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It’s official: 'Twin Peaks' will return as a Showtime limited series

It’s official: 'Twin Peaks' will return as a Showtime limited series

It’s official: “Twin Peaks” will return as a Showtime limited series
Creators David Lynch and Mark Frost will write and produce all nine episodes, which Lynch directing episodes in 2015 for a 2016 premiere. According to Deadline, "the new Twin Peaks will be set in the present day, more than two decades after the events in the first two seasons. It is expected to continue the lore and story of the original series, with Lynch and Frost committed to providing long-awaited answers and, hopefully, a satisfying conclusion to the series." PLUS: Watch the special "Twin Peaks" announcement.

Showtime posts “The Affair” on YouTube
You can now watch a censored version of the series premiere ahead of its TV debut.

“Jerry Springer,” “Maury,” “Steve Wilkos” renewed through 2018
All three talk shows will stick around through September 2018.

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Camp X-Ray
Credit: IFC Entertainment

Kristen Stewart's killer year continues with 'Camp X-Ray' trailer, 'Still Alice' Oscar push

We'll have to wait until 2015 for her buzzy work in 'Clouds of Sils Maria'

Which 'Twilight' alum is having the best year? Though Robert Pattinson dished out schizophrenic violence in "Rover" and a slimier charm in "Maps to the Stars" (now arriving before the end of 2014), Kirsten Stewart may come out on top, with a twofer knockout of "Camp X-Ray" and "Still Alice" arriving this awards season. Often slammed for her introverted, fragile performances, Stewart dives into both diametric roles — a loner Guantanamo Bay guard and a loving-but-terrified daughter — and between them, audiences should finally get a sense of her range. Somewhere, Taylor Lautner waits for the green light on "Abduction 2."

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<p>The Strain</p>

The Strain

Credit: FX

Season finale review: 'The Strain' - 'The Master'

A battle with the Master proves more complicated than our heroes expected

"The Strain" wrapped up its first season last night, and I have some thoughts on the season as a whole coming up just as soon as I give you a detailed history of Manhattan speakeasies...

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Bill Murray - St. Vincent

Watch Bill Murray sing Bob Dylan, the funniest scene in 'St. Vincent'

The actor likely to dominate the Best Karaoke category

Resting a movie on an actor's shoulders can be challenge for marketing wizards. The performer needs to be (or at least appear) at the top to convince audience the film is time well spent. That can often mean touting the transcendent moments — which explains why the scene from Weinstein Company's upcoming dramedy "St. Vincent" is now available for previewing.

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'Homeland' boss: 'We certainly don’t want anybody to turn off to Carrie'
Credit: Showtime

'Homeland' boss: 'We certainly don’t want anybody to turn off to Carrie'

Watch the music video for 'Better Call Saul: The Song'

“Homeland” boss: "We certainly don’t want anybody to turn off to Carrie"
Showrunner Alex Gansa says "I think we’re all nervous about” a controversial scene from the Season 4 premiere — a scene that took five days in the editing room to make just right. "What she did at the end of last year, arguably sending the man she loved to his death, is something she’s having an incredibly difficult time facing. So she’s compartmentalizing her grief; compartmentalizing her culpability.” PLUS: Gansa found the “reboot” to be “liberating,” an intelligence expert found many problems with the season premiere on many levels, that controversial scene was a terrible idea, in defense of the new Carrie, why is Quinn in the driver’s seat?, and “Homeland” fell right back into its "over-the-top habits, finding brand-new mistakes to make.”

John Oliver gets Jeff Goldblum to interrogate cash
Goldblum took part in “Last Week Tonight’s” takedown of police civil forfeiture, with Goldblum starring in “Law & Order: Civil Asset Forfeiture Unit."

Watch the music video for “Better Call Saul: The Song”
Country veteran Junior Brow sings a clever song reminiscent of “Breaking Bad’s” “Negro y Azul.”

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<p>Val of &quot;Survivor: San Juan Del Sur&quot;</p>

Val of "Survivor: San Juan Del Sur"

Credit: CBS

Interview: Val Collins talks 'Survivor: San Juan del Sur'

Latest castaway explains why Coyoga is so bad at everything

I've been too generous to Coyopa. That's been the takeaway from my first two "Survivor: San Juan Del Sur" exit interview of the season.

