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<p>Admiral Fallow</p>

Admiral Fallow

Credit: Nettwerk

EXCLUSIVE Song Of The Day Premiere: Admiral Fallow's 'The Paper Trench'

Single from Scottish band's 'Tree Bursts in Snow' will have you singing 'holy Moses'

Prepare for the revival of the phrase "holy Moses." Scottish quintet Admiral Fallow makes regular use of the exclamation in their new single "The Paper Trench," arriving ahead of their Nettwerk debut "Tree Bursts in Snow."

There's a positive charge between lead singer Louis Abbott's wordy brogue and Sarah Hayes' pure, buoyant vocals; half the song is met with a third harmony and powerful rhythmic guitars, banging in time with the fours, Abbott's narratives weaving easily like a thread meeting needle. The single is an accurate taster for "Tree Bursts," which has its darker moments too. Overall, the term "indie-folk" doesn't begin to describe the band's fullness of sound, which allows in punctuation like that of multi-instrumentalist Kevin Brolly's clarinet, or Hayes on flute. They're rounded out by a stacked rhythm section of bassist Joe Rattray and drummer Phil Hague.

It's appropriate that Admiral Fallow produced this set and their initial album "Boots Met My Face" with fellow countryman Paul Savage of the Delgados, a band whose own pop sound whirred with a similar energy and blender of folk-influenced rock sounds. "Tree Bursts in Snow" was also mixed by mastering master Greg Calbi, who's left his signature on albums from The National, Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver.

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<p>Can a trip to Ricky's Tacos help Jason Isaacs solve the big &quot;Awake&quot;&nbsp;mystery?</p>

Can a trip to Ricky's Tacos help Jason Isaacs solve the big "Awake" mystery?

Credit: NBC

HitFix First Look: On 'Awake,' Britten gets a drive-through clue

Could a taco run provide an answer to one of the show's biggest mysteries?

Last week's "Awake" was the first episode of the series that NBC hadn't sent out to critics in advance, and as a result it was the first episode I didn't get around to reviewing, because it took me several days to see it. But "That's Not My Penguin" was perhaps the show's strongest episode so far, making the shrinks vital to the series again by pointing out just how unhealthy Britten's situation is if we believe that one of the worlds isn't real. 

Thus far, Kyle Killen and Howard Gordon have put aside any doubts about the creative viability of the concept. This all may come crashing down eventually, but right now they're doing a fantastic job of juggling, and I can't wait to see what they do next. 

And if you're as engaged by the show as I am, then you don't have to wait until Thursday night at 10 for at least a taste of the next episode, titled "Ricky's Tacos," as we have a clip — exclusive to HitFix for the next few hours — from early in the episode in which a trip to the drive-through offers an unexpected clue for Detective Britten.

Enjoy, and I'll do my best to get to this one in a timelier fashion.

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<p>Christina Hendricks and Christine Estabrook in &quot;Mad Men.&quot;</p>

Christina Hendricks and Christine Estabrook in "Mad Men."

Credit: AMC

'Mad Men' - 'Mystery Date': Nightmares and dreamscapes

The night is dark and full of terrors for Don, Joan, Peggy and Sally

A review of tonight's "Mad Men" coming up just as soon as I start with the whole world and eventually check my apartment...

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Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks, Ph.D

Credit: Quantrell Colbert/Bravo

Recap: 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' - 'Happiness & Joy'

The season finale serves up a sex toy party, half naked masseuses and a certified donkologist

It's finale time in Atlanta, and first we get a quick recap of the season's highlights.

Nene freaked out on Sheree. Phaedra got cozy with dead people. Kandi developed a sex toy line. Cynthia and Peter hit some rough patches in their first year of marriage. Kim and Kroy had a baby. Sheree fought for child support. We met crazy Marlo. The ladies went to Africa.

And it's pretty much been downhill since then. The last few episodes were marked by very little drama outside of the ludicrously inflated tension between Kim, Kandi and Cynthia over those jokes made in Africa.

Will the finale turn it up a notch? Or will the ladies end their fourth season in an unusually quiet fashion?

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<p>Rachel and Brendon jump around with Masai warriors on &quot;The Amazing Race&quot;</p>
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Rachel and Brendon jump around with Masai warriors on "The Amazing Race"

Credit: CBS

Recap: 'The Amazing Race' - 'I Didn't Make Her Cry'

Tempers boil over and teams head to Africa to jump around
I'm visiting my family in New Hampshire for the start of Passover, but that doesn't mean I'm abdicating my recapping responsibilities while I'm away. 
Normally, since my parents and I watch very different reality TV offerings (they prefer series in which people purchase or renovate homes), I slink off to another room to watch my stories, accompanied only by the family German Shepherd, if she's feeling lonely.
On Sunday (April 8) night, though, I forced my parents to watch "The Amazing Race." As sheer serendipity would have it, Sunday's Leg found the teams getting off to Tanzania, while my parents just returned from two weeks in Tanzania.
That's what I call kismet.
[Full recap, with spoilers, after the break...]
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<p>Patrick Malahide as Balon Greyjoy in &quot;Game of Thrones.&quot;</p>

Patrick Malahide as Balon Greyjoy in "Game of Thrones."

Credit: HBO

'Game of Thrones' - 'The Night Lands': Make love, not war

Theon goes home, Tyrion makes a move and Arya makes a friend

A review of tonight's "Game of Thrones" coming up just as soon as I've got armor on...

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Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On

'Still Holding On': Wendy Wilson, Carnie Wilson, Chynna Phillips

Credit: TV Guide Network

Review: 'Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On' charts a musical comeback

Carnie Wilson's struggle with weight dominates reality series premiere

Celebrities use reality TV to their advantage in a variety of ways. The women of Wilson Phillips have chosen the advertainment route with their TV Guide Network reality show "Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On."

