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Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves releases new tune, 'The Trailer Song'

No, that's not her underwear hanging on the line, thank you very much

Kacey Musgraves, who hits the road with Katy Perry on Sunday (22) in Raleigh, N.C., performed a new tune, “The Trailer Song,” on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” last Friday and now a recorded version of the song is available for purpose on iTunes starting today.

It's the first new music from Musgraves since the release of her Grammy-winning album, "Same Trailer, Different Park." The song, which melodically resembles a slowed-down “Merry Go Round” at times,” is an intentionally old-school, traditional country track about nosy neighbors.

“You ain’t got to act like you’re borrowing eggs just to see if my dishes are washed/What’s it to you if it’s Wednesday afternoon and I’ve traded my ice tea for scotch,” she sung. While her short black shorts were definitely not standard issue country, her hair —teased into a mini-bouffant— recalled early Loretta, Tammy and Dolly.

No word on the song, which she performs in concerts and has played at the Grand Ole Opry,, will be on her follow up to  “Same Trailer.”  Musgraves wrote the song with Shane McAnally and Brandy Clark, with whom she also penned “Follow Your Arrow.”

Musgraves' episode of CMT's "Crossroads" with Perry is airing now. Below is the "Tonight Show" version of the song. Fans can buy a studio version through her website or iTunes.

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'Big Brother' will have 2 heads of households this season

“Big Brother” will have 2 heads of households this season
Julie Chen says that four contestants will be up for eviction each week as a result of the new twist, which won't guarantee that a HOH is safe from eviction. Producers will also use a "Battle of the Block" competition to shift power in the house, and fans will be able to influence what goes on via a "Team America" twist.

Showtime orders “Roadies” from Cameron Crowe and J.J. Abrams
The rock ’n’ roll tour comedy series will also involve “My So-Called Life” creator Winnie Holzman.

Adam Levine: "I’m not going to lie to you, I think there are problems” on “The Voice”
The Maroon 5 singer tells Rolling stone: “Millions . . . watch the show every week and fall in love with a singer, then you don’t hear much from them. We haven’t had a breakout success like Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood.”

Aaliyah’s family has hired a lawyer to block Lifetime’s biopic
The family is miffed that it wasn’t contacted about the movie, and family members intend to block Lifetime from using any of her music.

AMC will marathon every “The Walking Dead” episode starting on the 4th of July
The “Dead, White and Blue” will lead into the "Talking Dead Season 5 Preview Special” airing on Sunday, July 6.

China’s Community Party: “House of Cards” shows how widespread corruption is in the U.S.
Party’s Discipline Inspection Commission published an article yesterday on the Netflix series, saying, “Are these plots real? Is America that corrupted? In fact, if you dive deep into these issues, you will discover that the corruption problems in developed Western nations such as the U.S. are widespread.”

“Vikings” adds 3
New additions for Season 3 include the Emperor Charles of France and his self-possessed daughter.

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Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea's 'Fancy' still rides high on singles chart

Nico & Vinz and Magic! also soaring with debut

Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,” featuring Charli XCX, remains in the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 as the Australian rapper’s break through single spends its fourth week at No. 1.

She also holds at No. 2 as the featured guest on Ariana Grande’s “Problem.”  We’ll see if her guest spot on T.I.’s new track, “No Mediocre,” also zooms onto the chart.

Newcomers Magic! continue their zoom up the charts as first single, “Rude,” soars 7-3, pushing John Legend’s “All of Me” down one spot to No. 4. Learn more about reggae/pop act here.

Jason Derulo’s “Wiggle,” featuring Snoop Dogg, stays at No. 5 (Snoop Dogg also comes onto the chart at No. 26 as the guest on Psy’s “Hangover” at No. 26.). DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s  “Turn Down For What” drops 4-6.

Pop duo Nico & Vinz’s “Am I Wrong” continues its upward trajectory, rising 8-7. Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” drops 6-8. Both Calvin Harris’ “Summer” and Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” stay at No. 9 and No. 10 respectively, according to Billboard.

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<p>Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones.</p>

Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones.

