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Netflix renews 'Orange is the New Black' for Season 3

Netflix renews "Orange is the New Black" for Season 3
Laura Prepon revealed the news on her Instagram pic of "Season 3 Titles."

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<p>Taylor Schilling in &quot;Orange Is The New Black.&quot;</p>

Taylor Schilling in "Orange Is The New Black."

Credit: Netflix

Netflix renews 'Orange Is The New Black' for season 3

Laura Prepon announces via Instagram that the women's prison drama will be around a while

Netflix is a very strange outfit when it comes to releasing information. They won't tell the public how many people are watching their original shows, and won't even tell the people making them (which has caused some problems when it comes to actors and producers trying to negotiate new contracts). And when it comes to the renewal of what's allegedly the streaming service's most popular show, "Orange Is The New Black," they left the announcement up to Laura Prepon's Instagram.

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"Dance Mom" star Abby Lee Miller

"Dance Mom" star Abby Lee Miller

Credit: Lifetime

Interview: 'Dance Moms'' Abby Lee Miller to talk on 'Dancing with the Stars'

The tough cookie will dial it back for the celebs - maybe

"Dancing with the Stars" (Mon. at 8:00 p.m. on ABC) has had a cavalcade of celebrity guest judges this season, but none have known much about the dancing they're seeing -- until now. Abby Lee Miller, the tough-as-nails instructor on Lifetime's "Dance Moms," is taking the fourth chair at the judges' table, and you can bet we'll be getting some actual insight about dancing. We won't, however, see her dressing down the stars, it seems. Too bad. I spoke to Miller as she prepped for her one-night gig tonight about why she's judging instead of dancing, who her favorite is (yes, America, you're right on this one) and who she thinks might take home the mirror ball. 

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Joel McHale was surprised that his Bill Clinton cigar joke wasn’t considered controversial at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Joel McHale was surprised that his Bill Clinton cigar joke wasn’t considered controversial at White House Correspondents’ Dinner
“I was very surprised by that,” says McHale. “I thought that of any jokes, the Bill Clinton jokes would be kind of the roughest, but no one is talking about them.” McHale also says New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie “was very cool” with being the target of his jokes. PLUS: McHale’s performance “was a mess.”

E Street Band member named bandleader of “The Meredith Vieira Show”
Everett Bradley will be joined by announcer Jon Harris when Vieira’s show debuts Sept. 8.

“Mad Men” hijacked by metaphors
“The Monolith,” last night’s episode, was "so over-the-top symbolic, it’s practically literal,” as Logan Hills puts it. PLUS: “Mad Men” may have entered the Peggy Olson era, last night’s episode was pretty terrific once it stopped being cute with the symbolism, and last night’s episode vs. the real 1969.

“Silicon Valley” airs Christopher Evan Welch’s final episode
After filming last week’s episode, the actor could no longer film the series due to the cancer that would kill him in December. PLUS: How Pied Piper’s logo measures up.

Moviefone expands to TV listings
AOL has revamped its movie listings site to include television listings because, as the CEO of the company behind the change put it, “the line between television and film content blurs more every day."

“SNL” alum Chris Kattan reunites with Jimmy Fallon after reuniting with Seth Meyers
Kattan is apparently touring NBC’s late-night shows.

Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco launching a comedy label
Conan’s label’s first release will be comic Ian Edwards' "100% Half Assed."

“The Simpsons” writers reveal their favorite Lego episode jokes
Producer Matt Selman boasted of having a Lego Advent Calendar joke: “I was like, ‘Is The Lego Movie going to have a Lego Advent calendar joke? I doubt it.’” PLUS: Last night’s episode felt like the old days.

Adult Swim orders the live-action "Dream Corp LLC” from John Krasinski
“The Office” alum will produce a show about a service that lets people confront workplace issues via virtual reality. It stars “Lost” alum Jon Gries.

Hallmark Channel renews “When Calls The Heart”
The series starring Lori Loughlin will return for a 2nd season.

How outdated does the 1st season of “24” look?
In Season 1, Jack Bauer has a floppy disk, a flip phone and CTU has a really old-looking Mac.

Download your own “The Good Wife” coloring book
As seen on “Billy on the Street.”

Check out “New Girl’s” Max Greenfield in a cage on “Hot in Cleveland”
Greenfield guests on this week’s episode.

Which of the 6 “Friends” were the closest?
Slate crunched the numbers in honor of this week’s 10-year finale anniversary, and determined that Ross and Rachel were the closest, followed by Monica and Chandler.

“The O.C.’s” Ryan and Trey Atwood reunite
Ben McKenzie got to meet former co-star Logan Marshall-Green’s new baby over the weekend.

Watch the trailer for DirecTV’s “Rogue”
Season 2 premieres May 28.

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"Goodbye to Language"
"Goodbye to Language"
Credit: 20th Century Fox

Cannes Check 2014: Jean-Luc Godard's 'Goodbye to Language'

Continuing our festival preview with the veteran of the Competition

Welcome back to Cannes Check, In Contention's annual preview of the films in Competition at next month's Cannes Film Festival, which kicks off on May 14. Taking on different selections every day, we'll be examining what they're about, who's involved and what their chances are of snagging an award from Jane Campion's jury. Next up, the oldest director (with the shortest film) in the lineup: Jean-Luc Godard's "Goodbye to Language." 

