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Anderson Cooper and GLAAD slam Alec Baldwin over his latest homophobic slur

Anderson Cooper and GLAAD slam Alec Baldwin for his latest homophobic slur
Even GLAAD is coming down hard on the MSNBC host for apparently calling a photographer a "c–ksucking f-g" on Thursday. And Anderson Cooper, via Twitter, also had harsh words for Baldwin: "Wow, Alec Baldwin shows his true colors yet again. How is he going to lie and excuse his anti-gay slurs this time? Just read Alec Baldwin's latest excuses. They are actually so ridiculous they are funny."

Jimmy Kimmel interviews Sarah Silverman for the 1st time since their breakup
Silverman brought a box of Kimmel's old stuff with her, along with a little boy. Watch Part 2.

MSNBC host: We didn't bleep the P-word, unlike Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert
"The Last Word's" Lawrence O'Donnell tweeted that MSNBC "was brave enough not to bleep Mayor Rob Ford."

Watch Will Forte & Letterman do a comedy bit in the 90s, when Forte was a "Late Show" writer
Forte, promoting his new film "Nebraska," wrote for Dave before he joined "SNL," in 1997 and 1998.

Stephen Colbert undergoes a prostate exam with the help of Katie Couric and John Lithgow
The Black Keys also were a part of Colbert's "November Sweeps Prostacular."

"Parks and Rec" believes it chose the best option for Leslie Knope

Last night's "Recall Vote" episode was "the most exciting and interesting thing," says creator Mike Schur. PLUS: Ripped from the headlines stories weren't "Parks and Rec's" best effort, and there was one final van ride for Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones on their last day Thursday.

Comedy Central orders 40 more weeks of "@midnight"

Chris Hardwick's midnight show will return on Jan. 6.

Tommy Chong is coming to "Raising Hope"
He'll play Cloris Leachman's stoner love interest.

Check out new "Community" Season 5 photos
Here are 20 pics from the new season, including several of "Breaking Bad's" Jonathan Banks.

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<p>Angelina Jolie speaks with Syrian refugees in a Jordanian military camp in June.</p>

Angelina Jolie speaks with Syrian refugees in a Jordanian military camp in June.

Credit: AP Photo

Jolie, Martin, Lansbury, Tosi discuss Honorary Oscar recognition ahead of Governors Awards

This year's quartet set to be honored Saturday night

LOS ANGELES (AP) — It's an Oscar ceremony with dinner, drinks and no commercial breaks: For the fifth consecutive year, the motion picture academy will present its honorary Academy Awards at a private, untelevised, black-tie dinner.

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<p>Terrence Howard and Robert Downey, Jr. during a photo call for &quot;Iron Man&quot; in Rome in April, 2008.</p>

Terrence Howard and Robert Downey, Jr. during a photo call for "Iron Man" in Rome in April, 2008.

Credit: AP Photo/Andrew Medichini

Terrence Howard now blames 'Iron Man 2' cut on Robert Downey, Jr.

It always comes down to money

Terrence Howard's departure from the "Iron Man" franchise has been the one blemish on Marvel Studios since the company began making its own films in 2007.  Howard played Co. James 'Rhodney' Rhondes, a long time friend of Tony Stark's (Robert Downey, Jr.) in Jon Favreau's franchise making hit. After "Iron Man" grossed over $585 million worldwide, it was assumed that the remaining cast would return for the inevitable sequel where Rhodes was expected to become Iron Man's buddy War Machine.  But it didn't happen.  The studio claimed contractual differences with Howard and cast Don Cheadle to replace him. "Iron Man 2" went on to make even more money than its predecessor and Cheadle easily made the role his own.

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<p>John C. McGinley and Skylar Astin in &quot;Ground Floor.&quot;</p>

John C. McGinley and Skylar Astin in "Ground Floor."

Credit: TBS

Series premiere talkback: 'Ground Floor'

What did everybody think of the new TBS comedy?

