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<p>A scene from &quot;Brooklyn&nbsp;Castle&quot;</p>

A scene from "Brooklyn Castle"

Credit: Rescued Media

SXSW: 'Brooklyn Castle' ranks among the top tier of this year's fest

Newly tapped for a Rudin remake, Kate Dellamaggiore's doc rises above similar terrain and inspires

AUSTIN, Texas - On Monday at a SXSW screening here, director Katie Dellamaggiore announced that Sony Pictures and producer Scott Rudin purchased the remake rights to “Brooklyn Castle,” her documentary about a group of New York schoolkids that compete regularly in national chess tournaments. This of course is but the latest doc set to be remade by Hollywood, but it’s hard to imagine a fiction film doing justice to the complexity and utter humanness of Dellamaggiore’s version.

The film uses school chess programs to evidence both the neglect legislators show towards education when time comes to cutting checks, and yet the remarkable impact that programs like these can have on the lives of the children who participate in them. A truly inspiring story, “Brooklyn Castle” ranks among the first tier of SXSW’s 2012 films, and deserves a place among documentaries like “Rize,” “Resolved” and “Spellbound” that choose to emphasize substance over sensationalism in their depiction of kids who are sadly often looked at as statistics.

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The Flaming Lips' musical 'Yoshimi' sets late fall premiere

Join the robots at La Jolla Playhouse

The Flaming Lips’ new musical, “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots,” based on the 2002 album of the same name, is coming to theaters. The musical will bow this fall at the prestigious La Jolla (Calif.)  Playhouse.

Des McAnuff, who has directed such plays as “Jersey Boys” and the current Broadway revival of “Jesus Christ Superstar,” will helm the production, according to the Los Angeles Times. The newspaper notes that screen writer Aaron Sorkin, who was previously connected with the project, which has been in the works for five years, is no longer associated with it.

Like Green Day’s “American Idiot,” “Yoshimi,” which chronicles the adventures of a female Japanese artist who ventures into the world of robots, includes the songs from the titular album, but also includes tunes from other Flaming Lips albums.

Look for a November or December premiere.

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<p>Ashley Judd of &quot;Missing&quot;</p>
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Ashley Judd of "Missing"

Credit: ABC

HitFix Interview: Ashley Judd talks ABC's 'Missing'

What drew her to episodic TV? And where would Season 2 take place?
Thursday (March 15) night will be a big one for Ashley Judd.
At 6:50 p.m. ET, Judd's beloved Kentucky Wildcats begin what is expected to be a long NCAA Tournament run, tipping off as a No.1 seed against a Western Kentucky Hilltoppers squad that isn't expected to put up much of a fight.
By 8 p.m. the game is expected to be a blowout, just in time for Judd to make her return to primetime TV as the star of ABC's "Missing."
In the globe-trotting thriller, Judd plays Rebecca Winstone, a mother who taps into an unexpected reservoir of skills when her teenage son goes missing in Europe. Butt-kicking and international intrigue ensue.
With its mixture of action and empowerment, "Missing" is designed almost as an extension of hit Ashley Judd features like "Kiss the Girls," "Double Jeopardy" and "High Crimes," giving ABC high hopes in a time period that has been a problem spot in recent seasons. 
Late last week (before the NCAA brackets were announced), I got on the phone with Judd to discuss taking on episodic TV, shooting overseas, the plan for "Missing" Season 2 and, of course, Kentucky basketball.
Click through for the full interview.
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<p>Ginger Baker was a huge force in the classic rock world of the '60s and '70s, but also one of the most notorious monsters in rock'n'roll, and the new documentary 'Beware Of Mr. Baker' takes an unblinking look at his highs and lows</p>

Ginger Baker was a huge force in the classic rock world of the '60s and '70s, but also one of the most notorious monsters in rock'n'roll, and the new documentary 'Beware Of Mr. Baker' takes an unblinking look at his highs and lows

Credit: Insurgent Media

Review: Documentary 'Beware Of Mr. Baker' offers wild ride with rock's greatest monster

First-time director delivers a fascinating close-up look at music legend Ginger Baker

The film begins in total darkness, and an older English man is screaming at someone.  "NO YOU WILL NOT TALK TO THEM! NOT IN MY MOVIE! I DON'T WANT ANY OF THEM IN MY MOVIE!"  Then the darkness splits and you realize someone was pressed up against the camera.  The person moves back, waving a cane, swinging it with real intent.  We get our first look at the Ginger Baker of today, red-faced and furious.

"Are you really going to try to hit me with that?" someone asks from behind the camera.  That only seems to make Baker crazier, and he thrusts with the cane, rewarded with a satisfying crack for his efforts, and he roars, "I'LL SEND YOU TO F**KIN' HOSPITAL!"

