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Eminem strolls down memory lane in 'Monster' clip with Rihanna: Watch

Eminem strolls down memory lane in 'Monster' clip with Rihanna: Watch

It's not a pleasant trip

Rihanna wears more clothes than we’ve seen her wear in years in the video for Eminem’s “Monster” clip.

The "Marshall Mathers LP 2"  tune, which hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 last week, features Rihanna as a therapist who is helping treat Eminem, who revisits his much-used theme of going insane.

The video starts with the good doctor showing Em a tape of his life flashing before him. The tape is comprised largely from events in his life and from his past videos.

From there, it alternates between Eminem reliving the scenes from the tape, such as the rapper in an asylum, along with Dr. Dre;  shots of Rihanna singing her refrain, and Eminem standing in front a hotel on 8 Mile Road, in concert, and performing with Elton John at the 2006 Grammys. The images mirror the lyrics of the song, which take a trip back in time by referencing many of Eminem’s past hits.

He ends up on rooftop with a SWAT Team recalling a time when he was encaged... either in reality or in his own head... with the monster that lives there.

The clip doesn’t have the impact of their previous collaboration, “Love The Way You Lie,”  but that’s also because the song doesn’t have the same heft to it. However, it’s beautifully shot and both Rihanna and Eminem make the most of their parts. Plus, it’s a nice way to revisit much of Eminem’s career without doing a standard flashback video.


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"Oprah: Where Are They Now?"

 "Oprah: Where Are They Now?"

Credit: OWN

Exclusive clip: Get personal with 'Project Runway' winner Christian Siriano

Meet his boyfriend, too

Ever wonder what happens after you win a reality TV competition like "Project Runway"? Is it just a slow descent into obscurity and depression with a nice pile of parting gifts? Sometimes, sure, but that hasn't been the case for Christian Siriano.

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<p>Jay&nbsp;Z attends the New York premiere of &quot;The&nbsp;Great Gatsby.&quot;</p>

Jay Z attends the New York premiere of "The Great Gatsby."

Credit: AP Photo

Jay Z, Coldplay and U2 make the Oscar eligibility cut for Best Original Song

'Kamasutra 3D,' this is your moment

On the heels of our piece detailing the unfortunate ineligibility of "Please Mr. Kennedy" from "Inside Llewyn Davis," the Academy has announced 75 original songs in competition for the Best Original Song Oscar at the 86th annual Academy Awards.

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<p>Tom Hanks</p>

Tom Hanks

Credit: AP Photo

Tom Hanks joins Palm Springs fest's starry list of honorees

The 'Captain Phillips' and 'Saving Mr. Banks' star gets the Chairman's Award

It's funny having Tom Hanks back in the awards hunt this year. He's such a dab hand at the whole campaign spiel, and has been such a quietly familiar presence in the season thus far, that it hardly feels like 13 years since he was last nominated for an Oscar. (Meanwhile, kids born around the time he tearfully accepted his second Oscar for "Forrest Gump" are now legal adults. Where do the years go?)

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<p>Seen here in 'Hesher,' Gordon-Levitt seems pretty much ideal to bring Gaiman's iconic lead character to life.</p>

Seen here in 'Hesher,' Gordon-Levitt seems pretty much ideal to bring Gaiman's iconic lead character to life.

Credit: Newmarket Films

Joseph Gordon-Levitt set to dream up Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman' with David Goyer

This just got reeeeeeeeeeally interesting

"Sandman" is heading to theaters with Joseph Gordon-Levitt producing, directing and starring in the film, and with David Goyer co-producing, in a story that was first reported in November and then seemingly confirmed according to a report just published, and if that actually happens, it's going to be a really interesting ending to a long and difficult development process for Neil Gaiman's landmark comic series.

The first time I met Neil Gaiman was to discuss his work writing the English-language script for "Princess Mononoke," but most of our conversation was about "Sandman" and the long, ugly string of near-misses that happened on the film. When I was at Ain't It Cool, I wrote a piece about Bill Farmer's adaptation that was in development at that point, and I consider it a bullet dodged that the studio didn't end up making it. That piece got Neil's attention, and he told me how skeptical he was that anyone was going to be able to crack it as a movie.

