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Bobby Womack

Soul Legend Bobby Womack dead at 70

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer scored 36 chart hits between 1970 and 1990

Soul legend Bobby Womack has died at the age of 70, his publicist at XL Recordings has confirmed to HitFix.

Womack, who was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2009 by The Rolling Stones Ron Wood,  was only 16 when he dropped out of school at the urging of mentor Sam Cooke and began recording with his brothers under the name the Valentinos. (Womack later went on to marry and divorce Cooke's widow, Barbra.)

The Valentinos first hit, "Lookin' for a Love," produced by Cooke,  reached No. 8 on Billboard's R&B chart. Its second hit,  “It’s All Over Now,” co-written by Womack, later became the Rolling Stones’ second Top 40 hit in the U.S.

Womack continued on as a solo artist, charting 36 songs between 1970 and 1990, including “That’s the Way I Feel About Cha,” “Woman’s Gotta Have It,”” and “If You Think You’re Lonely Now.”

He also wrote songs recorded by a number of artists, including Wilson Pickett and George Benson. An accomplished guitarist, he also played on sessions for everyone from Aretha Franklin to Ray Charles and Dusty Springfield.

In 2012, Womack released "The Bravest Man in the Universe," his first album since 1994's "Resurrection."  Revered in England, Womack, who played the Glastonbury Festival in 2013,  had worked with Blur's Damon Albarn on the set in London and New York. The album, which won the UK's Q Award for best album in 2012,  was re-released June 12 with additional material. Albarn had worked previously with Womack on Albarn's side project, The Gorillaz' 2010 album, "Plastic Beach." Womack appears on the album's hit, "Stylo."

Womack has been on the road, playing both the New Orleans Jazz Festival in May and Bonnaroo, earlier this month. He was slated to start a European tour July 19 in Amsterdam.

The cause of death has not been disclosed. Womack, a diabetic, had been diagnosed with colon cancer in 2012.

An updated, more extensive obit will be published shortly

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Exclusive: Stream 'The Rover' score, plus a Q&A with its director and composer

Exclusive: Stream 'The Rover' score, plus a Q&A with its director and composer

On music for Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce and 'that' pretty girl scene

For anybody who has and will see David Michôd's "The Rover," there's another strong lead besides Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce: its soundtrack is like another character. The score for the film was composed by Antony Partos and performed by sound designer Sam Petty. (They both also helmed the sounds for Michôd's "Animal Kingdom.")

Michôd initially presented his cast with previously recorded and powerful songs from accomplished saxophonists and composers Colin Stetson and William Basinski, post-rockers Tortoise, Italian composer Giacinto Scelsi and -- yup -- pop star Keri Hilson. Partos and Petty chewed on them too, and riffed on the descending scenery for Pattinson's Rey and Pearce's Eric. What they weaved in became a gorgeous black mass of ominous, dissonant, agitated and aggressive compositions to rove to in the Australian outback.

Today, we exclusively reveal "The Rover" score tracks on their own; below, Michôd and Partos discuss arriving at sounds, customizing bastardized violins, the Keri Hilson "Pretty Girl Rock" scene, and when to try a little tenderness.

David, you had given songs from Colin Stetson, Tortoise, etc. to the cast as "mood signifiers." Had you always known that you definitely wanted some of those songs to end up in the movie too? What was your vision of how those songs would blend with Antony and Sam's original work, or was that planned?

David Michôd: I find music the the clearest and easiest way in to what a movie will feel like - more so than visual references or other movies or dense dossiers of research material. Every now and then I'll send a piece of music or two to people I'm working with -- actors or heads of department - when I think it'll help them get a sense of the kind of movie I'm proposing. Often those pieces will end up in the movie -- sometimes they won't. I build big playlists while I'm writing -- stuff from all over the place, stuff I suspect I'll never use -- and then, as we get closer to production and then the edit, I whittle that list down to the key pieces that somehow embody the movie and its key scenes.

So, yeah, those tracks -- the Stetson, Basinski, Tortoise etc -- were ones I had hoped would find their way into the finished cut. I always knew, however, that there would be strange gaps that needed to be filled -- connecting tissues or pieces requiring something very specific that I hadn't been able to find. That's where the exceptional talents of Antony Partos and Sam Petty come in.

What were the other songs you could have potentially gone with for Robert/Rey's "Pretty Girl Rock" scene? Why and how did you settle on that one?

