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Russian TV avoided showing the Sochi Opening Ceremony's Olympic ring screw-up

Russian TV avoided showing the Sochi Opening Ceremony's Olympic ring screw-up

State broadcaster Russia-1 instead quickly switched to rehearsal footage of all five rings lighting up, instead of the four that lighted up during the Opening Ceremony.

NBC already painted over "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" sign outside his studio

The Peacock is wasting no time wiping away Leno's memory. PLUS: Leno was pretty weak in his final week.

FX putting "Justified," "Archer" and "Chozen" on hiatus during Winter Olympics
"Justified" will take one week off (the week of Feb. 17), while "Archer" and "Chozen" will take a break the next two weeks.

MTV orders "The Dorm," a horror movie starring Alexis Knapp

The "Pitch Perfect" alum will play a flawed college freshman who's transformed into a flawless beauty by her dormmates.

Rob Riggle joins Rob Lowe's tennis pro comedy

On "The Pro," Riggle will play Lowe's ex-partner who reunites with him after a public falling out.

"The Walking Dead" boss: "Answers will come quickly" in the remaining Season 4 episodes

"Structurally, yes this will be very different," says Scott Gimple. "I think the tone is actually varied. And in that variety it's very different. There are some bright sweet moments and there are — shock upon shock — some smiles. There’s also some of the darkest material we’ve ever written as well." PLUS: Meet the new characters, and 6 nagging questions "Walking Dead" needs to answer.

Cecily Strong recalls reenacting "SNL" sketches on the playground when she was 11 years old

"A friend and I would play these Chicago newscasters that were actually just impressions of the Bears' 'Superfans,'" she recalls.

"The Ed Sullivan Show" was full of crap acts -- until The Beatles came along 50 years ago Sunday

In 1964, viewers loved the crap on "The Ed Sullivan Show," explains Fred Kaplan. "That's all there was. There was no concept of an alternative," he says. "That's why the Beatles were such a big deal. From the moment they strummed those electric chords, wagged their mops of hair, and smiled those beaming, ironic, isn't-this-cool-but-also-a-bit-absurd smiles, we all knew it was something from a different galaxy." PLUS: 5 things to know about February 9, 1964.

Maggie Q to play famous Chinese pirate Ching Shih in a limited TV series
The "Nikita" alum will star in "Red Flag," a series set in the early 1800s.

Farewell, "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon": Jimmy tonight says goodbye to 12:36
Here's counting down Fallon's Top 10 moments. PLUS: Fallon's music booker on why "Late Night" is like an iPod.

FDA approves a Pillcam that "The Jetsons" predicted in 1962
Another "Jetsons" prediction of the future has come to fruition.

Behind the scenes of "Breaking Bad's" Spanish-language remake
"Metástasis" is very different from the AMC series -- a bus replaces the RV and "Saúl Bueno" hosts a late-night legal advice show. PLUS: Chart: Walter White vs. Walter Blanco.

Why is Oprah going to Broadway? Doesn't she have a network to run?

Is Oprah trying to win a Tony after getting snubbed by Oscar?

Are movies back to being superior to TV?
The film industry is on the upswing, and television isn't looking so good in the post-"Breaking Bad" world, says James Wolcott. "It looked as if the pendulum had swung back in the movies' favor, setting the stage for a rematch, or at least a rethink," he writes.

ABC casts a "Fifty Shades of Grey" star in drama pilot
Eloise Mumford is joining military doctors pilot "Warriors."

Ian Somerhalder will hand out "Vampire Diaries" beads at Mardi Gras

Somerhalder is serving as co-grand marshal with "The Walking Dead's" Norman Reedus.

Actor who played McGruff the Crime Dog sentenced to 16 years in prison

John R. Morales, 41, was caught with marijuana and illegal weapons.

Which of the new Amazon pilots are worth watching?
Here's ranking Amazon's new batch of comedies and dramas.

"True Detective": How did such a bleak show become a hit?

The most intriguing thing about the HBO series, says Michael Calia, is "that a show that’s such a big hit features so prominently a dark philosophy which suggests that humanity is an error of evolution and ultimately meaningless, and that we should stop reproducing." PLUS: Tumblr blog mocks Detective Rust Cohle, and does Alexandra Daddario have the 2nd-best nude scene in HBO history?

BJ Novak explains his friendship with Mindy Kaling
"No one ever knew if we were together or not, including us," he said on "Watch What Happens Live. "We weren't always on the same page on a given day or a given hour. We fought a lot. We were each other's best friends. We were inseparable and not talking to each other, often on the same day. And people didn't know, if she was gone, they would ask me where she was, and vice versa. We were like E.T. and Elliott a little bit."

FX adapting sci-fi novel "Redshirts"

The 25th century-set book is being made as a limited series.

