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Sleepy Hollow - S2_E3
Credit: FOX

Recap: 'Sleepy Hollow' - 'Root of all Evil' is exactly what you think it is

There's a new history buff in town, and he looks like Aquaman's hot cousin.

Last week Ichabod and Abbie raised a DIY Frankenstein’s monster, Jenny got arrested, War got his law degree and became Captain Irving’s attorney and Katrina got to hold the “idiot ball,” opting to stay a prisoner of Headless to glean information about his plot with Moloch.

So the “Root of all Evil” should obviously be good intentions gone wrong, as proved over and over by our heroes, but it probably has something to do with money. Let’s find out!


We open with the Horseman of War carving a miniature woodwork of Terrytown Psychiatric because even harbingers of the End of Days need a hobby. The tiny Terrytown replica transforms into the real deal and we join Ichabod and Abbie already inside. They’re here to see Captain Irving but Henry has thrown a wrench into their plan. It turns out that in his haste to not receive electroshock therapy, Irving didn’t read that book he signed and it had a provision in it where Henry can bar any visitor to his client…namely ones named Abigail Mills and Ichabod Crane.

Insert your own joke about lawyers being the real evil, here.

Mills and Crane just missed Henry and despite not being allowed to let them inside, the Terrytown receptionist is apparently allowed to give out the lawyer’s personal information. This includes the name of the taxi company he called to whisk him away, because riding a fiery horse away from the psych ward is less than subtle, I suppose.

Meanwhile, Jenny is being sprung from lock-up and Sheriff Reyes is hanging out to watch because the chief of police has nothing better to do than harass the youngest daughter of an old acquaintance. Reyes continues her streak of ignorantly being the most insulting person in the world by comparing Jenny to a wayward dog Reyes used to own. One that would always run out into the road and chase cars…until one day the dog didn’t come back. Because it died. Because it didn’t listen to Sheriff Reyes. Reyes twists the knife deeper by ending with “I just don’t want to see you end up like your mother.” Yes, yes. We get it, Sheriff. You’re morally righteous. Get your condescending ass out of here!

Crane and Mills have tracked Henry’s taxi ride to the bank. They’re on an impromptu stake-out, waiting for their quarry to surface when Ichabod notices something odd inside the cafe. Two men are talking, holding hands. One of them is wearing a hat. Crane asks if that’s considered acceptable these days. He’s talking about wearing hats indoors and not homosexuality because he served with Baron von Steuben and watch the finale of “Glee” and just what is Abbie implying about Ichabod’s moral compass to assume he would condemn two men in love!?

Okay, calm down Ichabod. You’re wandering into Mary Sue territory. 

Finally, Henry exits the bank but before they can stalk War to his next location, shots are fired from inside the bank. Because of course they are. Sowing dissent is kind of War’s job description y’all. What did you think he was doing in there? ANYWAY, Crane is forced to stay outside while Abbie runs in because of stupid Sheriff Reyes’s new rules and he is not happy about it.

Inside, a security guard is dead on the ground and a bank teller with a 15 year tenure is losing her mind and robbing the bank. Mills plays everything right: she reminds the teller of who she is, and tries to talk her down from shooting any more bank employees or patrons. We know the teller is not in her right mind because the of weird dark sheen crossing her face and the ancient coin clutched in her hand. But Abbie’s skills as a negotiator are cut short as no-nonsense Sheriff Reyes shoots the poor possessed bank teller in the chest, killing her instantly. God, the “normals” are a worse menace to our heroes than the combined forces of hell.

Outside, Ichabod is pacing behind the police line like a good worried partner. As Abbie walks over to fill him in, I am once again struck by just how short she is! The height differential is freakin’ adorable. Abbie swears that the bank teller was the sweetest lady in the world and would never have gone on a murder spree. It must be War’s doing it. But how? As they wonder, a dirty hipster wanders off with the ancient coin in his hand and murder in his eyes.

Sometime later, we rejoin our heroes at the Exposition Library. Crane is complaining about skulking around the Sleepy Hollow underground to avoid Sheriff Killjoy, but his rant is cut short when the bank’s security footage reveals the teller stealing one of Henry’s deposited coins. The thievery sparks a memory in Ichabod from back when he was on a secret mission from General Washington…

…and can I just interject here that there is no reason other than bragging for Crane to still be starting EVERY SINGLE STORY with “Back when I did this secret mission for GENERAL WASHINGTON.”?? Dude, we get it. You were BFFs with the Founding Fathers. Just chill.

During a mission, Crane was helping retrieve a special shipment of coins from counterfeiters before they could melt them down. Special coins that look super ancient. Unless my eyes deceive me, those are  Roman coins stamped with the profile of Caesar. Of course the coins were evil, and the commanding officer who touched one later went on to betray the fledging nation. That man’s name? Benedict Arnold.

Oh, come on! Is there any super-important event Crane only heard about later on, instead of playing a starring role in?

