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"Big Brother 16"

Recap: 'Big Brother' 16 Night 2 - Andy Herren Judges With Us

We inspect the eight new houseguests and invite "BB15" winner Andy Herren to appraise them with us.

Night two of "Big Brother 16" served up some saucy new houseguests and a couple of strange (er, confusing?) twists. We were aware of the existence of a "Team America" thanks to Wednesday night's premiere, but we just learned that Joey, a blue-haired person who recycles Aquafina bottles in the Pacific Northwest, was voted by viewers to be the first houseguest on the secret three-person team. She'll get special chances to win $5,000 for every silly challenge/dare she completes. "Now this is some GREEN I won't be recycling!" she doesn't say to us, but you can just effing imagine it.

We also learned more about the two-HOH, four-block-nominee system of tyranny that Julie Chen is so excited about. (She is extra sinister this season. I always expect her to turn to the camera and whisper, "The houseguests don't know that right now they're drinking the blood of Les Moonves' first wife.") Apparently there are two HOHs every week, and they both nominate two houseguests apiece. Those two duos battle against each other, and the winning duo gets to remove themselves from the chopping block and subject the HOH who chose them to a possible eviction. The losing team remains unsafe, and the HOH who chose them remains safe. Get it? You shouldn't. 


But now, the important stuff. Eight new houseguests entered Chenbot Manor, and it's time for us to inspect their characters like detectives who specialize in loud narcissists. To help us analyze the new hamsters, we also have Andy Herren -- the winner of "Big Brother 15" -- to add some spicy commentary. Here are HitFix's and Andy Herren's takes on the newbies.



HitFix: I feel like Victoria spent hours memorizing three shockingly boring tidbits to recite about herself, like DeFwon from "30 Rock." "I'm an Orthodox Jew!" she purrs. "I'm the hottest girl in the house!" she murmurs nervously. "I love pink. It's the best," she coos. None of those facts translates to gameplay. Understanding that Frankie has hair that matches your outfit is probably not an FBI-level insight. 

Andy Herren: Victoria is this season's Jessie (Big Brother 15). On one hand, this is bad because she is doomed. On the other hand, this is fantastic because she will be humiliated on a nearly non-stop basis.  



HitFix: It took me a second, but I love this guy's cockiness. I also love that he told Rachel Reilly to her face that she was a bully. Yes to angry honesty! Good caustic energy coming off this bro. I bet his favorite food is Mountain Dew.


Andy Herren: He's a self-proclaimed "con artist" and an Andy-proclaimed "cutie pie."  I want him to go far, not only because I think he is capable of it, but also due to the fact that if he wins, we can take photos together and I can begin to seduce him. He also claimed that I'm one of his all-time favorite players. I need to marry this guy.  



HitFix: I'm annoyed to death that Caleb says he's not going to play down his physical strength. Really? Is he also just going to volunteer for elimination every week? Worse, this is somebody who calls himself a "metrosexual." Ugh. Buying a pair of jeans at Guess doesn't mean you get to have an identity. 

Andy Herren: Next. Over it. 



HitFix: I can usually tolerate an affable heterosexual player, but I'm not sensing Hayden will surprise us with brilliant espionage tactics. Also: I am done with "Big Brother" players being named Hayden. I am especially done with adult skateboarders. So it turns out Hayden wasn't tolerable at all. The end.

Andy Herren:  Hayden seems like the type of guy who would be fun to grab a beer with, but who is also expendable.  I see him sticking around for a while before being kicked to the curb when someone needs an easy target to pick off.  His safari hat is quite ridiculous, though.

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<p>Sherri Shepherd, Barbara Walters, Jenny McCarthy and Whoopi Goldberg.</p>

Sherri Shepherd, Barbara Walters, Jenny McCarthy and Whoopi Goldberg.

Credit: ABC

'The View' wants you to care again so bye bye Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy

What should ABC do next?

