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<p>Jessica Chastain is part of the team responsible for finding and killing Osama Bin Laden in Kathryn Bigelow's new thriller 'Zero Dark Thirty,' due out in December.</p>

Jessica Chastain is part of the team responsible for finding and killing Osama Bin Laden in Kathryn Bigelow's new thriller 'Zero Dark Thirty,' due out in December.

Credit: Columbia Pictures

Kathryn Bigelow's 'Zero Dark Thirty' gets a tense and moody full-length trailer

The hunt for Bin Laden looks like a wild ride for this holiday season

It cannot be an easy thing to follow up a win for Best Picture at the Oscars, particularly when that moment can be seen as a redefinition of someone's career.  Kathryn Bigelow may have been well-regarded by film nerds for her early work, but "The Hurt Locker" brought her to a much broader audience than ever before and it also established her as a very different type of filmmaker from the person who made "Near Dark" and "Point Break."

It looks like "Zero Dark Thirty" is what we would expect from the new Kathryn Bigelow, and that's exciting.  While we may know the eventual outcome of the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, there's so much of the story that we don't know that I get the feeling this is going to be about the process, not the ending.

Working with Mark Boal, the writer/producer she paired with on "The Hurt Locker," Bigelow's film takes place over the full decade it took to hunt down Bin Laden, and it looks like this is one of those subgenres of film I love, movies about people under pressure, and with a cast like this, I look forward to seeing how they crack and fracture under that pressure.

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<p>L.A. Reid, Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun of &quot;The X Factor&quot;</p>

L.A. Reid, Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun of "The X Factor"

Credit: FOX

Recap: 'The X Factor' - Judges' Homes #2

Justin Bieber and Will.i.Am join L.A. Reid and Britney Spears

On Wednesday, "X Factor" fans got to watch the Young Adults perform for Demi Lovato and the Groups perform for Simon Cowell.

Now, it's time for Britney Spears mentoring the Teens and the awkward spectacle of L.A. Reid grumbling that he was forced to mentor the Geriatric contestants and punishing them by making them learn from Justin Bieber. 

Click through for the pre-debate fun...

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<p>The shaggy, silly 'Magical Mystery Tour' is positively dazzling in its new Blu-ray release</p>

The shaggy, silly 'Magical Mystery Tour' is positively dazzling in its new Blu-ray release

Credit: Apple Records

Want to win the deluxe version of the new 'Magical Mystery Tour' Blu-ray?

Of course you do! And all you need is a Facebook account

By far, the weirdest movie my kids have ever seen is "Magical Mystery Tour," which arrives on Blu-ray this week, getting us one step closer to having the full Beatles filmography in high-definition.

It's been so long since I'd seen "Magical Mystery Tour" that I'd forgotten most of it, and for the most part, it's a shaggy, occasionally incoherent collections of largely-improvised scenarios tied together loosely with a storyline about Ringo and his Aunt Jessie (Jessie Robbins) on a bus tour together.  McCartney was the key creative talent behind the camera, and there's a sense in much of the movie that Lennon, Harrison, and even Starr are just indulging McCartney.  If nothing else, some of the acting in the film should serve as proof that it is not easy to just "make it up" while you're on set.

Having said that, I think the film is tremendously watchable, and the soundtrack on this Blu-ray is worth the purchase price all by itself.  They're doing a great job with these high-def presentations, and it is entirely fitting that the work done to remaster the music is where the most effort appears to have been expended.  "Yellow Submarine" is one of those discs that I use to show off how well Blu-ray can reproduce an analog presentation.  There are scenes on that discs where it looks like you're looking at the actual cel layout, where you can see the textures of the animated images and the backgrounds, and the sonic landscapes on both discs sound like they were recorded and mastered today.

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‘Tis the season: 2012 Christmas albums: Lady Antebellum, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green and more

‘Tis the season: 2012 Christmas albums: Lady Antebellum, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green and more

15 stocking stuffers, including sets from Scotty McCreery, Rod Stewart, John Travolta, and Colbie Caillat

'Tis the season for a new slate of holiday treats. This year's bounty of Christmas releases will delight country fans with such heavyweights as Blake Shelton, Lady Antebellum and Scotty McCreery gathering about the yuletide log. Cee Lo celebrates the season in his own inimitable way, while Rod Stewart, Sufjan Stevens and even John Travolta and Olivia Newton John chime in. Grab some mistletoe and egg nog and see if your favorites are releasing Christmas albums this year. 

