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<p>Benjamin McKenzie and Donal Logue in &quot;Gotham.&quot;</p>

Benjamin McKenzie and Donal Logue in "Gotham."

Credit: FOX

Press tour: ‘Gotham’ team tries to balance Batman-less world

Promising thoughts from producer Bruno Heller and the stars

FOX's "Gotham" is one of this fall's most intriguing pilots, but also one of its most confounding. On the one hand, it has the full weight of DC Comics behind it; an interesting cast that includes Benjamin McKenzie as a young Jim Gordon, Donal Logue as his cynical partner Harvey Bullock and Jada Pinkett Smith as local crime boss Fish Mooney; and a fascinating look created by director/producer Danny Cannon that evokes '70s cinema classics like "Dog Day Afternoon" and "The French Connection." On the other hand, it is a Batman show that is never going to actually feature Batman, since the story begins with the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents, with Bruce played by 13-year-old David Mazouz, while the show will feature origin stories for classic Batman villains like the Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor), the Riddler (Cory Michael Smith) and Catwoman (Camren Bicondova), making it a story heavily weighted towards the decay of Gotham, without any promise of true redemption so long as Bruce remains out of costume.

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'Futurama' cast to guest on 'The Simpsons' season premiere

“Futurama” cast to guest on “The Simpsons” season premiere
Jane Fonda and Willem Dafoe are also lending their voices to the Season 26 premiere. PLUS: New Zealand man sets a “Simpsons” tattoo world record.

Remembering James Garner: TV’s Bret Maverick and Jim Rockford won you over with their mind
Garner’s roles on “The Rockford Files” and “Maverick” "got through trouble with cleverness, charm and subtle wit,” says James Poniewozik. "James Garner wasn’t the kind of star who won love because he seemed so elevated above you: he made you love him by showing you that he was on your level–had in fact spent some time down in the dirt, brushed off the dust, and moved on with a rascally smile.” PLUS: “Rockford Files” was the perfect marriage of storytellers, star and genre, Kaley Cuoco remembers her “8 Simple Rules” grandpa, and read the NY Times obituary on Garner.

Fox exec blames the contestants for “Idol’s” woes
Fox Networks’ Peter Rice told critics “American Idol” is “aging gracefully,” but "We haven't found in the last two years a group of kids who've captured the imagination of the public.”

Hank Azaria to star in “Bordertown,” Seth MacFarlane’s latest Fox animated comedy
He’ll voice the lead on MacFarlane’s border comedy.

It took Matthew McConaughey a few seconds to realize only the winners attended the TV Critics’ Association Awards
McConaughey, winner for individual achievement in drama for "True Detective," had trouble spotting his fellow nominees in the TCA Awards audience. In fact, fellow nominee Bryan Cranston was in attendance for “Breaking Bad."

Kevin Sorbo is upset he isn’t in the new “Hercules” movie
The ‘90s “Hercules” stars said he asked for a cameo in the Dwayne Johnson film. "I think it's kind of stupid really," he told Dish. "To not put me in a cameo is taking the business out of show business."

Fox hopes this isn’t “Bones’” final season, will begin talks on “24’s” future
Fox’s Peter Rice says of “24," "they did a great job this year.” And of “Bones,” he said: “I hope it’s not the last year” and "I hope that will come back.”

Skye McCole Bartusiak, the little girl from “24" Season 2, is dead at 21
Bartusiak appeared in eight episodes of “24’s” 2nd day, with Elisha Cuthbert's Kim Bauer as her au pair. Bartusiak died in her sleep, but the cause of death is unknown.

The Coen Brothers had the right to remove their names from FX’s “Fargo”
Read the story of how the FX miniseries came together.

“Teen Wolf’s” Tyler Posey will host the Teen Choice Awards
This year’s TCAs is scheduled for Aug. 10.

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<p>Miss Piggy and Terry Crews at the Television Critics Association Awards, or TCA</p>

Miss Piggy and Terry Crews at the Television Critics Association Awards, or TCA

Miss Piggy, Armando Iannucci and Bryan Cranston highlight the TCA Awards

Singing pigs, joking Scotsmen, sincere actors and more

Saturday was an excellent night and a strange night to be a member of the Television Critics Association. On the one hand, we held our annual TCA Awards ceremony, filled with terrific winners giving terrific speeches. On the other, the power in the hotel (and the surrounding neighborhood) randomly went out late in the post-show reception, and then news broke that the great James Garner — who had won our Career Achievement award four years earlier — had died.

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<p>Peter Rice</p>

Peter Rice

Credit: FOX

Press Tour: July 2014 FOX Executive Session Live-Blog

Peter Rice sets in to fill the executive vacuum with the TV Critics

Kevin Reilly is gone.

Dana Walden and Gary Newman won't be taking over and Chairmen and CEOs for the newly formed FOX Television Group until the end of the month.

That means that on Sunday (July 20) morning, our Television Critics Association press tour Fox Executive Session is with Fox Network Group CEO and Chairman Peter Rice, who hasn't met with us for several years and even when he did meet with us, it was always clear that he was far enough above the network's day-to-day that our questions weren't part of his thought process.

