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<p>&#39;Tell me the truth... do I look fat in this city?&#39;</p>

'Tell me the truth... do I look fat in this city?'

Credit: Warner Bros/Legendary

Amazing new Asian 'Godzilla' trailer says 'Let them fight!'

Wanna see what a Hakmuto looks like?

We're in the home stretch now for Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros to make the case for why this "Godzilla" is going to not only be better than the first American attempt at making a film about the iconic giant monster, but potentially better than any movie since the 1954 original film.

The new trailer they just released for the Asian audience is mighty persuasive.

I was curious to see if they were going to make it all the way to the release of the film without showing any clear images of the Muto, the big weird crazy monsters that are Godzilla's major adversaries in the film. This may not show you everything about them from head to toe, but it offers up the best look yet at the scale of the film.

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<p>J. August Richards and Chloe Bennet of &quot;Marvel&#39;s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.&quot;</p>

J. August Richards and Chloe Bennet of "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

Credit: ABC

Interview: 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' co-star J. August Richards talks Deathlok

How much Mike Peterson is left in Deathlok?

In some ways, the journey of J. August Richards' Mike Peterson has been the journey of the first season of "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

In the pilot, Peterson was introduced as an ordinary father who got superpowers through the use of the Centipede Device. He just wanted to be a hero to his son, but instead he became a victim of the technology and he had to be secured by S.H.I.E.L.D. A bit later, he was recaptured and his technology was overhauled to make him the villainous Deathlok.

With each passing appearance, we see less and less Mike Peterson and more and more Deathlok.

Late last week, I got on the phone with Richards to talk about his character's evolution and how much humanity still remains in Deathlok. We talked about the balancing act of keeping just a touch of heroism in a cybernetic bad guy and about the awesome new "Art of Level Seven" art featuring Deathlok looming over Skye and Ward. 

And, finally, the "Angel" veteran talked about that brief moment last summer when his casting was announced and everybody thought he was playing a different figure from Marvel lore.

Richards appears on Tuesday's (April 29) episode of "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." 

Click through for the full Q&A...

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Will these 10 stars break out at the multiplex this summer?

Will these 10 stars break out at the multiplex this summer?

In blockbusters or art house entries, a few careers could kick it into high gear

With the summer movie season right around the corner (the release of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" this Friday pretty much marks the occasion), it's time to look ahead and see which actors' careers are primed for lift-off.

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<p>Colin Hanks of FX&#39;s &quot;Fargo&quot;</p>

Colin Hanks of FX's "Fargo"

Credit: FX

Interviews: Colin Hanks and Joey King talk FX's 'Fargo'

Why is Colin Hanks a better on-screen father than Channing Tatum?

CALGARY - It's mid-March and they're having a heatwave on the set of FX's "Fargo."

According to a nearby thermometer, the temperature is 27 degrees and with the sun already beating down, there's a good chance that things could get above freezing in Minnesota-by-way-of-Alberta. 

This is cause for celebration and nearly everybody is behaving as if summer has arrived. The assistant director is walking around the parking lot set in short-sleeves, even as two members of the crew are shoveling snow for the backdrop to the next scene. In truth, though, things have become so mild on the "Fargo" set that they've run out of actual fresh snow and they're using pristine white stunt-snow delivered via truck.

Although all of the "Fargo" actors have their own nightmare stories about shooting in sub-zero temperatures brought about by the polar vortex, on this morning, the stars are actually having makeup applied to make their cheeks look ruddier and colder. 

Next to a Duluth police cruiser, Colin Hanks and Joey King are both being prepped for their next scene, a long take that finds Gus Grimley's car getting stuck in the snow. On a show that embarked on a dizzying bodycount before the completion of the pilot, it looks like a low-stakes scene, but in Noah Hawley's reimagining of the Coen Brothers' wintertime classic, it's often the little things that cause the most drama, or that cause otherwise stable characters to crack.

In this case, a patch of slippery ice is going to cause frustration for Hanks' Gus, an in-over-his-head cop and father who became a key piece in a small-town crimewave after a late-night encounter with Billy Bob Thornton's Lorne Malvo in the "Fargo" pilot. 

The potential for a snowy stumble is why Hanks and King are in makeup next to the car, but a pair of dopplegangers are standing 10 feet away being made to look equally frigid. Hanks has a stunt-double to make sure that an upcoming pratfall is flawlessly executed, while King has a stunt-double to make sure that somebody other than a 14-year-old actress is behind the wheel of the squad car when it's supposed to be reversing in a snowbank. 

