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Recap: 'Big Brother' Wednesday - 7 Crucial Observations

HitFix and guest Andy Herren, winner of BB15, break down 'Big Brother' with seven heart-stoppin observations.

Julie Chen says the phrase, "It's a double eviction" the way the doctor in "Love Story" tells us Jenny has leukemia. Grim, unsmiling, heavy monotone -- and she's right to establish the stakes. It's a life-or-death moment, and I'm glad we're getting to the most dramatic type of "Big Brother" week just as I realize I can't take another minute of the "Battle of the Block" rigamarole. Two houseguests are voted back into society tomorrow (which is a scary idea as is), and it seems like spanky Zankie is in grave danger. Is this good or bad for "Big Brother 16"?

Instead of recapping every moment of this better-than-usual Wednesday episode, we're breaking down the events with seven crucial questions about the game at hand. Who's game is most impressive right now? Whose game is suffering from dramatic setbacks? Who does the best job of remembering Victoria's name? I consider all of these questions along with guest commentator Andy Herren, who won a freakish little season of TV called "Big Brother 15." Without further ado, here are the seven observations Andy and I consider most important and Earth-shattering and Chen-hardening at this given moment. 

7. Victoria isn't playing a winning game, but she's playing a game.

Andy Herren: Victoria is going to get second place. Seriously. She’s dead weight, and she cares more about shopping than winning "Big Brother." I still don’t know if she understands that shopping does not exist in the Big Brother house. Someone smart will drag her to the end. I cannot wait to hear her pleas to the jury. I imagine her saying something along the lines of, “…….I have a cat!” Zach will probably vote for her to win.  

HitFix: I haven't seen the live feeds recently, but I'm told that Victoria is more endearing when experienced in real-time. I relished her torturous sentence with Caleb, who by now has the dead, sad eyes of a washed-up porn star. I noticed that Victoria has a sense of humor, but for the most part she spends her time assuring us that she's a princess and responding to almost any problem by nervously muttering that she's over it. Infuriating and juvenile? Yes. But is her unassuming presence a surefire way to blow past people like Christine, Nicole, Derrick, and Donny when they're revealed to be double agents? Also yes. (By the way: Her performance in the veto challenge was horrifyingly pitiful.)

6. For some reason, the world is still ignoring Jocasta's star power. 

HitFix: You know what seems unfair? Jocasta's alliance with Jesus. Those two get along like a couple of old hens high-fiving and freak-dancing the night away. Some tweeters have indicated that Zach might've wriggled his way out of a near-guaranteed elimination this week, and I'm stressing out that we may lose Jocasta. She's full of loud soundbites that don't always make sense, but her attitude is so positive that she kind of transcends the game. I hope we get to see her dial up "the old Jocasta" on her hand phone at least once more.

Andy Herren: Jocasta is the star of the show, and nothing you say will change my opinion. The bow tie wearing formerly bisexual minister has the best Diary Room sessions of any houseguest, frequently receiving phone calls from The Block, which she has a penchant for ignoring. Her excitement at getting third place OUT OF SIX COMPETITORS tonight solidified how perfect she truly is.  

5. Christine isn't given enough credit for being a dynamic player.

Andy Herren: Christine is being prepped as the new villain of the season. This is a stretch, as Christine is generally rather friendly with everyone, but she is driving a wedge between Hayden/Nicole and Frankie/Zach, and if we know anything about "Big Brother," it is that stupid fans hate it when anyone tries to break up a showmance, as evidenced by Rachel Reilly exclaiming, time after time, “Nobody comes between me and my Neanderthal, er…man.  Yes, man.”  

HitFix: You'll have to excuse me, but I always sympathize with the most human-seeming player in the house. One year it was Kalia. Another year it was (ugh) Andy Herren. I root for the players who acknowledge their own neuroses and shortcomings while having a sense of humor about the game, so I'm into Christine this year. She seemed to be weaving between alliances with some style for awhile, but since Nicole told Hayden about her shady rumor-starting, her game is in jeopardy. Look, she messed up, but I think she's savvy enough to realize she messed up. I could get back to championing her game if she somehow levels with Hayden and acquits herself from danger. A Derrick/Christine final two would be pretty compelling to me. 