At least he'll be able to talk about the FOX executive restructuring, which will make for a buzz-y panel, I'm sure.

Click though and follow along...

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<p>James Garner in &quot;The Rockford Files&quot;</p>

James Garner in "The Rockford Files"

Credit: Universal

Appreciating the relaxed genius of the late James Garner

Perhaps the most laid-back TV star of them all, whether a card-playing cowboy or a dogged private eye

There have arguably been bigger stars in television history than the late James Garner, but none who ever made it look quite so easy.

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James Garner is dead at 86

James Garner is dead at 86
The legendary star of “Maverick” and “The Rockford Files” died late Saturday night. The cause of death is unknown.

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'Breaking Bad,' 'True Detective,' 'The Good Wife' all win TV Critics’ Awards

“Breaking Bad,” “True Detective,” “The Good Wife” all win TV Critics’ Awards
While all three competed in the same Emmy category, the TV Critics Association named them, respectively, program of the year, best drama and best miniseries. “Orange is the New Black," meanwhile, was honored as best new program, while “Louie” and “Veep” tied for best comedy. “RuPaul’s Drag Race” won best reality show. “Cosmos” won best news program, “SNL” won the Heritage Award and James Burrows was honored for his career achievement.

“Sons of Anarchy” books Malcolm-Jamal Warner
"The Cosby Show” alum will play Sticky, the right-hand man to T.O. Cross, in two episodes, starting with the season premiere. PLUS: Watch a new “Sons of Anarchy” teaser.

Zendaya on exiting Lifetime's Aaliyah biopic: "I felt not really morally OK with moving forward with the project”
Zendaya Coleman congratulated her replacement Alexandra Shipp on Friday, and explained her exit via Instagram: "The main reason (I left) is that the production value wasn’t there, there were complications with the music rights, and I just felt like it wasn’t being handled delicately considering the situation.”

Networks want to move away from live/same day viewership ratings
Says CBS research guru David Poltrack: "If you were a sports reporter, you would not report the winner based on the third-inning score – that’s what you’re doing if you use Live + Same Day ratings.”

The Queen’s Guard covered the “Game of Thrones” theme
Watch their performance at Buckingham Palace on Thursday.

Check out Bobby Cannavale filming HBO’s ‘70s rock ’n’ roll drama from Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger
He has fluffy hair and sideburns, plus an orangey leather jacket.

“The Fosters” star Jake T. Austin charged with hit and run
The 19-year-old allegedly slammed into three parked cars early this morning.

LeVar Burton shares his lessons from his Kickstarter campaign
"The biggest lesson here has been if you believe in anything ... and you're not achieving the kind of traction you're going for," he says in a new video. "Just keep going."

Listen to Lifetime’s Whitney Houston biopic version of “I Will Always Love You”
Deborah Cox has been tapped for all of Houston’s songs in the TV movie.

“The Wire’s” David Simon took a selfie with Maryland’s “Wire”-hating governor
Simon bumped into Gov. Martin O’Malley, a possible 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, on the train on Friday.

See “Breaking Bad’s” Betsy Brandt looking straight out of the ‘50s on “Masters of Sex”
Brandt makes her debut as Bill’s new secretary on Sunday’s episode.

Adam Levine weds
“The Voice” star married model Behati Prinsloo on Saturday.

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<p>Breaking Bad</p>

Breaking Bad

Credit: AMC

'Breaking Bad,' Matthew McConaughey & 'Veep' win big at TCA Awards

A night to share the wealth among all the great things on television over the past year

"Breaking Bad," "True Detective," "The Good Wife," "Orange Is the New Black," "Veep" and "Louie" are among this year's Television Critics Association Awards winners, in a year when the TCA tried to share the wealth across an absurdly deep season in television.

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Best and Worst: Was there anything funny or sexy in 'Sex Tape'?
Credit: Sony Pictures

Best and Worst: Was there anything funny or sexy in 'Sex Tape'?

Did we just want to see somebody else on the tape?

"Sex Tape" is one of those movies that looks great on paper.  Cameron Diaz, an actress who has skillfully honed her comedic talents over the years, and Jason Segel, a funny actor and talented screenwriter, team up in a romantic comedy/farce about a couple who lose a sex tape they made for personal use and have to get it back before it embarrasses them publicly.  Both actors are teaming up with director Jake Kasdan who they collaborated with on the hit summer comedy "Bad Teacher."  If the script is funny this should be a slam dunk right?  Wrong.

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NYFF wins again as Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Inherent Vice' snags centerpiece gala slot

NYFF wins again as Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Inherent Vice' snags centerpiece gala slot

Second major get for the festival

Think you're all that Telluride? Feeling confident in your slate Venice? Fighting for your premiere life Toronto? Well, the New York Film Festival has no plans of sitting on the sidelines in the battle for major premieres this fall movie season. On Wednesday, the Film Society of Lincoln Center revealed that David Fincher's "Gone Girl" will open the festival on Sept. 26. Friday evening it was revealed that another highly anticipated film, Paul Thomas Anderson's "Inherent Vice," will be the event's centerpiece gala.

