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Credit: FX

Review: 'Louie' - 'Elevator Part 6/Pamela Part 1'

A storm strikes New York, Amia has a message for Louie, and Pamela babysits

A review of tonight's two "Louie" episodes coming up just as soon as I can name the first president that women voted for...

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<p>24: Live Another Day</p>

24: Live Another Day

Credit: FOX

Review: '24: Live Another Day' - '4:00 PM - 5:00 PM'

Jack and Kate team up, but will the British get in the way?

A quick review of tonight's "24: Live Another Day" coming up just as soon as I splash a little water on you...

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"The Bachelorette"

"The Bachelorette"

Credit: ABC

'Bachelorette': The moment we've all been dreading comes to pass

The show tries to keep it classy in handling a final farewell

Well, that was awkward. We knew the moment was coming when "The Bachelorette" would have to deal with an unfortunate real-life situation, as it was all over the news before the show even began airing (and was mentioned during the season kick-off). Still, I didn't see this playing out quite the way it did, even though we'd seen snippets leading up to it. Yes, ABC promo department, you fooled me again.

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"Famous in 12"

"Famous in 12"

Credit: The CW

Interview: David Garfinkle on 'Famous in 12,' Harvey Levin, 'Naked and Afraid'

The new reality show pushes a regular family into the TMZ spotlight

When I first heard about the concept for "Famous in 12" (debut I thought this had to be the weirdest idea for a reality TV show ever. As odd as it is, the idea is simple: a regular family is chosen from thousands of applicants to be thrust into the reality TV spotlight with the machine that is TMZ behind them to generate buzz. The family has just 12 weeks to make a dent in the national consciousness. In a sense, it's the Loud family for the 21st century, if that first family of reality TV had known exactly what it faced -- which is now complicated by the instant feedback of the Internet and social media. 

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<p>Julian Wass</p>

Julian Wass

Exclusive premiere: Julian Wass covers the 'Tootsie' theme for 'The Pretty One'

Fol Chen singer/composer/produces already has a busy summer of soundtracks

I liked Fol Chen's album "The False Alarms," released last year. The band has a real sense of sequence, tempo and placement. They don't beat a chorus to death. (And "A Tourist Town" freaking rules.)

All things that also help to make a good score and soundtrack. Julian Wass knows this. Maybe that's why the Fol Chen band member has already helmed a number of film sounds, his hands full with three scores in just a few scant months this summer.

"The Pretty One" is the latest movie of these, with the film out on VOD tomorrow (June 3); Jenée LaMarque, Wass' wife, directed. For the film, Wass put together a cover of "It Might Be You," the theme from 1982's "Tootsie," an enchanting electronic re-imagining with singer Karryn on the mic.

Speaking on the music for "The Pretty One," Wass said, “Around the same time as we started envisioning the score, Jenée and I showed 'Cinderella' to our then 3 year old daughter for the first time. The song, 'A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes' embodies Cinderella’s character and spirit... I felt that Cinderella and the [lead] character of Laurel had some interesting parallels, so I studied that chord change and melody and used it as inspiration for one of the main themes for the 'The Pretty One.'"

Wass also composed for Tribeca Films' "The Big Ask" with Gillian Jacobs, "Lost for Life" due this summer, the Duplass Brothers' "Do-Deca Pentathalon," Patrick Brice’s forthcoming "The Overnight" and more.

Stream Julian Wass and Karryn's "It Might Be You" below.

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'Sleepy Hollow' stars Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie drop by the HitFix office for an interview

'Sleepy Hollow' stars Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie drop by the HitFix office for an interview

FOX stars discuss their wild 'Sleepy Hollow' year in our studio

With Emmy season approaching -- Ballots go out next week! -- FOX is making a pitch to make sure that voters don't forget how much they might have liked "Sleepy Hollow" when it aired in the fall and early winter.

TV critics didn't forget. Last week, "Sleepy Hollow" earned a Best New Show nomination for the Television Critics Association Awards.

In advance of a big Monday (June 2) evening event at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, "Sleepy Hollow" stars Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie stopped by HitFix's offices to chat about one of the biggest pleasant surprises of the 2013-2014.

When I saw the pilot last summer, I liked its unrepentant craziness, but wondered about its ability to retain that crazy across 13 episodes. Not only did the mixture of witchcraft, pseudo-Biblical mumbo-jumbo, American mythology and American history maintain its lunacy, but it built on its character relationships in amusing and sometimes emotional ways.

A lot of the credit for the show's grounded appeal goes to Mison and Beharie, who had an instant rapport from the pilot on.

In this sit-down at the HitFix offices, we discuss the unexpected success of the first season, the shocking cliffhanger finale and the importance of keeping that momentum going.