I posted my review of TBS' "Ground Floor" yesterday. Now it's your turn. For those of you who watched one or both of the episodes tonight, what did you think? Do you mind that John C. McGinley is just playing Dr. Cox in a suit, or have missed his innate Cox-iness? Did you like Skylar Astin and/or Briga Heelan as our young lovebirds? Did you enjoy colorfully-nicknamed supporting characters like Harvard or Threepeat? Were you bothered that episode 2 ignored Harvard's previous shenanigans with the fancy chairs from episode 1? If you're a single-cam comedy fan, did the studio audience laughter bug you, or seem to be at an appropriate volume? And will you watch again?

As I said in the review, "Ground Floor" gets better as it goes (the fourth and final episode TBS sent out for review was by far the best). In general, this isn't the sort of show I have things to write about weekly, but I'll try to check in from time to time over the course of this first season.

Have at it.

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Three for three: Directors who have dominated the Best Picture race

Three for three: Directors who have dominated the Best Picture race

Which ones are looking to make good on the hat trick this year?

There are a handful of filmmakers looking for rare air this year. If "American Hustle," "Inside Llewyn Davis" and "Nebraska" end up with Oscar nominations for Best Picture in January, then that means David O. Russell, the Coen brothers and Alexander Payne will enter the exclusive company of 11 other filmmakers who have directed three Best Picture nominees in a row. And next year, Bennett Miller will be looking to do the same with "Foxcatcher," which was recently rescheduled for a 2014 release.

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<p>Conner Chapman in &quot;The Selfish Giant.&quot;</p>

Conner Chapman in "The Selfish Giant."

Credit: Sundance Selects

Brit favorite 'The Selfish Giant,' foreign Oscar hopefuls take gold at AFI Fest

Prize winners remind us of the festival's international outlook

In terms of media coverage, the AFI Fest in Los Angeles is generally portrayed as yet another launchpad for big-name Oscar contenders in this crowded season -- headlines were dominated by the US premiere of "Saving Mr. Banks," the surprise package of "Lone Survivor" and so on. All that Hollywood-focused talk, however, tends to obscure what a fine selection of world and art house cinema the festival also showcases -- and it's this lower-profile part of the programme that comes to the fore when it's time for the jury and audience awards to be handed out.

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<p>Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope as Buttercup in &quot;Parks and Recreation.&quot;</p>

Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope as Buttercup in "Parks and Recreation."

Credit: NBC

Review: 'Parks and Recreation' - 'Filibuster/Recall Vote'

Leslie fights to keep voters enfranchised, then waits for their results

"Parks and Recreation" came back from a short break with a double-feature tonight, and I have a review of both episodes coming up just as soon as I find some amazing new conflict-free paella recipes...

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<p>Selena Gomez</p>

Selena Gomez

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'The X Factor' Season 3 - Double Elimination and Selena Gomez performs

Which two acts went home on the first Elimination Thursday?

Last week, "X Factor" screwed up the voting and treated viewers to 13 frenzied performances in an hour, thereby denying us a performance by one Ms. Selena Gomez.

This week, we'll try again on Selena Gomez.

We'll also see the return of Fifth Harmony.

And we're eliminating two acts and presumably getting the rankings for the other 10 acts.

Buckle up and join the live-blog!

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<p>Russell Crowe seems to be a wee bit wet in the first trailer for Darren Aronofsky's 'Noah'</p>

Russell Crowe seems to be a wee bit wet in the first trailer for Darren Aronofsky's 'Noah'

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Will Aronofsky's 'Noah' be the latest dream project to turn out as a nightmare?

Today's first trailer raises some big red flags

You will find few more passionate advocates for Darren Aronofsky's work online than me. One of the first times I was quoted in a campaign for a film was for "The Fountain," and I couldn't have been more excited about it. I knew that movie was a hard-sell, but I also felt like it was something special, and anything I could do to help was my genuine pleasure.

Both "The Wrestler" and "Black Swan" topped my list of the year's best films when they came out, and they felt like a huge step for Aronofsky, movies that tapped some nerve with people, more accessible than his earlier work but without any compromise. I have been eagerly anticipating whatever's next, and when "Noah" was announced, I was naturally curious to see what he might be putting together.

