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Jay Z

Jay Z, No Doubt and Carrie Underwood headline 3rd Global Citzen Festival

Central Park event highlight global poverty

Jay Z, No Doubt, Carrie Underwood and fun., will headline the 3rd annual Global Citizen Festival, held Sept. 27 in New York’s Central Park.

The free, ticketed event, which coincides with the UN General Assembly, brings awareness to extreme poverty around the globe and will air live on MSNBC. Additionally, NBC News will produce a one-hour primetime special about the issue that will air the night of the concert.

Also on the bill are The Roots and Tiesto.

To receive tickets, go to and take action on one of the campaigns fighting poverty by signing a petition or sharing on a social network to enter. Tickets will be doled out throughout the summer.


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Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Reese Witherspoon hits the road alone in new 'Wild' poster

Can 'Dallas Buyers Club' director Jean-Marc Vallée lead her to Oscar glory?

It's been nearly a decade since Reese Witherspoon picked up a Best Actress Oscar for "Walk the Line," but her recent renaissance (kicked off by her supporting turn in "Mud") could culminate in more Oscar attention.

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Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen shoots a modern day Western in 'Hunter of Invisible Game' video

The Boss co-directed the 10-minute short film

Bruce Springsteen has never been a fan of appearing in his music videos, so it’s somewhat of a surprise that today on his website he released a 10-minute short film for “Hunter Of Invisible Game,” a haunting, elegiac track from this year’s “High Hopes” album starring Bruce Springsteen.

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<p>&quot;Dawn of the Planet of the Apes&quot;</p>

"Dawn of the Planet of the Apes"

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Time to dust off that 'Andy Serkis for Best Actor' Oscar discussion

In fact, let's make some room for Toby Kebbell in the supporting conversation

A couple of years ago, Andy Serkis' name again made the rounds in the awards conversation vis a vis his performance capture work. The talk concerned his performance in "Rise of the Planet of the Apes," and came nearly a decade after he stirred consideration among more progressive minds for his work in Peter Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers." Well, with a performance in "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" that is sure to outshine a great many that will be in the actual running, it's time to dust off that conversation once again.

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'The Flash' casts Robbie Amell as Firestorm

“The Flash” casts Robbie Amell as Firestorm
The “Tomorrow People” star, the cousin of “Arrow’s” Stephen Amell, will make his debut in the third episode of the season.

Report: Rosie and “The View” have been in talks for 6 months
People magazine says Elisabeth Hasselbeck was right in that “The View” has been interested in bringing back Rosie O’Donnell for a long time now. Rosie is expected to be one of three new additions to “The View” panel.

Stevie Nicks joins “The Voice” as Adam Levine’s advisor
The Fleetwood Mac star will be part of next season.

“Orange is the New Black" meets "Frozen"
Watch animated mashup “Frozen is the New Black."

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<p>&quot;The Night Shift&quot;</p>

"The Night Shift"

Credit: NBC

TV Ratings: 'America's Got Talent' and 'Night Shift' lead dull Tuesday

NBC wins the night in everything... Yawn.

Fast National ratings for Tuesday, July 8, 2014.

On a slow, boring Tuesday night, NBC dominated primetime in most measures with a repeat of "America's Got Talent" and a new "Night Shift."

"Night Shift" was down a little bit from last week, "Extreme Weight Loss" added a couple viewers and nothing else was particularly notable on Tuesday.

On to the numbers...

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck thinks Rosie’s 'View' return has been in the works for 'a long, long time'

Elisabeth Hasselbeck thinks Rosie’s “View” return has been in the works for “a long, long time"
Hasselbeck said on Fox News, for Rosie "to have such ease the day of Barbara’s goodbye show was shocking to me. Would you think that the woman who left the way that she did would be producing (Walters’) goodbye show? Here’s the shocker: It was actually (O’Donnell’s) hello show.”

