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<p>On &quot;Hannibal,&quot; Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) has his day in court.</p>

On "Hannibal," Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) has his day in court.

Credit: NBC

Review: 'Hannibal' - 'Hassun'

Will gets his day in court, while new murders may be his way to freedom

A quick review of tonight's "Hannibal" coming up just as soon as it occurs to me to send you an ear...

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<p>Somehow I don&#39;t think there&#39;s going to be a lot of time to sit around looking pensive as we play our first full evening of Respawn Entertainment&#39;s amazing new game &#39;Titanfall&#39;</p>

Somehow I don't think there's going to be a lot of time to sit around looking pensive as we play our first full evening of Respawn Entertainment's amazing new game 'Titanfall'

Credit: EA/Respawn Entertainment

HitFix kicks off its first Twitch TV channel with a live 'Titanfall' broadcast

You're welcome to play along, but go easy on me

It's opening weekend for the year's first giant-scale blockbuster.

It's just not happening at a theater near you.

At this point, I think it's safe to say that the launch of a AAA-title in the gaming world is just as big a cultural moment as the release of any movie, and if you want to argue it purely on an economic level, then many game releases are bigger than their movie counterparts at this point.

Monday night at midnight, I was smack dab in the middle of seeing "Among The Living" at the SXSW Film Festival, a completely lunatic new horror film from the French filmmakers behind "Inside" and "Livid." When I travel to Austin, I stay with my favorite married couple, Aaron and Kaela, and it's become a home away from home for me. Aaron's a filmmaker, but he is also a rabid gamer, and while he was having a great time seeing films at SXSW, he had made arrangements months earlier to be busy with something else while I was watching that midnight movie. By the time I got back to his house, he had already gotten "Titanfall" up and running, and he was neck-deep in the campaign mode.

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<p>Leandra Leal and Milhem Cortaz in &quot;A Wolf at the Door.&quot;</p>

Leandra Leal and Milhem Cortaz in "A Wolf at the Door."

Credit: Mundial

Miami Film Festival Diary: Brazil comes on strong in 'A Wolf at the Door' and 'Man of the Crowd'

Latin American cinema continues to impress at the fest

MIAMI - One of the pleasures of smaller film festivals, where one's viewing is less dutifully structured around competitions and mandatory big-name premieres, is pick-and-mix scheduling -- selecting the day's viewing on a mixture of gut instinct and chance convenience, and seeing what unexpected patterns and conflicts emerge.

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<p>Veronica Mars</p>

Veronica Mars

Credit: Warner Bros.

'Veronica Mars' movie is an extended TV-episode in movie form — just what fans wanted

“Veronica Mars” movie is an extended TV-episode in movie form — just what fans wanted
The Kickstarter-funded film doesn’t aspire to be anything else or to appeal to new viewers.
As Willa Paskin notes, "'Veronica Mars' movie is an object lesson in what TV can do that movies can’t: give its audience 60-plus hours of intimate knowledge of a huge cast of characters and their various interpersonal relationships. If you put in the time with the show, watching all of those dynamics pay-off in the movie is a high-order treat. And from the looks of things, there’s no reason it has to be the last: 'Veronica Mars' is now poised to become as many movies as TV watchers are willing to pay for.” PLUS: How “Marshmallows” reacted at last night’s midnight screening, the film's technology is impressively up to date, “Veronica” disappoints with its digital download service, in defense of Season 3, and Rob Thomas says, "if we lose money, then it will be a failure."

“Workaholics” star Anders Holm joins “How I Met Your Dad”
He’ll play Greta Gerwig’s future ex-husband. PLUS: "HIMYD" also casts "Masters of Sex" star Nick D’Agosto and "Mixology‘s" Andrew Santino.

Wendell Pierce will co-star with Matthew Perry on CBS's “The Odd Couple”
“The Wire,” “Treme” and “Michael J. Fox Show” vet will play Oscar’s cop buddy.

George R.R. Martin is willing to split a “Game of Thrones” season in half or do a prequel
If he’s not done with the books, Martin says there are options to postpone the series finale. But he worries that the younger actresses are growing up too fast. "Time is passing very slowly in the books and very fast in real life,” he says. PLUS: Is the Iron Throne constructed from a “Lord of the Rings” sword?, and how many Targaryen dragons would one Stark dire wolf need to eat to survive?