So please keep that in mind when I say that today's "Noah" trailer left me cold, and more than that, it worried me. It looked no different than most of the noisy blockbuster fare of the last decade, and there is a seriousness to the trailer that could easily turn into camp if tipped the wrong way. Then again, it's just a trailer and it's ridiculous to judge something based on two minutes of footage… right?

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<p>Sean Penn, Kristen Wiig and Ben Stiller at the AFI Film Fest premiere of &quot;The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.&quot;</p>

Sean Penn, Kristen Wiig and Ben Stiller at the AFI Film Fest premiere of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty."

Credit: AP Photo/John Schearer

Contender Countdown: Oscar likes to party all the time

Busy Wednesday night in La-La land

If you were an Academy or guild member Wednesday night, you may have had a tough time determining your social schedule. There were at least four major events you could have attended tied to this year's awards season. Yes, the circuit is in full effect and it's just the second week of November.

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Harry Connick Jr. fires back at Mariah Carey for saying she 'hated' being on 'Idol'

Harry Connick Jr. fires back at Mariah Carey for saying she "hated" being on "Idol"
Connick tweeted: "@MariahCarey - Must've been hard to judge in hell. Idol XIII: Welcome to heaven! @JLo @KeithUrban @RyanSeacrest @AmericanIdol #idolXIII" Connick also tweeted that Mariah's "Satan" comment was directed at Keith Urban, not Nicki Minaj.

CBS News's website will livestream its 1963 coverage of JFK's assassination in real time will begin livestreaming starting at 1:40 pm ET on Nov. 22. CBS' entire coverage, with Walter Cronkite breaking in via CBS radio, is already on YouTube.

Has "The Daily Show" become a bigger launchpad than "SNL"?
The question has to be asked in the wake of John Oliver leaving for his own HBO comedy show.

FX developing "Rasputin"

The event series will look back at the peasant-turned-mystic who became a very influential advisor to Russia's imperial family in the early 20th century.

English professor creates a "Breaking Bad" class for his graduate students

Next semester, the State University of New York's "Breaking Down 'Breaking Bad'" will analyze the AMC series. "This is not just an interesting TV program," says professor Bruce Jackson. "'Breaking Bad' goes into narrative and human and social complexity as no TV program has before." PLUS: Aaron Paul will go on a "Breaking Bad" tour with a lucky fan, and Vince Gilligan earned $60,000 by speaking about "Breaking Bad" at University of Florida.

"The Simpsons" insults Italians
Italians were recently offended on social media when Kent Brockman described a school cheating scandal as "more corrupt than the Italian parliament."

Larry David not impressed with "Modern Seinfeld"
When read a tweet from the Modern Seinfeld Twitter account, David said,"that does not pass the funny test."

Alec Baldwin denies using a homophobic slur
The MSNBC star had another paparazzi incident today.

Is binge-watching a highbrow way of saying you're a couch potato?
Binge-watching is closely associated with high-quality television, but isn't binge-watching just as bad as being a couch potato? PLUS: There's a difference between binge-watching and being a couch potato.

Fox has realized that diversity is good for business
Diversity sessions at Fox has led to shows like "Sleepy Hollow" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," both of which have diverse casts.

"Grey's Anatomy" heads to the courtroom

Sara Ramirez previews tonight's Callie-centric episode that has her character dealing with a malpractice suit.

Is there a "Friday Night Lights" curse?

Michael B. Jordan, Gaius Charles and Jesse Plemons are doing well, but what about other kids from the NBC series?

NBC will co-produce a comedy with Canadian TV
"Working the Engels" follows a debt-ridden family who must cope after the father/breadwinner dies.

Jeff Probst: Seeing the effects of Typhoon Haiyan is "truly heartbreaking"
In raising money for relief efforts, Probst points out that he's spent eight months of the past two years shooting four seasons of "Survivor" in the Philippines.

"The Vampire Diaries" bringing back Klaus

Joseph Morgan will return to the CW drama for the first time since leaving for "The Originals." PLUS: "The Originals" has won the battle of the spinoffs.