Although "Sleepy Hollow" is three episodes into production on the second season, we barely talked at all about that, because I didn't suspect they were going to be forthcoming with spoilers. And that's not really what I care about anyway.

Check out the first half of the interview above.

And the second half below. 

And look for "Sleepy Hollow" on Mondays at 9 p.m. on FOX this fall.

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How 'Game of Thrones' achieved that gruesome special effects shot

How “Game of Thrones” achieved that gruesome special effects shot
Alex Graves, who directed last night’s episode, says: "I storyboarded it for, 'This is when we're going to use Pedro, and this is when we're going to need some kind of a head that can implode.' I sent our makeup supervisor off and he built this head to use for the shots. Then the visual effects guys took it home by putting a little swelling in the head, and making the one eye look really bad. The last composition that we barely got before the sun went down was of the two of them lying dead – the effects team made that even more gruesome. They rearranged some of his brain matter.” PLUS: How long book fans had to wait compared to the TV show fans, and read Twitter's reaction.

Yvonne Strahovski: “Chuck” was cartoonish compared to “24”
Even though both shows required her to play CIA agents, Strahovski says, "“There was a lot of silliness” on “Chuck,” adding: "it’s baseline was comedy. It’s just sort of the complete opposite with something like this. With (‘24’) you have make things seem as real as possible.”

“Breaking Bad,” “The Walking Dead” and “Pretty Little Liars” were Twitter’s top 3 TV shows of last season
Twitter has released data about its first season tracking TV shows.

Why “Jeopardy!” should bring back the 5-win limit
Julia Collins’ winning streak has shown that a dominating player also makes for a banal game show. PLUS: Behind the scenes of a “Jeopardy!” audition, where personality is crucial.

“Fargo’s” deaf actor always wanted to play a villain
Russell Harvard, who plays Mr. Wrench, was so impressive, he was given an extra episode. "I'm just so happy,” he says, "that I was given the opportunity to play somebody that's not myself, that's not me — you know, the villain,”  if you will. ... I've always been motivated to play something like that."

“Silicon Valley” tries to mock the tech industry's sexism, ends up being sexist
Watching the HBO comedy, says Esther Breger, "it seems the greatest effect of Silicon Valley sexism and gender disparity is how hard it makes it for these guys to hook up with women. The jokes’ target is the pathetic, emasculated dudes, sex-starved nerds busy with dick-measuring contests—not the troubling system they’re a part of. Instead of skewering the tech world, the show merely reproduces its toxic mythologies."

“Key & Peele” to introduce Hillary Clinton’s anger translator
The new character will be like “trailer bait” next season.

Disney XD animates Jay Leno and his big chin
See how he looks on next week’s episode of “Phineas and Ferb.”

Amy Poehler’s memoir will address her divorce, plus how Jon Hamm soothed her during pregnancy
A very pregnant Poehler was working on a “Mad Men” sketch on “SNL” when she got word that her doctor had died. Hamm helped calm her down by cracking her up.

Chuck Lorre: “Mom” is my apology for “Two and a Half Men”
"To do a show about people trying to redeem their lives and to salvage and repair the damage they’ve done, for me, it’s an opportunity to apologize for ‘Two and a Half Men,’” Lorre said at the Television academy honors.

Check out Jax Teller’s “Sons of Anarchy” action figure
Here he is in an orange prison jumpsuit.

Jimmy Kimmel’s little sister has her own comedy show on Phoenix TV
"Jill Bryan's Scrumdillyumptious” airs once a month.

A&E’s “The Returned” adds Kevin Alejandro
The “True Blood” alum will play a small-town sheriff on the American adaptation of the French zombie series. PLUS: “Treme’s” India Ennenga also joining “The Returned."

Why it’s OK to have all white male late-night hosts
Keli Goff, who is black, compares late-night to country music. If it’s all right if country music isn’t diverse, then what’s wrong with a lack of late-night diversity?

Watch the trailer for FX’s “You’re the Worst,” an “anti-romantic comedy”
Debuting July 17, “You’re the Worst” features a couple who are literally the worst.

Mindy Kaling: It was “heartbreaking” when “SNL” offered me a writing job, but rejected me as a performer
Kaling auditioned for “Saturday Night Live” while working on “The Office.” But her boss Greg Daniels would only allow her to audition on the condition that she won a job as a performer.

Brooklyn has become the hip place to film TV shows
Not only does “Girls” film there. But Brooklyn has become a popular shooting location for “The Americans,” where it stands in for Washington, D.C., and “The Good Wife” and ABC’s “Black Box.”

Alton Brown going back on tour
The Food Network star is visiting more than 40 cities with the "Alton Brown Live! The Edible Inevitable Tour."

Bravo developing reality shows “#obsessed” and “Apres Ski”
Also on Bravo’s reality development slate: “High Stakes Style.”