Do you remember when "The View" was as close as you could get to must-see morning talk show TV?  When it was seemingly a microcosm for the political debates going on between the left and right?  When the chemistry between the hosts could entice surprising off the cuff answers from any guest? (Even those who thought they were just there to promote a new movie or TV show?).  Yes, it's been awhile. It's been a long while and that's probably the biggest reason Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy are leaving the show.

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Jenny McCarthy confirms her 'View' exit as ABC announces an 'exciting new direction next season'

Jenny McCarthy confirms her “View” exit as ABC announces an “exciting new direction next season”
"If Sherri goes... I go too. #sisters,” McCarthy tweeted, adding. "My View will be changing too. As will with many hard working folks. Thanks to everyone at the show for your dedication and an amazing year.” According to Broadcasting & Cable, “The View” will also have a new view next year, moving the show to “Katie’s” old studio. PLUS: Could Rosie return? Will Laila Ali be hired?

Fox exec on Kris Jenner's failed talk show: "She looked not just like a deer in the headlights but like a deer that already got hit”
“I think she was pretty uninteresting” on camera, says Fox TV stations chief Frank Cicha of Jenner’s failed talk show.

Courteney Cox gets engaged
The “Cougar Town” star tonight tweeted the news of her engagement to Snow Patrol rocker Johnny McDaid.

“The Daily Show’s” longest-tenured writer departs tonight
J.R. Havlan’s 2,821 episodes stretches back to the Craig Kilborn era.

“The Bachelorette” Andi Dorfman and her winner could end up “Dancing”
Both have reportedly been asked to compete on “Dancing with the Stars.”

See Tatiana Maslany with her “Orphan Black” body doubles
She took pictures with her clones during filming of the epic clone dance party.

E!’s” “Untold With Maria Menounos” premieres July 17
Menounos’ magazine show will feature “The Pop Culture Minute” with YouTube and Vine stars, plus “The Untold Moment,” featuring interviews with celebrities.

“Homer Simpson’s” dad is having an estate sale
Dan Castellaneta’s father, who’s in assisted living, is selling all his stuff, including “Simpsons” memorabilia and a drawing he drew of his son.

ABC’s “NY Med” features real doctors, like Dr. Oz
The TV doctor is not much of a distraction on ABC’s documentary hospital series, premiering tonight.

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Guillermo Del Toro confirms 'Pacific Rim 2' for 2017 plus an animated spin-off

Guillermo Del Toro confirms 'Pacific Rim 2' for 2017 plus an animated spin-off

Can you imagine how many different stories he'll get to try in this world?

Legendary Pictures plans to be in the "Pacific Rim" business for a while, and I couldn't be happier to hear it.

In a special YouTube announcement video, director Guillermo Del Toro announced that there will be an animated series set in the world of "Pacific Rim" that will start soon, and that the comic book series set in that world will also continue to be published. More importantly, Del Toro has now set April 7, 2017 as the date for the release of the sequel to the film, which Universal will distribute in the U.S.

"Pacific Rim" is an important overall property for Legendary. It was developed completely in-house, and they own the rights to everything that was created for the film. They managed to make something like $400 million worldwide with it, and the way the film earned money overseas is one of the reasons it's getting a sequel even if it's not perceived domestically as a success. It's also been a merchandising beast, and Legendary knows full well that there is a fanbase they can use as a foundation when trying to develop a sequel.

I am excited to see what happens with this series and Guillermo. I've known him for a long time, and I've never seen him happier than he was when he was shooting the first film or when he got to show it to people. It delights him. The notion of being able to play with a world where there are kaiju and jaegers and the Drift and all of that is already established and now they can just tell stories that are about more than establishing the rules… it's ridiculous how much fun this is. I love that he has the chance now to build off of the ideas he established in the first film. The worst thing in the world is when Guillermo gets excited because he's sure he's going to make a film and then it doesn't happen. His "Hellboy 3" pitch is amazing, and I'm not sure we'll ever get to see it, which is just plain wrong.

