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<p>Tye Sheridan, Jacob Lofland and Matthew McConaughey in &quot;Mud.&quot;</p>

Tye Sheridan, Jacob Lofland and Matthew McConaughey in "Mud."

Credit: Everest Entertainment

Lionsgate and Roadside adopt 'Mud' for 2013

After a strong Cannes debut, the long wait for a distributor is over

A couple of weeks ago, I wondered why it was taking so long for Jeff Nichols' "Mud" -- an audience-pleasing, star-powered coming-of-age story with genre trappings -- to find a US distributor, after being so warmly received at the tail-end of the Cannes Film Festival. I closed by speculating that indie outfit Roadside Attractions was the sort of company that might be willing to take on the film, and steer it through an awards season where it could turn into a popular property.

Lo and behold, the news broke yesterday that Roadside, together with parent company Lionsgate, are all set to acquire US rights to the film -- but that they're only planning to release it in 2013. There's no word yet on when in the new year "Mud" is set to hit, but if they share my belief in its awards potential -- at the very least, it represents a decent Best Actor play for the currently resurgent Matthew McConaughey -- the wait could be rather a long one. Meanwhile, it still hasn't shown up in the Toronto Film Festival lineup.

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"Big Brother"

"Big Brother"

Credit: CBS

'Big Brother' recap: Will the power of veto shake up the game?

The hamsters duke it out in a Zingbot-themed challenge

So, Wil and Joe are on the block, and really, anything could happen. Someone could get backdoored (or at least that's what Dan keeps yapping about), Joe could lose his mind and smash in all the hamsters' heads while they're sleeping (can't rule it out), or Boogie could keel over from a heart attack or some age-related disease and throw off the game completely. So, let's get to it!

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<p>Green Day</p>

Green Day

Watch: Green Day surrounds themselves with models and ennui in video for 'Oh Love'

Is it a video or a Victoria's Secret commercial?

Green Day’s video for its new single, “Oh Love” may as well be retitled “Oh Lust,” although there’s nothing particularly sexy in the cliched clip that has the trio playing in a rehearsal space to a very select audience of tattooed models.

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"So You Think You Can Dance"

"So You Think You Can Dance"

Credit: Fox

'So You Think You Can Dance' recap: The final 14 perform Mia Michaels' top routines

Ballet superstars Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt are the guest judges

The Olympics are over, so that means it's time for an all-new, all-live performance/elimination double header of "So You Think You Can Dance"! Cat is wearing Heidi hair to celebrate! Even better, the entire show is dedicated to the work of one choreographer: Mia Michaels. Oh, and four people (two guys, two gals) are going home. Yay. Not.

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"So You Think You Can Dance"

"So You Think You Can Dance"

Credit: Fox

HitFix Interview: 'So You Think You Can Dance' hoofers talk short format, long days

Amelia, Dareian, Chehon, George and Will talk to HitFix

After a brief Olympic hiatus, "So You Think You Can Dance" is returning to the air tonight. I got a chance to talk to some of the competitors during the TCAs and discovered not everyone is thrilled with the new, shorter format, though everyone's thrilled to be doing what they love best -- dancing. Here's what Will Thomas, George Lawrence II, Amelia Lowe, Chehon Wespi-Tschop had to say about being accepted, the toughest genre, and why they aren't reading their critics.

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<p>&quot;Not Fade&nbsp;Away&quot;</p>

"Not Fade Away"

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Film Society taps David Chase's 'Not Fade Away' for centerpiece NYFF premiere

From 'The Sopranos' to the big screen and a Big Apple bow

It's been a busy week for Film Society of Lincoln Center, lining up the program for the 50th annual New York Film Festival. Announcements of "Life of Pi" and "Flight" as bookends to the fest already stood out as a major step forward where nabbing exclusive bows was concerned, and today, it's been revealed that "Not Fade Away" will see its world premiere as a centerpiece presentation.

David Chase's much-anticipated directorial debut tells the coming-of-age tale of a group of friends inspired to form their own rock band fronted by a gifted singer-songwriter. But talking with a publicist this week who's working on the film, it's also apparently very much about that moment in time when Chase and his friends moved to New York and realized there was a way of life as artists. And with a killer soundtrack to boot.

Chase, of course, made his name on the small screen with series like "Northern Exposure" and, most especially, "The Sopranos." It's nice that his first stab at the big screen will be an intimate portrait along these lines. "Sopranos" star James Gandolfini has a role in the film, which also stars Brad Garrett, Christopher McDonald and Bella Heathcote, among others.

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Song Of The Day: Poliça’s 'Dark Star' lights up the night

Something so good so far

One of SXSW's toasts of the town (and there were many toasts, and many got toasted) was Poliça, whose decadent use of cedilla may have you placing them from Brazil or some other exotic locale. At least their brand of chilly, vibrant electronica is decadent: the Minneapolis based crew just got another big chance to hit big, by signing to Mom + Pop and getting their album "Give You the Ghost" a hardy re-release this week.

The Channy Leaneagh-fronted group has also just released the music video for "Dark Star," another shining (heh) example of quality usage of auto-tune.