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'Homeland' boss: 'It was time'

"Homeland" boss: "It was time"

"We spent a lot of hours in the story room figuring out what we could do with his character," says exec producer Alex Gansa, "and a lot of the emotional landscape had been crossed. We didn't want to repeat ourselves." PLUS: There was pushback from Showtime this season over Brody, where were Jessica and Dana Brody?, Gansa says it got "surreal" when the real-life Iranian developments happened, the ending was too little, too late, why "Homeland" can never recapture its past glory.

"The Sing-Off" is going on tour
"The Sing-Off Live Tour!" will kick off a 32-night trip around the U.S. on Feb. 19 in Verona, NY.

Regis Philbin is now on Twitter
Check out his first selfie.

Will "SNL" suffer from "token syndrome" with new black female cast member?

Shows like "Girls" and "Friends" had to deal with some awkwardness when, under pressure, they added a black character.

Simon Cowell: "I might have a different kind of role" on "The X Factor" next season

Cowell didn't say he was stepping down as judge, but he did say the show has "got to be more different next year than it was this year."

Why "Survivor" should call it quits

After 27 seasons, "Survivor" has run out of ideas to attract new viewers. PLUS: Tina Wesson talks about her son's death.

Joel McHale: There's a "really good, really funny reason" behind Troy's "Community" exit
Gillian Jacobs adds that it's "a nice departure that doesn’t make you feel sad about the character; it feels right." PLUS: Watch the Greendale reunion.

Why did "SNL" waste John Goodman?

The 13-time host was treated as if he'd never done comedy before?

Kudos to "Two and a Half Men" for its transsexual portrayal

Paula Marshall's character is, shockingly, not horrible.

"Bachelor" Juan Pablo: My Latino background will be a big part of my season

"I am the bachelor and I am a Latino," he says. "There's going to be a lot of Latino things on the show, a lot of food, a lot of dancing, a lot of stuff. It's going to be so different, you're going to love it."

"Downton Abbey" has a smelly cast: Washing of period clothes is banned

According to Sophie McShera, who plays cook's assistant Daisy, there is a "no wash" policy on all the clothes worn on set in order to preserve their authentic historic look.

"Gossip Girl" alum Kevin Zegers joins Fox's "Broadchurch" remake
He'll take on the young/handsome reporter role on "Gracepoint."

Will Khloe Kardashian get her own dating reality show?

Kris Jenner is said to want the newly single Khloe to star in "Single and Searching for Love."

"Revenge" wedding church once hosted an "O.C." wedding

Caleb and Julie got married in the same church in Season 1 of "The O.C."

"Men at Work" books Jane Seymour and Ed Asner
Both will guest on the TBS comedy, along with Danny Masterson's sister.

See the poster for "Sirens"

The USA EMT drama is from producer Denis Leary.

Watch "Being Human" promos
The Syfy series returns for a 4th season on Jan. 13.

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<p>Are you ready for &quot;Shakespeare in Love 2: Cruise Control?&quot;</p>

Are you ready for "Shakespeare in Love 2: Cruise Control?"

Credit: Miramax

90s nostalgia as Weinsteins and Miramax reunite for 'Shakespeare in Love' sequel

And if you've been waiting for 'Rounders 2,' it's your lucky day

New Year's Eve is rapidly approaching, and over at Harvey Weinstein's, people are getting ready to party like it's 199-- well, 1998 actually, with all due to respect to Prince. In what is surely the oddest film news of the day, The Weinstein Company appears to have entered a realm of pure Nineties nostalgia: not only have the Weinstein brothers built new bridges with their former company, Miramax, but they're using that alliance to develop sequels to Best Picture Oscar winner "Shakespeare in Love" and, er, "Rounders."

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<p>Oscar Isaac,&nbsp;Justin&nbsp;Timberlake and Adam&nbsp;Driver sing &quot;Please&nbsp;Mr.&nbsp;Kennedy&quot;&nbsp;in a scene from &quot;Inside Llewyn&nbsp;Davis&quot;</p>

Oscar Isaac, Justin Timberlake and Adam Driver sing "Please Mr. Kennedy" in a scene from "Inside Llewyn Davis"

Credit: CBS Films

How 'Please Mr. Kennedy' was born and why it's not eligible for Oscar consideration

T Bone Burnett talks the novelty song and his thoughts on the branch's strict rules

LOS ANGELES — With nominations from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and the Broadcast Film Critics Association in the span of a week, not to mention being a stand-out track on the year's prestige "musical," produced by recent Academy Award winner T Bone Burnett with pop superstar Justin Timberlake on the mic, you would think "Please Mr. Kennedy" from the Coen brothers' "Inside Llewyn Davis" was on a collision course with Oscar. But due to stricter AMPAS rules, the tune will not be on the list of songs eligible to compete in the Best Original Song category at this year's Academy Awards.

