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<p>The pilot based on the &quot;Locke &amp;&nbsp;Key&quot;&nbsp;pilot screened at Comic-Con.</p>

The pilot based on the "Locke & Key" pilot screened at Comic-Con.

Credit: IDW

Comic-Con 2011: 'Locke & Key' gets a screening

FOX passed on the pilot, but fans got to see it

Comic-Con has for the most part evolved from a fan event into a marketing event, where the bulk of the panels are designed to sell something, hype something, get the gears of the publicity machine churning.

That's what made the "Locke & Key" screening and panel on Friday morning so unusual - and cool. Here was a screening for a pilot that hadn't been picked up by its network, that was never going to air anywhere, and that comics publisher IDW had gotten special permission to show just because they wanted fans of the "Locke  & Key" comic to get a chance to see the work.

As the writer and lead producer of the pilot, Josh Friedman, put it before the screening, "I hope that we can not think about what could have been, but just appreciate what is, because what I think we have is pretty fantastic."

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<p>Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons of 'The Big Bang Theory'</p>
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Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons of 'The Big Bang Theory'

Credit: CBS

Comic-Con Live-Blog: CBS' 'The Big Bang Theory'

What excitement will the CBS comedy panel hold? Let's find out!

I've never live-blogged a Comic-Con panel for "The Big Bang Theory" before. But they're usually quite fun. So let's see how this goes... Worst that happens? I won't live-blog next year's "BBT" Comic-Con panel...

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<p>&nbsp;The zombies of 'Walking Dead'</p>
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 The zombies of 'Walking Dead'

Credit: AMC

Comic-Con Live-Blog: AMC's 'The Walking Dead'

What's on tap for Season 2 of the zombie favorite

It's Comic-Con Friday and the line for Ballroom 20 wrapped down stairs, around the Marina and practically to Mexico. 

Up first on my live-blogging docket? A little zombie show called "The Walking Dead."

Don't expect many spoilers, but click through for the full recap...

11:24 a.m. Chris Hardwick is our moderator. He welcomes Frank Darabont, Gale Anne Hurd, Robert Kirkman (loud applause) and Greg Nicotero.

11:24 a.m. Gale Anne Hurd announces that Season 2 of "The Walking Dead" will premiere on Sunday, October 16 at 9 p.m.

11:26 a.m. Once again, "Walking Dead" will be a part of AMC's "Fear Fest" block. 

11:26 a.m. Robert Kirman heard about negotiations with AMC after Darabont and Hurd made the pitch. "You've got to hand it to AMC for being a network that had the vision to try something this crazy." They note the number of networks that didn't have the vision to do this. "And now they all want a zombie show," Darabont cracks.

11:27 a.m. "I was doing the comic and thinking 'Well, I'll always be doing the comic,'" Kirkman says, recalling the years of pitching "Walking Dead" in other mediums. 

11:27 a.m. Chris Hardwick makes it clear that he loves "Dream Warriors," calling it his favorite "Nightmare on Elm Street." Darabont goes into a story of writing the script with Chuck Russell in a cabin in Big Bear. They wrote the script three weeks before "Dream Warriors" began shooting. And now you know!

11:29 a.m. "When I grew up in Pittsburgh, I just assume that everybody loved zombies," Nicotero says. "With this, we were really determined to follow the spirit of the art work and push things further," Nicotero adds, saying that he goes so far as to cast every single zombie performer. There's a zombie school in Atlanta where they train the extras on how to be zombies. That's not a nice thing to call Emory! [I kid. I kid.]

11:31 a.m. "You can shoot me in the face!" Hardick gushes, saying he'd love to play a zombie.

11:32 a.m. Hardwick tells a story about scaring people at a party by loudly explaining how "Walking Dead" was a realistic depiction of a zombie apocalypse. "But you're no stranger to scaring girls away," Kirkman interjects.

11:34 a.m. "It's a bit of pressure knowing that everybody loves the show. And there's expectation now," Kirkman says, adding that those expectations have "empowered us to try harder." Darabont adds, "This year we have a room of writers who know the show."