It's not that King isn't at least peripherally capable of putting a car in reverse, but the need for a stunt-woman becomes clear when the "Ramona" star expresses confusion at how to make the dinging stop during dialogue-driven closeness. The answer? Close the car door. Yeah. Better to have a pro behind the wheel.

Several hours later, the stunt has been executed flawlessly. No bones were broken on the various slip-and-falls and no actors were crushed underneath the wheels of the Ford Taurus. In quick succession, I sat down with King and then Hanks to discuss the Grimley family, one of two father-daughter duos -- Allison Tolman and Keith Carradine's Solversons are the other -- that give "Fargo" its heart.

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Craig Ferguson insists he planned to quit before Letterman’s retirement announcement

Craig Ferguson insists he planned to quit before Letterman’s retirement announcement
“It wasn’t contentious. I was just like, ‘I feel like I’m done,’” Ferguson tells Variety. “We were all fine and were tying up loose ends. And then Dave surprised everybody with the (April 3) announcement and that threw a spanner in the works. And I had to sit and keep my mouth shut while speculation raged wildly.” Ferguson says he never wanted to replace David Letterman -- and that he may never host another late-night talk show again. He adds that he wanted to move on before he stopped enjoying doing “The Late Late Show." PLUS: Watch Ferguson's announcement.

Chelsea Handler on Netflix rumors: “Everything that's printed about me is a lie”
Handler tells Conan O’Brien she hasn’t made up her mind on her next move.

By going off-book, “Game of Thrones” addressed a number of fan complaints
In the process, the HBO series went from having the books spoiling the show to the show is spoiling the books. PLUS: “GoT” draws the line at sex with kids, try the “GoT” sword name generator, and a supercut has been made of every nude scene.

Letterman tells Joel McHale why he never hosted the White House Correspondents Dinner
“I just thought, ‘I can’t get this done,'” he says.

NBC News renames its L.A. bureau after Tom Brokaw
Brokaw and Brian Williams today unveiled the “Brokaw News Center.”

NBC Universal exec says of Twitter: “The emperor wears no clothes"
The head of NBC’s research department, Alan Wurtzel, says Twitter really doesn’t affect viewership.

“Community’s” Jim Rash will play the head of Fox on “Glee”
He’ll talk to Rachel about a possible pilot on Tuesday’s episode.

Austin police arrest man for allegedly stealing $100,000 in equipment from “Jimmy Kimmel Live”
Yudel Contino Oviedo, 34, was found in possession of 50 items stolen from Kimmel’s stint in Austin last month.

Meet “The Daily Show’s” new correspondent, Michael Che
Che last year was named by Rolling Stone as one of the funniest people of 2013.

History channel is making a documentary about the White House correspondents
It’ll mark the 100th anniversary of the White House Correspondents  Association.

Here’s your 1st look at Patricia Arquette in her “CSI” spinoff pilot
She’s heading the FBI’s Cyber Crime division.

Check out Britain’s new American-style morning news show
ITV is trying to copy “Today” and “GMA” with “Good Morning Britain.”

Tony Soprano’s driver faces probation after admitting to passing off fake $100 bills
Former “Sopranos” actor Louis Gross, 31, admitted to passing off the fake currency in exchange for probation.

“Girls” casting director accidentally divulges plot details on the subway
Yes, Hannah is going to Iowa, as the casting director’s scripts reveal.

“Hill Street Blues’” out on DVD with a Complete Series box set
The DVD set includes commentary from Steven Bochco.

Jennifer Aniston had a "brief, torrid romance” with “Ferris Bueller” on their 1990 NBC sitcom
GQ’s editor in chief recalls Aniston dating the TV version of “Ferris Bueller,” as played by Charlie Schlatter.

Sundance renews “The Red Road”
The drama series starring Jason Momoa will get a 2nd six-episode season.

Kevin Spacey upset over “House of Cards” piracy in India
“'House of Cards' is really big in India, I discovered,” Spacey said at the International Indian Film Academy Awards in Florida over the weekend. “Except isn’t it funny that Netflix doesn’t exist there yet. Which means that you’re stealing it.”

“Doctor Who” is getting a porn parody from the makers of “Game of Bones"
Its title: “Doctor Whore."

“The Bachelor” host’s daughter: “I’m not allowed to date until you’re dead"
Chris Harrison’s daughter has to wait three days until he dies in order to date. PLUS: “Bachelorette” Andi reminds Harrison of “Veep’s” Selina Meyer.

Watch a tribute to “Breaking Bad” by a French fan
From a French “cinema addict” named Alexandre Gasulla.

