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<p>Peter Sarsgaard is looking a lot more like himself these days.</p>

Peter Sarsgaard is looking a lot more like himself these days.

Credit: AP Photo/Charles Sykes

Peter Sarsgaard is 'Born to Run' after a monstrous 'Green Lantern'

Acclaimed actor ready for his directorial debut

Contrary to popular belief, Peter Sarsgaard has had his share of intense movie make-up.  His character was dramatically burned for a good portion of Kathryn Bigelow's "K-19: the Widowmaker."

"I did that for weeks on end," Sarsgaard says as we sit on a large patio at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.  "I did this for months on end."

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<p>Vancouver's Green Men</p>
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Vancouver's Green Men

Credit: Jonathan Hayward/AP

The 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' guys respond to Vancouver's Green Men

Do they view the Canucks super-fans as homage or theft?
If you're a Vancouver Canucks fan, a devoted hockey aficionado or if you are, like me, a reasonably uninvolved hockey fan who has suddenly become weirdly puck obsessed during this season's NHL playoffs and Stanley Cup (Go Bruins!), you've probably noticed the Green Men.
They're Force and Sully, two devoted Canucks fans who dress in unflattering neon green body suits and sit next to the visitors' penalty box at Rogers Arena, taunting opposing miscreants with a variety of physical gags, props and the mere threat of proximity to a spandex-covered thrusting rear or crotch.
Already icons in Vancouver, ESPN has made heroes of Force and Sully, both apparently recent journalism school grads, over the course of the Stanley Cup showdown with the Bruins. For the media, the Green Men have become the ultimate super-fans, Vancouver-style, like the Canadian equivalent of Jack Nicholson at Lakers' games or John Adams, the dude who bangs the drums at Cleveland Indians games.
For FX comedy fans, Force and Sully two guys who take "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" very, very seriously. 
The Green Man character first appeared in the "The Gang Gets Invincible" episode of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" as the Eagles-loving alter-ego of Charlie Day's Charlie. The character has popped up in at least two other "Sunny" episodes, most recently in hilarious fashion in "The World Series Defense."
I was on the set of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" with a handful of reporters on Tuesday (June 14) the day before Game 7 between the Canucks and Bruins and it seemed only appropriate to get their reaction to the very well publicized (but only occasionally attributed) homage. 
"I think those guys are awesome," said Glenn Howerton. "Those guys have credited our show numerous times. I've gotten a lot of tweets about that, like 'Why are those guys stealing your s***?' or whatever, but they actually haven't. They've credited us a number of times. Now that ESPN's been giving them a ton of attention, ESPN literally cuts out their references to our show, because they don't want advertise our show. We're a rival cable network. But that's got nothing to do with those guys. They're just taking an idea and running with it. I think it's great."
A little bit less sure, albeit clearly kidding, was Charlie Day.
"Well, I'm more of a Bruins fan, so I'm not so excited about it," said Day, who soon amended that he's more of an "apathetic Bruins fan." "I don't know. If two kids want to go to a hockey game dressed in green... it'd be pretty moronic to try and stop them."
Day had an important caveat.
He added, "If they can keep boners to a minimum..."
Kaitlin Olson agreed, "That's the thing. It's not the most flattering costume."
Howerton concluded, "I think you either know that it came from the show, or you don't. I think that's kinda cool."
I'll obviously have lots more from the "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" set as the show's September premiere gets closer, but with the Game 7 puck dropping in less than an hour, I wanted to get this crucial story up. 
Oh and Go Bruins.
If you haven't seen Force and Sully at work, here's their interpretation of Green Men (video after the break):
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Listen: Morrissey plays three new songs live

Tracks from ex-Smiths frontman's new album; will not be self-released

"Am I moving too fast for you?" Morrissey sings on one of his new songs, "Action Is My Middle Name."

For fans, the ex-Smiths frontman may not be moving fast enough. The legendary singer/songwriter played three new tracks on BBC Radio 2's Janice Long's show last night, and of course the Internet pulls through on posting these suckers. There's "Action," a rocker "The Kid's a Looker" and a more boppy "People Are the Same Everywhere."

Keys abound, heavy guitar artillery line the verses.

These tracks are apparently from Moz' forthcoming, as-yet-untitled album, the follow-up to 2009's "Years of Refusal." According to NME, the only thing stopping him from dropping the set is his label -- or a lack thereof.

"My talents do not lie in DIY," he said. Fair enough. Or is it? Perhaps if he toured America a bit more than he does, he'd line those well-tailored pockets with enough scratch to hire somebody else to start an imprint with decent distribution.

Still, from the sound of these tracks (and, hell, the song titles), I look forward to more.

Morrissey performs right before U2 on June 24 at Glastonbury and is on an extensive UK tour currently. EMI's compilation "The Very Best of Morrissey" dropped in April.


