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<p>&quot;Sling Blade,&quot; a 1996 beneficiary of Harvey Weinstein's campaign tricks.</p>

"Sling Blade," a 1996 beneficiary of Harvey Weinstein's campaign tricks.

Credit: Miramax Films

Roundup: A history of Harvey's Oscar tactics

Also: Meryl Streep vs. Pauline Kael, and Cuaron talks early influences

Just as Bruce Broughton has been punished by the Academy for his questionable campaign tactics, Vulture has chimed in with a detailed timeline of strategies employed by the master of Academy manipulation, Harvey Weinstein -- not all of them strictly by the Oscar playbook. Take this anecdote about Weinstein's 1996 campaign for Billy Bob Thornton in "Sling Blade": "John Ericson, a retired actor who lives in Santa Fe, N.M., said he was called several times recently by a representative from the studio. In the first call, this person asked Mr. Ericson if he had received Sling Blade and urged him to watch it. A few days later, the representative called back to gauge Mr. Ericson's reaction ... 'He said: "Didn't you think he was wonderful? I hope it will be something worthy of a nomination,"' Mr. Ericson recalled." [Vulture]

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'Dexter's' Jennifer Carpenter will play an FBI agent in an ABC drama pilot

"Dexter's" Jennifer Carpenter will play an FBI agent in an ABC drama pilot
She'll star in "Sea of Fire," who investigates a small town case of three teen girls who star in a porn film.

"Entourage" movie bringing back Mrs. Ari
Perrey Reeves will reprise her role for the film.

NBC moved the Emmys to Monday to avoid MTV's VMAs
The Peacock apparently didn't want to go up against Miley Cyrus on Sunday, Aug. 24. So the Emmycast was moved to the next day.

Ryan Murphy talks about the "American Horror Story" Supreme reveal
"Yeah. I mean I think that was always the trajectory of that character," he says. PLUS: The new Supreme speaks.

The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore fends off more video bombers, on Jimmy Kimmel
Watch the Chuck Norris of meteorologists in action.

Jimmy Fallon reenacts a "Full House" dream
Uncle Jesse, Joey and Danny help Fallon cope with his "Tonight Show" move.

"Star-Crossed" adds Dora Madison Burge

The "Friday Night Lights" and "Dexter" alum will recur on the CW alien drama.

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<p>Will Loki set off a major war across the Nine Realms in 'Thor 3'?&nbsp;Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost are the ones with the plan.</p>

Will Loki set off a major war across the Nine Realms in 'Thor 3'? Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost are the ones with the plan.

Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios hands 'Thor 3' to one of their execs-turned-screenwriter

The franchise is in good hands, so where is it headed?

When I was on the set of the original "Thor," the person who spent the day showing the press around was Craig Kyle. At the time, he was one of the junior guys with the company, but it was obvious that, like most of the guys at Marvel, he had one character who was more near and dear to his heart than any of the others, and for him, that character was Thor.

As a result, I'm pleased to see that Craig Kyle's been hired to co-write the third "Thor" film with Christopher Yost.

He was the senior vice-president of Production and Development for Marvel when this decision was made, and he'll obviously leave that job to become the writer of the film. Yost, his co-writer, was one of the guys who shared screenplay credit on "Thor: The Dark World," along with Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely and Don Payne and Robert Rodat. There are some big story threads that have been left dangling at the end of "Thor: The Dark World," including Loki's final trick, and I would assume the third "Thor" will deal with those elements as well as whatever story threads are set up in "Avengers: Age Of Ultron."

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<p>The cast of &quot;Alone Yet Not Alone&quot; in happier times.</p>

The cast of "Alone Yet Not Alone" in happier times.

Credit: Enthuse Entertainment

Updated: 'Alone Yet Not Alone' disqualified songwriter responds

No song will replace it on the ballot

Updated (11:06 PM): Bruce Broughton and his wife responded to the controversy on their Facebook pages tonight.

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<p>'I see dead careers'</p>

'I see dead careers'

Credit: Hollywood Pictures

Why 'Labor Of Love' will be the most important film in M. Night Shyamalan's career

And, no, it's not just because he's working with Bruce Willis again

"Citizen Kane" holds such a monumental place in our popular culture that whether or not you've seen the film, you most likely know the film's "big secret," since like "Psycho" and "Planet Of The Apes" and "The Empire Strikes Back," the film practically embodies the idea of a film built on a twist or a surprise or a reveal, and those things have been parodied and re-stated and borrowed from endlessly by now.