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This year’s summer TV: Lots of big names, lots of mediocrity

This year’s summer TV: Lots of big names, lots of mediocrity
As David Zurawik notes, "Big names alone do not make for golden TV. In fact, sometimes the big names are only using TV to pass off inferior work that couldn’t get big-screen funding. Some actors and actresses choose to do TV because it fits their lifestyle at the moment — keeping them near home and on a fixed schedule rather than on a far-flung location making a film, for example.”

See Jerry Seinfeld’s Yelp page: He downgraded a diner after its owner pleaded guilty to a murder-for-hire scheme
Seinfeld initially praised the Tick Tock Diner after eating their with Jon Stewart for this week's “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

Kevin Williamson gets in a Twitter fight with a TV critic, calls him a “loser” and “idiot”
The "Dawson’s Creek,” “Vampire Diaries” and “The Following” honcho wasn’t happy with the criticism he received promoting his new CBS show “Stalker” at TCA on Thursday.

“The View’s” Sherri Shepherd: Maybe I could become the “Chocolate” Ellen
"I love doing talk shows," she says. "Maybe they need a chocolate version of Ellen. I don't know."

John Cho calls his “Selfie” role as the romantic lead “revolutionary”
“I would call this revolutionary. It’s certainly a personal revolution for me,” he says, noting that Asians usually aren't playing the romantic lead.

Showtime won’t say Cameron Crowe’s “Roadies” is “Almost Famous,” but there are “real similarities between the two”
“I think there’ll be a lot of 'Almost Famous' in it,” says Showtime president David Nevins. "Nothing would make me happier.

Watch Zac Efron jump off a cliff with Bear Grylls
Here’s a preview of NBC’s "Running Wild with Bear Grylls,” debuting Monday.

Kristin Bauer explains the difference between her and “True Blood’s” Pam
"My family would say there are similarities between Pam & myself,” she says in a Reddit AMA. "One being my sarcasm, and two my blunt nature. But where Pam is mainly blunt and a tiny bit vulnerable, I'm probably mainly vulnerable and less blunt. Just because I'm human and have to not offend people constantly.”

Wentworth Miller talks coming out, and walking away from acting after “Prison Break”
Miller says, "I was fried after four years on an intense network drama.”

Watch the trailer for Aaron McGruder’s “Black Jesus”
The Adult Swim series about a modern-day Jesus living in Compton premieres Aug. 7.

“Ray Donovan” creator: We're not doing an “homage” to “The Sopranos”
In fact, Ann Biderman plans to take Ray out of therapy. “No one's in therapy for too terribly long in this show,” she says. “I don't think it's a trope that we're using in the same way, but it does kind of ignite a theme.”

Kobe Bryant talks about his Showtime “Muse”
The L.A. Lakers star visited with TV critics to talk about the film documenting his recovery from a devastating Achilles injury.

A sitcom warm-up comedian tells all
How do you keep an audience laughing take after take?

Martin Lawrence: "It’s not as easy to get on TV” nowadays
The star of FX’s “Partners” with Kelsey Grammer says the demands of TV are greater now than when he was on “Martin.” "Just to get ratings,” he says, "it’s very hard. The paychecks are not the same anymore.”

Explaining the Barefoot Contessa
How nuclear budget analyst Ina Garten became a Food Network hit.

New York Public Library to celebrate “Sesame Street"
An exhibition, "‘Somebody Come and Play’: 45 Years of Learning on ‘Sesame Street,’” opens Sept. 18.

Which of his “Cosby Show” sisters did Malcolm Jamal-Warner have a crush on?
"Early on, it was Lisa (Bonet),” he admits.

Amid controversy, The Situation is opening another tanning salon
TV Guide Network cameras will be on hand, and so will the local mayor, for Saturday’s ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Boca Tanning Club in Manalapan, New Jersey.

American Heroes Channel's “Gunslingers” features “heroes” Billy the Kid and Jesse James
The six-part series, debuting Sunday, also includes Wyatt Earp.

Check out a “Breaking Bad” birthday cake of Walter White sitting on his cash
“Happy Birthday Bitch.”

“The Lottery,” Lifetime’s 1st sci-fi show, is quite ridiculous
Premiering Sunday, “The Lottery” "makes baby-mania the stuff of dystopian sci-fi,” says James Poniewozik. "Unfortunately, this baby was full of possibility in its conception, but it’s not hitting its developmental milestones.” PLUS: “The Lottery” could be something great, but it needs to be smarter.

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Showtime's 'The Affair' premieres Oct. 19 — watch the trailer

Showtime's “The Affair” premieres Oct. 19 — watch the trailer
The drama delving into an extramarital affair starring “The Wire’s” Dominic West, Joshua Jackson, Maura Tierney and Ruth Wilson is a show "more about marriage,” says writer Sarah Treem. "The term affair will prove somewhat ironic if you keep watching the show."

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