Kelly Ripa loses Super Bowl bet, goes makeup-free on "Live"

Ripa had to interview George Clooney sans makeup.

CBS orders "Cuz-Bros," a roommates comedy from "Happy Endings" creator

David Caspe's pilot pairs a ladies man with his messy cousin.

"Saved by the Bell's" Screech is now in a band
Watch the first music video for Dustin Diamond's band, Deleted Scenes.

Emilia Clarke recalls singing happy birthday to a drunk and rude "Game of Thrones" fan
Clarke was told, "You're doing it all wrong, you know? You're f—kin' it up." PLUS: HBO instagrammed a new "Game of Thrones" teaser.

"The Talk" hosts a "Roseanne" reunion

Sara Gilbert got to catch up with her TV dad, John Goodman.

"Dallas" is now available on Netflix
The first two seasons can now be streamed in advance of its Feb. 24 Season 3 premiere.

Katie Lowes: All the props in my "Scandal" torture scene were real

"One hundred percent real," she says.

Watch an "Episodes" blooper reel
Showtime will show these outtakes on Sunday's episode.

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<p>Who would you consider a deal-breaker for an 'Independence Day' sequel?&nbsp;Will Smith?&nbsp;Jeff Goldblum?&nbsp;Neither?&nbsp;Both?</p>

Who would you consider a deal-breaker for an 'Independence Day' sequel? Will Smith? Jeff Goldblum? Neither? Both?

Credit: 20th Century Fox

What does it mean if Will Smith turns down 'Independence Day 2'?

Should the studio be chasing him in the first place?

Without Will Smith, what is "Independence Day"?

That's the question Fox is facing now as they decide how to move forward with their sequel that they are planning to release on July 4 weekend of 2016, at least according to the report today that Will Smith has finally and officially passed on participating in the film.

Actually, Fleming builds in a little wiggle room at the end of the piece, making me wonder why report it again if this still isn't the absolute final total end result decision. Roland Emmerich has stayed busy in the blockbuster game over the last 20 years (has it really been that long?), but he and Dean Devlin did not remain paired in those films. Fox brought them back together to develop a possible sequel/reboot for what is, at heart, a fairly generic premise. Big alien ships roll in. Lots of people get worried. Stuff blows up. Good guys fight back. The aliens don't win. Will Smith was a member of a big ensemble when they made the first film, and while "Bad Boys" certain surprised people in terms of how well it worked, it didn't make him a giant bankable movie star. What worked in his favor in "Independence Day" was that he basically got to be himself, all swagger and charm, and punch an alien in the face.

I'd argue that in the first film, both Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman were bigger movie stars. Goldblum had been the MVP in "Jurassic Park" by being the guy with all the great lines who was smarter than everyone else, and in "Independence Day," they really challenged expectations by casting him as the guy with all the great lines who was smarter than everyone else. Smith popped out of that film because he was hungry and he was ready and he took full advantage of every moment he had. "Men In Black" was his reward for "Independence Day," and he's never looked back. Goldblum, on the other hand, has continued to have the same character career with occasional moments of increased heat, and I think audiences would enjoy seeing him back in the same role for this sequel. Besides, isn't he the one that actually beat the aliens? Don't you think they'd be looking for that human in particular?

Oddly, we are at the first moment in his career where Will Smith is no longer enough to guarantee a film's opening. While I think he could easily headline another monster hit, I don't think he is enough to make that happen anymore. "Men In Black 3" seemed to land on an audience that really didn't remember the first film, and "After Earth" not only failed, it failed because of Will Smith and the audience's reaction to Jaden being the lead. It was a personal rejection. I don't think "Winter's Tale" is in any danger of turning that around, and there's nothing coming from Smith that would suggest to me that him turning this film down is because he's "too big" for it. I think the opposite is true. I think he's afraid to be seen as someone who is coasting only on the past.

Then again, "Bad Boys 3" is in the works, so maybe he just plain doesn't want to do this.

Jamie Vanderbilt, who worked with Emmerich on "White House Down," has been working on two scripts for this, reportedly. One is with Smith's character, one is without. The fact that they can do that and it doesn't really impact the film one way or another would indicate they don't really need him. If you can imagine a draft without him, then how key can he really be to the story you're telling?

You tell me, folks… do you really want a sequel to this movie? Or does this seem like Fox worrying about an anniversary date instead of the actual movie they're making?

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Fox cancels Simon Cowell's 'X Factor' after 3 seasons

Fox cancels Simon Cowell's "X Factor" after 3 seasons
Today's cancelation comes hours after it was announced that Cowell would rejoin the original British "X Factor."

