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"Silicon Valley"

"Silicon Valley"

Credit: HBO

'Silicon Valley' recap: It's Richard's time to shine - but can he?

Hooli looks unbeatable, so it's up to the Pied Piper crew to get creative

I had been wondering how the first season of "Silicon Valley" might wrap, as things had been looking mighty dour for Pied Piper in the last few episodes. As has been mentioned, long ago VHS beat out the superior Betamax technology, and Hooli seemed poised to do something similar by stealing the Pied Piper programming and making it their own. A complete failure for Pied Piper at TechCrunch wouldn't have meant the end of the show (it's already been renewed for another season), but it would have sent it spinning in a different direction, and likely a dark one.

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<p>Silicon Valley</p>

Silicon Valley

Credit: HBO

Season finale review: 'Silicon Valley' - 'Optimal Tip-to-Tip Efficiency'

Richard tries to salvage Pied Piper's TechCrunch Disrupt pitch

A quick review of the "Silicon Valley" season finale coming up just as soon as I pivot from social media to a playground for the sexually monstrous...

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"The Bachelorette"

"The Bachelorette"

Credit: ABC

'Bachelorette': Is it time for someone to rat on the player?

A phone number causes a whole lot of tension for the guys

I have to wonder if it's written into some unlucky guy's contract each season that he will be outed as the slimy villain of the show, because it certainly seems that way. This week, in the first part of a two-night "The Bachelorette" special, we learn that one guy got the number of a restaurant hostess while the guys were eating out sans Andi -- and he may or may not have bragged about it. Needless to say, all the guys who are "there for the right reasons" (drink!) are incensed. It's remarkable we don't see more beat downs on this show, but who knows what ends up on the editing room floor, right?

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Credit: FOX

Review: 'Enlisted' - 'Prank War'

The military comedy returns with another funny episode

"Enlisted" returned to television tonight, and I have a quick review of the latest episode coming up just as soon as I cover my junk with excuses...

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Ann B. Davis, 'The Brady Bunch's' housekeeper Alice, dies at 88

Ann B. Davis, "The Brady Bunch's" housekeeper Alice, dies at 88
TMZ reports that Davis "fell in her bathroom early this morning and hit her head causing grave damage." She had been healthy for her age, TMZ reports, and her death comes as a shock. Davis appeared on "The Talk" in February via video in celebration of Florence Henderson's 80th birthday. PLUS: Watch Davis' Emmy TV Legends interview, and read her obituary.

The real Springfield is getting a “Simpsons” mural
Matt Groening’s hometown and “The Simpsons” producers are collaborating on a mural in downtown Springfield, Oregon.

Oprah: $2 billion was my limit for buying The Clippers
Oprah Winfrey says the bidding took place while she was filming the Martin Luther King Jr. biopic “Selma.”

“Crossbones” has a solid debut
The John Malkovich pirate drama had the same ratings as “Hannibal’s” 2nd season premiere in the same timeslot.

“30 Rock’s” Keith Powell joins “The Newsroom”
He’ll play the new human resources VP at Atlantis Cable News.

Ian Somerhalder posts a photo of his “Vampire Diaries” character’s gravestone
“Rest in Peace Damon Salvatore.”

Ginnifer Goodwin welcomes a baby with “Once Upon a Time” co-star Josh Dallas
Their baby boy was born on Thursday.


“Sherlock” Season 3 coming to Netflix
The three episodes of the 3rd season premiere on Monday with special making-of specials called “Sherlock Uncovered."

Giuliana and Bill’s surrogate suffers a miscarriage
The E! "Giuliana and Bill” stars have been trying to have another baby.

Kaley Cuoco really does chop off her hair
“The Big Bang Theory” star now has a pixie haircut.

“My Boys” alum Jordana Spiro is pregnant
Spiro has been recurring on “The Good Wife."

“Sleepy Hollow’s” Tom Mison weds
The actor, who plays Ichabod Crane, got married more than a month ago.

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Foo Fighters

UPDATED: Foo Fighters tease 'Sonic Highways' HBO series and album: Watch

Dave Grohl narrates new clip

Calling the Foo Fighters’ new album and companion HBO series, “a musical map of America,  Davd Grohl explains the concept behind the band’s decision to record each song in a different studio across the country in a new trailer for “Sonic Highways.”

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<p>Scoot McNairy of &quot;Halt and Catch Fire&quot;</p>

Scoot McNairy of "Halt and Catch Fire"

Credit: AMC

Interview: Scoot McNairy on 'Halt and Catch Fire'

'Monsters' star also says we haven't seen Gareth Edwards' true capabilities yet

Scoot McNairy had a resume of TV guest spots and indie movie roles when he appeared as one of the two leads in the minimalist creature feature "Monsters." The low-budget film didn't exactly set the global box office on fire, but it served as a calling card for its director, Gareth Edwards.

It also positioned McNairy for a run of character actor ubiquity with memorable roles -- if you happened to see the films -- in "Killing Them Softly," "Promised Land" and "Touchy Feely." He has also become a Best Picture lucky charm with important parts in "Argo" and "12 Years a Slave."