I loved the ambition of "Pacific Rim," and I can't wait to see what story they choose to tell this time. The animated show sounds like an opportunity to really show us a bunch of different perspectives on this world, and I hope they get really daring with some of these various spin-offs.

"Crimson Peak," Guillermo's gothic haunted house movie, is in theaters October 16, 2015.

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Report: 'The View' is firing everybody except Whoopi Goldberg

Report: “The View” is firing everybody except Whoopi Goldberg
Sherri Shepherd is out, and it looks like Jenny McCarthy will be gone, too, according to TMZ, which adds that executive producer Bill Geddie may also get the axe. TMZ says “The View” may turn to male co-hosts, like Jesse Palmer and Ross Matthews. PLUS: Shepherd confirms her exit, saying: "It’s been seven wonderful years on 'The View' and after careful consideration it is time for me to move on."

Judd Apatow in talks with Hulu for a “Love" comedy, possibly starring Gillian Jacobs
A relationship comedy, “Love” would reunite Apatow and Jacobs, who is currently guesting on his “Girls.” But in order for Jacobs to be free to do “Love,” she’ll need “Community” to not be picked up for a sixth season before her contract expires at the end of Monday.

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Transformers: Age of Extinction

Composer Steve Jablonsky on 'Transformers: Age of Extinction': 'This was the craziest film of all'

What it's really like to work with Michael Bay

Steve Jablonsky would be among the millions excited about the opening of “Transformers: Age of  Extinction” tomorrow if he weren’t so fatigued. “I barely know what day it is,” he says.  

Since last December, he has worked on the score for Michael Bay’s new “Transformers” film. He’s so tired, he’s not even sure how much music is in the film. “It’s about two hours of music,” he says. “We could figure it out, but we’re all too exhausted.” He has another algorithm: Working on one Michael Bay film is like “scoring two-and-a-half smaller films.”

He finished the score in early June, mere days before the movie debuted in Hong Kong. “Some people have told me not to mention how last minute it was, but at the premiere, Michael stood up and said, ‘I finished this film 40 hours ago.’ This one was the craziest film of them all.”

“Age of Extinction” is Jablonsky’s fourth “Transformers” film with Bay and his sixth Bay film overall. Part of the fun for “Extinction”  was finding themes for new characters in the reinvigorated story.  “Michael said to me, ‘This is new, let’s approach it as something new.’  I put aside all my old themes  and just started on brand new ideas. We have all these new characters: Mark Wahlberg, his daughter.  There’s a new villain, Lockdown. I focused a lot of time writing a theme for him. He was one of my favorites.”

Toward the end of the process, Bay and Jablonsky both had the same thought: they should incorporate a few of the original themes. “We thought the fans would like it,” Jablonsky says.

Bay brings Jablonsky, who was asked to join the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences earlier today, in earlier than most composers start working on feature.  “There will only be a few scenes, because that’s all that’s been [edited]. He’ll call me and say, ‘Can you get down here?’ He’ll have scenes he’s excited about,” Jablonsky says. “It’s very much all consuming. There’s a lot of work from the beginning and it just gets worse and worse—maybe I should say better— it just intensifies. All these new images are coming in. Inevitably that means the picture is going to change and the music might not work. The score keeps changing as the film develops, but If I waited until the end to start, I would be dead. There’s no way I could do it.”

Also different for this installment of “Transformers”: Jablonsky worked closely with Imagine Dragons, who wrote the theme, “Battle Cry.”  In the past, Jablonsky had used parts of themes from Linkin Park and Goo Goo Dolls in his score, but this time, it “immediately hit me more than some of the previous ones had done.”  Bay suggested bringing the band to L.A. and then Jablonsky went to their Las Vegas studio and incorporated some of lead singer Dan Reynolds’ vocalizations into the score as well as his band mates’ music. “It was a much closer collaboration than I’ve had in the past.”

