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Poll: Ellen DeGeneres is America's favorite TV personality; Mark Harmon No. 2

Poll: Ellen DeGeneres is America's favorite TV personality; Mark Harmon No. 2
The Harris Poll's survey has Ellen topping the list for the 2nd year in a row. Jon Stewart, Jim Parsons, Jay Leno and Stephen Colbert came in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th respectively.

"Grey's Anatomy" and "Revenge" will be around for "many years," says ABC boss
"I think it's going to stay on the network for many years to come," ABC Entertainment president Paul Lee says of "Grey's Anatomy." Of "Revenge," he adds: "We have a long way to go with that show."

ABC's "Rising Star" singing competition will use an app created by ex-Mossad agents
Viewers will be able to vote live via the app, and the result is "a combination of a massive talent show and to some degree the gong show," says ABC Entertainment boss Paul Lee.

ABC boss regrets putting "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" on Thursdays

ABC Entertainment president Paul Lee says he should've stuck with his original plan to debut it at midseason and air it during the "Once Upon a Time" hiatus. Lee also told critics that "Revenge's" "can take the handcuffs off" with its new 10 pm timeslot.

Lena Dunham's name has appeared in more than 300 New York Times articles
How obsessed is the newspaper of record with the "Girls" star? When Dunham was 16, The Times sent a reporter to cover her vegan dinner party.

Macklemore & Lewis and The Fray will each perform NFL Championship halftime shows this weekend

While The Fray is doing the Broncos-Patriots halftime, Macklemore & Lewis will perform at the 49ers-Seahawks game.

ABC confirms Hayley Atwell will be part of "Agent Carter"
The actress already played Peggy Carter in Captain America.

"Walking Dead" producers had a teen with one limb play a zombie prank on Norman Reedus
"Walking Dead" fan Nick Santonastasso, 17, had pulled this prank many times before, so producers flew him out to Tokyo to do it to Daryl Dixon.

Watch outtakes from Conan's Lyft trip with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart
Hart flashes his cash as Conan pays.

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<p>&quot;Gravity&quot; predictably dominated the below-the-line categories.</p>

"Gravity" predictably dominated the below-the-line categories.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Tech Support: Analyzing the 2014 craft category Oscar nominations

The Academy had tricks up its sleeve throughout

A day after the Academy dropped its array of surprises throughout its 24 categories, and notably the 10 crafts fields, it's time to reflect on what the months of build-up have left us with. A few trends come to mind…

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Eric Church's new video, 'Give Me Back My Hometown': Watch

Eric Church's new video, 'Give Me Back My Hometown': Watch

Someone's done someone wrong

Eric Church’s evocative new video for “Give Me Back My Hometown”  hints at some deeper story than the song’s lyrics alone.

The mid-tempo, building track, from the lyrics, seems to strike out at some romantic interest who has skipped town, but her ghost remains and Church can’t walk through town without being haunted by the memory of everywhere they used to go, like the Pizza Hut.

In the Peter Zavadil-directed video, the story takes on a more sinister tone. It opens at a funeral and travels back in time as a murder mystery involving townies and carpetbaggers who come and take what isn’t theirs.

It leaves a lot of questions unanswered, some of which will probably be answered in future videos. For those under 20, that’s a cassette that the protagonist takes out of his car and tosses. We used to listen to music on them.

“Hometown” is the second single from Church’s new album, “The Outsiders,” which comes out Feb. 11.

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Jaimie Alexander

 Jaimie Alexander

Press Tour: ABC exec talks 'Agent Carter,' promises Lady Sif

Paul Lee says we'll 'really enjoy what happens' with The Clairvoyant

While President of ABC Entertainment Group Paul Lee made lots of promises during his address to journalists at press tour, the most significant to graphic novel and "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." fans stood out. Lady Sif (played by Jaimie Alexander in the "Thor" films) will be popping up on episode 15. "She's absolutely integral to this season... we're shooting it now, and Jaimie Alexander is great," Lee said. "[She adds] a really cool arc to this season." But that's not all. 

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ABC shortens 'Killer Women's' run, sets 'Dancing' premiere date

ABC shortens "Killer Women's" run, sets "Dancing" premiere date

The low-rated "Killer Women" will end early so that "Mind Games" could premiere in February instead of March. Meanwhile, "Dancing with the Stars" returns March 17. PLUS: ABC to air "Toy Story That Time Forgot" this holiday season.

