be seeing one of them come to fruition. I'm sure it'll be a big slick Disney movie, and I certainly hope it's good. They've already got a release date selected, with the film set to hit theaters October 9, 2015.

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<p>Hayden of &quot;Survivor: Blood vs. Water&quot;</p>

Hayden of "Survivor: Blood vs. Water"

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' - 'Rustle Feathers'

Tribal Council madness and a vocabulary lesson ensue
Pre-credit sequence. I'd completely forgotten that Caleb was voted out last week. At Kasama, it's Night 30 and Hayden has, once again, been blindsided by what happened in the last Tribal Council. He is, once again, very gracious about his cluelessness. But Hayden has a play in his pocket. To everybody around the fire, he announces, "I hope everybody here likes second place, because if Tyson goes to the end, he's winning," Hayden says. "Pure poetry," Tyson mutters. Hilariously, and with a big smile, Gervase explodes and announces that Tyson wouldn't be anywhere without him, but Hayden tells Gervase that he's just playing for second. "I've gotta do something, dude," Hayden tells the suddenly irked Tyson, who admits that he wishes he hadn't wasted his Idol. Tyson secures a fireside promise from his alliance that Hayden is out next.
Sour apples for Caleb. It's time for yet another Redemption Island Duel, pitting Tina, Laura and Caleb, who says he only has kind feelings for Katie and Hayden. Caleb whines that in the South, a man's word means something, but in Utah and Philly, it doesn't mean as much. Oh, cram it, Caleb. On to... CREDITS!
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<p>Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams in &quot;American Hustle.&quot;</p>

Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams in "American Hustle."

Credit: Sony Pictures

The Long Shot: The critics' award conundrum

Overthinking these early precursors does no one any favors

Following the awards race for a living can have depressingly season-warping effects: Christmas shoppers line the streets of London, my local grocer is flogging fir trees on the pavement, and yet it only really felt like December to me when people started arguing about the New York Film Critics' Circle awards on Twitter. The arguments varied -- some were over the worthiness of the Circle's actual selections, others over their impact on the Oscar race going forward, still others about the apparent racial implications of voting for Jennifer Lawrence. (I wish I was making that last one up.) Ah yes, 'tis the season. Isn't it lovely?

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"American Horror Story: Coven"

 "American Horror Story: Coven"

Credit: FX

'American Horror Story: Coven': Can Fiona survive 'The Sacred Taking'?

Who is the greater threat to the witches - Marie Laveau or one another?

Geez, talk about bad luck. The witches of Salem only had to worry about a bunch of mean-spirited Puritans, but Fiona and her coven are up against so much more. Let's see, there's Joan Ramsey next door, Marie Laveau, Hank, oh, and one another. Really, Hank doesn't have to work very hard to take down witches, as I'm sure that if he waits long enough they'll just pick each other off like so many limping quail during hunting season. I'm assuming they'll get it together, but I have to wonder if they'll see the advantage in working together just as Marie is moving in to rip out their hearts in some kind of gory voodoo ritual. 

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Real sports news forces ESPN to scrap Ron Burgundy's 'SportsCenter' stunt

Real sports news forces ESPN to scrap Ron Burgundy's "SportsCenter" stunt
The "Anchorman" star was set to co-host Thursday's 6 pm ET "SportsCenter" -- until a Florida attorney scheduled a press conference four hours earlier in the Florida State QB Jameis Winston sexual assault investigation. PLUS: Ron Burgundy will be on NBC Sports Network for 4 hours Thursday.

Russell Simmons teams with John Singleton for HBO's "Club Life: Miami"
The duo are developing a drama on the South Beach scene, through the eyes of a reformed criminal.

History channel developing a "Jamestown" colonial miniseries
The 1607-set miniseries will explore the first permanent English settlement in America.

Viewers are watching more TV than ever, thanks to Video on Demand
Live TV viewing may be down, but VOD viewing is up.

See Matthew Perry & Courteney Cox together again, on the "Cougar Town" set
It's been nearly 10 years since they got married on "Friends."

"SNL" newbie Noël Wells was named after Christmas
Wells was born two days before Christmas in 1986. PLUS: Vanessa Bayer on "SNL" sleeping habits.

"True Blood's" Joe Manganiello recalls when he was a homeless alcoholic
"My life was ruined," Manganiello says of his drinking problem, which ended 11 years go.

Look at Juan Pablo's "Bachelor" bachelorettes
The show has posted their images and profiles on Facebook.

Northern Ireland to use "Game of Thrones" in new tourism campaign

Says Northern Ireland's tourism minister: "In order to attract new and repeat visitors, Tourism Ireland will be seeking to capitalize on the huge popularity of 'Game of Thrones.'"

Will "Glee" screw up Heather Morris' return?

Ryan Murphy hasn't always done right by Brittany S. Pierce.

"Arrow" is like a live-action motion comic
As tonight's episode introduces The Flash, it's time to praise the look, feel and direction of the CW series -- which puts other action shows to shame.

"Ferris Bueller's" Alan Ruck joins USA's "Novice"
He'll play Shane Coffey's dad in the series about a guy who moves back home and joins a Korean crime syndicate.

"The Real World's" San Francisco house used to be a ballroom
See images from the former concert venue the Avalon Ballroom.

Check out new "Sherlock" pics

Here's your first glimpse of Season 3.

Happy 40th birthday, Tyra Banks!
The "America's Next Top Model" star enters her 40s today.

Go on a tour of the real "Alpha House"
Three Democratic U.S. senators gave CNN a tour of what they call the "Omega House."

"Kirstie" isn't great, but it's perfect for TV Land

Kirstie Alley's new comedy is moldy, but the acting is quite professional and gets the job done.  PLUS: It is neither good nor terrible.

"Mob City" desperately wants to be noir
Frank Darabont's 1947-set TNT miniseries delivers on his intent to pay tribute to film noir. "The problem," says Tim Goodman, "is that once the audience knows something like 'Mob City' is going to be a slavish devotion to the genre, then the clichés of noir end up being the defining feature and not so much the story. And that seems like a lost opportunity." PLUS: "Mob City" is "an almost exuberant rifling of noir staples," it's a satisfying trip back in time, Frank Darabont talks about his obsession with noir, and Jon Bernthal on playing an LAPD detective.

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<p>Why is it starting to feel like this is what we can expect from Warner's 'Man Of Steel' sequel?</p>

Why is it starting to feel like this is what we can expect from Warner's 'Man Of Steel' sequel?

Credit: DC Comics

We take a closer look at Warner's ongoing DC 'problem' and offer one possible solution

Of course you want a 'Justice League' movie, but this isn't how you get there

On one level, everything seems to be moving along well right now with development on "Man Of Steel 2." After all, they just announced today that Gal Gadot will play Wonder Woman in the film, and in the new issue of Playboy, there's an interview with Ben Affleck conducted by Mike Fleming. The approach that they're taking to the new Batman in Zack Snyder's "Man Of Steel" sequel comes up.

Say what you will about Affleck, but one of the biggest reasons he's been able to rebuild his career the way he has is because he seems genuinely self-aware. Watch him again in "Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back" and you see a guy who has already identified exactly what's wrong with his career and what he doesn't want to do or be moving forward.

People seem positively delighted to pull out his 2006 quote about never playing a superhero again when they mention his casting in the "Man Of Steel" sequel, but that seems like it means people don't know there is an evolution in the way human beings feel or think over time. And that's ridiculous. Of course people change. Of course their attitudes evolve. And with actors, it frequently just boils down to the material that they're presented, which, surprise surprise, appears to be the case this time as well.

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