Crane muses on the allegory of a coin sent to morally bankrupt the owner and we cut to the hipster who is totally building a bomb. This will not end well. 

Time to catch up with the world’s worst double agent. Katrina is “spying” on Headless and Henry again. By just casually standing around and listening to them talk in the other room. Either these guys want her to overhear their conversation or it’s just a carriage house full of ineptitude. Katrina has been getting to Headless, feeding him thoughts to question why War gets to be in charge and he, poor Horseman of Death, has to stay hidden. War is having none of it and finally tell his mom to butt right the hell out and stop messing with a simpleton who doesn’t even have a head to defend himself against her womanly wiles.

But wait just a damn minute, where did Katrina get this wardrobe change? I mean, if she’d put on some skinny jeans or a maxi skirt that’d be one thing but where does one get period-appropriate clothing for an out-of-time 18th century aristocratic woman? Not that she doesn’t look fetching, but what?

We’ll have to file the Mystery of the Blue Dress away for another day though, because Jenny has returned. Abbie was able to get her community service instead of jail time, but before she runs off to scrub graffiti from walls, Jenny casually mentions she knows a guy who might know something about the coins. After all, Jenny was part of the supernatural community for years while Abbie suppressed her memories.

Jenny also casually breaks into the police records using Abbie’s login, because she suspects Sheriff Reyes might not be the upstanding officer of the law she appears to be. And there is something weird. Reyes was the one who had Jenny and Abbie’s mom put away in Terrytown. Her testimony led to the Mills’ girls being put into foster care and orphaned after their mom committed suicide. Jenny is outraged. Abbie tries to hedge that Reyes was just doing her job and to be fair, their mom was out of her damn mind. Jenny freaks out on Abbie and leaves in an understandable rage.

With no other leads, Crane and Mills head down to the river to talk to Mr. Hawley. Because that’s where he hangs out…because he is Aquaman. More specifically, he is clearly Southern Gentleman Aquaman (SGA). Oh Lord have mercy, please let this disreputable dealer in supernatural antiquities be a new cast regular!

Ichabod is immediately suspicious. This man is obviously a pirate and not to be trusted and CLEARLY there is only room for one man with a sexy accent in Abbie’s life. Abbie disagrees.

After some prodding, SGA reveals that coin was probably a Tyrian shekel. Specifically, one of the 30 pieces of silver Judas accepted to betray Jesus. While Mr. Hawley doesn’t believe in all this supernatural hocus-pocus, he knows that people that do believe in such things pay handsomely for such things and he is totally down to help relieve them of their burden. Crane is outrage. Abbie is amused.

Suddenly, the flower shop explodes. Guess that hipster really hated his boss. Back at the Frederick estate, War puts the finishing touches on his miniature replica of Sleepy Hollow and smiles. Any minute now, Quasimodo is going to show up and burst into a rendition of “Out There.”

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William Shatner says 'I'm Back!': Is that for 'Star Trek 3'?
Credit: Paramount Pictures

William Shatner says 'I'm Back!': Is that for 'Star Trek 3'?

It makes sense, but does that mean it's happening?

It makes sense.

After all, the device that JJ Abrams used to bridge the original "Star Trek" series of films and television shows to his 2009 reboot was an appearance by Leonard Nimoy as an older Spock, adrift in time and able to catch a little face-to-face with both Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.

Why wouldn't Paramount eventually make a move to try to get William Shatner to take advantage of some other temporal paradox and make an appearance with Chris Pine, passing the torch from Kirk to Kirk or, even better, maybe even taking a poke at the younger version of himself?

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Trent Reznor wanted his 'Gone Girl' score to sound artificially insincere

Trent Reznor wanted his 'Gone Girl' score to sound artificially insincere

Plus: Oscar winner humbly recounts his history with Fincher

NEW YORK — Trent Reznor might still be slightly uncomfortable with this whole movie composer thing. Even after earning an Academy Award and a Grammy Award with Atticus Ross for their "Social Network" and "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" scores, respectively, it's clear this was not a career path he imagined transitioning into. The 49-year-old musician best known as the face of the industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails has David Fincher to thank for this unexpected bounty and now Reznor and Ross have re-teamed with the iconic director for his latest critically acclaimed thriller, "Gone Girl."

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Teresa Giudice: I didn’t understand I would go to prison under a plea deal
Credit: Bravo

Teresa Giudice: I didn’t understand I would go to prison under a plea deal

TNT orders '1906,' based on the Great San Francisco Earthquake

Teresa Giudice: I didn’t understand I would go to prison under a plea deal
"I didn't fully understand it,” she said in her “Watch What Happens Live” interview, adding that her lawyer didn’t tell her what a plea deal would entail. She also described to Andy Cohen her sentencing: "My nerves were pulling. At one point, I couldn't even move my fingers. They were like stuck. I couldn't open my hands… see they're a little shaky. My nerves were shot. I've had sleepless nights.” PLUS: Bravo reportedly offering Bethenny Frankel $1M to return to “Real Housewives."