George R.R. Martin: “F*ck you” if you think I can’t finish my “Game of Thrones” books before I die
"I find that question pretty offensive, people speculating about my death and my health,” Martin tells a Swiss newspaper. "So f*ck you to those people.” PLU: Watch the “GoT” visual effects reel, and Kit Harrington is forbidden from getting a suntan.

William Friedkin to direct a “True Detective” episode?
The 78-year-old director of “The Exorcist” and “The French Connection” says he’s met with Nic Pizzolatto. “I am considering it,” he says, adding:  "I can't say much more at this time.”

Parents Television Council outraged over sexual assault scenes in “Reckless”
The conservative watchdog has asked its members to complain to the FCC about the sexual violence in the season premiere of the CBS series.

FX is keeping the gross-out “The Strain” eyeball posters up in NYC
While they are being replaced in L.A., the posters were spotted this morning on a NYC bus.

BBC America orders the 9th-century set “The Last Kingdom”
The BBC is steaming with “Downton Abbey” producer Carnival Films on a series about Alfred the Great’s fending off a Viking invasion.

“Once Upon a Time” bringing back Giancarlo Esposito
He’ll reprise his role as the Magic Mirror in the Season 4 premiere.

Did “Girl Meets World” make Mr. Feeny a ghost?
Creator Mark Blutman denies Mr. Feeny is dead, but William Daniels' appearance on the spinoff has been a mystery.

“New York Med” nurse was fired for posting an “insensitive” photo to Instagram
Katie Duke posted a photo of the medical room aftermath of a guy who was hit by a subway train.

See pics from the “Daredevil” set
The Netflix series has already begun shooting.

“Seinfeld” gets the Emoji treatment
Jerry and his pals are now in Emoji form.

Buzz Aldrin: “I jumped for joy” when “30 Rock” asked me to do a guest spot
Aldrin recalled in a Reddit AMA that his dad used to work at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Jimmy Fallon and Halle Berry make a human hamster wheel
Yet another “Late Night” celebrity clip!

“Stand Up to Cancer” returns, airing on 30 channels on Sept. 5
ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox and many more channels will air the special at 8 pm that night.

“Duck Dynasty” getting an “E! True Hollywood Story”
The A&E stars’ story will be told on Thursday’s episode.

Watch more “Blossom” reunion videos
Joey Lawrence explains where “Woah!” came from.

NatGeo orders travelogue series "Eric Greenspan Is Hungry" and "Chug"
Eric Greenspan will travel the country for his “Hungry” show, while “Chug" sees “drinkaloguer” Zane Lamprey visit “an array of exotic and boozy locations” around the world.

Check out the bloody “The Killing” poster
“The past can’t be washed away.”

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<p>Halle Berry in Extant</p>

Halle Berry in Extant

Review: Halle Berry returns from space in CBS' 'Extant'

A familiar but effective sci-fi/horror story

A couple of months ago, NBC aired a two-part remake of "Rosemary's Baby" that was completely lacking in suspense, pacing, anything new to say with the material or any reason to exist save for the brand name and the excuse to give Zoe Saldana a pixie haircut. The original film is such a classic that, even if it should never be excused from being remade, at least requires some genuine thought before attempting, which no one involved with the NBC version bothered to try. 

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Weta's digital guru discusses 'Avatar' sequels and Snyder's 'Batman v Superman' plans
Credit: HitFix

Weta's digital guru discusses 'Avatar' sequels and Snyder's 'Batman v Superman' plans

This was James Cameron's plan all along, he says

The last time I spoke to Joe Letteri, it was hot on the heels of the release of James Cameron's "Avatar," and we covered a lot of ground.  It was a two-part interview, and I had a great time talking to him. He's a brilliant guy, and he's able to explain the landmark work he's been doing with the rest of the amazing team at Weta Digital in a way that feels like it's easy to grasp.