A “Late Night” writer for Seth Meyers played young Louis CK on “Louie”
Conner O’Malley is on Seth Meyers’ 1st “Late Night writing staff, just like Louis CK was on Conan O’Brien’s 1st “Late Night” writing staff. PLUS: Can “Louie’s” love exist without sex?

“The Powerpuff Girls” theme gets slow-jammed
Watch an R&B performance of the cartoon’s theme song.

Michelle Forbes talks about her weird “Orphan Black” storyline
“It gets wonderfully weird,” she says.

John Oliver has the clearest explanation of net neutrality
“Net neutrality,” he says, "he only two words that promise more boredom in the English language are 'featuring Sting.’"

Bravo’s “Ladies of London” is “Real Housewives” without “The Real Housewives” name
Premiering tonight, “Ladies” stars several American ex-pats.

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<p>From &quot;Fault in Our Stars&quot;</p>

From "Fault in Our Stars"

Charli XCX's music video goes 'Boom Clap' for 'Fault in Our Stars'

Lots of Shailene Woodley kisses

Undoubtedly, "Fault in Our Stars" fans are gonna feel their heart go "Boom Clap" with the movie's release. Charli XCX's new song is here to just help that whole thing along.

The songwriter/producer dropped the music video for "Boom Clap" today, giving a taste of sweet, fated kisses between Shailene Woodley's Hazel and Ansel Elgort's Gus for the John Boone-directed adaptation. The clip was shot in Amsterdam, which is the same setting as the film.

"Boom Clap" is one of the original songs featured on "The Fault in Our Stars" soundtrack, which is out now ahead of the movie's June 6 release date. The tracklist also includes contributions from Jake Bugg, Ed Sheeran, Ray Lamontagne, Lykke Li, M83 and more. The set bowed at No. 8 on The Billboard 200 and may rise after the film premieres in the U.S.

Charli XCX is helping to lead the singles charts right now with her collaboration on Iggy Azalea's tally-topping "Fancy"; she is currently at work on her second album.

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'X-Men' producers Donner and Kinberg on the past, present, and future of the series
Credit: 20th Century Fox

'X-Men' producers Donner and Kinberg on the past, present, and future of the series

How far ahead are they planning 'X-Men' movies now?

One of the most impressive things about "X-Men: Days Of Future Past" is how it feels like they've reset the entire series to a point, and they can now tell any story they want again with any of the characters they've used so far without worrying about continuity issues.

It is amazing to realize that they've been working with the same cast and many of the same people behind the camera for fourteen years now. Not many series can pull off that sort of longevity without having to shake everything up completely, and yet it looks like Hugh Jackman is signing another deal to keep playing Wolverine and now the series has a second wind with some of the hottest new stars in Hollywood including Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence.

I reached out to Lauren Shuler-Donner and Simon Kinberg and asked them if we could sit down and discuss the series, the choices they made about this film, and what they see as the future of the franchise, and so the day after Memorial Day, we all hopped on the phone and dug right in.

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Jack White

Stream Jack White's new album, 'Lazaretto' in full

Singer returns to stage after issuing his massive apology

Jack White, who issued an apology—sort of— to The Black Keys, Meg White, Adele, and lots of other folks on Saturday, continues to build up to the June 10 release of his new solo album, “Lazaretto.”

Today, a fourth track from the album, “Temporary Ground,” emerged, following White’s debuting the song at Houston’s Free Press Summer Festival yesterday. He performs the country-flecked song acoustically after he has a little trouble with the power.

You can here the album version on iTunes, which is streaming “Lazaretto” in full.


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Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake's heartwarming 'Not A Bad Thing' video: Watch

Superstar performs interspersed with fan-submitted photos showing 'love'

Justin Timberlake’s new video for his current Top 10 hit, “Not A Bad Thing” features videos, photos, and messages sent in from fans and their interpretation of love, interspersed with footage of Timberlake performing the song in concert. He introduces the video thanking fans for showing him "a million reasons why love is not a bad thing." Then he hits the stage to perform the loping, mid-tempo ballad.

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'Halt and Catch Fire' watched by just 1.2 million after AMC put the pilot online

“Halt and Catch Fire” watched by just 1.2 million after AMC put the pilot online
It’s unclear what impact the two-week preview will have on the ‘80s-set computer drama, but its TV launch had 900,000 fewer viewers than the premiere of “Turn."

“Game of Thrones” matches its series high for post-holiday Mountain vs. Viper episode
Previous post-Memorial Day “Game of Thrones” episodes have seen a decline.

Oprah to reunite 3 “Love Boat” stars
"Oprah: Where Are They Now?” next week catches up with Ted Lange, Cynthia Lauren Tewes and Jill Whelan.

CW announces August return for “America’s Next Top Model"
Tyra Banks returns for Cycle 21 on Aug. 22.

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