“Banshee” boss: Cinemax doesn’t mandate all that sex and nudity
“They want to make kind of pulpy noir dramas where sex and violence come into play,” says showrunner Greg Yaitanes “We're just honoring those kinds of scenes. And if we're going to do them, we're going to go all out.”

Here’s your 1st look at the “HIMYM” series finale
Are any of these pics from the future?

Odette Annable joins “Astronaut Wives Club”
The “House” alum will play the youngest of the astronaut wives, who happens to be a licensed pilot. PLUS: Melissa George joining ABC’s Katie Holmes pilot, and “Justified’s” Damon Herriman joins Starz’s “Flesh and Bone."

Scott Bakula: "There was some insanity going on” shooting the “NCIS: New Orleans” backdoor pilot
Bakula recalls a bus full of tourists passing by8 him and Mark Harmon shooting a scene, shouting “Hey Gibbs!”

After 1 month, Jimmy Fallon has greatly improved “The Tonight Show,” becoming late-night's Tom Hanks
Believe it or not, Sunday is Fallon’s one-month anniversary at the helm of "The Tonight Show." And so far, so spectacular. As Mary McNamara notes, "Unlike, say, Conan O’Brien or even Jimmy Kimmel, Fallon’s shtick is his everyman quality. He is the Tom Hanks of hosting, able to project endearing uncertainty even as he clearly runs the show.” PLUS: Fallon is still dominating Kimmel and Letterman.

Honey Boo Boo’s mom likens herself to Kim Kardashian
“We have kids out of wedlock,” she says as her family dresses up as the Kardashians for Halloween on Sunday’s episode.

It was 5 years ago that President Obama made his 1st controversial talk show visit -- to Jay Leno
Obama was accused of "diminishing his presidency" with his March 19, 2009 visit to “The Tonight Show," the first time a sitting U.S. president visited a late-night show. Five years later, the same is being said about Obama's visit to Zach Galifianakis' “Between Two Ferns.” But as U.S. News points out, the president’s way of communicating with the American people has constantly evolved with the revolution in media. FDR did it with radio. JFK did it with TV. Presidents have to find new ways to get their message across, says U.S. News, which is what Obama was doing by going on "Between Two Ferns." PLUS: More "Between Two Ferns" discusson from Stephen Colbert, and Letterman & Bill O'Reilly.

“The Simpsons” inspires a Lego opening couch gag
Check out what one fan of both the TV series and “The Lego Movie” did. PLUS: See images from the “Family Guy” mobile game, and Fox’s animated comedies celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a special video.

Jessica Capshaw shows how “Grey’s Anatomy” shoots her with a stump
Capshaw tweeted a series of before and after pics here, here, here, here and here.

Lea Michele may have broken the “Glee” pop music star curse
“Glee” alums like Matthew Morrison, Darren Criss and Naya Rivera have attempted solo careers. But Michele actually has a Top 5 release.

Why do network midseason sitcoms often fail?
Few midseason comedies have survived in recent years.

“True Detective” vs. “Twin Peaks”
Why both mystery crime shows are the same. “The Oldest."

Is TV seeing a new age of powerful women?
Olivia Pope, Selina Meyer, Claire Underwood and even Leslie Knope could be part of a new television trend.

How “SNL’s” Cecily Strong stays happy
“Don’t underestimate the feel-good power of lashes,” she writes in Glamour magazine.

Scott Foley addresses last night’s “Scandal” shocker
“Will Shonda Rhimes do it?” he wonders. PLUS: Joshua Malina’s pharmacist wants to know what happened.

“Sons of Anarchy’s” Kurt Sutter pens an article slamming Google’s copyright stance
“The big G doesn’t contribute anything to the work of creatives,” he writes in Slate. "Not a minute of effort or a dime of financing. Yet Google wants to take our content, devalue it, and make it available for criminals to pirate for profit.”

Watch the trailer for TNT's “Murder in the First"
The Steven Bochco drama premieres in June.

“Real World: Ex-Plosion” stars visited the original San Francisco “Real World” house
One of the housemates was an infant in 1994 when MTV filmed the third “Real World” season in the Bay Area.

Lily Allen: MTV is trying to ban my new music video from the daytime
The singer claims the cable network wants her to censor her video for showing antisocial behavior.

Here are the last glimpses of NBC Burbank
MSNBC's Lawrence O’Donnell, after doing the final broadcast from NBC Burbank, tweeted paintings of Jay Leno and Johnny Carson that are featured on the NBC Burbank walls.