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<p>&nbsp;Rolling for their lives</p>

 Rolling for their lives

Credit: Pixar

Pixar drives down a more serious road with 'Cars 2'

The sequel skews older with an action packed sub-plot

I have to admit that I had always kind of avoided the original "Cars." It had seemed like the most nakedly "market tested" Pixar film to me. I saw it as a movie that popped up right at the height of the NASCAR craze replete with hundreds of cute toy-ready cars just begging to be merchandized. The design of the characters, with their extra big adorable eyes leant the whole thing a syrupy air that had kept me away.

Of course when I sat down and actually watched the movie I was taken in by heart of the thing. It has a solid story of cocky little red race car who is forced to slow down and appreciate small town values and the beauty of the countryside. Still not my favorite Pixar film, but a solid effort and I'd recommend it.

So my cynicism had melted a bit as I rode the bus across the Bay Bridge to visit the Pixar campus back in March to get a sneak peek at "Cars 2" and meet the folks behind the film. We had been bused out the night before to have a tour of their newly built office building, attend a Pixar 25th anniversary mixer and screen the "Toy Story" Short "Hawaiian Vacation," which will be released theatrically in front of "Cars 2." I don't have a lot to say about the night before, however, as I can't talk about the the short, and the mixer was pleasant but not much to write about.

More after the jump.

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"Gene Simmons Family Jewels"

Nick Simmons, Sophie Simmons, Shannon Tweed and Gene Simmons of A&E's "Gene Simmons Family Jewels"

Credit: A&E

Is the breakup on 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels' for real?

But the real question is whether or not it matters

When it comes to celebrity reality TV, I’ve always had a soft spot for A&E’s “Gene Simmons Family Jewels.” Even when the guiding hands of the show’s producers were clearly dictating the so-called plot, it hardly mattered. Shannon Tweed and Gene Simmons (and their kids Nick and Sophie) were consistently funny, charming and infinitely watchable. You’d assume the antics of a rock star and his former Playmate significant other would be the stuff of a bad VH1 show – lots of screaming, drunken parties and ridiculous drama. But Tweed and Simmons defied expectations. They’ve had twenty-eight years of an unconventional commitment. They seemed to genuinely like each other. And ultimately they appeared to be well matched. Their trials were the stuff of any middle-aged couple with kids. It was only the superficial stuff (dragon boots, flunkies and a whole lot of money) that was different.

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<p>When the Dark Knight rises next year, which star from an earlier film will be making an appearance to surprise him?</p>

When the Dark Knight rises next year, which star from an earlier film will be making an appearance to surprise him?

Credit: Warner Bros/Legendary

EXCLUSIVE: What 'Batman' star shot a scene for 'Dark Knight Rises' on Monday?

Secret cameo gives big hints at the film's overall thematic direction

I would hate to be the guy who blows all the big secrets for Christopher Nolan's upcoming "The Dark Knight Rises."  In fact, after some of the ways I've stumbled across giant secrets over the years and blabbed them without knowing full well what the impact would be, I try to err on the side of caution when I can.

Having said that, some news crossed my desk today that is too cool not to share.  However, I want to ask you to respect that not everyone is going to want to know this news, and without knowing context for it, we're still not sure what it means for this third film in Nolan's saga.  If you reprint this news, please try to preserve some sort of a secret for people.  I'm going to run the actual news after the fold, and I'm warning you… it could be a bombshell of a spoiler.

I contacted Warner Bros. to ask them to comment on this story, and they politely refused, saying that's simply not policy when it comes to the Batman films that Nolan and company make.  They know already that they're not going to get him to confirm something, especially not something like this.

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<p>Lil Wayne</p>

Lil Wayne

Credit: AP Photo/Dave Martin

Listen: Lil Wayne's 'Dear Anne' pays homage to Eminem's 'Stan'

Plus, new Weezy mixtape as 'Tha Carter' is further delayed

Who knows when “Tha Carter IV” is actually coming—it’s now been pushed to Aug. 29—but in the meantime, it looks like we might get an apology for the delay in the form of  a new Weezy mixtape.

On Tuesday, Mack Maine, the head of Lil Wayne’s Cash Money label, tweeted “Breaking News! Lil Wayne mixtape ‘Sorry 4 the Wait’ coming soon!!”

In the meantime, check out the full version of Lil Wayne’s  “Dear Anne.”  The full track, parts of which leaks a while ago, finally surfaced today. The tune, according to the BoomBox, is based on Eminem’s “Stan.” The Swizz Beatz-produced track is a letter from Weezy to a fan, as opposed to “Stan,” which is a fan letter.  There are also some ethereal female vocals that serve as a counterpart to Lil Wayne’s spoken part, as does the tinkly piano. Swizz Beatz apparently sent the idea to Eminem for "Recovery," but it ended up with Lil Wayne.

What do you think of “Dear Anne?”

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<p>Chris Brown</p>

Chris Brown

Watch: Chris Brown can't quit dreaming of 'Your Body'

Go ahead, paste on your head if you want....