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Watch: CeeLo's 'Run Rudolph Run' video is as classy as you'd think it'd be

Santa's li'l helpers are back

The music video for CeeLo Green's "Run Run Rudolph" features footage likely taken from the same shoot as the video for his "Silent Night." That is, sexy Santa's li'l helpers in their underwear, doing cute things in the street as models are want to do.

This one features a convertible (heaven-bound!) a taco truck (nurturing!) and confetti (starlight!). Santa, in the front seat of his sleigh, needs to deliver his toys (hint: they're in the back seat) to good little boys and presumably girls. All that's left on your Christmas list is a healthy body normative.

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<p>Kanye West</p>

Kanye West

Listen: New Kanye West and Black Keys songs for 'Man with the Iron Fists'

Rapper's new track has the man seeing white

Put your swagger face on: Two new tracks from the soundtrack to RZA's "The Man with the Iron Fists" have a lot of funk and blues sensibility. The Black Keys have unleashed their gnarly movie theme "The Baddest Man Alive" featuring the Wu-Tang mang and Kanye West released his contribution "White Dress."

The former has all the low end expected from the rock band, but has a break beat fit for RZA's hypnotic rhymes, flashing behind a veil of distortion. "I'll snatch food from the mouth of a tiger / Take a gasoline bath then I walk through fire," RZA raps. Killer.

Black Keys and RZA previously combined on a couple of tracks for the former's "Blakroc" album from 2009.

West's "White Dress" has people hearing wedding bells, as Ye odes to his lady love ahead of the presumed dressy refrain. No word when he actually composed his tune, but signs point at current flame Kim Kardashian, his "perfect b*tch," to whom he's directed his nuptial intentions in song before.

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<p>Jay Ryan of &quot;Beauty and the Beast&quot;</p>

Jay Ryan of "Beauty and the Beast"

Credit: The CW

TV Review: The CW's 'Beauty and the Beast' fails on every level

A pretty beast, a silly cop and some bad writing lead to disaster
There's an easy punchline that a hundred [or more] lazy screenwriters have probably used in movies or TV shows. 
A character happens upon somebody who was previously assumed to be deceased. The character nods and quips, "You look pretty good for a dead guy."
It's a universally applicable joke, because... not to put too fine a point on it... dead guys generally look pretty horrible. They're all rotted and stuff. So it doesn't matter who you are or how you look, if you're about to breath and receive nourishment, chances are solid that you also look pretty good for a dead guy.
The cliche pops up in the pilot for The CW's new adaptation of "Beauty and the Beast," one of many cliches in a script that seems to be cobbled together from nothing but dribs and drabs of earlier shows. In its "Beauty and the Beast" context, however, the line is elevated (denigrated?) from sloppy mimicry into a flawless illustration of the pilot's insurmountable core flaw.
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The Sandman, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy try and bring Jack Frost on board to stop Pitch from taking over the world's children in DreamWorks Animation's "Rise of the Guardians."
The Sandman, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy try and bring Jack Frost on board to stop Pitch from taking over the world's children in DreamWorks Animation's "Rise of the Guardians."
Credit: DreamWorks Animation

'Rise of the Guardians,' 'On the Road' and 'Life of Pi' among AFI Fest galas

'Silver Linings Playbook,' 'The Impossible' and 'Central Park Five' will also screen

LOS ANGELES - After already setting "Hitchock" as its opening night gala and "Lincoln" as its closing night gala, AFI revealed its slate of centerpiece galas and special screenings for the 2012 AFI Film Festival.

This year's centerpiece galas include best animated picture contender "Rise of the Guardians," Ang Lee's 3D visual extravaganza "Life of Pi," Walter Salles' already well traveled "On the Road" and Jacques Audiard's Cannes breakout "Rust and Bone." The latter ties into a special Tribute to Marion Cotillard that will be held during the eight day event. Cotillard, a prime best actress contender, received a similar honor at the Telluride Film Festival last month.