At the recent press day at Crissy Field in San Francisco for the new film "Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, I talked to Letteri along with the equally-brilliant Dan Lemmon, and I could have spent hours talking to them about the progress they've made in terms of performance capture and simply making their digital creations fit seamlessly into a physical world.

It seemed particularly fitting that the view of the Golden Gate Bridge behind us looked like something that Weta Digital would have done as a matte painting. Gorgeous, wrapped in fog, as iconic as it gets.

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Report: Rosie’s 1-year 'The View' deal would ban reality stars and give her approval over co-hosts

Report: Rosie’s 1-year “The View” deal would ban reality stars and give her approval over co-hosts
Though TMZ says a deal is done, Page Six says Rosie O'Donnell's negotiations haven't been completed. The “one-year, seven-figure deal” would have Rosie, who left after one year in 2007, working full-time alongside Whoopi Goldberg full-time, giving her “approval over offers to other co-hosts.”

“Orange is the New Black’s” Laverne Cox to guest on Bravo’s "Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce”
She’ll play a war journalist and LGBT activist.

Jerry Sandusky’s adopted son to detail his sexual abuse with Oprah
Matthew Sandusky, son of the infamous Penn State assistant football coach, sat down with Oprah for a special airing on OWN on Sunday.

“Game of Thrones” casting call in Spain attracts more than 10,000 extras
The Spanish scenes will be featuring Oberyn’s Dornish family.

“Hawaii Five-0” begins filming Season 5 with a blessing — producers hope to book Michelle Wie
Daniel Dae Kim, Jorge Garcia, Grace Park, Alex O’Loughlin and other cast members kicked off their longest season this morning in front of the Honolulu Zoo.

“24” bosses answer Reddit questions on Jack Bauer becoming more lethal and the show's avoidance of pop-culture references
"We think Jack's behavior accurately reflects where he is in his life,” says exec producer Evan Katz. "His character is farther outside of society than he ever has been and seems to have little time for finesse or legalities."

“Reno 911!” abruptly ended 5 years ago today
"I wish we had known,” says Thomas Lennon. "We were plenty surprised that the show got canceled, especially because (of) the ratings. It was actually a very highly rated show for pretty much its entire run.” Will the cast reunite?

“The Bachelor’s” Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici surface on TLC
They’re judging the “Next Great Baker.”

“Elementary” will let Lucy Liu direct another episode
As Liu detailed to Letterman in May, it took her some time to direct her first episode last season.

Nathan Fielder explains the “Nathan For You” process
Does he still keep up with the people from last season? PLUS: How “Drunk History” is put together.

What if Yelp reviewed TV restaurants?
MacLaren’s Pub would get 3 stars, while Central Perk would get 4 stars.

Kristin Bauer van Straten addresses this week’s “True Blood”
"It’s devastating,” she says.

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” vs. “It’s Always Sunny in Moscow”
In examining both shows, it’s clear that the Russian version isn’t as successful as the original American version.

“Pretty Little Liars” creator reflects on 100 episodes
“We are the little show that could,” says I. Marlene King. PLUS: Looking back at the pilot, and 100 craziest moments.

What is the most disturbing thing on “The Strain” set?
The FX series’ set includes headless corpses.

"Married at First Sight” helps the Biography channel convert to “FYI”
The odd reality show, premiering tonight, is part of A&E’s attempt to rebrand Bio as “a hyphen network: creating-tasting-designing-loving-life.”

Philadelphia’s “Real World” house is for sale for $4.3 million
The former bank building played host to the MTV reality show in 2004.

MTV’s “Finding Carter” feels authentic, like a retro teen show
Unlike recent teen shows like “Awkward,” “Pretty Little Liars” and “Gossip Girl,” “Finding Carter,” says Hillary Busis, is "neither self-consciously hip nor glamorously soapy; its dialogue is straightforward, its dramatic elements are understated, and its characters are good looking in a low-key way rather than being regulation CW hotties.” PLUS: “Finding Carter” suffers from too many twists, and there’s a very teenage cynicism at the show’s root.

