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Isaiah Washington

Isaiah Washington

Do you think it's okay that Isaiah Washington will be on 'Grey's Anatomy'?

It's not forever, but to give Cristina a proper send-off

Well, if there was any time that Shonda Rhimes was going to open the door of "Grey's Anatomy" to Isaiah Washington, this would be it. According to Deadline, Washington's Dr. Preston Burke will be popping up on the show seven years after the actor's controversial exit. 

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FX renews 'Archer' for 2 more seasons

FX renews "Archer" for 2 more seasons
The renewal for Seasons 6 and 7 clears the way for the animated series to go into syndication.

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Credit: FX

FX doubles-down with two new 'Archer' seasons

Seasons 6 and 7 will be 13 episodes apiece

[Insert your favorite "Archer" catchphrase/punchline here.]

"Archer" continues to hit the mark with audiences, so FX has rewarded the animated cult favorite with a two-season renewal. And how could you blame FX for being this bullish about a comedy that just landed a vocal cameo from Mr. Kenny Loggins?

The Thursday (March 6) renewal is for seasons six and seven of "Archer," with 13 episodes apiece. 

"'Archer' is one of the best comedies on television and has played a significant role in the growth of the FX comedy brand," blurbs FX President of Original Programming Eric Schrier. "We’re grateful to Adam Reed, Matt Thompson and their team at Floyd County, and also our incredible voice cast, and are looking forward to supporting their work for at least two more seasons."

In the renewal announcement, Adam Reed adds, "I am figuratively over the moon."

The current fifth "Archer" season is averaging 1.93 million viewers, up 2 percent over last year, making it the show's most watched season to date. FX likes to give multi-run averages, so I can tell you that episodes are averaging 3.86 million viewers, including 3.02 million in the 18-49 demographic, in that metric.  

"Archer" will wrap up this season on Monday, April 21.

And there's no word yet on Season 2 of "Chozen," if you care.

[Insert your favorite "Archer" catchphrase/punchline here.]

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Isaiah Washington is coming back to 'Grey’s Anatomy'

Isaiah Washington is coming back to “Grey’s Anatomy”
Dr. Preston Burke, who hasn’t been seen since Season 3, will help Dr. Cristina Yang complete her sendoff in a May episode. “It’s important to me that Cristina’s journey unfolds exactly as it should,” Shonda Rhimes said in a statement. “Burke is vital to that journey — he gives her story that full-circle moment we need to properly say goodbye to our beloved Cristina Yang.”

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<p>Prestige wins out over the YA crowd once again.</p>

Prestige wins out over the YA crowd once again.

Credit: Sony Pictures/Paramount Pictures

'Hustle,' 'Wolf' beat 'Catching Fire' to lead 2014 MTV Movie Awards nominations

Best Picture winner '12 Years a Slave' nominated for Movie of the Year

Is it just me or are the MTV Movie Awards trying to be a little more respectable? Yeah, stuff like "Identity Thief" and "We're the Millers" picked up multiple nominations this morning, but prestige Oscar players "American Hustle" and "The Wolf of Wall Street" led the field with eight each, besting even "The Hunger Games." And Best Picture Oscar winner "12 Years a Slave" is in there for Movie of the Year. Color me surprised, that's all.

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<p>&quot;Ground Floor&quot;</p>

"Ground Floor"

Credit: TBS

TBS renews 'Ground Floor' for second season

10-episode Season 2 will premiere in late 2014

Get ready for more upstairs/downstairs sitcom hijinks, because TBS announced on Thursday (March 6) that it has renewed "Ground Floor" for a second season.

One of last fall's pleasant comedy surprises, "Ground Floor" averaged 1.8 million viewers in Live+7 numbers, including 1.1 million in the 18-49 demo. That's not especially huge, but it still rated among 2013's top 10 basic cable sitcoms in the key demo. 

The 10-episode second season will premiere in late 2014, picking up from the first season finale which potentially left our main character Brody (Skylar Astin) having made a pivotal decision in his ongoing struggle to balance work and new love Jennifer (Briga Heelan). Will everything be forever changed? Probably not!