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<p>Harris Savides on the set of Noah Baumbach's &quot;Greenberg&quot;</p>

Harris Savides on the set of Noah Baumbach's "Greenberg"

Credit: Focus Features

Tech Support: 'American Gangster,' 'Milk' and 'Zodiac' lenser Harris Savides dies at 55

DP frequently collaborated with Gus Van Sant, David Fincher and Noah Baumbach

Talk about having a ton of bricks dropped on your head. I hadn't heard that cinematographer Harris Savides had been ill, certainly hadn't known that he was on the ropes, but he has apparently passed away at the far-too-young age of 55. I don't know the cause of death but I know this one's a big blow to the industry.

Savides most often collaborated with filmmaker Gus Van Sant. He shot films like "Finding Forrester," "Gerry," "Elephant," "Last Days" and "Milk" for the director. But he also worked with David Fincher from time to time ("The Game," "Zodiac"), as well as Noah Baumbach ("Margot at the Wedding," "Greenberg"). His final work will be seen in Sofia Coppola's "The Bling Ring," which releases next year.

Savides always brought a delicate touch to his work. There was no blatant thumbprint because that wasn't his style. Yet the work was by no means anonymous. Quite the opposite, in fact, and the aesthetic Van Sant developed in his "Death Trilogy" ("Elephant," "Gerry" and "Last Days") is very much owed to Savides's work.

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<p>Mary&nbsp;Elizabeth Winstead in &quot;Smashed&quot;</p>

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in "Smashed"

Credit: Sony Pictures Classics

Interview: Mary Elizabeth Winstead on relating to toxicity in 'Smashed'

The actress makes a big stride in the Sundance fave

NEW YORK -- Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been developing quite the career for herself in the commercial sector. Parts in "Final Destination 3," "Black Christmas," "Grindhouse," "Live Free or Die Hard," "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" and "The Thing" have been a slow build for the actress, right up to this summer's "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter." But while she's always showed a spark that promised more, it didn't really hit full bloom until James Ponsoldt's "Smashed" premiered at Sundance back in January.

And indeed, the Sundance experience meant a great deal to Winstead, who grew up in Salt Lake City and always saw the fest as something of an El Dorado. "Sundance was always a big goal of mine, since I was a kid," she says. "It was always like this thing that was so close but I could never find my way into actually being a part of it. It was pretty emotional. Yeah, I think I broke down several times when I was there so it meant a lot."

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<p>&quot;Mondays at Racine&quot; is one of the shortlisted docs.</p>

"Mondays at Racine" is one of the shortlisted docs.

Credit: Cynthia Wade Productions

Academy shortlists eight titles for Best Documentary Short

The list was narrowed down from 31 eligible entries

Can we already be at this point? It may be in one of the least-heralded categories, but the Oscar shortlisting process has officially begun: this morning, the Academy announced a shortlist of eight semi-finalists for the Best Documentary Short award, drawn from 31 eligible entries. That'll be it for this particular race, of course, until the five nominees are revealed with all the rest on January 10 -- while a feature doc shortlist will be announced later this month.. So, here's its brief moment with the spotlight to itself.

The shortlisted titles include: "Mondays at Racine," a look at a Long Island hair salon that caters to cancer patients; "The Education of Mohammad Hussein," about an American Muslim community's struggle with an anti-Islamic priest; "Inocente," a study of a teenaged artist who has been homeless for six years; "Kings Point," about a Florida retirement community; "Open Heart," about Rwandan children undergoing high-risk surgery in Sudan; "Paraiso," about immigrant Mexican window-washers in Chicago; and "The Perfect Fit," a silent portrait of five women colliding in a vintage clothing store. 

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<p>Rolling Stones</p>

Rolling Stones

Listen: Rolling Stones release 'Doom and Gloom'

Check out the band's first new track in more than seven years

The Rolling Stones may have been gathering moss the last few years as they lay dormant, but they’re back with one of their strongest tunes in decades.

“Gloom and Doom,” which premiered on BBC Radio 2 this morning, features classic, snarling  guitar licks from Keith Richards and an inspired, upfront vocal from Mick Jagger. They're still showing the young kids how it's done.

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