Though Bay has a reputation for being difficult, Jablonsky has found much to admire in working with the action king. “I wish people knew how smart he was. On a daily basis, he’ll impress me with the sheer knowledge of his entire film. He can play it back and forth in his entire head,” Jablonsky says. “He’ll say, ‘Remember that sound from that cue you did that you played me six weeks ago?’ He knows every little detail. It’s great to watch him operate. It’s still a pleasure for me to watch him create.He’s genuinely a good guy and a supportive guy and I think people generally think he’s a nut case and he’s not.”

After studying at University of California, Berkeley, Jablonsky got his start in the composing industry by cold calling Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control studio and asking if they needed interns. The answer was yes. From there, he quietly absorbed everything he could, watching Zimmer and his fellow composers, including Harry Gregson-Williams, work.  “Harry had just come over from London to set up his studio in Hans’ building and was looking for an assistant. I started working with him since I had some experience on the equipment,” Jablonsky says. “He’d let me mess around in his studio and I was scoring music to his films just for fun. He saw what I was doing and let me score a theme in one of his movies. Harry gave me that chance.”

Jablonsky, who also scored “Desperate Housewives,”  then started working more closely with Zimmer, from whom he learned things musically, but also how to navigate studio politics, a skill for which Zimmer is renown. “He is just great  at that,” Jablonsky says. “I just picked up a general vibe of how to handle yourself when these big-time producers and directors don’t like what you’re doing. Don’t freak out, just get into a conversation with them.”

Jablonsky, who admits he’s a little behind the curve on social media—he only joined Twitter a few months ago— says the feedback from “Transformers” fans on Facebook and Twitter buoys him. “It’s really amazing to see how many people from every part of the world have heard the music.  They’ll say they listen to it when they’re studying or exercising or they were sad and it made them feel better. I’m like, ‘Why didn’t I sign up for this sooner?’ Not because I need the affirmation, but because it gives it more meaning. I thought about them when I was working on the score. I’ve gotten message from soldiers from Iraq. It’s very touching.”

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<p>Demi Lovato</p>

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato goes to L.A. Pride Parade for 'Really Don't Care' music video

Oh and hey, Travis Barker

Man, nothing says gay pride parade and good will and great fun like Perez Hilton and Wilmer Valderrama cameos!

Demi Lovato, in a transparent offering to her LGBT  (and Jesus) fans, set her new music video "I Really Don't Care" with guest Cher Lloyd at the L.A. pride parade, which took place earlier this month.

The pop star struts on a float in a suit-and-tie combo, and included some quality choreography from dancers and lip-syncers all the while. Forget the limp verse from Lloyd: there's enough perk to go around.

The vid is timed to Lovato's appearance on the Logo network tonight, where she is scheduled to reveal that her grandfather was gay and out in the 1960s. The "Trailblazers" episode will honor LGBT civil rights activists.

Lovato is hitting up another pride parade this weeked in New York; I wonder what other bully (*cough* Hilton) she can feature to drive home the no-bullying ideals?

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'The Goldbergs' to pay tribute to John Hughes

“The Goldbergs” to pay tribute to John Hughes
One of Hughes’ classic ‘80s films will be the basis for a “very difficult” and “very expensive” episode.

HBO’s Martin Scorsese/Mick Jagger Rock ’N’ Roll drama casts Andrew “Dice” Clay and Jagger’s son James
“Sopranos” alum Robert Funaro and “Borgen” star are also joining the cast. Clay will play a radio station chain owner, while James Jagger will portray the lead singer of a punk band named Nasty Bits.

Seth MacFarlane helping out LeVar Burton’s “Reading Rainbow” Kickstarter
Any money raised from today through July 2nd will be matched by MacFarlane, up to $1 million.

“Covert Affairs” fan fave is coming back
Oded Fehr will appear in at least one episode.