Here are the 10 best movies based on TV shows
From “Borat” to “21 Jump Street.”

What was Billy Eichner like before he was “On the Street”?
Eichner’s early work includes "Projeckt Runwausen,” a German expressionist version of
"Project Runway.”

TV is all the rage among playwrights
“SVU” is run by a playwright, “House of Cards” was created by one and, of course, Aaron Sorkin is a playwright.

“Enlisted” creator: How my heart attack, at age 32, influenced tonight’s PTSD episode
Kevin Biegel says almost dying five years ago helped him in creating the military comedy.

Fred Armisen teaches how to play the “Late Night” theme song
Armisen and a fellow band member made a special video with his guitar.

Presenting the 7 most annoying people to watch TV with
From The Talker to The Nitpicker.

Why television needs “Hannibal”
One of the most original shows on broadcast TV in years is on a network where it’s chances of survival aren’t great.

“Idol” champ Candice Glover to star in a Hallmark Channel movie
She’ll star in “Northpole,” as part of the cable network’s “Countdown to Christmas” in November.

Julianna Margulies: My worst-ever audition was for “ER”
She originally didn’t read for Carol Hathaway. PLUS: Carrie Preston talks about her “Good Wife” return.

“Boy Meets World’s” Eric Matthews has lunch with Mr. Feeny
Will Friedle and William Daniels are still close.

Happy 40th birthday, Grace Park!
The “Hawaii Five-0” star and “Battlestar Galactica” alum is thankful for the birthday wishes.

Syfy channel wants to go back to traditional sci-fi
Does that mean the end of “Sharknado”?

Booted “Idol” contestant Ben Briley criticizes the judges for being inconsistent
Briley also says: "It really bothers me when people say, ‘You need to stay in your vein,’ because that is the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard in my life."

NBC’s “Crisis” is for those who found CBS’ “Hostages” too believable
“Crisis,” says Hank Stuever, "is a prime example of just how much spaghetti a new drama is required to throw at the wall these days in order to get anything to stick; it’s as if no one will watch a new TV drama unless there is a heightened degree of the ludicrous in every frame.” PLUS: “Crisis” needs more craziness, “Crisis” was a pleasant surprise, and it does give viewers a reason to care.

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<p>Gareth Edwards seemed exhausted but excited when we sat down to talk about his vision for the new &#39;Godzilla&#39;</p>

Gareth Edwards seemed exhausted but excited when we sat down to talk about his vision for the new 'Godzilla'

Credit: HitFix

Gareth Edwards talks about the responsibility of bringing 'Godzilla' into the 21st century

Just how hard is it to design an icon that's endured for 60 years?

My kids are growing up movie crazy, but for the most part, they don't really get the whole idea of a film festival. They just see the trips I take as "those things that make Daddy busy." For the first time ever, Toshi was very jealous and annoyed by something I did at a festival thanks to the special "Godzilla" event that was held at SXSW this week.

Little wonder. Godzilla has been part of their imaginary life as long as they've been watching movies, and Toshi in particular has been head over heels in love with Godzilla from the first moment he saw him. We've watched at least a dozen of the Toho films, we've seen the "Mystery Science Theater" versions, we've been reading the "Godzilla Rules Of Earth" comics together, and there are tons of toys of not just Godzilla but the other Toho icons as well all over the house. There's only one movie poster in their room, and it's for the 1954 "Godzilla."

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Tim McGraw
Credit: Big Machine Records

TIm McGraw's 'Lookin' for That Girl' in new video

Green screen is his friend

Tim McGraw gets trippy in more ways than one in his video for his video for “Lookin’ For That Girl.” He’s got a green screen and he is not afraid to use it.

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'Without a Trace's' Anthony LaPaglia is returning to CBS

“Without a Trace's” Anthony LaPaglia is returning to CBS
Five years after “Without a Trace” was canceled, LaPaglia will play a high school football coach and retired CIA agent who is forced to go back to the agency in “Red Zone.” PLUS: Josh Lucas joins Debra Messing on NBC's "The Mysteries of Laura," “Sopranos” and “Doogie Howser” alum Max Casella and Jack Quaid from “The Hunger Games” join HBO’s rock ’n’ roll drama pilot, and "Pretty Little Liars’” Bryce Johnson joins “Supernatural” spinoff.

