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'Mad Men's' Season 7 premiere was its lowest since 2008

“Mad Men's" Season 7 premiere was its lowest since 2008
Roughly 2.3 million viewers watched the Season 7 premiere, down 30% from last year’s premiere.

FearNet is folding
The channel specializing in horror, suspense and thrillers will be folded into Chiller and Syfy after Comcast took 100% ownership in the cable network.

Joe Buck weds
The Fox Sports NFL and MLB broadcaster tied the knot with the NFL Network's Michelle Beisner, whom he met at last year's Super Bowl.

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"Everest Jump Live"

"Everest Jump Live"

Credit: Discovery

'Everest Jump Live' finally gets an air date, maybe

Joby Ogwyn's journey up - and off - Everest is set

If you thought Nik Wallenda's tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon (actually, the Little Colorado River Navajo Tribal Park if you want to be picky about it) seemed like a logistical nightmare, you'll appreciate the inherent challenges of Discovery's latest project. "Everest Jump Live" will not only have to wait for climber Joby Ogwyn to scramble up Mt. Everest, the weather will also need to be conducive for him jumping off of it in a wingsuit. Given that sudden weather changes account for a fair number of climber deaths, the May 11th 9:00 p.m. ET time slot has a caveat -- weather permitting. 

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Behind the scenes: 'Game of Thrones' spent 1 week filming last night’s big scene

Behind the scenes: “Game of Thrones” spent 1 week filming last night’s big scene
The shoot used real birds and 200 extras. PLUS: How what happened, happened.

Discovery schedules the live Mt. Everest jump for Sunday, May 11
May 11 was the best opportunity to do the jump due to the weather.

Conan and JB Smoove engage in “erotic exercise rehearsal” together
Watch an outtake from the scrap heap.

“24” vet lands on “Covert Affairs”
Nazneen Contractor, who played Kayla Hassan on “24” Season 8, will recur on the USA drama as Calder’s love interest.

Jimmy Fallon sings "La Bamba" with his entire “Tonight Show” staff
Watch their celebration of three million YouTube subscribers.

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The Black Keys
Credit: Nonesuch

The Black Keys turn back time on new track, 'Turn Blue'

Listen to the trippy title tune from their new album

The Black Keys’ title track to “ Turn Blue” is a slinky, retro-sounding, mid-tempo track that expands the soundscape heard on “Turn Blue’s” first single, “Fever.”

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Did 'Game of Thrones' raise the bar with last night’s shocker?

Did “Game of Thrones” raise the bar with last night’s shocker?
Why "The Lion and the Rose” was one of the most satisfying hours of TV ever made. PLUS: The 50 greatest reactions to last night’s shocker, read an “in memoriam” tribute, George R.R. Martin answers the question of who did it, listen to Sigur Ros’ “GoT” cover, and Reek speaks.

Logo pulls “RuPaul’s Drag Race” episode after outcry over “she-male”
The transphobic slur was used in a “You’ve got she-mail” challenge, and in intros.

Elisabeth Moss sees the future of “Mad Men’s” Peggy Olson when she watches “The Good Wife”
"Diane Lockhart is a character on the show,” she says of Christine Baranski’s character. "I was actually watching her last night, going, 'That's who Peggy would be.' This strong woman who's sort of at the top of her game. I think that's who she would be, but in advertising instead of law.” PLUS: Jessica Paré was nervous driving a stick shift, was that another allusion to the Manson murders?, and what was up with that weird Bourbon ad?

Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s visit to Rob Ford’s YouTube web show
On the Google Hangout chat, Kimmel wore the same outfit the Toronto mayor wore during his visit to “Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Netflix's “Hemlock Grove” returns July 11
Watch the Season 2 teaser for the Eli Roth supernatural thriller.

Talk shows are using Emma Stone’s Spice Girls obsession to try and create viral moments
On her latest press tour, Stone has been asked repeatedly about her Spice Girl obsession. It happened on Jimmy Kimmel two weeks ago, when Stone proved to be a Spice Girl superfan by recreating their autographs. On Graham Norton last week, she was tricked into thinking the Spice Girls were actually there.

USA renews “Chrisley Knows Best”
The "Patriarch of Perfection” reality show will be back for a 2nd season.

Edie Falco talks about the “Nurse Jackie” season premiere
The Showtime series returned after last season’s relapse. PLUS: Laura Benanti will recur this season.