Jaimie Alexander is reprising her "Thor" character on "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

Lady Sif will make her debut on the 15th episode of the season.

"Last Comic Standing" won't have an open casting call, will instead feature talented rising comedians

It's part of a shakeup established by new executive producer Wanda Sykes.

"Reaper" creators are helming "Agent Carter" for ABC
Marvel has quietly hired "Reaper" co-creators Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas to develop the "Agent Carter" project.

Fox orders Spielberg's "Red Band Society" and "Runner"
One is a comedic soap about a group of teens who meet in a hospital, the other is a drama about arms dealing.

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<p>ABC&nbsp;is following up &quot;Toy Story OF&nbsp;TERROR!&quot;&nbsp;with another &quot;Toy Story&quot;&nbsp;holiday special, &quot;Toy Story That Time Forgot.&quot;</p>

ABC is following up "Toy Story OF TERROR!" with another "Toy Story" holiday special, "Toy Story That Time Forgot."

Credit: ABC

ABC announces 'Toy Story That Time Forgot' Christmas special

Woody, Buzz, Trixie and the gang will deal with aggressive action figures

One of the very best things ABC aired last fall was the "Toy Story" Halloween special, "Toy Story OF TERROR!," a half-hour adventure featuring Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the gang (plus a few new characters like Combat Carl) stuck in a motel on a dark and stormy night when strange things were happening to the toys. Though the toys probably exhausted their usefulness for full-length films with the amazing "Toy Story 3," they're sill incredibly valuable for shorter stories like that one, which dealt with Jessie's claustrophobia and turned Mr. Pricklepants into the "Toy Story" version of Abed from "Community."

"TERROR!" was so good, in fact, that I hoped it would just be the first of many holiday specials, and today ABC granted that wish, announcing the new Christmas special "Toy Story That Time Forgot," which will air this year during the holidays.

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<p>This is Paul Lee at the 2013 upfronts</p>

This is Paul Lee at the 2013 upfronts

Credit: ABC

ABC Executive Session with Paul Lee Press Tour Live-Blog

After a fall and early winter of struggles, this may get heated

Things aren't great on ABC. "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." is doing OK, but it's not a smash. "The Goldbergs" is doing OK, but it's not a hit. "Super Fun Night" is running on fumes. "Back in the Game" is done. "Trophy Wife" is struggling. "Lucky 7" tanked. "Betrayal" tanked. "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" tanked. "The Assets" tanked. "Killer Women" tanked. 

ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee drops by the Television Critics Association press tour on Friday (January 17) morning and we'll see what he has to say.

Click through for the full Q&A.

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'The Michael J. Fox Show' hits a new low thanks to 'Idol' competition

"The Michael J. Fox Show" hits a new low thanks to "Idol" competition

"American Idol" was down 13% from the premiere, but Fox's sitcom fell 35%.

"Orange is the New Black's" Michelle Hurst is out of her medically induced coma
The actress known for playing Miss Claudette is still recovering from last month's car accident.

ABC orders "Black-ish" starring Anthony Anderson
Anderson will star in a single-camera comedy pilot about an upper-middle class black man trying to raise his kids with a sense of cultural identity.

Here are Lena Dunham's Vogue pictures, unphotoshopped

Not too much work was done on the "Girls" star. PLUS: Dunham responds: "Some sh*t is just too ridiculous to engage."

Britain's "Sex Box" to be remade for American TV
On "Sex Box," couples have sex in a box on stage in front of a studio audience, followed by them sitting down and talking about what just happened -- watch it here.

Letterman is now referring to his future "Tonight Show" rival as "Little Jimmy Fallon"
David Letterman jokingly kept referring to "Little Jimmy Fallon" during an interview last night with Brian Williams.

Watch "The Walking Dead's" midseason trailer
Here's a 30-second glimpse of what to expect on Feb. 9.

Patton Oswalt is upset Epix screwed up his standup special
His "Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time" special was to debut online last night, but that didn't happen.

"Live with Kelly and Michael" is No. 1 daytime talk show for the 2nd straight week, topping "Dr. Phil"

Is this the start of a new daytime trend?

Conan gets awkward with his interns
Watch Conan O'Brien pretend to be a young hip guy.