Chris Brown must have blown his video budget for “Your Body” on the music clip for “Next 2 U” with Justin Bieber because “Your Body’s” video is a low-budget effort that basically consists of Brown walking the city streets thinking back to his girl’s body.... well, someone’s body.

He takes the “body’ part quite literally as the reverie is confined to a woman’s torso. As he freestyles in this largely spoken tune, the camera pans down a woman clad in bra, panties and garter belt, but we never see anything above the neck. But as he raps, Brown is all about equal opportunity: he sends a shout out to black, hispanic and white girls.  It’s a fairly stream-of-consciousness tune--how else to explain how he gets from “wondering how cops feel” to “cop a feel” to “David Copperfield?”

The track, which is not on "F.A.M.E.," may be on a hip-hop mixtape that Brown hinted at via Twitter that would come out before his next album, "Fortune." Or not... He tweeted: "Before my Fortune album drop ima put out a hip hop mixtape. Well, still kinda debating." While the debate society meets, check out "Your Body" and tell us what you think.


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<p>Bad Meets Evil (Royce 5'9&quot; and Eminem)</p>

Bad Meets Evil (Royce 5'9" and Eminem)

Credit: Shady

Review: Eminem and Royce 5'9" on Bad Meets Evil's 'Hell: The Sequel'

MCs are on about Lady Gaga, swagger, Alf and the death of David Carradine

My live review of Eminem at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival this past weekend, there was a question of if the veteran Detroit rapper could be the villain he aspires to be anymore, if his mainstream mega-hits of “Recovery” and the “ehhh” of “Relapse” made a dent in that perception.

As the Evil half of the Bad Meets Evil project with Royce 5’9”, the answer is yes, yes he can be.
And he brings it out in Nickel Nine, too, as the pair frequently face- and bounce-off each other in the nine-track set “Hell: The Sequel.” It’s a reunion of sorts, after the two friends matched up briefly on Slim Shady’s earliest studio release, beefed, then came back together after the death D12 rhymer Proof. Em’s since signed Royce’s crew Slaughterhouse to his Shady imprint, and this set marking the meeting of the minds.
Granted, a recording project is wildly different from a live festival performance, but what this album and Eminem’s stop-off in Manchester, Tenn., is that they’re both fun, and they’re for the fans.
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<p>Valerie Bertinelli gets her Amish on in the return of &quot;Hot in Cleveland.&quot;</p>

Valerie Bertinelli gets her Amish on in the return of "Hot in Cleveland."

Credit: TV Land

Review: TV Land's 'Hot in Cleveland' & 'Happily Divorced'

Fran Drescher's new show seems to exist to make 'Cleveland' look better

TV Land keeps churning out these fake retro sitcoms looking for an ideal companion to "Hot in Cleveland." But these shows really seem to have been designed to make "Hot in Cleveland" look brilliant in comparison.

Back in January, TV Land paired the second "Cleveland" season with "Retired at 35," a painfully unfunny series that got renewed because, hey, George Segal and Jessica Walter need something to do, right?

Tonight at 10, "Cleveland" returns with its second batch of season two episodes, this time followed by Fran Drescher and John Michael Higgins as a couple who get "Happily Divorced" after he comes out of the closet.

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<p>'Have you seen the movie they made about you, Hal?' 'No, is it good?' 'Don't make me punch you.&nbsp; I'm not sure I would ever be able to stop.'</p>

'Have you seen the movie they made about you, Hal?' 'No, is it good?' 'Don't make me punch you.  I'm not sure I would ever be able to stop.'

Credit: Warner Bros

Review: Awkward, uneven 'Green Lantern' packs no punch

DC's big summer superhero movie fails across the board

I want to like "Green Lantern."

I don't want to be the guy who calls the time of death at the scene of the crime.

I walked in with several different levels of expectation for the movie, and to fully explain my reaction, I'll have to clue you in to what I was thinking as I sat down.  First, my two sons are absolutely out of their mind crazy to see the movie, and I was watching it as a parent wondering if it would be appropriate for the boys based on the other things they've seen.  Second, I like the idea of DC and Warner Bros. trying a big DC Universe on film, and I hoped for "Green Lantern" to be the movie to kick that off.  Third, I think Ryan Reynolds is a guy who is primed for stardom, and he's just looking for the right movie.  I walked in liking the last few major pieces of marketing, the stuff I saw at Wondercon and the big online trailer and the last big mythology trailer.  I like Martin Campbell at times.  In general, I was pumped and primed and buttered to go.

And yet...

I don't like "Green Lantern."  Not even a little bit.

I think the movie is pretty much inert, artificial and dead on arrival.

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Breaking: Academy Awards won't guarantee 10 best picture nominees in 2012

Breaking: Academy Awards won't guarantee 10 best picture nominees in 2012

Minimum of 5 nominees, up to 10 revealed Oscar nominee morning

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences just released this dramatic statement tonight constituting major changes to the Academy Awards best picture race.  They also announced changes to the best animated picture and visual effects categories.

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