Credit: HBO

Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 235: 'Game of Thrones,' 'Fargo' & 'Louie' finales

Dan and Alan also review 'Rectify' season 2 and some underwhelming new shows


Happy Wednesday, boys and girls! We weren't able to do a video show this week, and given what an eventful week it was — with finales of three different great series, plus a bunch of notable debuts, plus our ongoing "Friday Night Lights" season 2 rewatch — we wound up recording what may well be the longest Firewall & Iceberg Podcast ever. Buckle up for spoilers, many references to "Fargo" wedding rings, even more discussion of rape and rape(ish) scenes on television, and Dan actually being sympathetic to poor baby Gracie Belle for what may be the first time in history.

The rundown: 

"Rectify"(00:01:20 - 00:12:30)
"Almost Royal" (00:12:45 - 00:19:20)
"Musketeers" (00:19:20 - 00:25:49)
"The Last Ship" (00:25:50 - 00:37:10)
"Game of Thrones" (00:37:30 - 01:13:10)
"Louie" (01:13:20 - 01:39:15)
"Fargo" (01:39:20 - 02:06:50)
"Friday Night Lights" (02:06:55 - 02:24:00)
As always, send questions to You can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. Or you can always follow our RSS Feed, download the MP3 file, subscribe on IHeartRadio or stream it on Dan's blog.

There's also now a complete archive of all the podcasts to date.

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Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 235

Dan and Alan talk 'Game of Thrones,' 'Fargo,' 'Louie,' 'Rectify' and much more


Happy Wednesday, Boys & Girls. Time for an obscenely long installment of the Firewall & Iceberg Podcast.

Seriously. This is ridiculous. And it's my fault because I couldn't do a video show on Tuesday, which would have condensed some of these pieces to a more manageable length. 

But even if we'd split things over two shows, this week still featured finales for "Game of Thrones," "Louie" and "Fargo" and those were all going to deserve lots of conversation time. And we still had to talk about the "Friday Night Lights" episode in which Mrs. Coach tries to broil Alien Baby Gracie Belle in the Texas heat. And then there were four reviews we had to do, including "Rectify," which we love, and a trio of new shows, which we don't love.

In all, the running time here is 2:25, which may or may not be a record. So take your time. There's lots of good discussion, but nobody needs to listen to me and Sepinwall for 145 minutes straight.

Here's today's breakdown:
"Rectify"(00:01:20 - 00:12:30)
"Almost Royal" (00:12:45 - 00:19:20)
"Musketeers" (00:19:20 - 00:25:49)
"The Last Ship" (00:25:50 - 00:37:10)
"Game of Thrones" (00:37:30 - 01:13:10)
"Louie" (01:13:20 - 01:39:15)
"Fargo" (01:39:20 - 02:06:50)
"Friday Night Lights" (02:06:55 - 00:24:00)

As always, you can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. [Or you can always follow our RSS Feed or subscribe on IHeartRadio.] 


And as always, feel free to e-mail us questions for the podcast.


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Mindy Kaling and Carson Daly to announce the Primetime Emmy nominees

Mindy Kaling and Carson Daly to announce the Primetime Emmy nominees
The Fox star and “The Voice” host will present the nominees early on the morning of July 10.

Queen Elizabeth II to visit the “Game of Thrones” set
The British queen and her husband, Prince Philip, will tour the Belfast studios where the HBO series is filmed, next week.

“Game of Thrones” creators: Season 5 could be “the strongest yet”
Some book readers worry that Season 5 isn’t as compelling as the previous seasons. But David Benioff and Dan Weiss don’t see it that way: "For season 5 ... the fear started to dissipate when we outlined it and realized how much story we had to tell. Now that we’re nearly finished with the first drafts of each episode, we see no reason why the coming season shouldn’t be the strongest yet.”

Wil Wheaton presents a “Brady Bunch”-themed “Game of Thrones” opening
“The Wil Wheaton Project” also presented a supercut of “Game of Throne” theme covers.

“The Shield’s” Michael Jace pleads not guilty to killing his wife
The actor is currently being held on $2 million bail.

Check out the “Big Brother 16” house
There will be a “Fire Bedroom" this season.