4. Nicole's plan to backdoor Frankie was the right idea.

Andy Herren: Nicole, as reigning HoH, kept talking about a plan to backdoor Frankie. I so wish the HoH this week had been Cody, and that he had the same plan. Just thinking about Cody backdooring anyone puts me in an emotional state that I can’t go into more detail about, as kids could possibly read this article.  

(Slightly NSFW video, language.)

HitFix: I'm a big fan of keeping "Big Brother" interesting, and for that reason I really chafe at the thought of Zankie being jeopardized in any way. Face it, they're the most fascinating part of BB16. Maybe Frankie is an overcompensating dullard who wishes he were funny, but he really has a magnetism that draws in a hefty percentage of the male houseguests, not just Zach. For that reason it's unreal that no one in the house has made a serious move to overthrow him. I supported Nicole's plan, and I'm sort of stunned she couldn't organize that effort better. 

3. Let's not forget that the veto challenge was spectacular. 

Andy Herren: The Veto competition involved actual artists from DC Comics drawing comic book art based on the houseguests. This was so freaking cool. I’m jealous we did not have this competition last summer. I think I would have been, “The Red Ghost: He’s Here, but Nobody Notices Him!” or “The Ginger Avenger: Protecting the Monster and Her Pizza Boy!” or “The Indestructible Bottom: Getting Backdoored Continuously and Persevering!”

HitFix: Jesus, Andy. 

2. Is Derrick the hero we deserve?

HitFix: We saw the first signs of anti-Derrick panic this week, but for the most part he remains a furtive and cool player who isn't rushing his gameplay a bit. Even a casual "Big Brother" player has to wonder if he's got this game in the bag. The truth is that the game would be more interesting without him since he's so good at keeping his mouth shut, but for such a cautious strategist, he does give good Diary Room insights. I don't know. I'm torn about how much we want him in this game.

Andy Herren: Derrick remains levelheaded and intuitive. Sure, he has been jumping from alliance to alliance, which could make him a “floater,” but he is doing it strategically, which makes him a “competitor.”  

1. Zach can't leave the game because Zach is "Big Brother."

Andy Herren: Zach is quickly becoming one of the most reckless players of all time, which also makes him one of the most entertaining. He is also so damn adorable. His temper tantrum after losing the Veto competition was the sexiest thing I’ve seen in months.  

HitFix: Zach is the Raphael of "Big Brother." And I do mean the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, not the Renaissance master. Cool but cruel. Nasty and seething and funny and willfully ridiculous. "Big Brother" was built on a tradition of Zach types who call themselves master manipulators and peeve the other houseguests with senseless spectacle. I am terrified about his potential for eviction tomorrow. Do I want him to win the show? Not really. But I want him to start more unnecessary fights that get people like Hayden and Derrick mixed up in perilous situations. If he's gone, who's our provocateur? Yikes. Now that's something to be grim about, Julie Chen. 

Sound off: Do you guys want Jocasta or Zach out? Andy is OK with Zach's elimination, but I'm apoplectic at the thought of it. 

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Did 'Batman V Superman' just blink by jumping off 'Captain America 3's' release date?

Did 'Batman V Superman' just blink by jumping off 'Captain America 3's' release date?

What exactly could these 10 "Untitled" DC Superhero movies be?

Well, that was slightly unexpected.

Warner Bros. rose a ton of eyebrows across Hollywood on Wednesday when it flooded the theatrical release schedule with not three, not four, but 10 "Untitled" DC Comics universe movies.  This comes less than two weeks after the studio surprised many by making no announcements at Comic-Con regarding a rumored slate of new films.  The bigger news, of course, was the studio moving "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" to an earlier opening release date of March 25, 2016.

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Which popular music artists still haven't had a No. 1 album in the U.S.?

Which popular music artists still haven't had a No. 1 album in the U.S.?

Tom Petty, show them the away... Aretha Franklin, David Bowie, The Roots and more

It only took him 38 years: today it was announced that Tom Petty achieved a first in his career, earning his first-ever No. 1-selling album in the U.S. with his and The Heartbreakers' "Hypnotic Eye." The Billboard 200 chart's top has always eluded the rocker, but last week "Eye" saw 131,000 copies, enough for the top.