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<p>Bubba Watson gets his Masters green jacket</p>

Bubba Watson gets his Masters green jacket

Credit: AP

TV Ratings: Masters overrun, '60 Minutes' lead CBS Sunday while 'Once' and 'Cosmos' dip

'Crisis' gets a tiny bump, while 'Resurrection' slows its decline

Fast National ratings for Sunday, April 13, 2014.

With 11 minutes of Masters coverage overrun and a Pope Francis-centric installment of "60 Minutes," CBS' Sunday primetime got off to a strong start and then the network cruised to an easy overall win and a tight victory in the key demographic. 

A down week for "Once Upon a Time" pushed ABC to second in the key demo, leaving the network to take some solace in the smallest "Resurrection" drops to date. 

Speaking of declines, FOX's full lineup from "Bob's Burgers" through to "Cosmos" was down. 

NBC had slightly better news with week-to-week bumps for both "American Dream Builders" and "Crisis" and stability for "Believe," not that any of those numbers were actually especially good.

[As usual, ratings for cable offerings including the MTV Movie Awards and the "Mad Men" premiere will be available later in the day.]

On to Sunday's ratings...

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George R.R. Martin on “Game of Thrones” shocker: 'I didn’t want it to be unrelentingly bleak'

George R.R. Martin on “Game of Thrones” shocker: "I didn’t want it to be unrelentingly bleak”
"I’ve been pretty outspoken in my desire to write a story where decisions have consequences and no one is safe,” says Martin of the events of last night’s episode. "But I didn’t want it to be unrelentingly bleak—I don’t think everyone would read the books if everything was just darkness and despair and people being horribly tortured and mutilated and dying. Every once in a while you have to give the good guys a victory — where the guys who are perhaps a lighter shade of grey have a victory over the guys who are a darker shade of grey. The Red Wedding and this — fans call this the Purple Wedding — occur in the same book. In the TV show, it’s separate seasons.” PLUS: That wedding was stunning, subtle, horrific — even before the final scene, “GoT” showrunners talk about the Purple Wedding -- and almost casting somebody else as King Joffrey, says last night’s director: "I basically was just ripping off Robert Altman,” Sophie Turner found that final day of shooting devastating, he looked like a cross between Caligula and an evil Bratz doll, what if the media reported last night’s shocking event?, the cast found filming to be traumatic, this was a truly sad event, introducing the “GoT” sex chart, Purple Wedding made Stephen King happy, why you shouldn’t celebrate this twist, and it’s true — he’s retiring!

Jon Hamm said “Woah” when watching Don Draper's “Mad Men” premiere scene with that 90s TV star
“It was remarkably affecting,” he said of that scene. Why? "Because we shot it a million years ago and I’d forgotten about it. But it’s a beautiful moment, and she’s so good in it. It’s nice to see her again on screen. It’s this weirdly tender moment that kind of comes out of left field. I was pleasantly surprised by it.” PLUS: Hamm sought advice from Bryan Cranston and Tina Fey on how to say goodbye to Don, how that 90s TV star got the part, why Matthew Weiner casts famous guest-stars, this episode had one of the best elongated moments "Mad Men” has ever used, "Freddy Rumsen" on playing Don's voice, what's up with Freddy?, what a boring season premiere, this felt redundant, it was like the beginning of "The Godfather," was that an homage to “The Graduate”?, and this was an excellent stating point for a jam-packed season premiere.

How Conan O’Brien filmed 50 celebrity cameos in 3 weeks for his MTV Movie Awards opening
"We had this lean, mean SEAL Team Six machine,” says Troy Miller, who directed and produced the segment. "We'd come in, get it from six different angles and people would be out in six minutes.” PLUS: Mark Wahlberg drops many F-bombs during his acceptance speech.

Turner Classic Movies launched 20 years ago today
TCM will celebrate today’s anniversary with tonight’s retrospective, “TCM: Twenty Classic Moments."

“Wheel of Fortune” contestant doesn’t regret mispronouncing “Achilles” to lose out on $1 million
“It was a dream,” said Indiana University freshman Julian Batts. “It was one of the greatest experiences I’ve accomplished so far.”

Why Yahoo! will likely fail in its effort to spend lots of money on prestigious TV shows
As FX boss John Landgraf explains, “It is the pure arrogance of the newly rich and the newly powerful to think content is easy. Breaking through in a cluttered marketplace requires expertise in all of the elements of storytelling. There are so many ways it can go wrong.”