Michôd: I think once upon a time I had "Don't Cha" by The Pussycat Dolls down for that scene. It was just a signpost in the script. I can't remember how and when Keri Hilson found herself in the mix. I wanted that moment in the movie to function as a potent reminder of the fact that Rob's character is a kid who in different circumstances would just be doing the kinds of things kids do everywhere -- thinking about girls, playing with his hair, listening to music. Instead, he has found himself in the middle of nowhere, tethered to a monstrously damaged drifter.

Antony, can you elaborate how, logistically, you and Sam would split or perform various "duties" for this? Did you call dibs on characters you wanted to write themes for, or were did you assign yourselves specific instruments one or the other would play? Or was it important that everything was created together?

Antony Partos: Working together with David and Sam again after "Animal Kingdom" made it possible to have a certain short hand in terms of decision making.

In a sense this was much a simpler process than with "Animal Kingdom." David had a very strong vision for the musical palette and also distinct ideas about what should be in Sam's domain and what should be score. Sam works a lot of with tonal based textures and is a very nuanced sound designer. In terms of forming a stream lined process on "The Rover," I would send over temp mixes to Sam, so things like key, could be established early on. I also sent over individual musical based sounds for Sam to use as he saw fit.

Aside from being fairly ambient, there's also a very minimal, primitive vibe to the score, an obvious reflection of the visuals.  Did you set certain restrictions or parameters (aside from time cues) in which you could only operate in creating (or selecting) the music -- like number of allowed instruments, types of instruments, keys/tones?

Partos: David was always intent on using some pieces by the extraordinary saxophonist Colin Stetson, so this really set the tone and palette early on in the piece. My brief was to try and evoke a certain sadness and help the two main characters develop an unspoken bond. I was interested in complimenting Colin's pieces by also using saxophones so I created pieces by getting musicians in early on to play in unusual ways. For example, recording baritone and bass saxophones not only in their usual register but also getting them to play harmonics and notes at the extreme high end of the register. I would also play with the pitches after the record by manipulating elements octaves below or higher than their original pitch. This help create a mood that was somehow tender but simultaneously alien. Similar techniques were used with bass Irish whistles and strings.

The string work was recorded individually and used a combination of bastardized custom made violins with strings that could play in either viola or cello pitch as well as electric violin. Once again it help create a mood that was subtly emotional but somehow unfamiliar and lonely.

Music like from the "Homecoming" scene can be downright hopeful, something this movie isn't really about. Were there times you knew you wanted to lighten the film up, even when the story kept going down, down, down?

Partos: My task was to build the trust and love between the two main characters despite their circumstances. I think there is a subtle yet tangible shift that develops two thirds of the way through the story and the score does change in this regard to become more harmonically based compared to the textures that are present in the first half of the film. It was interesting to see how it played with a large audience. There are certain moments in the film that give it relief. This was evident in the script and it was picked up by the audience in the Sydney Film Festival screening.

Yes the film is dark -- and I must admit for me I am drawn to a sense of broodiness with my music. But hopefully there is an aspect to tenderness in the score as well.

Some of the abstract samples or scores are like loops, good palate cleansers (or good for brain entropy when you're in a rut). What music or audio do you use to bring order to your creative life? What do you do to mess it all up?

Partos: My life is naturally disorganized. I struggle to bring order to it at the best of times. I think I am wired in a more chaotic manner than most, and I do my best to hide this fact from as many people as possible!

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'Doctor Who' gets an Aug. 23 return date — and a new Peter Capaldi teaser

“Doctor Who” gets an Aug. 23 return date — and a new Peter Capaldi teaser
Capaldi will make his “Who” debut on Saturday, Aug. 23 at 8 pm on BBC America. PLUS: Steven Moffat to stay on as showrunner after this season, and “Doctor Who” won’t go to Comic-Con this year.

“The View” is expected to carry on with Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd through Aug. 8
McCarthy’s first “View” post-announcement is scheduled for July 7. Shepherd has that day off, but is expected to return July 8. Meanwhile, Variety reports that Shepherd’s decision to announce her exit caught ABC by surprise last night — and that “The View” should have its first millennial co-host. PLUS: “The View” is seriously considering adding a male co-host, “The View” needs to bring back smart/compelling conversations, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck was shocked.

USA-Germany ranks as ESPN's 2nd most-watched World Cup match
Thursday’s match topped USA-Ghana.

Esquire Network will air the Running of the Bulls live for 8 straight nights
From July 7-14, Esquire will s how the Running of the Bulls live from 2-2:30 am.

Sandra Bernhard to guest on FX’s “You’re the Worst”
She’ll play herself on the dark romantic comedy series.