Just a couple of weeks ago, it was "Weird Al" Yankovic scoring his first No. 1 album, "Mandatory Fun," with more than a dozen studio sets under his belt.

But who are the remaining active popular artists who have yet to witness their albums hit the top? There are some legends -- like David Bowie and Aretha Franklin -- who have shockingly spent decades falling short at No. 2. Shakira, Wilco, OneRepublic and The Roots have plenty of time too...

Which of these artists could still make it to the summit, and which ones do you think will go the way of The Clash, Marvin Gaye, The Ramones, James Brown, The Who and Blondie, in regards to artists who have never pocketed a top-charting album in the United States?

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<p>Laura Carmichael of &quot;Downton Abbey&quot;</p>

Laura Carmichael of "Downton Abbey"

Credit: PBS

Interview: 'Downton Abbey' star Laura Carmichael discusses the challenges of Lady Edith

Star explains what Lady Edith was up to for much of Season 4

It's a perfect Lady Edith moment.

I'm talking to Laura Carmichael a couple weeks back during the Television Critics Association press tour and early in our interview, she has to pause and take a call. She's all apologetic, but it's Ealing Studios and they've apparently forgotten that Carmichael isn't in England shooting "Downton Abbey," but rather she's Across the Pond promoting the upcoming fifth season.


That's the kind of thing that just doesn't happen with Lady Mary and CERTAINLY wouldn't have happened with Poor Lady Sybil, rest in peace.

But for Edith? Well, she's always had it harder. Lady Edith has reliably been forgotten, sneered at or grumbled about, but she perseveres.

"Julian [Fellowes] has a theory that some people in life are lucky and some people are not. And Edith has not been lucky," Carmichael laughs. "But I think, to her credit, it's helped her be a far more proactive person and the sort of a modern day woman in that way, because she hasn't laid down and let it all washed over her. She has gotten up and gone to work and created a life for herself."

Two seasons ago, it seemed like Lady Edith might have turned a corner. Yes, she was still subject to withering scorn from Mary and general apathy from her parents, but she seemed to have found a reasonably good man and she also had found a job. 

But in Season 4, Michael Gregson vanished in Germany, leaving Edith to cope with an unplanned pregnancy, a plight that kept her so busy that she stopped mentioning her newspaper column entirely. 

In our conversation, Carmichael explains what Edith was up to last year and the importance of being the keeper of your own character when you're one piece of a 17-person ensemble. She argues for Edith's growth and evolution over the years and talks about the change in reactions to her. 

We won't be getting Season 5 of "Downton Abbey" until January, at least not via legal means. But since we started our conversation with Emmy talk and since there are no real spoilers at all, I'm posting now!

Check out the full Q&A...

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<p>The Bridge</p>

The Bridge

Credit: FX

Review: 'The Bridge' - 'Eye of the Deep'

Marco seeks revenge against David Tate

A quick review of tonight's "The Bridge" coming up just as soon as I end up being transferred to Sierra Leone...

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'Game of Thrones’' viewership has grown to a record 19 milllion viewers

“Game of Thrones’” viewership has grown to a record 19 milllion viewers
That’s accounting for DVR usage, repeat airings and streaming. PLUS: Check out the “GoT” subway map.

Aly Michalka joins “iZombie”
She’ll play Rose McIver’s best friend, a role played by somebody else in the pilot.

HBO’s “Westworld” adds Jeffrey Wright, Shannon Woodward and “Lost’s” Rodrigo Santaro
The sci-fi drama based on Michael Crichton’s 1973 futuristic theme park film from J.J. Abrams and Jerry Weintraub has hired six new actors.

“House of Cards” to interrupt Washington, D.C. traffic with fake motorcades
The Netflix series will spend all day Satruday “shooting ‘drive-bys’, b-roll, and a mock-motorcade scene” for Season 3.

Why “True Detective's” creator did not plagiarize
“Nic Pizzolatto was not taking a test. He was writing a fictional TV show,” says Dave Haglund, who adds: "He created a character who thinks much like (author Thomas) Ligotti thinks, and he had that character express ideas similar to the ones that Ligotti expounded upon in a work of philosophy—albeit an unusual one…” PLUS: Talk of “True Detective’s” “women’s problem” enrages Pizzolatto.