Lena Dunham: I’m not quitting acting after “Girls”
The “Girls” star clarified her comments in Glamour magazine, in which she said: “I don’t know if I’m going to want to act anymore.”

TLC’s “The Man With the 132-Pound Scrotum” star is dead at 49
Weesley Warren, who appeared in a British documentary last year that was rebroadcast on TLC, died not because of his scrotum but due to complications from two recent heart attacks.

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<p>Chris Lowell and Jason Dohring seem to get along great as long as &#39;Veronica Mars&#39; isn&#39;t in the room for them to fight over.</p>

Chris Lowell and Jason Dohring seem to get along great as long as 'Veronica Mars' isn't in the room for them to fight over.

Credit: HitFix

Chris Lowell and Jason Dohring bond over their fight for the love of 'Veronica Mars'

You might find yourself on Team Pizlogan after seeing these two together

One of the more popular tropes of fandom today is when people break down into teams along the romantic fault lines in whatever it is they're watching, the most famous case being the "Twilight" movies and their "Team Jacob" and "Team Edward" camps.

Before Jacob and Edward divided fans, though, there was Logan and Piz, and this weekend, "Veronica Mars" will once again be able to pick sides in what I feel like is a very smart and canny nod to the way fans feel. Rob Thomas could easily have done a full reset between the end of the show and the start of the film, and he could have simply left Chris Lowell's character Piz out of things completely if he'd wanted.

If you didn't watch the show and you didn't read my guide to everything you need to know about the show to enjoy the movie that we published yesterday, I'm sure you're asking yourself "Why does he keep using the word Piz like it's someone's name?" Ah, but it was. In the third season of the show, the series shifted from high school to college, and Lowell played Stosh "Piz" Piznarski, his last name a tribute to the guy who directed the pilot episode of the show. There was a vocal percentage of fans who rejected the character completely, and those fans had to feel somewhat let down when they heard that Powell, currently featured on the excellent comedy series "Enlisted," was back for the movie.

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'Game of Thrones' releases a 5-minute video telling the story of its birth

“Game of Thrones” releases a 5-minute video telling the story of its birth
“Don’t f*ck it up,” creators Dan Weiss and David Benioff recall George R.R. Martin’s wife telling them, in a video narrated by Charles Dance.

“Homeland” promotes Nazanin Boniadi
CIA analyst Fara Sherazi will be a regular part of Season 4.

Check out “Mad Men” Season 7 cast portrait photos
Everybody looks straight out of the late ‘60s.

Comedy Central picks up “Unemployable” starring comedian Hannibal Buress
Buress will try out a different job each week in this 10-episode series that he describes as a “comedian version of ‘Dirty Jobs.’"

“Modern Family’s” Ariel Winter, 16, buys a Mercedes
Winter paid for the C350, costing more than $50,000 in full, with her dad’s help.

“The Fosters” adds “True Foster, VP” star
Ashley Argota will play Brandon’s girlfriend.

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Calvin Harris is ready for 'Summer'

Calvin Harris warms up with 'Summer'

DJ tries his hand at singing vocals

Scottish DJ Calvin Harris usually turns to one of his muses, such as Rihanna or Ellie Goulding, to give voice to his dance tracks, but with “Summer, “ his newest tune, he handles vocal chores himself. (Though he certainly has been known to take the lead occasionally before, on tunes lie "Feel So Close.")

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"Sydney ER"

"Sydney ER"

Credit: Discovery Fit & Health

'Sydney ER': Stab wounds to the neck become a bloody mess

Doctors assure him he'll survive, but they're not so sure

You know what's a good way to cap off your working week? Sitting down in front of the TV to watch a guy spurt real blood all over an emergency room in Australia. If that sounds good to you, rejoice. Tonight on "Sydney ER" (Fridays, 9:00 p.m. ET on Discovery Fit & Health), you get to see just that. And if you're getting off work early? Watch a clip below! Start your weekend right!

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"Bates Motel"

"Bates Motel"

Credit: A&E

Exclusive clip: Freddy and Emma share hard truths on 'Bates Motel'

Even a supposed death can't make Emma say something nice

It can't be easy being Norman Bates. He tries to be a good friend to Emma, but she's too busy feeling that the universe has conspired against her for hating Bradley. Norman, of course, can't tell her the truth. In this exclusive clip, watch as Emma dives into a sulk as Norman... observes.

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