Fox stations to test 3 shows: “Laughs,” “Hollywood Today Live” and “The Daily Help Line”
“Laughs” will be a weekly roundup of comedy, while “The Daily Help Line” will give advice interactively.

Watch the trailer for Netflix’s 1st anime series
"Knights of Sidonia” is based on the manga series of the same name.

Cuba Gooding Jr. co-creating a boxing comedy
The project is set in a gym in a gentrified neighborhood shared by soccer moms and hardcore boxers.

“Rescue Me” alum Andrew Roth joins Syfy’s “Ascension”
She’ll play the doctor on the spaceship limited series.

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13 actors who should actually be bigger movie stars

13 actors who should actually be bigger movie stars

Sarah Paulson, Sam Rockwell, John Hawkes and more

Climbing the Hollywood ladder isn't easy. One tier of success does not guarantee another.  That often means actors can reach one level of notoriety, but never reach breakout status.  Often it takes years to become a real movie star.  Anyone remember how long it took Liam Neeson?

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Lupita Nyong'o and Michael Fassbender
Lupita Nyong'o and Michael Fassbender
Credit: AP Photo

Josh Hutcherson, Lupita Nyong'o, Pharrell and 268 others invited to join the Academy

Other invitees range from Chris Rock to Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Pop quiz: What do Chris Rock, Claire Denis, Eddie Vedder and Josh Hutcherson all have in common? Answer: They could all be Oscar voters very soon. The annual Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences invitation list always makes for interesting reading, shedding light on just how large and far-reaching the group's membership is -- or could be, depending on who accepts their invitations.

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Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour is coming to NBC

Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour is coming to NBC
Airing July 6, the two-hour special will feature "unprecedented, behind-the-scenes” footage from Miley’s European concerts.

Netflix’s “Daredevil” gets a best friend
“The Mighty Ducks” star Elden Henson will play the role of Foggy Nelson.

“Extra” replaces Maria Menounos with Charissa Thompson and Tracey Edmonds
They’ll both co-host “Extra” with Mario Lopez, but Thompson will keep her job on Fox Sports 1.

Here’s an early photo of the “Game of Thrones” cast, including Kit Harrington with short hair wearing glasses
"Arya Stark" and "Sansa Stark" looked really young five years ago. PLUS: “GoT” gets an ‘80s opening credits.

Terry Crews to host the TCA Awards
The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star and "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” host will helm the TV Critics’ awards ceremony on July 19.

Cam Gigandet: "Ben McKenzie was kind of mean to me” on the set of “The O.C.”
The star of CBS’ “Reckless” recalls having a rough time when he guested on the Fox series in 2005. I hadn't done anything at that point and he was a little bit of an ass,” he says, adding: "But I love him. I think he's a great actor and I love 'Southland.'"

American Association for Nude Recreation calls the "naked reality show” trend a “mixed blessing”
Bill Schroer, executive director of the pro-nudity group, likes “Buying Naked,” but he feels “Naked and Afraid” is "kind of unreal … and starts to border on sensationalism. In other words, the nudity is just there to attract attention.”

TCM to salute Eli Wallach
The legendary actor, who died this week at age 98, will be honored in a five-film marathon on June 30.

Jimmy Kimmel gives the World’s Ugliest Dog a makeover
A team of hair, make-up and clothing specialists was assembled to beautify this year’s winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog contest.

See Jill Duggar enjoy her very first kiss ... after getting married
The "19 Kids and Counting” waited until her wedding to have her first-ever kiss.

Watch Ian McKellen on “Vicious”
The British comedy about a gay couple who’ve lived together for nearly 50 years airs on PBS beginning this Sunday.

Bravo’s “Below Deck” returns Aug. 12
Meet the new crew for Season 2.

“The Love Boat’s” Jill Whelan is getting divorced
Whelan, 47, is ending her marriage of a decade, which produced one son.