Melissa McCarthy will be joined on "SNL" by Imagine Dragons

The Grammy-nominated alt-rock band will make its "Saturday Night Live" debut.

"Entourage" movie begins filming

The first day of shooting yesterday featured a lot of women in bikinis.

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<p>Thursday's &quot;American Idol&quot;</p>

Thursday's "American Idol"

Credit: FOX

TV Ratings: 'American Idol,' 'Michael J. Fox Show' post ugly Thursday drops

'Big Bang Theory' repeat tops 'Idol' overall
Fast National ratings for Thursday, January 16, 2014. 
FOX won Thursday night in all measures thanks to the second night of "American Idol," but it was really an evening characterized by ugly drops.
"American Idol" dipped night-to-night in all measures in its Thursday premiere -- 13 percent in viewers and 19 percent in young viewers -- and, in fact, lost to a "Big Bang Theory" repeat overall (it topped the "Big Bang Theory" repeat among young viewers, but not by much).
Those numbers are ugly, but they may not be as ugly as what NBC is facing with "The Michael J. Fox Show," which slipped to only 2 million viewers and an astonishingly low 0.6 key demo rating. But, hey, "Parks and Recreation" was NBC's top comedy in the key demo, while "Community" was its top comedy overall, even if both were down from last week."
Finally, a "Shark Tank" repeat easily improved on "The Assets" among young viewers.
On to the numbers.
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<p>Skylar Astin and Briga Heelan in &quot;Ground Floor.&quot;</p>

Skylar Astin and Briga Heelan in "Ground Floor."

Credit: TBS

Season finale review: 'Ground Floor' - 'The Decision'

Brody has to choose between Mansfield and Jenny; will the show come back?

So "Ground Floor" concluded a very satisfying, if often formulaic, first season in largely satisfying, if often formulaic (was there any way someone wasn't going to dash through the airport?) fashion. And that's been the thing about "Ground Floor" throughout. It does familiar things in an old-fashioned format, but is full of likable characters and good jokes, serving as a reminder that it doesn't matter how old a song is if you sing it well.

The ratings have been so-so throughout, but if I were a betting man, I would guess it comes back, less for its own performance than for what its survival would represent to the larger creative community. TBS is serious about making its own sitcoms and not just subsisting on "Big Bang Theory" repeats. Bill Lawrence isn't a commercial juggernaut (though "Spin City" was a hit, back in the day), but he's respected in the industry, and if TBS shows a willingness to be patient with a good but modestly-rated show from him, it encourages other creators and studios to pitch their projects there, as opposed to TBS being a dumping ground for stuff everyone else rejected. There's still no word, but I'd like to see this group back again. Briga Heelan in particular is so good as Jenny, and I worry that another show wouldn't be able to use her as well.

What did everybody else think, of both the finale and the season as a whole?

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<p>Mae Whitman as Amber on &quot;Parenthood.&quot;</p>

Mae Whitman as Amber on "Parenthood."

Credit: NBC

Review: 'Parenthood' - 'Jump Ball'

Hank explores a diagnosis, Amber goes for a drive and Joel makes a decision

A review of last night's "Parenthood" coming up just as soon as I trash the evidence of my ninth grade accomplishments...

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<p>A scene from &quot;The Green Prince.&quot;</p>

A scene from "The Green Prince."

Credit: Sundance Film Festival

Review: 'The Green Prince' an engrossing docu-thriller on Israeli-Palestinian friction

Nadav Schirman's film opens the World Documentary Competition at Sundance

PARK CITY - The documentary that styles itself as a genre film is a risky gambit -- for every example that pulls off the disguise (think Bart Layton's elegantly shifty "The Imposter"), there's at least one other that carries a faint whiff of desperation, employing thriller tactics in the hope of sexing up serious-minded material, selling its subject and audience short in one fell swoop.

Early on in Nadav Schirman's "The Green Prince," a smart, tightly assembled film that kicked off the World Documentary Competition at the Sundance Film Festival tonight, there's reason to fear the film will fall into the latter camp, as title cards skitter across the screen in that analog typeface native to the contemporary Hollywood war movie, as an ominous, militaristic score rumbles in the background. "Yes, here's another urgent reflection on Israeli-Palestinian politics," these embellishments appear to say. "But wait, this one's exciting."

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