"Modern Family" viewers are richest, "Bob's Burgers" are poorest
That's if you take into account the viewers' average median income in the 18-49 demo -- $81,000 for "Modern Family" and $48,000 for "Bob's Burgers."

George Lopez teams with CW on a Latina musical drama
"Star Crazy" will revolve around a young female singer who rises from poverty to fame.

"Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell": An appreciation
Why the FXX talk show may influence future generations of politically minded comedians.

Are we living in a Golden Age of TV or a Drought of Good TV?
Why these of questions can't be answered now, in the moment. They should be left for history.

Discovery Channel teams with Funny or Die on a show starring a strength and conditioning coach
Each episode will feature a different athlete, starting with the Honey Badger.

Can Howard Stern's radio show make a TV comeback?
With Howard TV dead, Stern's radio show doesn't have a TV presence for the first time in two decades. That means his long interview this week with Lady Gaga wasn't filmed for television.

Bellamy Young excited and terrified by a Mellie-centric "Scandal" episode

"I mean, it was like the greatest acting gift ever," she says. "It's so humbling to be trusted with a script like that, but also terrifying because you want to do a great job, because the script is so beautiful, and you want to carry their vision across the goal line." PLUS: Inside Olivia Pope's closet, and Kerry Washington sent "SNL" thank you cupcakes.

"The Goldbergs" star left a man hospitalized after running a red light after a night of shooting

Hayley Orrantia's accident two months ago resulted in her car crashing into another car, leaving a victim who's suffering from traumatic brain injuries.

Singer Jill Scott: I was Maggie Siff's "costume mistress"
Scott recalls working with the "Sons of Anarchy" star at a Philadelphia theater company.

Is "Once Upon a Time" the worst at doing green screen?
The ABC drama and its spinoff don't seem adept at doing quality green-screening.

See the "Glee" stars with their Muppets

This week the cast of "Glee" is filming with their Muppet doppelgangers.

144 episodes of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," ranked
No. 3 is "The Body."

"Parks and Rec" returns with an episode inspired by the Wendy Davis filibuster
The Texas legislator's 11-hour filibuster in June has led to Leslie Knope trying her own filibuster. PLUS: Ranking Tom's business ideas, Rashida Jones launches a jewelry line, and here's Amy Poehler & Rob Lowe today on his last day.

Julie Andrews: I'm glad Carrie Underwood is doing "The Sound of Music"
"I think it's great that it's being done again," she says, "but doing it live must be so daunting for Carrie."

Check out a young Rainn Wilson

"Farrah Fawcett Schrute."

"The Real World's" new "Exes' format begs many questions

First off, how did Bunim/Murray secure housing for all these housemates in a place like San Francisco, where housing is so scarce?

Will Jimmy Kimmel's China controversy affect Disney?

Disney already has big plans for China, including a theme park in Shanghai. PLUS: The Killers sing a special birthday song for Jimmy Kimmel, and is Kimmel jumping the shark?

Grumpy Cat visits "Sesame Street" for a face-off with Oscar the Grouch

What happens when two famous grouches have a grouch-off?

Nickelodeon renews "Paw Patrol"

The animated series will be back for a 26-episode 2nd season.

TNT's "Ground Floor" is a throwback to NBC's 90s comedies
The sitcom starring John C. McGinley and a bunch of "Pitch Perfect" stars is from '90s sitcom vets Bill Lawrence and Greg Malins. PLUS: The cast overcomes the "Upstairs, Downstairs" premise.

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<p>&quot;Prisoners&quot;&nbsp;could be a sleeper contender this year.</p>

"Prisoners" could be a sleeper contender this year.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Tech Support: Could Alfonso Cuarón join James Cameron on an exclusive list of editors?

Other contenders include 'Inside Llewyn Davis,' '12 Years a Slave' and 'The Wolf of Wall Street'

In recent years, the awards media has caught on to the relationship between the categories of Best Film Editing and Best Picture. Even films like "Argo" and "Crash," which did not win the Best Director Oscar, picked up the trophy for Best Film Editing. Every year, the vast majority of nominees in this category (sometimes even five out of five) are also cited in the top category.

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