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Jay Z and Beyonce
Credit: Kevin Mazur

Beyonce and Jay Z shine on 'On The Run' opening night: Review Round-Up

She brings the glitz, he brings the grit

Jay Z and Beyonce took their show on the road, opening the On The Run summer tour last night at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla. Amid  some since-debunked rumors that the tour was not selling well, the six-week run started with more than 76,000 concert-goers singing along during the  2-1/2 hour show.

The evening uses the “Run” video as its template, using a couple on the lam as its extended theme as the pair weaves more than 40 songs songs in and out of that construct.
According to the reviews below, Beyonce brings the glamour and Jay Z brings the grit. The U.S. portion of the tour ends Aug. 6 at San Francisco’s AT&T Park.

Below is a review round-up from opening night:

New York Times: "Beyoncé and Jay Z, married since 2008, opened their sold-out Wednesday night show at Sun Life Stadium here — the beginning of their “On the Run” tour — with a string of those [conspiratorial and exuberant] hits. “ ’03 Bonnie & Clyde,” “Upgrade U,” “Crazy in Love”: These are songs of diligent, enthusiastic, sometimes giddy love. From there, for almost two and a half hours, they traded control of the stage (approximately 20 times in all), giving each other space to be the center of attention and also helping out where needed in a show that acknowledged their two very different sorts of success without diminishing either one…While Beyoncé and her dancers formed a formidable phalanx, by comparison, Jay Z looked lonely, though he easily held the stage, even without backup. On some of his most familiar songs, he rapped in a ginger staccato, as if he didn’t want to dwell. By contrast, every time Beyoncé retook the stage from her husband, it was as if reveille were blasting at full volume, announcing that boot camp had begun. Jay Z allowed for breezy enjoyment; Beyoncé demanded full and reverent attention."

Billboard: "The sheer volume of material, coupled with the cinematic theme (more on that later) and Beyoncé’s jaw-dropping wardrobe changes made for a highly entertaining and impressive show that went from the glamorous to the profane…But it was also a rather detached show… the lines between performers and audience were very sharply delineated and both Jay and Beyoncé’s were careful to adhere to script and procedure every step of the way…Alternating in the sparse, almost industrial-looking stage, Beyoncé and Jay-Z proceeded to take us on a journey of fashion, high-level performance and music, always returning to the central theme of love—challenged, perhaps, but finally standing strong."

The Guardian: "Some songs came in snippets and the show occasionally felt rushed, but with over two decades of work under their jointed belts, how else could they get through their catalogue without pushing the three-hour mark?…The tour played into both of the pair's strengths: Jay brought the Brooklyn bravado and Bey brought the southern strut. Next his wife, Jay Z isn't much a dancer, and when the tempo upped, he respectfully exited, letting her lead her Beyhive legions through their hip-shaking glory."

USA Today: "Early on, it becomes apparent that this is a totally integrated performance. Sure, it gives Beyoncé time for her phenomenal costume changes, but the coordination is not just remarkable, it's the absolute best way that two of the world's best performers can deliver a show that proves why they're on top together…This show is worth it just for Beyoncé's ensembles. She reappears in a black lace, drop-sleeve number, a la Stevie Nicks, for Haunted, a highlight performance, boasting creamy vocals that contrast with other awesome numbers like the more agro Flawless and triumphant Crazy In Love. Her vocal range is as vast as her fashion choices."

Rolling Stone: "The most powerful couple in music could have easily just coasted on their names, performing a sparse half-Jay/half-Bey concert before cashing the Roc Nation checks. Instead, over the course of two-and-a-half hours and 42 songs, the Carters opened their joint On the Run tour with a well synchronized cinematic spectacle…Husband and wife might get equal billing here, but make no mistake: This is Beyoncé's show. She monopolized the heavy-duty set pieces, she wore the jaw-dropping outfits, she delivered the mesmerizing and complex choreography. Perhaps a little too often, it felt like Jay Z was there just to kill time between his wife's costume changes, but what better way to kill time than have one of the greatest rappers of all time rifle through a few of his biggest tunes."




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