John Oliver found “an eclectic bunch” of writers by shaking up the hiring process
Oliver and his “Last Week Tonight” showrunner used two rounds of blind selection that resulted in a diverse range of applicants you would normally not get for a late-night writing job, including a former speechwriter for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Read all the e-mails Bill Nye sent to the White House
Including a science poem.

Santa Fe, New Mexico is spending up to $100K to woo “The Bachelor” — but won’t say if its offer was accepted
City officials are keeping mum so as not to reveal any possible spoilers.

Bob Barker recreated his famous “Happy Gilmore” fight scene for “The Bold and the Beautiful”
Watch the 90-year-old former “Price is Right” host punch out a guy.

“Orange is the New Black” creator wrote a superhero pilot for Busta Rhymes
That’s one of the revelations from this 3,000-word profile on Jenji Kohan, who spent years before breaking out with “Weeds” working on shows from “Gilmore Girls” to “Tracey Takes On” while writing pilot scripts that went nowhere.

Samantha Bee and Jessica Williams chat about their experience on “The Daily Show”
What’s it like working with Jon Stewart? How do they stay comfortable doing field pieces?

Why Elisabeth Moss should reject “True Detective”
She already did similar work recently on Jane Campion’s "Top of the Lake.”

Here are the 40 most Atlanta things about HBO's “Hard Knocks’” Falcons season premiere
They include No. 13: "The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s (and DE Kroy Biermann’s wife) Kim Zolciak Biermann, watching herself on TV.”

Ovation orders “Raidars of the Lost Art”
The new show will use re-enactments and archival footage to document famous pieces of art that have gone missing.

Adrienne Maloof: I’m coming back to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"
Maloof hopes to “mend things” with several cameo appearances.

“Weird Al” once played “Wheel of Fortune” with Little Richard and James Brown
Plus, Lee Greenwood.

“Person of Interest” casts a new captain for Fusco
"Lie to Me” alum Monique Curnen will play Captain Felicia Moreno.

DirecTV picks up BBC’s “Uncle”
The BBC3 family comedy revolving around an out-of-work musician debuts on DirecTV’s Audience Network on Oct. 14.

Why can’t Ricky Gervais leave “The Office’s” David Brent alone?
Bringing back his famous character feels like sullying a great show.

“Sleepy Hollow” transformed downtown Wilmington, North Carolina into a war zone
Crews spent all day today filming war scenes in the heart of the city.

“12 Monkeys” rounds out its cast
Four actors have joined the Syfy series.

Breckin Meyer: Mark-Paul Gosselaar and I talk “endlessly” about “Screech’s” tell-all on the “Franklin & Bash” set
“That guy is such a d*ck,” says Meyer in a joint interview with Gosselaar. PLUS: Gosselaar always dyed his hair blonde for "Saved by the Bell."

“OITNB” warden Alysia Reiner is filming “Hawaii Five-0”
She’s guesting as an FBI agent.

Adam Pally has become Hollywood’s “Go-To 'Bro'”
The 32-year-old married dad who stars on “The Mindy Project” admits: "I’m pretty bro-y.”

“Doctor Who” is planning more web-exclusive content
"I think we now have to accept that online stuff isn’t a spin-off anymore,” says Steven Moffat.

Rachel McAdams learns of her “Downton Abbey” ancestry on TLC
"Who Do You Think You Are?” reveals one of her ancestors was an English footman.

“Skin Wars” debuts with host Rebecca Romijn
The GSN game show gathers together the world’s best body painters.

“Big Brother” spawns “BB Comics”
Check out the “Big Brother” housemates in comic book form.

Epix looks back at the career of director Robert Altman
“Altman” tonight takes a linear approach to the life of the director of “Nashville,” “M*A*S*H” and “Gosford Park.”

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James Van Der Beek joins the cast of 'CSI: Cyber'

James Van Der Beek joins the cast of “CSI: Cyber”
The former “Dawson’s Creek” star is returning to CBS just months after the cancelation of “Friends with Better Lives” to become a series regular on the  new “CSI” spinoff. Van Der Beek will play an FBI agent who’s an expert in battlefield forensics.