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<p>Simon Cowell of &quot;The X Factor&quot;</p>

Simon Cowell of "The X Factor"

Credit: FOX

FOX's 'X Factor' ends as Simon Cowell returns to 'The X Factor UK'

Talent show ran for three increasingly low-rated falls on FOX
With Simon Cowell officially returning to the original British incarnation of "The X Factor," FOX confirmed on Friday (February 7) afternoon that the American version of the show is over after three increasingly low-rated seasons.
"I’ve had a fantastic time over the last 12 years, both on 'The X Factor' and 'American Idol,'" Cowell blurbs. And apart from being lucky enough to find some amazing talent on the shows, I have always had an incredible welcome from the American public (most of the time!). Last year, for a number of reasons, I had to make a decision to return to the U.K. version of ‘The X Factor’ in 2014. So for now, I’m back to the U.K. and I want to thank FOX for being an incredible partner and I also want to thank everybody who has supported my shows. America, I’ll see you soon!"
Adds FOX Entertainment Chairman Kevin Reilly, "To all of us at FOX, Simon is more than one of the most prolific TV personalities of our time -- he’s part of our family. A consummate showman and partner, there’s no one more passionate or creative than Simon, and we feel so fortunate to have enjoyed such a wonderful, collaborative relationship with him over the past 12 years. Unfortunately, there is no 'X Factor USA' without Simon Cowell, but we understand and support his decision to focus on the international formats and on the next phase of his personal life. We wish him the very best, and it’s our sincere hope that we work together again soon." 
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2014 Olympic Winter Games

 2014 Olympic Winter Games

Credit: AP Photo

Olym-Picks: Which Winter Games to watch on Saturday, Day 3

Hockey, figure skating and snowboarding, oh my!

Well, if all the dog killing and gay bashing in Sochi hasn't dimmed your enthusiasm for alpine skiing, good news! NBC has tons of programming. Even better, this year's Winter Olympics promises to be far more dangerous than usual thanks to slipshod construction and the awkwardness of double toilets. Yay!

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Jonathan Banks

 Jonathan Banks

Credit: HitFix

'Community''s Jonathan Banks talks 'Breaking Bad' and more

He also explains why Ken Jeong is "shameful"

You wouldn't think a bad guy from "Breaking Bad" would be a ton of fun to interview, but guess what? Jonathan Banks is more fun than a barrel of monkeys on meth. Well, that might not be all that fun. Might be kind of crazy and violent. But he's really fun. Promise. 

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AMC orders a KISS-themed arena football reality show, starring Gene Simmons

AMC orders a KISS-themed arena football reality show, starring Gene Simmons
The "docu-series" will follow the brand-new LA KISS arena football team, co-owned by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.

"Biggest Loser" trainer Bob Harper was stunned by Rachel's dramatic weight-loss
As he told Rachael Ray, "What people don't understand is, when the contestants leave to go home...they're in charge of themselves," he began. "I had not seen her until that night, and so when she walked out, I was just kind of like, 'Whoa.' And I've been on the show since the beginning, forever."

Charlie Sheen mocks "Masthon" Kutcher for his low ratings -- then wishes him happy birthday

Sheen tweeted a screenshot of a ratings report showing that last night "Two and a Half Men" hit a series low. He followed that up with a tweet wishing Kutcher a "happy 36 Boo-Churr!"

TNT orders 6 more episodes of Dick Wolf's "Cold Justice"

The Season 2 "docu-reality" series is averaging 1.8 million viewers.

Jere Burns is set to boss Rashida Jones around on TBS' "Tribeca"
Burns is in talks to join the comedy pilot from Steve Carell and his wife Nancy.

CNN yanks Anderson Cooper's "AC360 Later"
The 2nd hour of Cooper's news show will be off the schedule for the foreseeable future.

UK judge rules against "Glee"
A judge has sided with a comedy club called "The Glee Club," which has claimed that the Fox series has infringed on its name.

See Conan's transformation into a "Walking Dead" zombie
"Conan" has posted pics from Conan's makeup session.

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<p>Titus Welliver in &quot;Bosch,&quot;&nbsp;one of five new Amazon pilots.</p>

Titus Welliver in "Bosch," one of five new Amazon pilots.

Credit: Amazon

With ‘The After,’ ‘Bosch’ and more, Amazon crowdsources its pilots again

A more promising group of pilots than last year's batch

Last April, Amazon entered the original series business in a very novel way: by making 14 pilot episodes — six children's shows, two animated comedies and six live-action ones — available for all of its customers to watch and offer feedback on, whether through customer reviews or surveys about each show. Amazon didn't say those things — plus the number of times each show was viewed — would be the only factors for what got turned into a series and what didn't, but it seemed like a much more democratic, and sensible, approach to series development than the byzantine process most of the networks still use.

