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<p>On &quot;Parks and Recreation,&quot;&nbsp;Burt Macklin, FBI&nbsp;rides again.</p>

On "Parks and Recreation," Burt Macklin, FBI rides again.

Credit: NBC

'Parks and Recreation' - 'Bus Tour': The mad pie-man

Things get frantic in the campaign's final hours

A review of tonight's "Parks and Recreation" coming up just as soon as I spray paint nipples on the Lincoln Memorial...

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<p>Rin Takanashi in &quot;Like Someone in Love.&quot;</p>

Rin Takanashi in "Like Someone in Love."

Credit: Euro Space/MK2 Productions

Cannes Check: Abbas Kiarostami's 'Like Someone in Love'

Continuing our preview series on the Cannes competition

The director: Abbas Kiarostami (Iranian, 71 years old)

The talent: Kiarostami may have chosen a major international star to headline his foray into non-Iranian cinema two years ago, but for his second, he's taking the opposite tack. Rin Takanishi, his 23 year-old lead actress, is a relative newcomer, schooled mostly in Japanese television; her older co-star, Tadashi Okuno, may have a screen CV that dates back to the 1960s, but it's even briefer than Takanishi's. The most recognizable name here is Ryo Kase, whom you may remember from "Letters from Iwo Jima" and that godawful kamikaze-ghost role in last year's "Restless." Kiarostami sought Japanese talent below the line too: cinematographer Katsumi Yanagijima is best-known for his work on Takeshi Kitano's films, as well as "Battle Royale." Kiarostami, as is his wont, wrote the original screenplay; he also produced alongside Frenchman Nathanael Karmitz, who also shpherded "Certified Copy" to the screen.

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Watch: Justin Bieber's video for 'Boyfriend'
Credit: Island Records

Watch: Justin Bieber's video for 'Boyfriend'

Cars, girls and gold shoes

After teasing us with four 15-second promos, Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” video finally had its full premiere tonight.

It’s an ode to women and cars as Bieber throws a party on a concrete lot.  In a vintage car, he drives up and a crowd of fantastically beautiful and scantily clad girls show up, as well as some old-school hip-hop dancers.  He canoodles with his chosen pretty,  but not enough to make real-lie girlfriend Selena Gomez jealous.

We were a little confused in that the video seems to have two openings. There’s the whispered opening with much of the footage we’ve seen: the Michael Jackson-like image of Bieber silhouetted against the full moon and the speaker bouncing to the bass beat, as he whispers in a woman’s ear as two girls watch the action on their iPhone, but then that video abruptly ends and cuts to a new start of the song with opening credit and the whispering begins all over again with Bieber in a car headed to a party, where he connects with the woman whose ear he whispering sweet nothings into in the opening.

[More after the jump...]

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<p>Chang (Ken Jeong)&nbsp;and his army on &quot;Community.&quot;</p>

Chang (Ken Jeong) and his army on "Community."

Credit: NBC

'Community' - 'Course Listing Unavailable': I predict a riot

The study group goes through the stages of grief, while Chang plots martial law

A review of tonight's "Community" coming up just as soon as I'm Ted Danson at Whoopi Goldberg's roast...

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<p>Jessica Sanchez of &quot;American Idol&quot;</p>

Jessica Sanchez of "American Idol"

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'American Idol' Top 5 Results - Down to the Final 4

Anything can happen for Jessica, Phillip, Hollie, Skylar and Joshua

Your guess is as good as mine here. 

After a Wednesday night of mixed-bag performances from the Top 5, I really can't make a prediction that I feel comfortable with. 

Phillip Phillips has been the presumptive favorite for months, but will a poor second performance and Ryan Seacrest's reveal of his girlfriend take a bite out of his voting totals?

Will Jessica Sanchez be punished for botching Tina Turner? Will Hollie Cavanagh's growth be ignored after a pair of solid, but unremarkable performances? 

We'll see! I'm using a picture of Jessica not because I'm assuming she's safe, but because it's a pretty picture. 

Click through to find out if I'm going to need to pick a new pic...

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Watch: Bruce Springsteen sings 'The Weight' as homage to The Band's Levon Helm

Watch: Bruce Springsteen sings 'The Weight' as homage to The Band's Levon Helm

Do you like it better than the Black Keys/John Fogerty version?

Since Levon Helm’s death April 19, various artists have been paying tribute to the Band’s drummer, whom many consider the greatest singing drummer in rock. As rocker Dave Edmunds once said: “Drummers shouldn’t sing unless they’re Levon Helm.”

At the second weekend of Coachella, John Fogerty joined The Black Keys for a bluesy, spirited version of “The Weight” on April 20.

Last night at Newark's Prudential Center, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band also performed a lovely version of “The Weight.” As Springsteen concert attendees know, he’ll often take requests from fans’ signs and this apparently was one such request. However, given the quality of the version, and the horn arrangements and backing vocals, it is incredible to think that they had never played the song before and were working it up on the spot. Plus, kudos to whomever handles Springsteen’s teleprompter because that roadie got the lyrics cued up pretty darn quick.

[More after the jump...]