“The View's" new boss is from “The Rachel Maddow Show”
Longtime “View” producer Bill Geddie is set to be replaced by Bill Wolff, who currently runs Maddow’s MSNBC show.

“Married at First Sight” renewed
The FYI series has been granted a 2nd season of 11 episodes.

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Will Arnett says shooting 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' was like a different language
Credit: HitFix

Will Arnett says shooting 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' was like a different language

If nothing else, he's mastered running up.

Will Arnett is the odd man out in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

On the TV show that remains, for many fans, the definitive version of the characters so far, Vernon Fenwick is an adversary, a foil both for April O'Neil and for the Turtles themselves. In this new film incarnation, Fenwick is the cameraman who works most often with April O'Neil (Megan Fox), and he knows that she wants out of puff-piece features. He also knows how the game works, though, and he doesn't really seem to believe she's going to get her break. He's the cynical voice of reality.

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Tony winner Christian Borle is set to play Smee and Mr. Darling on 'Peter Pan Live!'

Tony winner Christian Borle is set to play Smee and Mr. Darling on “Peter Pan Live!”
This would be the 2nd NBC musical for Borle, who appeared in “The Sound of Music Live” last year. He also starred on “Smash."

“Sons of Anarchy” unveils a dark final season trailer
“We’re all in, brother…"

Billy Gardell to host "Monopoly Millionaires’ Club”
The “Mike & Molly” star will serve as host of a companion show to the new multi-state lottery game.

Fred Armisen forms Dead Men Walking, a supergroup with members of Guns N’ Roses and Stray Cats
Duff McKagan, Slim Jim Phantom will join The Living End's Chris Cheney and the Damned's Captain Sensible, plus The Alarms’ Mike Peters for a special performance at L.A.’s The Troubadour.

“Mad Men’s” Vincent Kartheiser secretly married “Gilmore Girl” Alexis Bledel 2 months ago
Kartheiser, 35, and Bledel, 32, who met on the set of “Mad Men,” tied the knot in California back in June.

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Magic's 'Rude' makes it four weeks at the top, fending off Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me'

Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande announce their presence with 'Bang Bang'


Magic’s “Rude” continues to cast a spell over the Billboard Hot 100 as the breakthrough song by the Canadian quartet spends its fourth week at No. 1.

With all due respect to Magic, the real news this week is that “Bang Bang,” from Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, zooms onto the chart at No. 6. Minaj is the hardest working woman in show business right now. She also has the “Flawless” remix with Beyonce (which could enter next week) and her own single, “Anaconda.”

It’s Ladies Week on the chart as the other new entry into the Top 10 is Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass,” which skyrockets 28-8.

Filling in the rest of the Top 10, Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” rises 3-2 and has a decent chance at dislodging “Rude,” next week, according to Billboard.  The tune trades places with former chart topper “Fancy,” by Iggy Azalea, featuring  Charli XCX.

Norwegian duo Nico & Vinz stay at No. 4 with “Am I Wrong,” and Ariana Grande’s “Problems,” featuring Azalea hangs out at No. 5 (meaning she’s got the No. 5 and 6 spots this week).

Maroon 5’s “Maps” notches downward, 6-7, while Sia hangs from her “Chandelier” for one more week at No. 9 and “Latch” by Disclosure, featuring Sam Smith,  falls 7-10.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger announces wrap on latest sequel 'Terminator: Genisys'
Credit: Paramount

Arnold Schwarzenegger announces wrap on latest sequel 'Terminator: Genisys'

It's going to drive me crazy every time I have to type that for the next year

More than most people, I understand the burning desire to get one more great "Terminator" film out of the weirdest, most haphazardly-run mega-franchise in modern film.

After all, the 1984 original remains one of the greatest indie action films ever made. Beautifully plotted and incredibly well-built, "The Terminator" is one of those movies where everyone involved was in tune and they turned out something special as a result. And 1991's "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" is one of the great action sequels, escalating the scale of the mayhem while offering some very smart twists on both character and plot.

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Mariah Carey

6 producers who should work with Mariah Carey now that Jermaine Dupri is out

What would it sound like if Rick Rubin produced Mariah Carey?