“Angel” alum J. August Richards will play gay for “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce”
He’ll be married to Patrick Heusinger's character, Max, on the Bravo series.

TMZ’s CW reality show “Famous in 12” bombs
Just 628,000 viewers watched the reality show that has a family seek fame with the help of TMZ.

TCM to honor Quincy Jones
On Monday, Robert Osbourne and the 81-year-old music legend will host a series of films featuring Jones’ scores, from the original “Italian Job” to “In the Heat of the Night."

Carol Leifer: “Seinfeld” scrapped my idea of Elaine wearing a fanny pack
As she explained on Reddit, "I always thought it would be a great Elaine story if she started to use that, the fanny pack, as a way to make her day in New York a lot less taxing, you know -- getting the first taxi because she looked pregnant, getting concert tickets first because people saw her standing in line, and I think they always liked the notion of it but it never became an episode.” PLUS: Jerry Seinfeld takes his 1st selfie, and John O’Hurley recalls a lost J. Peterman monologue.

“Book of Mormon” gets mashed up with “South Park”
Watch the “Hello” opening with “South Park”-style animation.

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'Jurassic World' director teases his dinosaurs on Twitter
Credit: Universal Pictures

'Jurassic World' director teases his dinosaurs on Twitter

Looks like we'll see some old-school full-sized puppets in this one

Only time will tell if Colin Trevorrow gets "Jurassic World" right, but I think at this point it's safe to say that he gets Twitter right.

I'm impressed by the way he handled the leak of the early story details. Instead of going into defensive mode, he steered right into it, and he seemed happy to confirm some things while denying others. More than anything, it felt like he was clarifying because he knows what it's like to be a fan who is soaking up every little tiny bit of information that comes out about something.

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Jay Leno to be honored with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor

Jay Leno to be honored with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor
The former “Tonight Show” host will be honored in a Kennedy Center ceremony on Oct. 19 that PBS will broadcast on Nov. 23. The recent previous recipients of the Mark Twain Prize include Carol Burnett, Ellen DeGeneres, Will Ferrell, Tina Fey and Bill Cosby.

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<p>&quot;The Night Shift&quot;</p>

"The Night Shift"

Credit: NBC

TV Ratings: NBC wins Tuesday with slipping 'America's Got Talent,' 'Night Shift'

The CW's 'Famous in 12' is wasting away

Fast National ratings for June 17, 2014.

Even without competition from the NBA Finals, NBC's "America's Got Talent" and "Night Shift" were both down week to week, but even in decline the two shows swept their hours and led NBC to Tuesday domination in all measures.

After benching "Riot" and "I Wanna Marry 'Harry,'" FOX got only marginal improvement from a quartet of comedy repeats, while the already tepid interest in The CW's "Famous in 12" may be dwindling.

On to the numbers...

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Josh Groban

Josh Groban on 'Rising Star' and lessons learned from Kelly Ripa

What makes the singer feel like 'half a person?'


Josh Groban is, of course, known for his warm baritone, but he also has proven quite an affable host, as his guest stints on “Live With Kelly” showed.  The long-running morning show used his as a frequent fill in and the rumor was that he was considered a possible replacement for Regis Philbin before ultimately selecting Michael Strahan.

So it makes sense that Groban will serve as host for “Rising Star,” ABC’s new summer talent competition. He tells Hitfix that he’s certainly seen the work of fellow singing show hosts “American Idol’s” Ryan Seacrest and “The Voice’s” Carson Daly, but he plans to set his own path.

“I think the reason they got me is I’m me,” he says. “I don’t want it to be anything other than what I have to offer. Maybe they’ll like it maybe they won’t.”

He adds that he learned a lot about live TV from his co-hosting duties with Kelly Ripa: “When you have someone as brilliant as Kelly to riff off of and have dialogue with, she makes it look easy,” he says. “When you can make it look easy and put the audience at ease, that’s when it’s the best. That’s what I learned from that experience.”

Though he’s a host, he’ll also serve as an expert, “to give [the contestants] advice before they go out there, to talk to them about their song choices, to talk to them about bringing out that uniqueness that they may not know they have.”  The official experts are Kesha, Brad Paisley and Ludacris. Check out our interview with Kesha here.