11:35 a.m. "Partner with the most talented people you can find. Three of them are sitting up here. If you can do that and you have great underlying source material, that's what a producer does," Gale Anne Hurd advises.

11:36 a.m. Comic-Con premiere trailer. Here's what we see: POV shot of Jon Bernthal running. Very intense. And behind him? An army of zombies. He fires a shotgun aggressively. Empty city streets. Flashback to what Rick experienced when he came out of his coma. And the events of last season. We're leaving Atlanta. "The end of civilization... Was just the beginning." We're on the road. "The strain of survival... Takes its toll." Several people from the core group are splitting off. Tensions. An explosion. A breakdown on the road in a traffic jam. And here come the zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. A set piece in a sea of stalled cars. Pretty evocative. Hey, a quote from HitFix! Gotta see if it was my review or Sepinwall's. 

11:42 a.m. It was Sepinwall's review.

11:42 a.m. The cast finally comes out. They all come out together, so I can't tell you who got the most applause. Harwick asks if this is Andrew Lincoln's first Con. He replies, "This is my second Con, but it's still just as scary."

11:44 a.m. "It's the greatest job I've ever been involved in and it just keeps getting better and better," Lincoln says. Sorry, "Love Actually."

11:44 a.m. "You work as hard on a failure as you do on a success," Sarah Wayne Callies says. And yet she still was excited when the numbers came out and they got another season. "They're the best television scripts I've ever seen," Callies says of the Season Two scripts. "The most dangerous things out there are the monsters inside," Callies says of the season's theme.

11:46 a.m. "Every stage of the way, every person I've met... have just only made this better and better and it has been capped by you, because I think that the 'Walking Dead' fans are the best in the world," Bernthal says, calling "Walking Dead" fans the "smartest" and "most badass."

11:48 p.m. "Every script is gold. I'm working with my friends who are so good at what they do and I think you're going to be so thrilled. If you're a fan of the 'Walking Dead' graphic novel, I think you're going to be so thrilled this season," Laurie Holden says.

11:50 a.m. When asked about his character's up-beat attitude, Jeffrey DeMunn says, "I guess he's just so terribly nearsighted he doesn't realize the trouble he's in." Frank Darabont called Jeffrey DeMunn and said, "Hey Jeff, how'd you like to come down to Atlanta to kill zombies?" And DeMunn said yes.

11:52 a.m. "You wake up. You do a tick check.. check for ticks... You just check everywhere... You check for ticks. You go to work. You take it all in. You sweat your butt off and then you go home and do another tick check," says Steven Yeun on his daily routine. Apparently ticks are a major problem on the "Walking Dead" set. "There's ticks where we shoot. And sometimes, you know, they're small. You don't notice them. One of them climbed... my mountain... and planted a flag... right on the peak... of my mountain," Yeun elaborates. Yup. That's just about enough information. Perhaps too much. Maybe.

11:54 a.m. The crowd loves Norman Reedus, who bought himself a big truck that gets him approving glances from "rednecks" down South. He loves Georgia. "I may never leave," he says. And the best part of Reedus' job? "Dude, I run around with a crossbow and shoot zombies in the brain."

11:56 a.m. "Robert Kirkman, you did my podcast a few months ago," Hardwick begins. "Are we plugging your podcast now?" Kirkman interjects. The purpose of the intro is Kirkman's confession that in the event of a real zombie apocalypse, he'd kill himself. "Yeah, I'd jump off a bridge," Kirkman says. Hurd says, "Read the comic book, learn the rules."

11:58 a.m. Any Season 2 teases? "It picks up about five seconds in an overlap with the end of the first season. It's literally them driving away from the CDC. There's not of this bulls*** 'Six Months Later' stuff," Darabont teases.

11:59 a.m. First crowd question is about possible casting on Michonne and The Governor. Robert Kirkman suggests "Ed O'Neill" for both roles, because he wants to meet him. "And my second go-to is John Stamos," Kirkman jokes. Darabont adds, "We're actually having those conversations as we speak."