“Girl Meets World” was made for Disney Channel’s tween viewers, not “Boy Meets World” fans
“The series Disney Channel made isn’t” for “Boy Meets World” fans, says Kevin Fallon. "Instead, and logically, it’s for the Disney Channel audience, a group as young as we were when we first watched 'Boy Meets World' and who may not even have any idea what 'Boy Meets World' is. 'Girl Meets World' is simply a tween show with tween humor and loose ties to a series that grown ups used to love.” PLUS: “Boy Meets World” fans will get just a few inside jokes and flashbacks, it’s like any other Disney Channel show, and Ben Savage agrees you can’t build a show on nostalgia.

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<p>U2 at the 86th annual Academy Awards</p>

U2 at the 86th annual Academy Awards

Credit: AP Photo

Good news for bands like U2 as Oscar rule changes take effect

The Best Production Design category also evolves with the times

The Academy has announced its official rule changes today, on the heels of a release earlier this week that addressed campaign strictures. Key changes have been made in a number of categories, including Best Picture, Best Original Song and the acting fields.

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Report: 'The View' dumped Jenny McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd turned down ABC’s final offer

Report: “The View” dumped Jenny McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd turned down ABC’s final offer
ABC opted not to renew McCarthy’s contract, says The Wrap, but wanted Shepherd back with an offer that she didn’t want to accept. PLUS: ABC should just cancel “The View” already.

Barbara Walters returned to “The View” on today’s show (taped Wednesday)
Today’s return after six weeks of “retirement” was taped the day before yesterday’s “View” shakeup. The next new "View" episode is set for July 7 -- the show is on hiatus next week.

Pornstache won’t be part of “OITNB” next season, but his mom will
While Mary Steenburgen is joining the cast as Pornstache’s mom, Pablo Schreiber says he’ll be on another show, HBO’s “The Brink,” as a series regular.

Read the negative viewer reaction to the “Seinfeld” pilot
When NBC tested the pilot, which turns 25 next month, with some 400 households, it was mostly negatively received.

Check out “Game of Thrones”-inspired soccer World Cup uniforms
Spanish designer Nerea Palacios hopes these drawings gets her a job at Nike.

“SpongeBob’s” Krusty Krab restaurant is opening in Palestine
A real-life version of the cartoon fast food restaurant is opening in the West Bank, above water.

Watch the trailer for “Masters of Sex” Season 2
The Showtime series returns July 13.

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John Hurt, Chris Evans and Jamie Bell in "Snowpiercer."
John Hurt, Chris Evans and Jamie Bell in "Snowpiercer."
Credit: The Weinstein Company

Tell us what you thought of 'Snowpiercer'

Bong Joon-ho's railborne thriller has been a long time coming - is it worth the wait?

Better late than never, as they say -- and for the longest time, it looked rather as if it could be closer to "never" when it came to a US release date for "Snowpiercer." The Chris Evans-starring sci-fi thriller from Korean auteur Bong Joon-ho was released in the director's homeland 11 months ago, but famously got caught up in an(other) editing dispute with The Weinstein Company, with even the film's actors getting vocally involved in the fallout. In the end, Bong prevailed, and his cut of the film finally hits US screens in limited release today. So, is it worth the wait?

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Is 'The View' undergoing too much change?

Is “The View” undergoing too much change?
Perhaps Barbara Walters should come back, as she did on today’s episode, which was pre-taped on Wednesday.

Sarah Chalke will play Rainn Wilson’s ex-fiancee on “Backstrom”
She’ll play the Chair of the Civilian Oversight Committee, who is responsible for overseeing the police department that includes Wilson’s detective character.

More than 60% of “Kitchen Nightmares” restaurants are now closed
Here’s a breakdown of every restaurant featured on the canceled Gordon Ramsay reality show.

Report: BET wants a Chris Brown reality show
According to TMZ, BET has tested the possibility of a reality show featuring the troubled R&B star, and has even approached several production companies.

Johnny Depp to judge a Chinese reality show
He’ll select the winner of "Chinese Dream” and take him or her on a trip to Hollywood.

“Big Brother” viewership up again on its 2nd night, trouncing “Rookie Blue"
About 6.6 million watched last night’s episode.

Pat Sajak asked a gay male “Wheel of Fortune” contestant about the woman he was going to marry
Apparently Sajak apologized for the blunder during a commercial break.

Joel McHale: I’m not interested in hosting a late-night talk show
"Who would do that? That is so much work, right?” he tells Conan.