Groban goes back on tour in August, while “Rising Star” is still in its 10-week run. It will be a bit of a juggling act, he admits: “I’m going to do a little flying. I’m going to have some great outdoor orchestra concerts this summer, mostly on the east coast this summer.”

“Rising Star,” which debuts June 22,  will rely on the experts and Groban, to mentor the contestants, who then perform in front of a wall. As viewers at home vote on whether the contestant should go on to the next level, the wall will either rise —if they get enough votes to pass on to the next round— or stay down. While the experts will get to vote (their total vote share is 7%), the fate of the contestants is in the hands of the at-home viewers and the results will be immediately known. To be able to vote, viewers can download the “Rising Star” app here.

Groban also explains in the video how the show works for viewers on the west coast, given that “Rising Star” airs live and the results are announced in real time. The short answer is yes,  Pacific time zone votes will count too.

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A 'True Blood' musical is in the works

A “True Blood” musical is in the works
The HBO drama’s composer, Nathan Barr, has pitched a “True Blood: The Musical” that would focus on Sookie Stackhouse. "I think we're really going to try to return to the roots of the show,” says Barr, who got some help from Stephen Moyer in his presentation to HBO.

“Fargo” creator: We’re not like Rust Cohle — "This is a more optimistic view of the world”
Noah Hawley says he wanted to create a show that wasn’t like the “True Detectives” of the world. "One of the things that I take pride in is that ‘Fargo' is a very different story than the sort of haunted-demon-hunter-cop stories that have become the norm for us,” he says. "This idea that in order to protect the innocent, these men who fight evil have to become these tortured figures. That may be true, but certainly in the assignment I was given, there was a basic decency to Molly and Gus and Lou and Bill. Nobody is saying, we are good with a capital G, they’re saying we’re decent with a small d.” PLUS: Hawley says it would be disingenuous to bring back Season 1 characters for a 2nd season, how Lorne Malvo won, Hawley calls the ending a “big deal” because it’s a hero moment and morally questionable, Hawley says 10 episodes ended up being the perfect amount, this “Fargo” had a lot in common with “Friday Night Lights,” the ending was so satisfying, but having Molly and Malvo cross paths only once felt a bit unsatisfying, Hawley explains the missing characters, and what the heck happened to Molly?

Stuntwoman sues after getting burned on “Face Off”
Tamiko Brownlee claims a fireball burned her during filming of the Syfy reality show.

Joan Rivers’ new book lashes out at Lena Dunham
In “Diary of a Mad Diva,” Rivers writes if she has to see Dunham’s “a—, boobs or tattoos” again, she wants HBO charged with crimes against humanity.

“Royal Pains” twist, explained
"We've always had, from the beginning, family as the major theme of our show,” says exec producer Michael Rauch.

Jimmy Fallon makes Kevin Hart conquer his fear of roller coasters
Watch Hart go crazy at the Universal Orlando Resort.

Zendaya responds to the backlash over her Lifetime biopic role as Aaliyah
Some have said the 17-year-old Disney star looks nothing like the late singer.

Ozzy Osbourne will play a “rock and roll fish” on Nickelodeon
He’s set to guest-star on “Bubble Guppies” as Sid Fishy, a "rock and roll fish who loves being rotten."

VH1’s “I Love The 2000s” comes 6 years after VH1’s “I Love The New Millennium”
“I Love The New Millennium” only covered the events up until 2007. This one goes all the way to the end of the last decade, 2009. PLUS: Here’s everything mentioned from 2000 and 2001.

British Prime Minister David Cameron gives signed “Downton Abbey” script to China’s premier
Turns out “Downton” is big in China.

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Credit: FX

'Fargo' creator Noah Hawley talks season 1

'I'm going to think about' the idea of another Coen brothers-inspired story

"Fargo" concluded its first (and possibly only) season last night. I reviewed the finale here, and I spoke with the show's creator, Noah Hawley, about some of the big developments in the finale, and the possibility of future "Fargo" adventures, coming up just as soon as I go into space despite being afraid of spiders...

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