McNairy transitions to TV leading man status in Sunday (June 1) night's premiere of AMC's "Halt and Catch Fire."

In the '80s-set computer drama, McNairy plays Gordon Clark, formerly promising computer wizard who has put many of his ambitions on hold to try to live a more stable life with his wife (fellow "Argo" veteran Kerry Bishe) and kids. Frustrated and disappointed at the direction his career has taken, Gordon gets recruited by newly arrived hotshot Joe MacMillan (Lee Pace) for an ethically problematic project that might be his second and last chance.

You've perhaps already seen my chat with Lee Pace about Joe's motivations and his skills.

Now, here's my conversation with McNairy about what drives Gordon, about reuniting with Bishe, about his own technical acumen and about the impact of "Monsters" on his career.

Check out the full Q&A...

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"Orphan Black"
Credit: BBC America

'Orphan Black' recap: Sarah and Mrs. S make a big game move

It's time to shake Rachel to the core, but at what price?

We all knew the discovery of Swan Man would have devastating consequences, though (as usual with "Orphan Black") I couldn't begin to predict what might come to pass. The construction of this episode never felt cavalier, though -- even in one, beautifully random moment that delivered one hell of a shock. 

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Emily Blunt says 'Into the Woods' looks 'absolutely beautiful'

Emily Blunt says 'Into the Woods' looks 'absolutely beautiful'

'Edge of Tomorrow' weighs in on her own singing prowess

LONDON - My dad took me to see "Into the Woods" during its original run in 1988. 

It was my first Broadway show and Stephen Sondheim's twisted take on classic fairy tales has been amongst my favorite musicals ever since. It's full of beautiful, complicated music and I notice new lyrical nuances every time I listened to the soundtrack.

So I wasn't just blowing smoke when I told Emily Blunt that I'm looking forward to Rob Marshall's big screen adaptation, which will premiere this Christmas.

I was talking with Blunt at a London hotel last week about her upcoming action film "Edge of Tomorrow" -- I agree with my colleague Drew McWeeny's enthusiastic review -- and I made sure to slip in an "Into the Woods" query at the end.

"I think we have been very, very loyal to the original musical," Blunt told me. She's playing The Baker's Wife, a role which won Joanna Gleason a Tony and Imelda Staunton an Olivier for the New York and London premieres.

In the snippet above, Blunt talks about Marshall's dark vision for The Woods and the musical chops for a cast that includes Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, Johnny Depp, Chris Pine and James Corden.

It's clear that she's excited about the movie and I love the little grace note at the end with Blunt geeking out about her interactions with Sondheim.

Stay tuned next week for my full "Edge of Tomorrow" interview, in which Blunt talks about doing action in a weighty suit, killing Tom Cruise (not a spoiler) and her interest in sci-fi-tinged films about fate.

"Edge of Tomorrow" opens on June 6.

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UPDATE: 'Anchorman's' Adam McKay confirms he won't direct 'Ant-Man'

UPDATE: 'Anchorman's' Adam McKay confirms he won't direct 'Ant-Man'

Will Ferrell's longtime partner won't replace Edgar Wright

UPDATE: After we broke the story on Saturday that McKay would in fact not be replacing Edgar Wright as the director of "Ant-Man," the "Anchorman" helmer confirmed our story by tweeting that, although he had indeed met with Marvel about taking on the job, his plate is already too full to commit:

ORIGINAL STORY: With cast and crew already in Atlanta, Marvel Studios is no doubt anxious to try and salvage its big screen version of "Ant-Man."  The shocking departure of Edgar Wright from the project a little over a week ago over the notorious "creative differences" leaving the Disney division scrambling to find another notable helmer to replace him.  Contrary to reports, it will not be Adam McKay.

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Angelina Jolie in "Maleficent"

Angelina Jolie in "Maleficent"

Credit: Walt Disney Studios

Tell us what you thought of 'Maleficent'

Angelina Jolie stars in Disney's big summer fantasy

I haven't seen Disney's "Maleficent" yet so I have no opinion. To go by critics — 50% at Rotten Tomatoes in both the larger compendium and in the "cream of the crop" as well, plus a 56 Metacritic score — it's a divisive affair. In some corners there are even those preferring it to be graded on a curve because it features a female in the lead, while others have bored down to how the story it tells about that female gets at the heart of what's problematic about it being a children's film. Again, I have no take on it, but it's interesting to see the opinions fly from the sidelines.

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'Maleficent' co-star Sam Riley and director Robert Stromberg discuss their Disney hit

'Maleficent' co-star Sam Riley and director Robert Stromberg discuss their Disney hit

What did Riley get from studying birds? And what wouldn't Disney let Stromberg change?

After taking in over $24 million in its Friday (May 30) opening, "Maleficent" is well on its way to being an early summer success for Disney.

Two weeks ago, I sat down with several of the key "Maleficent" players to discuss their revisionist take on "Sleeping Beauty."

Perhaps you may have already check out my chats with Shalto Copley and Elle Fanning.

Here are my last two interviews.

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