There's a cut, and we see the director of the documentary, Jay Bulger, stagger outside the car, bleeding freely from the gash across the bridge of his nose.  "I think Ginger Baker just kicked my ass," he says.  BOOM.  The main title comes up.  "BEWARE OF MR. BAKER."  And just like that, you're off and running on a truly hilarious and harrowing look at one of the great monsters of rock, the legendary drummer Ginger Baker.  The film manages to make the case for his place in the firmament of musicians who helped shape an era, and it also reveals that time has not dulled his fangs one little bit.

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<p>Muscular Mark Twain of &quot;Survivor: One World&quot;</p>
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Muscular Mark Twain of "Survivor: One World"

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'Survivor: One World' - 'A Bunch of Idiots'

May the eggs be ever in your favor as 'Survivor' shakes things up
Pre-credit sequence. The Men did the crazy thing last episode, but we're starting with the Women, who are cuddled up in a ball against the elements. For some reason, Troyzan comes to visit and also gives up Colton as the power player behind the brilliant Let's Vote Ourselves Out plot. "I'm not gonna question their nonsense over there," laughs Sabrina, vowing that the seven Women are going to stick together. "We don't know what the guys are thinking. That's crazy-stuff that's happening over there," Christina diagnoses. "The guys messed up big-time," Alicia says before the tribes head to their next challenge. She adds, "They are so dumb. They handed us a million dollars."
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<p>Jamie Chung's work in 'Eden' won her a special award at this year's SXSW&nbsp;film festival, and it should launch her to a whole new level of roles she's offered as a result.</p>

Jamie Chung's work in 'Eden' won her a special award at this year's SXSW film festival, and it should launch her to a whole new level of roles she's offered as a result.

Credit: Centripetal Films/IndieWire

Review: Jamie Chung does star-making work in harrowing SXSW award-winner 'Eden'

A look at what one woman is willing to do to save herself from a Hell on earth

I was not familiar with the name Megan Griffiths until now, but it appears that I've been watching her work for years.  She produced two of Todd Rohal's films, she co-produced the outstanding "Your Sister's Sister" which I saw this year at Sundance, and she also helped produce the documentary "Zoo," which is a terribly disturbing film.  I did not see her previous films, but "The Off Hours" was at Sundance last year, and I know a few people who liked it.

I will definitely catch up with it, because I thought her new film, "Eden," was a strong, simple presentation of a harrowing story, with a great performance from Jamie Chung to ground the whole thing.  Based on the real life of Chong Kim, who gets a co-story credit, "Eden" tells the story of a young Korean girl who works for her parents in their store and who is just starting to experiment with freedom, sneaking out with her friend, smoking cigarettes.  She's very young, and despite her little white lies, she seems like a fairly innocent girl.

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<p>Susan Sarandon is just as cool in person as you would expect, and seemed pleased to discuss her work in 'Jeff Who Lives At Home'</p>

Susan Sarandon is just as cool in person as you would expect, and seemed pleased to discuss her work in 'Jeff Who Lives At Home'

Credit: HitFix

Watch: Susan Sarandon and Judy Greer wrestle with love in 'Jeff Who Lives At Home'

Greer talks about working with Ed Helms and Sarandon shares time with an unlikely love interest

There are worse ways to spend a Saturday than chatting with Susan Sarandon and Judy Greer.

Both of them were part of the same press day for their new film "Jeff Who Lives At Home," and I was excited to discuss the movie with both of them.  They are both sharp, vibrant performers who have spent most of their career making movies better just by being in them.

I love that Sarandon is so hard on her own work in the movie "Joe," which I brought up while we were talking.  That's a pretty great little '70s picture with an amazing central performance by Peter Boyle, and Sarandon stars as his daughter.  It's one of her earliest roles, and she shuddered at the mention of it, saying she's awful in it.  While I agree that she is much, much better now, I don't think she's right about how bad she was.  Even in the early part of her career, Sarandon had a great live-wire energy onscreen that made it impossible to look away.  Is her performance in "Dead Man Walking" better than her work in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"?  Sure.  Of course.  But she's still fascinating in "Rocky," and in "Joe," because you could see right away that she was wildly alive behind those giant almond eyes of hers.

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<p>The official artwork for Wiz&nbsp;Khalifa's &quot;Taylor Allderdice&quot;&nbsp;mixtape.</p>

The official artwork for Wiz Khalifa's "Taylor Allderdice" mixtape.

Wiz Khalifa brings down the internet with new mixtape

Have you downloaded 'Taylor Allderdice' yet?

Wiz Khalifa’s latest mixtape, “Taylor Allderdice,” has proved so popular that it crashed its website.

The mixtape, available on datpiff, dropped Tuesday night and features vocals from his new fiance Amber Rose and from Rick Ross on a track called “Never Been Part 2.” The song is a sequel to “Never Been” from the “Kush & Orange Juice” mixtape.

Khalifa, who has a top 10 hit, "Young, Wild & Free," with Snoop Dogg on the Billboard Hot 100 right now, followed the action on Twitter, tweeting, “Yea Taylors, We Crashed That Shit!!!”