In addition to Astin and Heelan, "Ground Floor," stars John C. McGinley, Rory Scovel, Alexis Knapp, James Earl and Rene Gube. The comedy is produced by Bill Lawrence, Jeff Ingold and Jeff Astrof. [Now if only Lawrence could get NBC to give "Undateable" a premiere date.]

Sepinwall and I reviewed "Ground Floor" back in this November podcast.


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"Oprah Prime - Russell Brand & Heroin Addiction"

"Oprah Prime - Russell Brand & Heroin Addiction"

Credit: OWN

Exclusive clip: Russell Brand gives Oprah his addiction solution

'Oprah Prime' reflects on death of Philip Seymour Hoffman

If anyone is going to solve the drug problem in the United States, Oprah Winfrey is the best candidate we have for the job. This week on "Oprah Prime" (Sun. March 9 at 9:00 p.m.), Winfrey sits down for a one-on-one conversation with Russell Brand to talk about addiction. In this exclusive clip, Brand talks about what he sees as a first step toward solving the problem -- and it might not be what you expect. 

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5 things you need to know right now about The Chainsmokers’ “#Selfie”

Why does the DJ keep playing 'Summertime Sadness?'

It’s such a ubiquitous, of-the-moment idea that it’s hard to believe no one thought of it before: The Chainsmokers’ song and video, “#Selfie,” perfectly captures people’s ongoing obsession of posting self-portraits of themselves onto social media. It’s no surprise that a song that simultaneously celebrates and lampoons our narcissism is having its day, even if it will very quickly be resigned to a pop culture footnote.

Here are 5 things you need to know about “#Selfie”:

1. The two men behind the sensation are Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, collectively known as The Chainsmokers. The DJs recorded a demo of the pulsing dance track, added in an intentionally comedic narcissistic woman totally obsessed with herself in the club discussing her every move, then posted the tune on SoundCloud, as well as shorter version on Vine and Instagram, and the song took off after being picked up by DJ Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records, according to Billboard. The viral video propelled it to the stratosphere: The YouTube clip is approaching 5 million views (but will undoubtedly have surpassed that by the time you click on the video... while we wrote this, it got 35,000 more views).

2. If it reminds you of last year’s No. 1 sensation,  Baauer’s “Harlem Shake" (crossed with Moon Zappa's "Valley Girl") you’re not the only one. That’s become the go-to comparison for “#Selfies” rapid-fire viral success. Don’t think any of this is happening organically: TheAudience, a marketing firm that deals with social media, paired The Chainsmokers with Aoki and enlisted the help of its team of “influencers” to spread the video around, as well as helped put together the video.

*3. In addition to the fan-submitted selfies, the video features selfies from the Hof— David Hasselhoff— as well as selfies from DJ Steve Aoki and Snoop Dogg.  We had you at Hof, right?

4. It looks like it will be the next “Harlem Shake” in another way: Radio won’t really touch in any meaningful way other than as a novelty, but its viral success and download sales will send it soaring up the Billboard Hot 100 chart.  The song debuted at No. 55 this week, having sold 92,000 copies. It is No. 6 and climbing on Billboard's Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart.

5. The “Go F*** Your #Selfie” t-shirt that The Chainsmokers wear in the video is for sale. Yes, you can buy one for yourself for the low price of $29.99. Don’t even pretend you’re surprised that it only comes in sizes S and XS.

The Chainsmokers are on the road, but we think we’ll wait for the package tour that pairs them with Baauer and Psy. We just made that tour up, but it’s inevitable, isn’t it?

What do you think about "#Selfie?"  Love it or hate it?

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Andrew Garfield was upset his Oscar segment with Batkid was axed, says his rep

Andrew Garfield was upset his Oscar segment with Batkid was axed, says his rep
Garfield, through his reps, is denying a Page Six report he snubbed Batkid, saying he had nothing to do with the cutting of the Oscar segment.

Lifetime taps “Scandal’s” Tony Goldwyn to play an FBI Most-Wanted Mormon sect leader
In "Outlaw Prophet,” he’ll play the leader of a Mormon fundamentalist sect who was on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List for more than a year.

