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<p>Sofia Coppola at last year&#39;s Cannes Film Festival.</p>

Sofia Coppola at last year's Cannes Film Festival.

Credit: AP Photo

Meet the members of the female-dominated 2014 Cannes jury

Four women and four men joining Jane Campion on the panel

With Jane Campion -- the only female director ever to win the Palme d'Or -- serving as jury president at this year's Cannes Film Festival, some were anticipating a greater female presence in the Competition. With two women showing up in the eventual lineup, the festival wasn't too generous on that score, but they've made up for it with female-dominated jury -- with Oscar-winning director Sofia Coppola one of four women joining Campion on the nine-person panel. We run through the full group after the jump. 

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"Deadliest Catch"

"Deadliest Catch"

Credit: Discovery

Exclusive clip: 'Deadliest Catch' hits extreme bad weather

It's all pain and no gain when a massive arctic storm hits

This has not been the easiest King Crab season for our intrepid fisherman on "Deadliest Catch (Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. on Discovery). First, we had the government shutdown that left the boats high and dry for two whole weeks, meaning most of the captains are scurrying to catch up. Now, a massive arctic storm hits the Bering Sea, forcing everyone to work together just to stay alive. Next week, expect locusts.

In this exclusive clip, watch the fisherman struggle against the elements as fishing drops to a distant second behind just staying afloat. 

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Exclusive: Telegraph's fun 'Rhinestone Chapel' video recalls 'The Hangover'

The trio recounts a night they'd rather forget

Nashville-based trio Telegraph may live in the country music capital of the world, but its breakthrough song, “Rhinestone Chapel,” is just as much pop rock as it is country.  The jangly, irresistible track, rooted in bouncy  guitars,  celebrates heading to the altar, even if the bride’s daddy is none too thrilled. But we bet even he can't resist tapping his toes to the catchy tune.

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'Game of Thrones' hits a new series high, John Oliver has a solid start

“Game of Thrones” hits a new series high, John Oliver has a solid start
This week’s “Game of Thrones" episode was up from last year’s series high, attracting 6.9 million viewers. Meanwhile, Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” debuted to a “pretty good” 1.5 million.

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From 'Steel' to 'Batman and Robin,' the 15 worst comic book movies of all time
Credit: Warner Bros/20th Century Fox/New Line

From 'Steel' to 'Batman and Robin,' the 15 worst comic book movies of all time

How do our favorite heroes turn up in so many terrible movies?

Right now, my kids are burning through several big-screen franchises that had previously been off-limits to them, and sitting through some of the films with them is, to say the least, difficult.

It's difficult not only because several of the movies are wretched, but because I am very, very careful not to tip my own feelings about some of these movies to them as we're watching. I want them to have their own reactions. I want them to feel free to enjoy anything they enjoy. Toshi's eight, and Allen's six, and if they think Jim Carrey is amazing as The Riddler, then I want them to feel free to think that.

Fresh exposure to the highs and lows of how Hollywood has treated some of these characters has been on my mind for the last week anyway as the entire HitFix editorial team tackled the task of putting together a list of the worst superhero films ever made.

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Sarah Silverman joins 'Masters of Sex'

Sarah Silverman joins “Masters of Sex”
Showtime says Silverman will recur in Season 2 as a character named Helen.

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Guy Sebastian
Credit: Brian Powers

Exclusive: The Chainsmokers' exuberant remix of Guy Sebastian's 'Like A Drum'

Listen to what the '#Selfie' producers do with the Australian superstar's hit

The Chainsmokers are best known as the duo behind viral sensation “#Selfie,” but with their remix of Guy Sebastian’s infectious “Like A Drum,”  Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall show off their considerable remixing prowess. HitFix is excited to exclusively debut the remix below.

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Fox to air a live 'Grease' musical

Fox to air a live “Grease” musical
Fox is following in the footsteps of NBC’s “Sound of Music Live” with “Grease Live,” a 3-hour event that will air sometime in 2015, likely on a Sunday.

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Credit: Paramount

FOX sets 'Grease Live' for 2015

'The Sound of Music' may be opening the musical floodgates

NBC is no longer the only player when it comes to live network TV productions of classic musicals. 

FOX announced on Monday (April 28) morning that the network is moving forward with "Grease Live," an entirely self-explanatory live production of "Grease," which will premiere in 2015.

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Report: Lisa Kudrow’s 'The Comeback' will return to HBO for a 6-episode run

Report: Lisa Kudrow’s “The Comeback” will return to HBO for a 6-episode run
E! reports original stars Malin Ackerman and Kellan Lutz are expected to return as will, of course, Kudrow herself.

Bravo greenlights reality shows “Fempire,” “The Fit Club” and “Why Not, Minot?”
Bravo’s new unscripted slate will take viewers into the world of female CEOs, New York’s hottest trainers and a modern-day Gold Rush series set in North Dakota. PLUS: Bravo developing a “Choose Your Own Adventure” reality show.

Watch the 1st episode of Showtime's “Penny Dreadful”
The (likely) edited version is now on YouTube ahead of its May 11 premiere.

See Courteney Cox’s “Drunk History”
She’ll appear in Season 2 with a short hair wig.

Paula Deen will cook for fans on a live 20-city tour
“Paula Deen Live!” will feature a mixture of cooking demonstrations and games.

Check out “The World Wars”
The History channel event series will kick off on Memorial Day.

Watch the producers cut of the “Parks and Rec” season finale
The special cut includes 10 minutes of unseen footage.

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Xbox logo

Xbox logo

Xbox to add original programming, announces 12 new projects

Big names like Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott are in the mix

You knew it was only a matter of time. After Netflix scored with original programming like "Orange Is the New Black" and "Arrested Development," Amazon quickly jumped into the game -- and now Xbox is, too. Pretty soon, look forward to new shows from your microwave and blender.

Xbox will launch Xbox: Originals this June with 12 projects. They will be available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and other Microsoft devices, and, of course, the shows will offer "interactive capabilities." 

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<p>&quot;Hill Street Blues&quot; stars Daniel J. Travanti as Frank Furillo and Dennis Franz as Norman Buntz.</p>

"Hill Street Blues" stars Daniel J. Travanti as Frank Furillo and Dennis Franz as Norman Buntz.

Credit: MTM

Review: 'Hill Street Blues: The Complete Series' on DVD

The groundbreaking '80s cop drama still holds up after decades of imitators

Late in the DVD commentary for the pilot episode of "Hill Street Blues," actor Joe Spano marvels at the show's impact on the medium.

"It's extraordinary," he says, "the repercussions of this 48 minutes of television."

The cop drama's co-creator Steven Bochco follows by suggesting, "It's sort of a family tree, and if you look at the branches of the tree, you'll see 25 years of television."

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