12:01 p.m. Do any of the actors do their own stunts? "I did pretty much all my stunts apart from taking my horse down. Even the driving and I only learned to drive four years ago," Lincoln says. Jon Bernthal hedges, but adds, "We do as much as we can ourselves. It's an incredibly game group of actors and an incredibly game crew. Best crew in the world." "When you get bruises and cuts, it's like you've earned your day. It's like your war wounds," Holden says.

12:03 p.m. Reedus is asked which is weirder, "Walking Dead" or working on a video with Lady Gaga. "By far this is the best and the weirdest. It doesn't get much weirder than this, so I'd say this one. I love Gaga, though. She's super-cool," Reedus says.

12:04 p.m. What advice does Greg Nicotero have? "Just constantly document what you do," Nicotero have. You have to study what people have done before and what people are doing now. Nicotero got a complimentary phone call from Rick Baker about the makeup on "The Walking Dead," which he called "astounding." 


12:07 p.m. "I've done 800 movies, this is one of the best projects, because I get to be with these people every day," Nicotero says.

12:08 p.m. "He is going to blow your mind this year," teases Callies about the performance by the actor playing young Carl this season.

12:09 p.m. Robert Kirkman apologizes for not taking Andrew Lincoln to a Cracker Barrel while he's been in the South.

12:11 p.m. "I think the plan is to get there but it's not something we can rush. We have to take our time with it," Kirkman says of the evolution of Lincoln's Rick versus the evolution of Rick in the comic.

12:12 p.m. The fake blood doesn't taste gross. It's just corn syrup. But the stuff that gives zombies their black teeth takes disgusting. "There are little black puddles all over the set," Nicotero says. They've streamlined the zombie-making process. It only only requires 90 minutes to prep a hero zombie.

12:14 p.m. The last question is about Jeffrey DeMunn and his theater work. "The two disciplines feed each other is the one thing I can say," DeMunn says, noting that doing theater tunes up the memory as well. "They add an energy to each other, but beyond that, I have no idea how 'Death of a Salesman' helps you kill a zombie.








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<p>Pitbull and Marc Anthony</p>

Pitbull and Marc Anthony

Watch: Pitbull's new video for 'Rain Over Me' with Marc Anthony

How can they wear suits in the desert and never break a sweat?

So we have a pressing question. In the Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony split, who gets custody of Pitbull?  Pitbull is featured on Lopez’s comeback single “On the Floor” and now Anthony is the guest vocalist on Pit’s new single, “Rain Over Me.”

While we contemplate this important issue, we’ve got the new video for “Rain Over Me” to watch. While much of the country is swathed in a heat wave, Pitbull and Anthony do nothing to cool it off as they head to the desert to drive BMWs, drink Voli Vodka, dodge scorpions and wear designer suits in 120-degree heat and never break a sweat.

The two dance together in what is obviously a rain dance because next thing you know, it’s raining over them and their collective women.

[More after the jump...]

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<p>&quot;Louie&quot;&nbsp;went for a drive last night.</p>

"Louie" went for a drive last night.

Credit: FX

'Louie' - 'Country Drive': Who the (bleep) are you?

Louie takes the girls on an ill-advised road trip

As I've said, the busy schedule of Comic-Con and then press tour is going to put a lot of regular reviewing on hold for a while. But I did get a chance to watch last night's "Louie" this morning, and while there's no time for a full review, I have a couple of thoughts on it, after which you can discuss, coming up just as soon as I suddenly find myself doing a Bill Cosby impression...

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<p>Paul Reubens took the stage in San Diego to celebrate the pact with Satan that has kept him looking young enough to play Pee-Wee Herman for the past quarter-century with little or no visible change.</p>

Paul Reubens took the stage in San Diego to celebrate the pact with Satan that has kept him looking young enough to play Pee-Wee Herman for the past quarter-century with little or no visible change.

Credit: AP Photo/Gregory Bull

Comic-Con: Fast and funny Pee-Wee Herman invades Hall H

A promo stop for his upcoming DVD turns into a love fest

SAN DIEGO - Since Disney decided not to bring "The Muppets" to San Diego to help promote their new movie this fall, my guess is the most direct hit of bottled childhood available to Comic-Con attendees walked out onstage today to thunderous applause in a familiar grey suit and red bowtie.