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Letterman walks out on Joan Rivers

Letterman walks out on Joan Rivers
Dave did to Joan what she did to CNN.

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Watching Fifth Harmony's 'BO$$' video with the sound off

Watching Fifth Harmony's 'BO$$' video with the sound off

A too-close reading: Grab a drink, sit down

Literally the first shot of this video sets you into a state of confusion: are those doctors jackets or blazers? And where are their pants?

The first phrases emblazoned across the screen is "Think Like A Boss... Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do... Find Yourself And Be That." These are in two different fonts: the first phrase is in Impact and the other font and words make me want to buy organic bath stuffs.

So far, the outfits are quite literally binary: white or black. Each seems to lay claim to different choreography schemes with white denoting unity and black meaning individuality. Each require complex arm movements denoting bossness.

Boss means strutting on a catwalk and extreme arm movement. If I didn't know that the most-used phrase in this song was "Michelle Obama," I wouldn't be doing the dog-headtilt thing here.

Holding up signs that look like enlarged Scrabble letters, I am told the quintet is "confident." Now, pretend legs are butterfly wings and that explains what their preceding floor move is.

Confident women air-hump chairs.

Seconds later, they kick those chairs, with heels on. But I thought they liked the chairs?

Boys and girls approach a small table and they don't like each other. There's a fight, or at least some aggressive smack talk. It may be political.

A girl and a guy face off, because this is a battle of the sexes. There's an ingredient in this drink, I wish I knew what it was because it tastes so obvious.

Based on physical strength, everybody here knows she would lose this match. Everybody. If this is a battle for symbolic bossness, then of course she won because that is the name of the song. If this was a battle of the sexes -- and we've established that this is -- can it not end in a draw? Must there always be a superiority and establishment class? I'm alarmed at this symbolic arm wrestling match. Must boss equal female?

Mystery solved: there is a catwalk in this music video because there is a [camera] product placement. The product has its own flash on it, yet we continue to see bursts of those old-timey flash bulbs. I dare to dream it is another symbol in this symbol-rich music video:  the old timey camera flashes are the male establishment and the new petite flashes on the [camera] are representative female and because Fifth Harmony were paid to host a brand in the video, they (and by proxy females) are boss, despite the aesthetic advantages of a male flashbulb state.

The women salute a flag that says "Boss / Fifth Harmony," delivering on another unsolved mystery: they are in the military, and more specifically, privates in the sexy nurses branch. They pledge allegiance to themselves.

Returning to the arm wrestling match, we have another face-off. Finding herself immediately outmatched, our female snatches the ballcap from her rival's head and puts it on her head, an assertion of flirtation, sexual dominance, gender reversal and "wiles." Wiles are looked down upon by the male troupe, who deem wiles irresistible and, thus, unjust. She solidifies the victory by using two hands instead of one, a slight breach in traditional arm wrestling etiquette. Considering the pre-established military state of Fifth Harmony, one can only conclude that the tussle between the sexes here is over the female recruit physical requirements for the integration into Marine ground combat units. A hot topic! It is political.

He takes off his shirt, a momentary inverse on the male gaze, her spoils of winning the war.

The [camera] is turned on the male photographers, who are revealed to be the ladies' arm wrestling rivals. Like an explorer photographing a newly exposed native peoples, she reveals she has captured their souls with her flashy boxy thingie.

Since bossness, and superiority in arm strength and arm movement is confirmed, the women now are ready for marriage, which could be the sole and only explanation for their virginal,  lace- and satin-dominated floor length white gowns. The camera, the gaze and conservative value is reclaimed. Marital availability becomes an indicator light for bossness. The First Lady iterations become inextricable interwoven with Annie Leibovitz retro.

I can't anymore. This song and its video is playful but pedantic. Fifth Harmony's "BO$$" went on sale yesterday, and will be included on "The X Factor" ensemble's first full-length album, out in the fall.

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