In the case of "Kane," the entire film is built around a search for meaning in the final words of a dying mogul, and it is only in the film's closing moments that the meaning of the cryptic word "Rosebud" is revealed. It all goes back to a pivotal moment in childhood, a lost sled that he misses still. So many people are defined by a few particular moments along the way, and one of the biggest questions in life is whether we would be different people if a few key things that happened a different way at key turning points in our lives. It's easy to pinpoint those moments in a movie, but for someone's real life, it can be far more difficult. However, in the case of M. Night Shyamalan, I think there is a pivotal moment that pushed him in the direction he's been heading for most of his career, and in a surprise twist, it looks like he's about to get a chance to go back and try again.

For Shyamalan, everything changed when "The Sixth Sense" was released and he was a sudden overnight sensation. For most people, that was their introduction to his work, and when he ended up on the cover of Newsweek, where they declared him "The New Spielberg?", it helped cement the narrative that he had come out of nowhere, fully formed and awesome.

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<p>Taissa Farmiga of &quot;American Horror Story: Coven&quot;</p>

Taissa Farmiga of "American Horror Story: Coven"

Credit: FX

'American Horror Story: Coven' recap: Who survives 'The Seven Wonders'?

The search for the new Supreme is on

So, our journey with "American Horror Story: Coven" finally gasps its agonized last breath this week, and a new Supreme is crowned. But first, a music video from Stevie Nicks! Because that makes sense, right? Stop laughing. Misty would be, like, TOTALLY mad at you. 

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<p>Would-be Oscar nominee Bruce Broughton</p>

Would-be Oscar nominee Bruce Broughton

Credit: AFP

The Academy turns a fishy situation into an embarrassing moment for all

There are too many Bruce Broughtons out there to stand on principle here

When the title track for the independent faith-based production "Alone Yet Not Alone" picked up a Best Original Song Oscar nomination on Jan. 16, we at HitFix were the first to raise an eyebrow at the curiosity. One of the song's writers, Bruce Broughton, had formerly served as an Academy governor, making the whole situation smell a bit fishy.

It soon came out that he had directly campaigned on the song's behalf by sending notes to some of his fellow Music Branch members asking them to consider it. But my reaction at the time was "big deal." So the guy reached out to a few people. This happens every day of every Oscar campaign season and anyone who tells you different is either clueless or naive. But when Nikki Finke first Tweeted this afternoon that she had heard the Academy was about to announce a repeal of that nomination due to campaign violations, I started to feel bad for all involved.

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<p>&quot;Prisoners,&quot; one of Toronto's &quot;world premieres&quot; scooped by Telluride last year.</p>

"Prisoners," one of Toronto's "world premieres" scooped by Telluride last year.

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Toronto and Telluride lock horns over festival premieres

Toronto joins Venice in taking issue with Telluride's 'sneak previews'

Festival programming can be a competitive business to begin with, but when you have three major international fests in close proximity, things are bound to get a little bit heated. So it is with Venice, Telluride and Toronto, the latter two of which actually overlap with the first -- the whole marathon playing out over a condensed three-week period in late August and early September. And where Cannes gets to luxuriate in having May all to itself, there's no such comfort for the autumn trio: given that they mark the unofficial start of awards season, getting first dibs on heavyweight titles (and the media coverage that comes with them) is of increasing importance to festival directors.

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<p>Russell Crowe's going to try to save his family from the flood when Darren Aronofsky opens the floodgates in 'Noah'</p>

Russell Crowe's going to try to save his family from the flood when Darren Aronofsky opens the floodgates in 'Noah'

Credit: Paramount Pictures

The Super Bowl ad for Darren Aronofsky's 'Noah' goes heavy on the spectacle

No one can blame Paramount for not trying on this one

Every studio must sit down near the start of the year to discuss which films they think would be an appropriate fit for them to cut a special commercial to air during the Super Bowl.

There are some movies that seem like perfect fits, and it seems like any movie that is a visual spectacle is a good fit. If you've got a trailer that ends with massive eye-popping special effects, then you want that conversation that's going to result from you showing off some of that eye candy.