Ostensibly, Paul Reubens appeared to promote the upcoming home video release of "The Pee-Wee Herman Show On Broadway," which appeared on HBO, but it really felt more like he showed up just to say hello and answer some questions.  They opened the panel with a clip from the show, the opening few minutes of the special, and then Eric "Quint" Vespe walked out to start the panel with no announcement or preamble from anyone else.

That's appropriate.  When I went to see "The Pee-Wee Herman Show" in Los Angeles at LA Live with my wife and my son, Eric was also there that night.  He and another friend flew in expressly to go see the show, and talking afterwards, it was obvious that the night meant quite a bit to him.  To see him sit onstage in Hall H steering the conversation with Pee Wee is a great pleasure, and it came across much better than a more polished promotional thing might have.

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<p>The album art or David Guetta's 'Nothing But The Beat.'</p>

The album art or David Guetta's 'Nothing But The Beat.'

Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Hudson and Usher guest on David Guetta's new album

See who else is on the star-studded 'Nothing But the Beat'

It’s probably easier to answer who is not on David Guetta’s new album than who is.

The list of guests on the French DJ’s “Nothing But the Beat,” out Aug. 29, includes Chris Brown, Jennifer Hudson, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Taio Cruz and Usher.  Plus, Akon, Dev, Flo Rida, Jessie J, Sia, Timbaland, and Will.I.Am also stop by.  Of course, Minaj and Flo Rida are on current hit single, “Where Them Girls At.”

Guetta's latest Single, “Little Bad Girl," features Cruz and Ludacris.

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<p>Sarah Michelle Gellar of 'Ringer'</p>
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Sarah Michelle Gellar of 'Ringer'

Credit: The CW

Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to Comic-Con for The CW's 'Ringer'

Fans were also happy to see Nestor Carbonell back
SAN DIEGO - If "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" were still airing today, it would be a Comic-Con institution. Fans would pack the biggest available ballrooms to see Joss Whedon and the Scooby Gang. Even years after its cancellation, "Buffy" fandom still holds a powerful sway over many or most fan conventions and even margin supporting players can draw a crowd for their new projects.
Much was made of Sarah Michelle Gellar's triumphant return to Comic-Con on Thursday (July 21) afternoon, but she'd only made one prior appearance and it wasn't even "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"-related, but rather for "The Grudge."
"Oh, I love it here. It's like a Super Bowl Weekend of parties," Gellar told an adoring audience gathered ostensibly for her CW drama "Ringer." 
While most new shows appearing down in San Diego for Comic-Con are screening their pilots, "Ringer" opted to make its bones with only a brief clip package, choosing to dedicate its panel time to exposition-heavy moderation and to allowing Gellar to be properly adored by the masses.
It was a strategy that mostly worked (almost certainly a smarter bet than wasting 45 minutes on the pilot). Highlights after the break...
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<p>The Comic-Con crowd loved Jason Gann and &quot;Wilfred.&quot;</p>

The Comic-Con crowd loved Jason Gann and "Wilfred."

Credit: FX

Comic-Con 2011: FX's 'Wilfred' charms, horrifies and amuses

An Elijah Wood love-fest turned into a Jason Gann/'Wilfred' love-fest, to everyone's delight

When FX asked me to moderate the "Wilfred" Comic-Con panel, I wondered what percentage of the room would be filled with people just hoping to get a closer look at "Lord of the Rings" alum Elijah Wood, and what percentage of the questions would be Frodo-related. And when FX sent me a copy of the incredibly raunchy and twisted - even by "Wilfred" standards - episode being screened before the panel (it airs next Thursday at 10), I wondered just how those Frodo fans would react to 21 or so minutes of (minor spoiler alert) a guy in a dog suit trying to seduce a stuffed giraffe.

I needn't have worried. Though the crowd response to the opening moments of the episode was a bit reserved, it seems that was the result of the audio being played too low, and once the volume was cranked up so everyone could hear Wood and Jason Gann banter and say and do inappropriate things, their laughter was frequent and at times explosive. (And, at other times, just plain horrified. And rightly so.) And though I was all prepared to keep a running tally of the number of "LOTR" questions, there were actually none - and only a couple of questions that even began with a Wood-worshipping preamble.