That's no skin off Burnett's back.

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'New Girl' casts Linda Cardellini as Jess' sister

"New Girl" casts Linda Cardellini as Jess' sister
The "Freaks and Geeks" and "Mad Men" alum will recur as Abby, Jess' wild-child older sister.

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<p>Damian Lewis as Nicholas Brody in &quot;Homeland.&quot;</p>

Damian Lewis as Nicholas Brody in "Homeland."

Credit: Showtime

'Homeland' producer Alex Gansa talks season 3

Getting into some unanswered questions from the Showtime drama's finale

"Homeland" concluded its third season last night with what turned out to be the show's highest-rated episode ever. I reviewed the finale last night, and I spoke briefly with the show's co-creator Alex Gansa about some of the decisions made by both the "Homeland" creative team and the characters that shaped the third season, coming up just as soon as I get out my Sharpie...

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<p>Beyonce is 'Drunk in Love'</p>

Beyonce is 'Drunk in Love'

Credit: Columbia Records

Beyonce sets iTunes sales record in record time

Just try to keep your eyes off her 'fanny' in 'Drunk in Love' video

Beyonce has broken iTunes’  U.S. record for the most sale in one week –and it only took her three days to do it.

Queen Bey’s new album, “Beyonce,”  sold 617,000 copies from its release on midnight Friday through Sunday night, according to Billboard. The sales week runs Monday through Sunday for tracking purposes.

The $15.98 set, which includes 14 songs and 18 videos, must be bought in full, which means there are no a la carte song sales to potentially cannibalize album sales.  On Dec. 20, individual tracks will be for sale.

Beyonce broke the record held by Taylor Swift’s “Red,” which moved 465,000 copies in its first seven days after being released Oct. 28, 2012. The album was also available exclusively through iTunes digitally, but tunes could be purchased a la carte and the physical CD was also sold through traditional retail.

“Beyonce,” which will bump Garth Brooks’ “Blame It All On My Roots” out of the top spot on the Billboard 200, will be the singer’s fifth straight No. 1: all of her solo albums have started at the top.

The surprise element of Beyonce’s release is surely helping prime the pump as the album dominated the news cycle on Friday after she dropped it at midnight with no advance warning. Through a few tracks had been released informally over the past year, there was no single at radio prior to the release.  Top 40 is now working the Pharrell-produced “Blow,” while “Drunk In Love,” featuring Jay Z goes to R&B/Hip Hop. Another track, “XO,” will likely go to Top 40 in early 2014.

Below is the video for “Drunk in Love," a sexy black and white clip that features Beyonce writhing around talking about "swerving" on Jay Z's "surfboard." No kidding. Not really sure why Jay Z's  comparing himself to wife beater Ike Turner, but it's good to know what he apparently eats for breakfast.  Really, get a room, kids.

The clip for “XO” will drop later today.

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'Homeland' delivers its biggest-ever audience with Season 3 finale

"Homeland" delivers its biggest-ever audience with Season 3 finale

Last night's episode was up 27% over last year's season-ender.

"Survivor" winner Tyson Apostol would definitely return for a 4th time
Says the "Blood vs. Water" champ: "It's hard because it's like I know there's a lot of people that say go out on top and that's your legacy, but I actually feel like I respect the pro athlete that goes past his prime and plays for the love of the sport." PLUS: Monica Culpepper talks tribal council.

Netflix confirms "Better Call Saul" will be a prequel
A Netflix press release officially calls the "Breaking Bad" spinoff a prequel, even though Bob Odenkirk has said it could either be a prequel or sequel.

The 65 Most Important TV Deaths of 2013
From Brian Griffin to Finn Hudson.

Watch HBO's 2013 "Yearender" promo, previewing 2014
Catch glimpses of the new "Girls" season as well as "Veep" and "The Leftovers."

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