Even so, I'd love to have heard the conversations that went on before Paramount decided to advertise "Noah" during the game on Sunday. Internally, Paramount's been wrestling with how to sell this movie, and it's hard to blame them. Aronofsky's script is earnest and unusual and filled with some strange digressions that will throw people who expect a standard-issue Bible movie, and while there is a huge audience out there ready to support Christian-themed movies, they might not know what to make of his vision for this story.

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James Franco will play Rob Riggle in a Super Bowl ad

James Franco will play Rob Riggle in a Super Bowl ad
Riggle will play himself for the first 30 seconds of a Ford commercial, and Franco will play Riggle for the next 90 seconds.

Cheryl Hines gets a Hollywood Walk of Fame star
The "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Suburgatory" vet was honored this afternoon with her own star. PLUS: Hines is "Suburgatory's" raunchy role model.

Mark Wahlberg has never been in a G-rated movie, so why is he hosting the Kids' Choice Awards?
In fact, Wahlberg has only appeared in one PG-rated movie, which makes the 42-year-old actor a very odd pick for the Kids' Choice Awards.

Amazon eyeing Whit Stillman's "Cosmopolitan" and Shaun Cassidy's "Hysteria"
"Metropolitan" director Stillman is working on a show about young expats in Paris, while Cassidy's drama focuses on an technology-causing epidemic among high school girls.

Why won't HBO's "Looking" show an erect penis?
"This is inexcusable," says Justin Moyer, pointing out that an erect penis is "the essence of (gay) male sexuality."

CBS orders Tom Papa comedy pilot from producers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

The former "Marriage Ref" host will star in the family comedy "More Time With Family," about a dad who spends more time with his family.

Watch the trailer for Seth MacFarlane's "Cosmos"
"Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey" debuts on Fox on March 9.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" gets a pep talk from Fred Armisen and Joe Theismann

A pep talk before the Super Bowl episode.

Sasheer Zamata "just freaked out" when she heard her name on "SNL" for the 1st time
"I was like jumping up screaming and crying," she says of hearing Don Pardo announce her name during the dress rehearsal.

"American Horror Story: Coven" ends one mess of a season
"Coven" wasn't messy in a good way, yet expect the season to end on a high note. PLUS: 5 things we learned from "Coven," and ""American Horror Story" production designer was rejected by "Game of Thrones."

Why can't HBO find a broad comedy hit?

"Veep" and "Girls" do okay for the pay cable network, but they don't have the appeal of "Sex and the City" and "Entourage."

What The Queen can learn from "Downton Abbey"

Queen Elizabeth II has had to tighten her belt, much like the Crawleys.

Norwegians remake Barney's "HIMYM" suits song

Check out this "Nothing suits me like a suit" parody.

Here's Adam Brody on "New Girl"
In tribute to "The O.C.," Brody plays a hipster named Berkeley on next Tuesday's episode.

"The Real World's" Coral Smith becomes a mom

Coral revealed this week she gave birth to a girl in June.

PBS tonight tell the story of Stephen Hawking

"Hawking" is unusual in that it delves into Hawking's personal life.

BBC America dramatizes the life of James Bond creator Ian Fleming
Dominic Cooper stars in "Fleming," a four-part miniseries that makes the writer "seem pretty damn swashbuckling."

"Full House" guys hit up Reddit

John Stamos, Dave Coulier and Bob Saget today answered burning questions about Uncle Jesse's mullet as part of their Super Bowl ad tour.

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<p>Harry Connick Jr.</p>

Harry Connick Jr.

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'American Idol' Season 13 Auditions #5 - Salt Lake City

The judges head to Utah for yet another two hours of auditions

Just when I think I'm out of Utah, they pull me back in.

After a week in Park City covering the Sundance Film Festival (and still doing my "Idol" recaps), I'm back in Los Angeles, but naturally this week's Wednesday (January 29) audition episode comes to us from... Salt Lake City.


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Justin Bieber playfully flirts over snacks in 'Confident' video, featuring Chance the Rapper
Credit: Island/RBMG/Schoolboy

Justin Bieber playfully flirts over snacks in 'Confident' video, featuring Chance the Rapper

Are 'Confident' and 'scantily clad' the same thing?

Bless Justin Bieber and the peach fuzz on his upper lip. In his new video for “Confident,”  featuring Chance the Rapper, he dances in those ridiculous baggy jeans that sag to his knees, and wears a necklace that, instead of looking like cool bling, looks like he stole it from his grandma’s jewelry box when she wasn’t looking. And her sweater too.

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