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<p>The last night of &quot;The Tonight Show with Jay Leno&quot;</p>

The last night of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"

Credit: NBC

Jay Leno's 'Tonight Show' farewell draws biggest audience since 1998

Jimmy Fallon also capitalizes on the Olympics-boosted telecast
Audiences were eager to say good-bye to Jay Leno on Thursday (February 6) night, as "The Tonight Show" drew its biggest overall audience since 1998.
Boosted by a strong "bonus" night of coverage from the Sochi Winter Olympics, "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" drew 14.6 million viewers, the most since May 14, 1998. That was, of course, the night of the series finale of "Seinfeld" and featured Jerry Seinfeld as a guest. That episode drew just under 15 million viewers.
This was, in fact, the fourth largest audience ever for a Jay Leno "Tonight Show," following the 1993 episode following the "Cheers" finale (22.4 million), Leno's 1992 debut (16.1 million) and, again, the post-"Seinfeld" episode. 
Among adults 18-49, Leno's send-off drew a 3.8 rating. That's the biggest "Tonight" show audience in the key demo since -- chortle -- Conan O'Brien's last "Tonight Show" in 2010, which did a 4.4 key demo rating. It was the best 18-49 rating for a Thursday "Tonight" since President Obama's first appearance in March of 2009.
Leno's departure also gave a big bump to his successor, as "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" drew 6 million viewers, the biggest for a regularly schedule weekday "Late Night" since 1993 when David Letterman exited.
Check out the gallery below to see the things we pretended we were going to miss about Jay Leno.
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5 new country artists to watch

5 new country artists to watch

We've got something for every taste

Kacey Musgraves surprised the Nashville music community when she snagged Grammy Awards for both country song for “Merry Go ‘Round,”  and country album of the year with her debut album, “ Same Trailer, Different Park.” A number of other newcomers hope to follow in her successful path. Like Musgraves, many of them have already experienced success on the charts as songwriters for other artists.

Here’s a look at five hot new country acts to watch and listen for. They range from good-time party boys to artists you'll want to lean in closely to hear what they have to say.

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Jay Leno's final 'Tonight Show' ratings: 14.6 million, the best since 1998 'Seinfeld' finale

Jay Leno's final "Tonight Show" ratings: 14.6 million, the best since 1998 "Seinfeld" finale

Last night's goodbye was the highest-rated "Tonight Show" broadcast since the show after the "Seinfeld" finale in May 1998. In fact, it was the 4th-biggest "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" broadcast. (The post-"Cheers" finale "Tonight Show," Leno's debut in 1992 and the post-"Seinfeld" finale episode are Leno's Top 3 shows.

Rosie was her controversial self in her return to "The View"

Rosie O'Donnell quickly proved perfect for the format, starting off by saying: "Is Hasselbeck here? Just checking."

Wilco's Jeff Tweedy is coming to "Parks and Rec"
Says "Parks" boss Michael Schur: "He plays the former lead singer of a band called 'Land Ho!' — complete with exclamation point; Tweedy’s pitch — that was very popular in Indiana a while back."

Watch Letterman interview Paul & Ringo for Sunday's Beatles special

Sunday marks the 50th anniversary of The Beatles on "The Ed Sullivan Show."

Debi Mazar joins "Entourage" movie and Darren Star's TV Land pilot
She'll play Sutton Foster's best friend on "Younger," while also reprising her "Entourage" character in the feature film.

"The Real World" is bringing in big ratings with "Ex-Plosion" twist

This week's episode was the highest-rated in three seasons.

Simon Cowell is rejoining the British "X Factor"
Cowell left the UK "X Factor" in 2010 to launch the American version. Now he's returning as a judge.

ABC orders 10 more years of "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve," plus more American Music Awards

The AMAs will continue to air on ABC for the next nine years, while Ryan Seacrest is signed on for "Rockin Eve" through 2017.

"Dancing" pros Derek Hough & Mark Ballas buy a house together
The two friends are splitting a $1.275 million house.

"Sherlock" might not return for 2 more years
Steven Moffat doesn't know definitively how long the wait will be, but he says: "If people have to wait two years, they'll have to wait two years." PLUS: What about a "Sherlock" spinoff?

Paul Wesley to direct for the 1st time on "The Vampire Diaries"

"It's an honor and the cast couldn’t be any more supportive, which I feel truly grateful for," Wesley says of his directorial debut.

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Iggy Azalea's new single 'Fancy' with Charli XCX is her catchiest yet
Credit: Def Jam

Iggy Azalea's new single 'Fancy' with Charli XCX is her catchiest yet

Debut album slated to come out April 14

Australian model-turned-rapper Iggy Azalea is back with a new single, “Fancy,” featuring Charli XCX.

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