I've been paying too much attention to a couple very close performances in challenges and not nearly enough attention to the sheer number of challenge losses accrued by a tribe that is only a few weeks from the sort of Pagonging that could throw this season's Blood vs. Water twist out of whack.

Val Collins, the season's second booted castaway, doesn't suffer fools and, in the case of this interview, I got to be the fool in asking why things have been so tough for Coyopa when it didn't seem like it should be that bad a tribe.

"What? You don't think it looked like a bad tribe? Are you kidding me?" Val asked me, incredulous. "This couldn’t have been the worst tribe."

She makes a convincing argument and I guess I won't be surprised if Coyopa continues its losing streak.

Val, whose competitiveness will surely be missed, also makes a somewhat compelling argument for her double-Idol bluff and for why she was never able to recover from an initial stint on Exile Island.

In addition, in two seasons of Blood vs. Water exit interviews, no contestant has been as quick to say that, given the right opportunity, she would have cast a vote against her loved on, husband Jeremy.

For that reason alone, this season will miss Val.

Check out her feisty exit interview...

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<p>Claire Danes in Homeland</p>

Claire Danes in Homeland

Credit: Showtime

Season premiere review: 'Homeland' - 'The Drone Queen/Trylon and Perisphere'

The premiere premiere tries to reboot the series, but Carrie is the same hot mess as always

"Homeland" is back for a fourth season, and while I don't plan to cover the show regularly anymore, I have some thoughts on the two-hour premiere, coming up just as soon as I wage a 1-year war 14 times...

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<p>John Mulaney</p>

John Mulaney

Credit: FOX

Series premiere talkback: 'Mulaney' - 'Pilot'

What did everybody think of the new FOX comedy with John Mulaney?

I posted my review of FOX's "Mulaney" on Thursday. Now it's your turn. For those of you who tuned in tonight, what did you think? Did you like John Mulaney the actor? How did you feel about his co-stars, whether young or old? Where does Andre the weed dealer fit on this fall's continuum of obnoxious ginger bearded sidekicks? Did Martin Short's performance remind anyone else of his "Would you like to buy a monkey?" audition tape from the David Letterman Oscars? Did Elliott Gould strike you as a person who even understood why he was on the show? Did you like the choice of the person to explain that "Mulaney" was shot in front of a live studio audience? Did any of it make you laugh? And will you watch again?

Have at it.

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<p>Michael Kenneth Williams as Chalky White in Boardwalk Empire</p>

Michael Kenneth Williams as Chalky White in Boardwalk Empire

Credit: HBO

Review: 'Boardwalk Empire' - 'King of Norway'

Chalky returns to Atlantic City, while Nelson and Eli's double date goes bad

A review of tonight's "Boardwalk Empire" coming up just as soon as I protect my fur...

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<p>Andre Braugher and Kyra Sedgwick in Brooklyn Nine-Nine</p>

Andre Braugher and Kyra Sedgwick in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Credit: FOX

Review: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' - 'Chocolate Milk'

Kyra Sedgwick stops by as Holt's partner-turned-nemesis

A quick review of tonight's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" coming up just as soon as I embarrass myself in front of Derek Jeter...

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<p>Bob&#39;s Burgers</p>

Bob's Burgers

Credit: FOX

Season premiere review: 'Bob's Burgers' - 'Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl'

The middle school stages dueling musical versions of 'Die Hard' & 'Working Girl'

A quick review of tonight's "Bob's Burgers" coming up just as soon as I sing about having a head for business and a bod for sin(*)...

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Best and Worst of David FIncher's 'Gone Girl': Ben Affleck, Tyler Perry, Trent Reznor

Best and Worst of David FIncher's 'Gone Girl': Ben Affleck, Tyler Perry, Trent Reznor

Warning: Spoilers ahead

David Fincher's "Gone Girl" came from behind to win the box office this weekend over the "Conjuring" prequel "Annabelle." Critics have predominantly given it a thumbs up and individually praised the performances of Rosamund Pike, Ben Affleck and, yes, even Tyler Perry.

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