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"Dancing with the Stars"

"Dancing with the Stars"

Credit: ABC

'Dancing with the Stars': Serious injuries mount - even during the show

A rehearsal must be aired instead of a live dance

Hey, it's Latin Night! I guess that means lots of samba, rumba and possibly cha cha cha, but it also means Ricky Martin, who is looking pretty good, right? Even if he is wearing those drop-crotch pants. I think if you're old enough to remember Hammer time, you may want to pass on the trend, but hey, he can carry it off. He really does look phenomenal for his age. He's also going to be judging. Tom Burgeron asks Ricky Martin what he's looking for in the performances, and he wants passion and engagement. Works for me!

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<p>Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart in &quot;Clouds of Sils Maria.&quot;</p>

Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart in "Clouds of Sils Maria."

Credit: IFC Films

Cannes Check 2014: Olivier Assayas' 'Clouds of Sils Maria' with Kristen Stewart

Launching our annual cheat sheet for the Cannes Competition

Welcome to Cannes Check, In Contention's annual preview of the films in Competition at next month's Cannes Film Festival, which kicks off on May 14. Taking on a different selections every day, we'll be examining what they're about, who's involved and what their chances are of snagging an award from Jane Campion's jury. We're going through the list by director and in alphabetical order -- starting with Olivier Assayas' "Clouds of Sils Maria."

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<p>Craig Ferguson of &quot;The Late Late Show&quot;</p>

Craig Ferguson of "The Late Late Show"

Credit: CBS

Craig Ferguson announces he's leaving 'The Late Late Show'

CBS' latest late-night departure is now set for December

Boy oh boy. So many other shoes keep dropping you'd think the world of late television was an octopus.

The month of April began with David Letterman's announcement that he was retiring from CBS' "Late Show" in 2015.

It took exactly a week for CBS to announce that Stephen Colbert would be coming cover from Comedy Central to take over "The Late Show."

And now, the month of April will end with CBS making a clean late-night sweep.

On Monday (April 28) afternoon, Craig Ferguson announced that he will step down as host of "The Late Late Show" at the end of December.

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Craig Ferguson exiting 'The Late Late Show' in December

Craig Ferguson exiting “The Late Late Show” in December
Ferguson, who replaced Craig Kilborn on Jan. 2, 2005, will depart on the cusp of his 10th anniversary. “CBS and I are not getting divorced,” Ferguson said in a statement, "we are ‘consciously uncoupling,’ but we will still spend holidays together and share custody of the fake horse and robot skeleton, both of whom we love very much.”

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<p>In my perfect world, Monty Python never aged and they made 90 more films that were every bit as good as &#39;Holy Grail&#39;</p>

In my perfect world, Monty Python never aged and they made 90 more films that were every bit as good as 'Holy Grail'

Credit: SPHE

Monty Python reunion set for worldwide simulcast on July 20

Will you be heading to a theater to see these comedy legends together?

It would be impossible for me to quantify the impact that Monty Python had on my world view and my sense of humor. I discovered them at the exact right moment for them to end up being formative for me, and the original series as well as their films are all burned into me on a genetic level by this point. It's not that I've seen all of it a number of times… I have quite literally internalized all things Python to the point where I can't imagine who I'd be if there was no Monty Python.

Even so, I didn't even consider trying to get a ticket to their upcoming reunion show because I figured it would be a losing battle, and why get worked up over something I'd never be able to actually do?

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Yahoo! orders 2 original comedy series, including a space sitcom from 'Freaks and Geeks' creator

Yahoo! orders 2 original comedy series, including a space sitcom from “Freaks and Geeks” creator
Paul Feig will be part of Yahoo!’s leap into scripted television, starting with “Other Space,” an eight-episode half-hour comedy about a group of misfit space adventurers. Yahoo! is also teaming with Mike Tollin, producer of “Smallville” and “One Tree Hill” on “Sin City Saints,” a comedy about a Las Vegas pro basketball expansion team.

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<p>Nicole Kidman in &quot;Grace of Monaco.&quot;</p>

Nicole Kidman in "Grace of Monaco."

Credit: Cannes Film Festival

Could the Weinsteins ditch 'Grace of Monaco' before its Cannes premiere?

Harvey Weinstein is said to still be unhappy with the Grace Kelly biopic

It's been an up-and-down journey for "Grace of Monaco," the Nicole Kidman-starring biopic of Grace Kelly that was originally set to open last year. Negative buzz circled the European co-production following that delay, as word spread of intense friction between The Weinstein Company and French director Olivier Dahan over the edit of the film. "Grace" seemed to have been granted a reprieve when it was announced as this year's Cannes Film Festival opener -- not a guarantee of quality, of course, but a helpful publicity boost.

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