There’s more chaos in Mariah Carey Land as she and her manager Jermaine Dupri have parted  ways and veteran label executive Kevin Liles is now handling Team Mariah.

As you’ll recall, Dupri was only on board as her official manager since last fall, but he and Carey have a very long history as musical collaborators, going back to 1995’s “Daydream.” He served as executive producer on Carey’s latest set, “Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse," and co-produced five tracks on the album.

As you know, that album continues to circle the drain. It’s worst than if she’d never released an album because she now has this huge commercial failure around her neck. “Mariah” sold 58,000 in its first week of release in May, which was by far her poorest showing in her 25-year career.  It’s a shame because the album, as overstuffed and scattered as it was, had some strong cuts that got thrown out there, but didn't really get their due, like "You Don't Know What To Do," featuring Wale or "Make It Look Good."

But I would never, ever count Carey out. She has too much talent and too much determination. She can rise again. The question is who is the right partner to help her do so.

It’s unclear from today’s news if Dupri will continue working with Carey musically, despite his noting that it’s a possibility in his statement to Billboard about the management shift. It read, in part, “I put my all into every project. But when I’m not allowed to do what I do, then it’s time for me to move on. Mariah and I enjoy working together and will continue to make great music together in the future.” I'm not so sure the first part of that sentence doesn't overrule the second part. Regardless, they may need a break.

So if we take Dupri out of the picture, here are six potential producers for Carey’s next album and what they would bring to the table.

Pharrell: They’ve worked together before, including on 2005’s mega-successful “The Emancipation of Mimi,” when he co-wrote “Say Somethin’,” featuring Snoop Dogg, and co-produced the tune with Chad Hugo, his Neptunes partner-in-crime. Along with his newfound superstar status, Pharrell has become the most mainstream of producers: he makes songs that appeal to tweens and soccer moms and everyone inbetween. Carey’s known for her ballads and they could throw a few on here, but what if they just went for a sunny, upbeat, fun album that showed off her pipes, but also made it all seem effortless?

Don Was: Hey, if he’s good enough for the Rolling Stones, he’s good enough for Mariah, but we imagine him giving Carey the Bonnie Raitt treatment. His work with Raitt on 1989’s “Nick Of Time” catapulted her into stardom after she’d been dropped by Warner Bros. The album went on to sweep the Grammys. Was probably couldn’t get Carey back on the charts, but he could probably nab her some great taste-maker press and some Grammy noms if they made a record with stripped-down production and really confessional, heartfelt lyrics that reflected where she is in her mid-40s.

Dr. Luke: This is the most obvious choice if she wants to try to get back on Top 40 radio, but I don’t think it’s really a good fit. At this point, it would feel like a desperation play by Carey and she’s too good for that.

Dann Huff: Carey has a ragged determination to prove that she’s still street on every album and it’s hard to do that when you’re looking down from the penthouse. She also likes to pair with current hip hop or R&B acts to keep her credibility in those genres. What if she let all that go and just made a contemporary pop album that aimed for AC. Look at what Huff has done with acts like Faith Hill and Keith Urban…or even his work on Whitney Houston’s debut. He’s found a way to highlight their pop sensibilities without sacrificing their personalities. Carey would have to be willing to let go of her R&B side.

Walter Afanasieff: Yep. Take it back to the beginning. Afanasieff was there at the start and the songs the two created from “Vision Of Love” to “Love Takes Time,”  “Dreamlover” and “One Sweet Day,” remain among the best in her catalog. Afanaseiff also co-produced her most notable covers, including “Endless Love,” I’ll Be There,” and “Open Arms.” What if they put together a tasty album of covers? To be sure, the reality of this one is very slim since Carey's ex, Tommy Mottola, got Afanasieff in the divorce, but it's a thought.

Rick Rubin: This would probably be a clash of the titans and we’d never hear what they worked on before it all went down in flames, but Carey may need someone who totally takes the reins, does not let her co-produce and she just sings (and if she wants to, writes). Rubin would be completely in charge of the sound of the record. If we had our druthers, he even choose all the songs.  

Who did I leave out? Who would you like to see produce Carey?

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