Shark Week unveils an “epic” commercial
Featuring a "chum-tossing, shirtless man leading a swarm of sea life on chariot of sharks"

“Jeopardy!” contestant answers a Final Jeopardy question with "Who is This handsome gentleman?” with an arrow pointing up
The answer was supposed to Alfred Nobel. PLUS: George Stephanopoulos got his own “Jeopardy!” category.

Which part of Northern California is “Mad Men” filming its finale in?
Jon Hamm and the “Mad Men” crew were spotted this week far away from L.A.

Watch Jon Stewart’s tribute to his longest-serving “Daily Show” writer
Stewart sent off J.R. Havlan with a clip from his Craig Kilborn's “Daily Show” days.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog travels to the World Cup in Brazil
For his final World Cup piece for “Conan,” Triumph also humped some more dogs and insulted more countries.

See Rick Grimes’ new 14-inch “Walking Dead” statue
McFarlane Toys is releasing a statue of Grimes strangling one zombie while shooting another.

Tori Spelling changes her @ToriandDean Twitter account
Now that she’s no longer on Oxygen and has her own ABC Family show, Spelling is now @torispelling on Twitter.

Check out the house that “Dexter” money bought
Michael C. Hall is selling his Los Feliz compound for $4.5 million.

Michael Chiklis will play a “strong man” circus performer on “American Horror Story: Freak Show”
His character will be married to Angela Bassett’s character, says Ryan Murphy.

Happy 30th Birthday, Khloé Kardashian!
The youngest of the three Kardashian sisters is now in her 30s.

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<p>Julie Chen of &quot;Big Brother&quot;</p>

Julie Chen of "Big Brother"

Credit: CBS

TV Ratings: 'Big Brother' Thursday premiere leads CBS, 'NY Med' returns high

'Undateable' edges 'Gang Related' in total viewers

Fast National ratings for Thursday, June 26, 2014.

The 16th installment of "Big Brother" had a second straight strong premiere night for CBS, delivering Thursday's best numbers among young viewers and combining with a "Big Bang Theory" repeat to help CBS win overall as well.

Thursday's overall race was at least somewhat close because ABC got a good audience -- a series hight, in fact -- for the return of "NY Med," which made a solid overall block with "Rookie Blue," even if demo numbers for both shows are week. 

Among other Thursday notables, "Last Comic Standing" is slipping for NBC after a promising start, while FOX's "Hell's Kitchen" and "Gang Related," plus NBC's "Undateable" all slipped a hair among young viewers.

On to the numbers...

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<p>I Love Lucy</p>

I Love Lucy

Summer sitcom rewind: 'I Love Lucy' - 'Job Switching'

Lucy and Ethel work at the chocolate factory, while Ricky and Fred learn to cook and clean

We're continuing this periodic summer project where we revisit classic sitcom episode. This week we're going waaaay back to the 1950s for one of the most famous television half hours of them all: "Job Switching," from "I Love Lucy" season 2, coming up just as soon as I show you the creases on these silk stockings...

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"Big Brother 16"

Recap: 'Big Brother' 16 Night 2 - Andy Herren Judges With Us

We inspect the eight new houseguests and invite "BB15" winner Andy Herren to appraise them with us.

Night two of "Big Brother 16" served up some saucy new houseguests and a couple of strange (er, confusing?) twists. We were aware of the existence of a "Team America" thanks to Wednesday night's premiere, but we just learned that Joey, a blue-haired person who recycles Aquafina bottles in the Pacific Northwest, was voted by viewers to be the first houseguest on the secret three-person team. She'll get special chances to win $5,000 for every silly challenge/dare she completes. "Now this is some GREEN I won't be recycling!" she doesn't say to us, but you can just effing imagine it.

We also learned more about the two-HOH, four-block-nominee system of tyranny that Julie Chen is so excited about. (She is extra sinister this season. I always expect her to turn to the camera and whisper, "The houseguests don't know that right now they're drinking the blood of Les Moonves' first wife.") Apparently there are two HOHs every week, and they both nominate two houseguests apiece. Those two duos battle against each other, and the winning duo gets to remove themselves from the chopping block and subject the HOH who chose them to a possible eviction. The losing team remains unsafe, and the HOH who chose them remains safe. Get it? You shouldn't. 


But now, the important stuff. Eight new houseguests entered Chenbot Manor, and it's time for us to inspect their characters like detectives who specialize in loud narcissists. To help us analyze the new hamsters, we also have Andy Herren -- the winner of "Big Brother 15" -- to add some spicy commentary. Here are HitFix's and Andy Herren's takes on the newbies.