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<p>Santigold's &quot;Master of My Make-Believe&quot;</p>
<br />

Santigold's "Master of My Make-Believe"

Credit: Atlantic/Downtown

Album review: Santigold 'Master of My Make-Believe'

Sophomore set from singer benefits from a variety of producers and masks

Santigold’s second set “Master of My Make-Believe” is varied, entertaining, produced well and feels firm, very final. The artist herself is unfortunately still lumped into this gob of musicians that began making their mark about six years ago, known for their vaguely or overtly “ethnic sounds,” from M.I.A. and her frequent collaborator Diplo, to the African beats of Yeasayer to dub- and Middle Eastern-borrowing Gwen Stefani. 

It’s more than half a decade on, and Santi White has still thwarted any traditional classification. “Make-Believe” moves easily between pop and dance to hip-hop and experimental rock. You can thank her collection of producers like Q-Tip, Diplo or Dave Sitek for the variety, but still the segues between songs indicate very much that its track order and choice deck-helmers were in the plan all along.
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<p>Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Watson and &quot;Sherlock.&quot;</p>

Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Watson and "Sherlock."

Credit: BBC

Review: 'Sherlock' season 2 debuts on PBS

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are back and in fine form
It's not easy being Sherlock Holmes, whether back in Victorian England or the 21st century world that's the setting of "Sherlock," the British series which returns to PBS for a second season this Sunday night at 9.
But it's even harder to be his friend.
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<p>From &quot;The Avengers&quot;</p>

From "The Avengers"

Credit: Marvel/Paramount

Watch: Soundgarden's music video for 'The Avengers' song 'Live to Rise'

Could the track earn the band an Academy Award nomination?

"Academy Award nominated rock group Soundgarden." Is it possible?

The resurrected rock troupe has released the music video for "Live to Rise," their somewhat boring contribution to "The Avengers" soundtrack. The clip features the usual bevy of scenes from the film and Chris Cornell's nice, clean curly locks.

I was able to check out the blockbuster film earlier this week, and the song is the first to play over the end credits, a position that can qualify the band for an Oscar for best original song -- so long as the track is  "original and specifically written for a motion picture. There must be a clearly audible, intelligible, substantive rendition (not necessarily visually presented) of both lyrics and melody."

In an interview with the L.A. Times, frontman Cornell made it clear that this collaboration with the filmmakers was a specific "tie-in," and that it should be regarded as a thing very separate from what a Soundgarden album will sound like.

So maybe the band is already planning their Oscars ceremony "look." I suggest black, or a leather red-white-and-blue superhero suit.

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<p>On &quot;Suburgatory,&quot;&nbsp;Alicia Silverstone gets a foot massage from Alan Tudyk.</p>

On "Suburgatory," Alicia Silverstone gets a foot massage from Alan Tudyk.

Credit: ABC

The Morning Round-Up: 'Suburgatory' & 'Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23'

Alicia Silverstone stays in Chatswin, while James Van Der Beek and Kevin Sorbo crash a wedding

It's morning round-up time, with quick reviews of last night's "Suburgatory" and "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23" coming up just as soon as my new uniform includes a chiffon wristlet...

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Watch: 'The Avengers' Clark Gregg and Cobie Smulders talk Whedon magic

Watch: 'The Avengers' Clark Gregg and Cobie Smulders talk Whedon magic

Says Gregg; 'I don't know how he did it'

"I was shocked," said Clark Gregg, who reprises the role of Phil Coulson for the fourth time in "The Avengers", of first reading Joss Whedon's script. "As someone who's been in these movies, who loves these movies, who loved the comics, who knows these heroes, and who loves good writing, I didn't know how anyone was gonna do it."

Critics are shocked too - against all odds, the hugely-anticipated superhero film that could've gone wrong in a million different ways now stands at a whopping 94% "fresh" on Rotten Tomatoes, with Drew McWeeny (who chatted with Gregg and co-star Cobie Smulders during the film's recent press junket) giving the film an "A" in his own review. So what's the secret to Whedon's success?

"It's a magic trick," said Gregg. "The fact that it's so human, and so funny, and then so damn exciting...I don't know how he did it, so I'm kind of a little freaked out by him right now."

You can watch Drew's full interview with Gregg and Smulders (who appears in the franchise for the first time as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill) above!

"The Avengers" hits theaters on May 4.

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<p>A scene from Wednesday's &quot;Survivor: One World&quot;</p>

A scene from Wednesday's "Survivor: One World"

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'Survivor: One World' - 'It's Gonna Be Chaos'

A visit from loved ones shakes things up with the Women
Pre-credit sequence. Nobody can believe that Troyzan's finally gone, though he's left Kat struggling to make sense of his parting words, "Do it." Kim is physically relieved by Troyzan's departure. There's also the question of how Christina ended up with that extra vote against her, leading to Alicia's not-so-surprising realization that Christina really isn't all that smart. Alicia has, in fact, decided that Sabrina is a bigger threat than Christina and she's changed her priorities. "Little do they know that I'm at the top, controlling everything. I'm the most powerful player in this game," Alicia has decided. My instinct would be to laugh and point, but weird things keep happening this season. Maybe she's right?

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