For those not in the know, Taylor Allderdice is the name of Khalifa’s high school in Pittsburgh. seems to be running fine now, but if you have trouble, you can also download the mixtape. at

Were you able to download the mixtape before the site crashed? What did you think?

Follow Melinda Newman on Twitter @HitFixMelinda

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<p>Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth sat down together to discuss the world of 'The Hunger Games'</p>

Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth sat down together to discuss the world of 'The Hunger Games'

Credit: HitFix

Watch: Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth are the men of 'The Hunger Games'

They discuss the world, the Games, and Katniss Everdeen

The male leads of "The Hunger Games" really don't spend any time together onscreen, but the dynamic that each of them shares with Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) helps shape not only this first film but the entire trilogy ahead.

What's impressive is that this is not about an easy love triangle.  If you were to remove the romantic entanglements from "Twilight," for example, there's nothing left.  And while there are definitely strong feelings between Katniss and Gale Hawthorne (Liam Hemsworth) and Katniss and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson), that's not what drives this film.  That's not what drives the overall story.  That's not the point.  I like that Katniss is defined by way more than just the men in her life.

Having said that, Gale and Peeta certainly matter.  In this first film, Gale represents the life Katniss thought she was going to live forever, scratching by in District 12, caring for her sister Primrose (Willow Shields) and her mother (Paula Malcomson), sneaking off to hunt illegally with Gale by her side.  Peeta is part of this new life she stumbles into when she volunteers to take Prim's place in the The Hunger Games, with Peeta picked as the other tribute from District 12.

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<p>Jennifer Lawrence in &quot;The Hunger Games.&quot;</p>

Jennifer Lawrence in "The Hunger Games."

Credit: Lionsgate

‘Hunger Games’ altered in the UK for a teen-friendly rating

Seven objectionable seconds are trimmed across the pond

If it wasn't obvious, Gary Ross’s adaptation of Suzanne Collins’s dystopic young adult fantasy novel “The Hunger Games” opens worldwide beginning next Wednesday March 21. The book tells the story of an imagined future in which a series of wars and natural disasters have drastically reduced the size of North America, which has become the country of Panem, a polarized collection of 12 “districts” that have very limited contact with one another, each with a specialized trade.

An opulent “Capital,” which is largely hidden and isolated by a mountain range, presides over the districts and their resources. As a reminder of the consequences of a long-ago rebellion, the Capital demands that each district conduct a yearly lottery wherein a boy and a girl will be selected to participate in a televised fight to the death in a manufactured “arena.”

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<p>Joan Allen, Dustin Hoffman, John Ortiz and Dennis Farina in &quot;Luck.&quot;</p>

Joan Allen, Dustin Hoffman, John Ortiz and Dennis Farina in "Luck."

Credit: HBO

Some thoughts on the 'Luck' cancellation

Equine tragedy got in the way of David Milch's dream project about horse racing

I've known David Milch for almost 16 years, and I have never seen him more animated or excited than the day we met, when at the tail end of an interview about "NYPD Blue," he smiled and said, "You should come to the track with me." I was a 22-year-old newspaper intern; he was the Emmy-winning creator of my favorite TV show. I went to the track. And over the course of an afternoon, Milch regaled me and "NYPD" writer David Mills with stories about a lifetime of watching horse racing. He even offered to cut us in on his winnings if a horse he had bet on came in; I was still new at the newspaper thing and trying to figure out the ethical implications when the horse did me a favor and finished out of the money. Mills and I occasionally talked about that day in the years that followed, and Mills was convinced that one day, when Milch had amassed enough credit in the TV business, he was going to spend it by combining his two passions to make a drama about life at the track.

So "Luck" as an idea has been in my consciousness for a very long time, which is why I'm having trouble processing the news that HBO has canceled the series after a third horse died during filming, early in production of the second season.

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<p>Ooops. One of these people isn't on &quot;American Idol&quot; anymore</p>
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Ooops. One of these people isn't on "American Idol" anymore

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'American Idol' Top 11 Performances - Songs From The Year They Were Born

Wait. Didn't we just have a Top 13 last week? Yup! Somebody's missing...

It's been a strange 24 hours in "American Idol"-dom with the apparent elimination of contestant Jermaine Jones for failing to reveal aspects of his criminal record. 

With FOX refusing any sort of official comment on how Jones' absence will be handled, there's suspense aplenty as Wednesday (March 14) night's show is set to begin. 

Click through for a full recap of Wednesday's news and performances...

Wow. Ryan Seacrest begins by using the contestant's elimination as a TEASE for the start of the episode. "When you're doing a live show, anything can happen," Ryan says, before kicking to the opening credits.

And even after the credits, Seacrest says he'll talk more about the eliminated contestant, still unnamed, later in the show. Because clearly it's more important to show baby pictures of the three judges. 

LAME. And a bit distasteful. Anyway... Songs From The Year They Were Born.


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