Watch Jimmy Fallon let loose in a bar
“The Tonight Show” host seems to be spending a lot of time in bars in recent days.

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<p>Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald</p>

Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald

Credit: DreamWorks Studios

Former DreamWorks chiefs to produce drug-smuggling drama 'See No Evil'

'Salt' writer Kurt Wimmer will adapt the screenplay from a Wired article

The husband-and-wife producer team of Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald have a pretty interesting résumé, as these things go: their credits range from blockbusters like "Men in Black" to specialty passion projects like Guillermo Arriaga's "The Burning Plain."

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<p>Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) enjoys his wedding reception on &quot;Game of Thrones.&quot;</p>

Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) enjoys his wedding reception on "Game of Thrones."

Credit: HBO

'Game of Thrones' director Alex Graves on filming Joffrey's wedding

What was it like directing the long, sprawling, eventful sequence?

Alex Graves is one of television's best directors, having jumped from "The West Wing" to be a sought-after director of pilots like "Fringe" and "Terra Nova." Last year, he joined the "Game of Thrones" directing rotation and made an immediate impression with his debut episodes, "And Now His Watch Is Ended" (which concludes with Daenerys leading a slave uprising in Astapor) and "Kissed by Fire" (which features Jaime's intimate confession to Brienne in the bathhouse).

He returned to the series with last night's "The Lion and the Rose" (I reviewed it here), which features perhaps the longest single scene in the show's history as well as one of its most pivotal story points. Spoilers for that, and then a long discussion with Graves about what went into directing both this episode and "Game of Thrones" in general, coming up just as soon as we give all the leftover food to the dogs...

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Best and worst of the 2014 MTV Movie Awards: Zac Efron, Mark Wahlberg, Paul Walker
Credit: AP Photo (Jared Leto and Mark Wahlberg); MTV (Rita Ora and Zac Efron)

Best and worst of the 2014 MTV Movie Awards: Zac Efron, Mark Wahlberg, Paul Walker

From emcee Conan O'Brien to no-show Jennifer Lawrence

The 2014 MTV Movie Awards are in the history books and it was "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" that walked away the evening's big champ. The show was hosted by Conan O'Brien and featured an array of other goodies, from exclusive upcoming movie clips to star performances from the likes of Rihanna and Eminem. What was the good, the bad and the ugly of the ceremony? Click through the gallery story below to see what Team HitFix had to say about that.

After checking out our gallery, vote for your favorite moment in the poll further down.

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<p>Nobody was very excited about this Detour</p>

Nobody was very excited about this Detour

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'The Amazing Race: All-Stars' - 'The Gladiators are Here!'

The teams head to Roman and face gladiatorial combat and stair-counting

Every once in a while, I like for somebody on "The Amazing Race" to really impress me. And I'm easily impressed. When the Hockey Brothers were throwing casks over their shoulders and running up hills? That impressed me. Heck, when Mark put together that car with the instructions in a language he couldn't understand? That impressed me. 

Sunday (April 13) night's confusing episode of "The Amazing Race" offered a low bar for achievement: I wanted somebody to know Roman Numerals. For what it's worth, *I* don't know Roman Numerals. Well, I know some Roman Numerals, but usually I know them if I can work backwards to some degree. Like if I'm looking at a motion picture copyright date, I usually have a vague sense of when the movie was released and I can figure out the actual date from that. So when it comes to Roman Numerals, I don't impress myself, but I would have liked to have been impressed by somebody else.

I was not.

It was a weird "Amazing Race" episode in which the majority of the teams picked what was clearly the wrong Detour, nobody succeeded in just doing the Roadblock on their own and the results of the Leg were determined partially by a couple cab errors I don't understand, partially decided by inexplicably altruistic teamwork and partially determined by a bizarre physical miscalculation.

So... Huh?

I guess I'm going to recap Sunday's episode after the break, as best I can, but I'm not sure I understood a lot of it. It's like it was ALL in Roman Numerals.

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<p>Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson in &quot;Mad Men.&quot;</p>

Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson in "Mad Men."

Credit: AMC

Season premiere review: 'Mad Men' - 'Time Zones'

Big changes hit both coasts as Don, Peggy and company begin their final season

"Mad Men" is back for the start of its seventh season — which is or isn't the final season depending on whether you value contractual language (which says it is) over scheduling (which will give us seven episodes this spring and seven more next year) — and I have a review of the premiere coming up just as soon as I'm seated next to a man in a hairpiece eating a banana...

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