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Our favorite season-ending TV cliffhangers

Our favorite season-ending TV cliffhangers

From near-assassinated presidents to intriguing time jumps, we celebrate finales

Cliffhangers aren't just for finales. 

Recent shows as different as "24" and The Collected Works of Shonda Rhimes have proven that if you drop a cliffhanger on a weekly basis, audiences will keep coming back, while soap operas have been doing almost daily cliffhangers for decades.

But the season-ending cliffhanger is a particular creature. Producers know that they have to drop narrative bombs big enough to carry audiences across not just a couple weeks, but several months of anticipation and speculation. 

There's a reason why "Who shot J.R.?" and "Is Buffy Dead?" and "Wait, that was a Flash-Forward?" are questions that instantly bring back memories of both the finales in question, but also the months of pondering and waiting.

With so many of our favorite shows signing off for the season, we put our heads together to list some of our favorite season-ending cliffhangers and pay tribute to them. 

OBVIOUSLY there are spoilers here, but mostly just for older shows and we didn't spoil how most of the finales resolved. 

Check out our list and chime in with some of your favorites!

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Credit: RCA Records

Usher likes a 'Good Kisser' in his new video: Watch

Sexy, sleek track kicks off his forthcoming album

Usher knows that if a woman is a good kisser that there’s usually plenty more good stuff where that came from. In the video for his new song, “Good Kisser,” he extols the virtues of a woman, who “nobody kiss it like you.” What “it” is is up to you and your imagination.

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'The Simpsons' gets a boost from Lego episode

“The Simpsons” gets a boost from Lego episode
This week’s episode was up 23% over last week, attracting 4.3 million viewers.

Barbara Walters confirms Donald Sterling backed out of their interview Friday night
Walters said on “The View” that the L.A. Lakers owner kept watering down the terms of their proposed interview.

Spike TV orders King Tut event series “Tut”
The six-hour series will tell the story of the youngest Pharaoh to rule Ancient Egypt.

“The Wire” alum Seth Gilliam joins “The Walking Dead”
He’ll become a series regular next season playing a character named “Michael Todd."

“The Boondocks” pays tribute to “Breaking Bad”
Tonight’s episode is titled “Breaking Granddad.”

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<p>Louis C.K. in &quot;Louie.&quot;</p>

Louis C.K. in "Louie."

Credit: FX

Review: Louis C.K.'s genius makes 'Louie' season 4 worth the wait

With a year off, the versatile series returns fully recharged

Early in the marvelous new season of "Louie," Louie makes the mistake of explaining why his building's superintendent left out the most important part of a very old and dirty joke about Pinocchio.

"Why you gotta clutter it up?" the super complains. "I mean, aren't you a comedian?"

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<p>Sunday&#39;s &quot;The Simpsons&quot;</p>

Sunday's "The Simpsons"

Credit: FOX

TV Ratings: 'Resurrection' finale, '60 Minutes' lead Sunday split, 'Simpsons' gets a Lego boost

'Family Guy' is Sunday's top show among young viewers

Fast National ratings for Sunday, May 4, 2014.

ABC got a tiny bump for the "Resurrection" season finale and the network edged out FOX for victory among young viewers, while "60 Minutes" and "The Good Wife" helped CBS comfortably win Sunday night overall.

Although FOX couldn't quite beat ABC in the key demo, the network had a strong night, with a Lego-filled "Simpsons" episode rising and "Family Guy" actually doing Sunday's best young demo numbers. This animated comedies helped "Cosmos" to growth as well.

In terms of Sunday negatives, NBC's "American Dream Builders" hit another low, while "Believe" stopped several weeks of encouraging stability with a drop.

On to the numbers...

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<p>I can&#39;t promise that Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) is about to scream &quot;TELL ME WHERE THE BOMB IS!&quot; in this photo from &quot;24: Live Another Day,&quot; but I&#39;m sure he will say it at one point.</p>

I can't promise that Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) is about to scream "TELL ME WHERE THE BOMB IS!" in this photo from "24: Live Another Day," but I'm sure he will say it at one point.

Credit: FOX

Review: Jack Bauer returns in '24: Live Another Day'

Can Jack and Chloe function in 2014, and with only 12 episodes?

When FOX announced the long-hinted resurrection of "24" as a 12-episode miniseries called "24: Live Another Day," I immediately wondered two things:

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<p>&quot;Orange is the New Black&quot;</p>

"Orange is the New Black"

Credit: Netflix

GLAAD Media Awards celebrate 'Philomena,' 'Orange is the New Black' and J.Lo

The awards recognize outstanding media coverage of LGBT issues

Somewhat oddly, the GLAAD Media Awards split their awards across two ceremonies, three weeks apart, on opposite coasts. On Saturday, the second of these took place in New York, as a range of films, TV shows and media outlets were honored for commendable coverage of LGBT issues.

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