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<p>Hugh Grant plays the lead role in what looks like a delightful new family comedy from Aardman Animation, 'The Pirates!&nbsp;Band of Misfits'</p>

Hugh Grant plays the lead role in what looks like a delightful new family comedy from Aardman Animation, 'The Pirates! Band of Misfits'

Credit: Sony Animation/Aardman

Comic-Con: Sony Animation panel puts Aardman's 'Pirates' front and center

Some very funny clips suggest the 'Wallace & Gromit' creators are in fine form

SAN DIEGO - It was a relaxing, enjoyable day in Hall H, and no one is more shocked to type those words than I am.

"Twilight" fans lined up for days, literally, to get into the first panel of the morning, and I was worried about how that would impact my ability to get into Hall H for the panel afterwards.  Turns out it was incredibly simple, and I was able to just stroll right in, early enough that I ended up seeing about half of the "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" panel.  It's still strange to me to see Bill Condon up there in the midst of all of this, and I'm not going to write about the film at this point.  I will say that the guy sitting behind me with Tourette's made the entire experience much more surreal, though, and the only person who dropped the F-bomb in that room more times today was Guillermo Del Toro.

Speaking of which, once the "Twilight" panel ended, but before the Sony Animation panel started, we got an unscheduled sneak peek at Morgan Spurlock's new Comic-Con documentary, and it looks like a very heartfelt and genuine portrait of fandom, not a movie that makes fun of geeks.  Some familiar faces like Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith, and Seth Rogen show up as talking head interviews, and there are lots and lots of costumes and fans on display as well. I thought the money quote came from Del Toro, who said, "Comic-Con is like a Russian doll.  There are many Comic-Cons within Comic-Con."  Very true.  I may spend my time focused on Hall H and the film events, but it's possible to come here and never once set foot in that room and have an amazing time.  It all depends on what you want to get out of the con, and I look forward to seeing "Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" this fall.

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<p>Charlize Theron and Damon Lindelof appeared onstage together today during the 20th Century Fox panel to discuss their new film 'Prometheus'</p>

Charlize Theron and Damon Lindelof appeared onstage together today during the 20th Century Fox panel to discuss their new film 'Prometheus'

Credit: AP Photo/Gregory Bull

Comic-Con: Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus' premieres at Fox panel

Plus details on 'In Time' and more 'Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes' footage

SAN DIEGO - By far, the biggest of today's Hall H panels in terms of anticipation had to be the one thrown by 20th Century Fox, and they wasted no time in making sure people got what they came for when Damon Lindelof, the moderator of the panel, walked out to discuss the new movie "Prometheus."

He thanked everyone in attendance for choosing the Fox panel over the "Game Of Thrones" panel which was going on at the same time, and then teased us a bit by suggesting that he might be able to produce a real knight to talk to us.

"I was driving in my car a year ago and my phone rang and someone said, 'Ridley Scott will call you in five minutes.  Are you available?'  So after I crashed my car and dealt with the aftermath of that, Ridley Scott did call me, and he told me he was going to send me a script and he wanted to know what I think of it.  I read that script, and at the time, the question was 'Is this an ALIEN prequel?'  That was the start of a process where I got to sit across the table from him and really go to work with this guy whose work inspired me so much in the first place."  That really is a dream scenario, and Lindelof's enthusiasm for whatever they ended up building together was palpable as he introduced the first footage from the film.

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<p>Shelly of 'Big Brother'</p>
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Shelly of 'Big Brother'

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'Big Brother' Thursday - The Second Eviction

Would the new Head of Household shake things up?

It’s Elimination Night on “Big Brother,” people. How upset am I that Leslie Moonves, not Rupert Murdoch, owns CBS? Because after watching the fireworks in Great Britain this past week, I’d rather be watching Wendi Deng host “Big Brother.” That woman does NOT tolerate tomfoolery, y’all. Instead, we’re stuck with Julie Chen pretending that she cares about the lives of those inside the house. Oh well.

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