With a tagline promising "Three parts harmony, one part drama," the innocuous eight-episode half-hour "docu-series" tracks the singing group's latest attempt at a comeback with built-in drama courtesy of personal conflicts and Carnie Wilson's ongoing battle with her weight. It's not a bad deal: give cameras a peak into your personal life in exchange for promoting professional endeavors. And TV Guide Network gets recognizable faces to help establish their still evolving brand.

"Still Holding On" isn't groundbreaking, but it's not going to embarrass anyone involved (unless Carnie's battles with "bad gas" count as shameful). In reality TV, that's a win-win.

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<p>Mike Wallace was one of the original correspondents for CBS's &quot;60 Minutes,&quot; which debuted in 1968.</p>

Mike Wallace was one of the original correspondents for CBS's "60 Minutes," which debuted in 1968.

Credit: AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

Mike Wallace's great moment of pause was immortalized forever in 'The Insider'

How will he be remembered? Christopher Plummer and Eric Roth on the icon.

The news has landed that legendary "60 Minutes" newsman Mike Wallace has passed away at the age of 93. It was reported by "CBS Sunday Morning" earlier today.

Wallace was of course a titan of his industry, a familiar face on the weekly CBS news show as warm and welcome on the television every Sunday as the nightly showcases of Peter Jennings, Dan Rather and Ted Koppel in their times. The highlights of his career are milestones of the news world: the Ayatollah Khomeini, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Iran-Contra and, of course, Big Tobacco.

Which yields an unavoidable question, one Wallace the character posed in Michael Mann's 1999 film "The Insider": "I'm not talking celebrity, vanity, CBS. I'm talking about when you're nearer the end of your life than the beginning. Now, what do you think you think about then? The future? In the future I'm going to do this? Become that? What future? No. What you think is, 'How will I be regarded in the end? After I'm gone.'"

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<p>Sofia Vergara and One Direction on &quot;Saturday Night Live&quot;</p>
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Sofia Vergara and One Direction on "Saturday Night Live"

Credit: NBC

Recap: 'Saturday Night Live' - Sofia Vergara and One Direction

Could 'SNL' make use of the 'Modern Family' star's particular gifts?
Welcome back, “Saturday Night Live” fans. When last we met, the show had put forth a subpar effort involving Jonah Hill. If “SNL” couldn’t produce a funny program with Hill as the lead, then it was probably time to take a good, long break. And lo and behold, here we are nearly a month later with the first new show since that debacle. Sofia Vergara makes her debut hosting appearance tonight, and I’m sure not once will her ample…talents be the focus of most of the sketches. Nope. No way. Just like there’s no way “The Manuel Ortiz Show” won’t make an appearance tonight, either. What WILL make an appearance? Musical guest One Direction, Myles McNutt’s favorite band, and the reason I imagine 80% of you will be reading this recap in the first place.
Let’s see if the time off did the show any good. As always, I’ll be grading each sketch in real time. Let’s see how many fun ways my word-processing program can auto-correct “Vergara.” This should be fun. Onto the recap!
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Credit: Chris Pizzello/AP

Music Power Rankings: Madonna tops Justin Bieber

Miranda Lambert, One Direction and Bob Dylan make the list

1) Madonna: She lands her eighth No. 1 album with “MDNA.” FNTSTC.

2) Justin Bieber:
Believers take “Boyfriend” to a No. 2 debut on the Billboard Hot 100 as the song breaks the record for first week airplay on Billboard’s Mainstream Top 40 chart. His fans are finally tall enough to reach the radio dial.

3) Lionel Richie: “Tuskegee” lands the ex-Commodore his highest debut on the Billboard 200 in 26 years. That’s one and a half Justin Bieber lifetimes.

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<p>A scene from &quot;It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown.&quot;</p>

A scene from "It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown."

Credit: United Feature Syndicate

Cinejabber: Happy Easter, everyone

Open thread. The floor is yours.

Apologies for going quiet on you like that -- my March flu has returned with reinforcements, and I've been too groggy to get much of anything done. The Easter weekend couldn't be more sympathetically timed.

Anyway, welcome back to Cinejabber, your weekend space to bandy about any random movie-related thoughts you may have on your mind.

Any of you planning to go to the movies over the holiday, or are you nesting at home with chocolate eggs and DVDs? With "Titanic 3D" casting its shadow over the multiplexes, the week's new wide releases don't look too tempting -- though if you live in New York or LA, I urge you to hurry off to "Damsels in Distress," which beguiled me in Venice, wound up on my 2011 Top 10, and stands comfortably as my favorite comedy of the last couple of years. 

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<p>Lena Dunham on the set of HBO's &quot;Girls.&quot;</p>

Lena Dunham on the set of HBO's "Girls."

Credit: HBO

Interview: 'Girls' producers Lena Dunham & Jenni Konner

The 'Tiny Furniture' director talks about her comedy of sexual misadventure in Brooklyn
When I first sat down to watch HBO's new comedy series "Girls," I didn't know what to expect. I hadn't at that point seen the movie "Tiny Furniture," which, like "Girls," was written by, directed by and starring Lena Dunham. The actors were mostly unknowns, and though Judd Apatow was attached as a producer, I assumed with his feature career he wasn't going to be nearly as hands-on as he was with "Freaks and Geeks" and "Undeclared" a decade ago.
But the series — in which Dunham plays Hannah Horvath, a wannabe writer struggling with work, sex, friendship and money in Brooklyn — wowed me from the start. I'll have a review closer to the premiere (next Sunday at 10:30), but by the time I was done with the first three episodes I knew I wanted to talk to Dunham, and with her showrunning partner Jenni Konner, whose career started as a writer on "Undeclared."
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