Chelsea Handler calls E! a “sad network…everything they do is just a failure" -- will she end up on Netflix?
“When I came to E!, it was a much different network,” she tells Howard Stern. “It was bigger. It was cooler….Funny, cool. Now it’s just sad. It’s a sad place to live. It’s sad. It’s just a sad network …. They don’t know what they’re doing.They have no ideas … Everything they do is just a failure." Handler adds that her contract is up this year, and she would be fine if it wasn't renewed and she ended up on some place like Netflix.

TBS renews “Ground Floor”
The multi-camera comedy will return for a 10-episode 2nd season.

“The Simpsons” couch gag pays tribute to "The Triplets of Belleville” director
French animation director Sylvain Chomet is the latest to give his take on "The Simpsons" couch gag.

“60 Minutes” names its 2nd-ever black correspondent
Ed Bradley was the first. And on Sunday, CBS News vet Bill Whitaker will become the 2nd African-American correspondent on the long-running news program.

Discovery’s “Shark After Dark” host will anchor “Naked After Dark”
Josh Wolf has been tapped to host the “Naked and Afraid” after-show.

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Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley

E! gets into scripted programming with 'The Royals'

It's their first go at it, if you don't count 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'

According to Deadline, E! has picked up its very first scripted series (well, if you don't count any of the Kardashian-centric shows). "The Royals" is a one-hour drama about a fictional bunch of British royals set in modern-day London. The show is supposed to be framed by the story of "Hamlet" and capture the "regal opulense" of the British monarchy. 

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E! orders its 1st scripted series: 'The Royals' starring Elizabeth Hurley

E! orders its 1st scripted series: “The Royals” starring Elizabeth Hurley
"One Tree Hill" creator Mark Schwahn is behind the project about a fictional British royal family, with Hurley playing Queen Helena.

Paul Reiser to romance Jenny Slate on FX
Reiser will recur on “Married,” the comedy that has Judy Greer and Nat Faxon playing a married couple.

HBO will celebrate “Deadwood's" 10th anniversary with a marathon
“Deadwood,” which premiered on March 21, 2004, will be marathoned via HBO Zone (back-to-back) starting March 15 and HBO Signature (nightly) starting April 2.

“True Detective” creator debunks the craziest theories
On widespread speculation that either Rust or Marty is the killer, Nic Pizzolatto says: "It was a little surprising, but not frustrating at all, just part of the experience of having people connect to the show. The possibility is built into the story, as it has to be credible that the 2012 PD suspect Cohle. I just thought that such a revelation would be terrible, obvious writing. For me, the worst writing generally just ‘flips' things: this person’s really a traitor; it was all a dream; etc. Nothing is so ruinous as a forced ‘twist,' I think.” PLUS: There was a huge clue in Episode 3, check out Rust Cohle’s Pinterest page, and how to make Rust’s beer can men.

Prince gives Arsenio a ratings boost
Last night’s “Arsenio Hall Show” actually tied “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in the key 18-49 demo.

Check out “Modern Family’s” Sarah Hyland playing Jennifer Aniston’s daughter in the ‘90s
Hyland followed up her role of playing Howard Stern’s daughter in 1997's “Private Parts" with playing Aniston's daughter in the 1998 film “The Object of My Affection.”

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<p>Geoff Stults in &quot;Enlisted.&quot;</p>

Geoff Stults in "Enlisted."

Credit: FOX

HitFix First Look: 'Enlisted' prepares for 'Parade Duty'

The unit starts to resent Pete's resentment of being in rear detachment

So FOX's "Enlisted" remains a very funny, exceedingly likable comedy that has been marooned on Friday nights at 9 with no real lead-in — pretty soon, it'll be airing after episodes of "Rake" that FOX is dumping on the night because there's no place else to put them — and will have to rely on non-traditional metrics, plus some empathy from FOX executives, if it's going to survive to another season. And it absolutely deserves to. It's hard to tell, because the episodes have been airing out of order, but the show has coalesced more quickly than your average freshman sitcom (even "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" took longer to get to the level it's at now), the chemistry between Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell and Parker Young as the brothers is a treat, the supporting characters are used for excellent value, and it's a marvelous thing to get to watch at the end of a long work week.

Here's an exclusive clip from tomorrow night's episode, "Parade Duty," where Stults' Pete once again objects to his unit having to deal with an unglamorous assignment — and where, for once, the rest of the unit finally fights back against his hatred of life in the rear detachment. Enjoy.

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