HitFix: I feel like Victoria spent hours memorizing three shockingly boring tidbits to recite about herself, like DeFwon from "30 Rock." "I'm an Orthodox Jew!" she purrs. "I'm the hottest girl in the house!" she murmurs nervously. "I love pink. It's the best," she coos. None of those facts translates to gameplay. Understanding that Frankie has hair that matches your outfit is probably not an FBI-level insight. 

Andy Herren: Victoria is this season's Jessie (Big Brother 15). On one hand, this is bad because she is doomed. On the other hand, this is fantastic because she will be humiliated on a nearly non-stop basis.  



HitFix: It took me a second, but I love this guy's cockiness. I also love that he told Rachel Reilly to her face that she was a bully. Yes to angry honesty! Good caustic energy coming off this bro. I bet his favorite food is Mountain Dew.


Andy Herren: He's a self-proclaimed "con artist" and an Andy-proclaimed "cutie pie."  I want him to go far, not only because I think he is capable of it, but also due to the fact that if he wins, we can take photos together and I can begin to seduce him. He also claimed that I'm one of his all-time favorite players. I need to marry this guy.  



HitFix: I'm annoyed to death that Caleb says he's not going to play down his physical strength. Really? Is he also just going to volunteer for elimination every week? Worse, this is somebody who calls himself a "metrosexual." Ugh. Buying a pair of jeans at Guess doesn't mean you get to have an identity. 

Andy Herren: Next. Over it. 



HitFix: I can usually tolerate an affable heterosexual player, but I'm not sensing Hayden will surprise us with brilliant espionage tactics. Also: I am done with "Big Brother" players being named Hayden. I am especially done with adult skateboarders. So it turns out Hayden wasn't tolerable at all. The end.

Andy Herren:  Hayden seems like the type of guy who would be fun to grab a beer with, but who is also expendable.  I see him sticking around for a while before being kicked to the curb when someone needs an easy target to pick off.  His safari hat is quite ridiculous, though.

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<p>Sherri Shepherd, Barbara Walters, Jenny McCarthy and Whoopi Goldberg.</p>

Sherri Shepherd, Barbara Walters, Jenny McCarthy and Whoopi Goldberg.

Credit: ABC

'The View' wants you to care again so bye bye Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy

What should ABC do next?

Do you remember when "The View" was as close as you could get to must-see morning talk show TV?  When it was seemingly a microcosm for the political debates going on between the left and right?  When the chemistry between the hosts could entice surprising off the cuff answers from any guest? (Even those who thought they were just there to promote a new movie or TV show?).  Yes, it's been awhile. It's been a long while and that's probably the biggest reason Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy are leaving the show.

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Jenny McCarthy confirms her 'View' exit as ABC announces an 'exciting new direction next season'

Jenny McCarthy confirms her “View” exit as ABC announces an “exciting new direction next season”
"If Sherri goes... I go too. #sisters,” McCarthy tweeted, adding. "My View will be changing too. As will with many hard working folks. Thanks to everyone at the show for your dedication and an amazing year.” According to Broadcasting & Cable, “The View” will also have a new view next year, moving the show to “Katie’s” old studio. PLUS: Could Rosie return? Will Laila Ali be hired?

Fox exec on Kris Jenner's failed talk show: "She looked not just like a deer in the headlights but like a deer that already got hit”
“I think she was pretty uninteresting” on camera, says Fox TV stations chief Frank Cicha of Jenner’s failed talk show.

Courteney Cox gets engaged
The “Cougar Town” star tonight tweeted the news of her engagement to Snow Patrol rocker Johnny McDaid.

“The Daily Show’s” longest-tenured writer departs tonight
J.R. Havlan’s 2,821 episodes stretches back to the Craig Kilborn era.

“The Bachelorette” Andi Dorfman and her winner could end up “Dancing”
Both have reportedly been asked to compete on “Dancing with the Stars.”

See Tatiana Maslany with her “Orphan Black” body doubles
She took pictures with her clones during filming of the epic clone dance party.

E!’s” “Untold With Maria Menounos” premieres July 17
Menounos’ magazine show will feature “The Pop Culture Minute” with YouTube and Vine stars, plus “The Untold Moment,” featuring interviews with celebrities.

“Homer Simpson’s” dad is having an estate sale
Dan Castellaneta’s father, who’s in assisted living, is selling all his stuff, including “Simpsons” memorabilia and a drawing he drew of his son.

ABC’s “NY Med” features real doctors, like Dr. Oz
The TV doctor is not much of a distraction on ABC’s documentary hospital series, premiering tonight.

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