Now, don't go pokin' around for a plot here: the visuals are simply there to amp up the blues of Leaneagh's chosen hue. It's an easy listen, and delightfully easy to remember. In fact, several artists liked it enough to give "Dark Star" a remix for an EP, also out this week.

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<p>Green Day</p>

Green Day

Green Day added to MTV's Video Music Awards roster

Watch the premiere of the band's new video tonight on MTV

While you’re waiting for Green Day’s video for “Oh Love” to premiere tonight on MTV, go ahead and mark your calendar for Sept. 6 when the punk pop trio will appear on MTV’s Video Music Awards. It will make the fifth time the group has played on the show, second only to Madonna's seven appearances.

The group has also cut a promo for the show with VMA host Kevin Hart, who plans to rename the band Black Day. It follows Hart’s previous promo with Kayne West and Kim Kardashian.

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<p>One Direction</p>

One Direction

Listen: One Direction covers Oasis' 'Wonderwall'

Will someone come and save them... or us?

So maybe One Direction thinks Beady Eye did a lousy job on “Wonderwall”  during the Olympic closing ceremonies in London too. Why else would they release their own version of Oasis’s modern classic?

(If you missed it, Beady Eye, which is basically Oasis minus Noel Gallagher, delivered one of the most torpid versions of the song ever on Sunday).

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<p>Flo Rida</p>

Flo Rida

Does Flo Rida's 'Whistle' blow away Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe' on the Billboard Hot 100?

Taylor Swift zooms on the chart as well

Flo Rida blows his whistle all the way to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 as “Whistle” dethrones Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” after nine weeks at the pinnacle.

“Maybe,” which spent more time at No. 1 than any other song this year, falls to No. 3.

“Whistle” is Flo Rida’s third No. 1, following “Low,” which spent 10 weeks at No. 1 in 2008, and “Right Round,” which logged six weeks at No. 1 in 2009. So if they are any indication, “Whistle” could settle in for a long run.

Ellie Goulding’s “Lights,” which rises to No. 1 on the Airplay chart, holds at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The middle of the top 10 remains the same as last week: Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake” is No. 4, Maroon 5’s “Payphone” is No. 5 and Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” featuring Kimbra is No. 6.

David Guetta’s “Titanium” featuring Sia rises one spot to No. 7, making way for the lone new entry into the top 10: fun.’s “Some Nights,” which rises three places to No. 8. Following its former No. 1, “We Are Young,” “Some Nights” is fun.’s second Top 10 entry, making the group the first rock act to have it first two singles reach the Top 10 since Daughtry in 2007, according to Billboard.

Rounding out the Top 10, Phillip Phillips’ “Home” stays at No. 9 and Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been” falls from No. 7 to No. 10.

Outside of the Top 10, l Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” bows at No. 72 after only a few hours of eligibility on Monday. Look for it to soar into the top 10 next week. Also, “I Will Wait,” the first single from Mumford & Sons’ new album leaps onto the chart at no. 23, making it the British folk-rock group’s highest charting single. It surpasses “ The Cave,” which topped out at No. 27 last year.

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Credit: National Geographic

Exclusive: Watch a clip of a balloon fetishist in latex love from 'Taboo'

This NatGeo show explores the weirdest of the weird

Know what a looner is? It's not a kind of eclipse; it's what some people call balloon fetishists. In this clip from "Taboo: Strange Passions" (premiering Sun. Aug. 19 at 10:00 p.m. ET), viewers will be invited to step inside the world of a balloon lover as well as several other people who've made quirky lifestyle choices. This clip is suitable for work, if you're wondering -- our balloon fetishists admits romantic feelings for his inflatable love interests, but it never gets too freaky. Well, if you can get past the fact the guy loves balloons. Really, really loves them. Watch an exclusive clip below.

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<p>Woody Harrelson and Christopher Walken are just two of the 'Seven Psychopaths' in the film that arrives in theaters this October</p>

Woody Harrelson and Christopher Walken are just two of the 'Seven Psychopaths' in the film that arrives in theaters this October

Credit: CBS Films

Exclusive: Tom Waits is the one with the bunny on '7 Psychopaths' poster premiere

Martin McDonagh's new film looks like a wicked funny ride

I can't believe I leave for Toronto on September 5th.

That's just around the corner.  And if Toronto is just around the corner, the end of the year is just after that.  Which means it's almost 2013.  Which means… okay, I'm going to give myself a headache.  Let's just focus on Toronto.  Let's focus on the Midnight Madness line-up, which looks amazing this year.  Let's focus on "Seven Psychopaths."

After all, it's a new film by Martin McDonagh, whose "In Bruges" was such a delight.  He's a great playwright, exciting and brash and wicked funny, and this is the story of a down-at-the-heels LA screenwriter played by Colin Farrell who ends up involved in a bizarre heist of sorts when his best friend kidnaps the dog of a deranged gangster.  Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell are Farrell's friends in the film, and Woody Harrelson is the dangerous dog owner who is determined to get his Shih Tzu back.

The film also features Abbie Cornish and Olga Kurylenko, and that cannot be a bad thing.  Zeljko Ivanek appears to have a fairly big role in the film as well, and he's one of those "that guy!" actors who always does interesting work.

Oh… and did I mention Tom Waits is in it? He's the guy with the bunny.

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