TNT orders “1906,” an event series based on the Great San Francisco Earthquake
The four-hour event series is described as “an account of San Francisco before during and after the 1906 Earthquake and fires and the incredible graft and corruption that it exposed. Mother nature caused the earthquake, but human nature caused the disaster."

“Twin Peaks” on Showtime: More David Lynch will be a TV treat
“Sure,” says Jeff Jensen, "I would prefer a wholly original series or film—but I will take him in any form, be it home movie experiment or franchise revival. This is a filmmaker utterly inspired in his choices (staging, framing, lighting, sound, editing) and committed to finding the most unique and resonant form a scene or narrative can take, a filmmaker whose work is so wonderfully, weirdly, idiosyncratically, defiantly, infuriatingly personal. And watching him do all that while working within the confines of the episodic TV—within the confines of an established storytelling world—is quite appealing to me. Not to mention that Lynch’s work is often helped, rather than hindered, by colliding and clashing with format, genre, and a medium’s conventions.” PLUS: 14 burning questions that must be addressed, 5 other times “Twin Peaks” was brought back, can Lynch stay weird?, and how “Twin Peaks” helped carve out today’s prestige-TV landscape.

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NBC orders 'Say Anything…,' a TV rom-com follow-up to the movie
Credit: 20th Century Fox

NBC orders 'Say Anything…,' a TV rom-com follow-up to the movie

NBC orders 'Say Anything…,' a TV rom-com follow-up to the movie
The 1989 Cameron Crowe Gen X film will be remade as a “follow-up series” for Generation Y. According to Deadline, "The 'Say Anything' series picks up ten years later. Lloyd (Dobler) has long since been dumped by Diane (Court) and life hasn’t exactly turned out like he thought. But when Diane surprisingly returns home, Lloyd is inspired to 'dare to be great' once again, get Diane back and reboot his life."

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<p>Joseph Morgan of &quot;The Originals&quot;</p>

Joseph Morgan of "The Originals"

Credit: The CW

9 Thoughts on The CW's 'The Originals' Season 2 Premiere

Thoughts on Esther's plan, Phoebe Tonkin's accent, Rebekah and more

In retrospect, it wasn't all that shocking that it took less than a season for "The Originals" to usurp "The Vampire Diaries."

"The Originals" wasn't just a spinoff that took one character away from "The Vampire Diaries." For the better part of two season, Joseph Morgan was a menacing force on "TVD," while Daniel Gillies and Claire Holt supplied both charm and threat. [I'm not going to try pretending that Phoebe Tonkin's Hayley was any particular key cog in the "Vampire Diaries" machine, but y'all know I like Phoebe Tonkin.]

Stripped of Morgan, Gillies, Holt and Tonkin, "Vampire Diaries" was left with a fundamental adversarial weakness in its fifth season and the show compensated by doubling and tripling down on doppelgängers and by trying to make viewers care about Travelers, who were scary enough to make you clutch your passport if they sat next to you on a Eurail journey, but nothing more. In only a season, "Vampire Diaries" went from a show that constantly made fans say "Whoa" to a show that mostly left me saying, "Huh?"

In contrast, "The Originals" went through the sort of early series growing pains that every new show goes through -- Denizens of Mystic Falls were compelled to forget Stefan's time as a football stud -- in short order. There was a clarity of purpose that was admirable and understandable. See, vampires and werewolves and witches all wanted a piece of New Orleans' French Quarter. And who could blame them? Oysters! Po Boys! Gumbo! Jazz! Even if I couldn't always understand the in-fighting within the factions, I knew that vampires, werewolves and witches don't get along under normal circumstances and as those factions battled and a seemingly human faction interceded as well, that made for a clear narrative thrust. 

Did I still have problems with "The Originals"? Certainly. 

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<p><span class="st">Camren Bicondova as </span>Selina Kyle in Gotham</p>

Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle in Gotham

Credit: FOX

Review: 'Gotham' - 'The Balloonman'

Gotham City gets its first vigilante in a busy, darkly comic episode

A review of tonight's "Gotham" coming up just as soon as I'm hoisted by my own petard...

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Kyle MacLachlan hints he’ll return to 'Twin Peaks'
Credit: ABC

Kyle MacLachlan hints he’ll return to 'Twin Peaks'

Bravo denies paying $325,000 to interview the Giudices

Kyle MacLachlan hints he’ll return to “Twin Peaks”
MacLachlan tweeted this afternoon: "Better fire up that percolator and find my black suit :-) #Twinpeaks” PLUS: Mark Frost wanted to revisit the series after remembering that Laura Palmer said, “I’ll see you again in 25 years.”

Bravo denies paying $325,000 to interview the Giudices
According to TMZ, tonight’s “Watch What Happens Live” interview is the result of Bravo offering to pay $275,000 to Teresa and $50,000 for Joe. But the cable network says the report isn’t accurate.

Jennifer Lopez’s NBC detective pilot will be directed by Barry Levinson
The Oscar-winning director will helm “Shades of Blue,” the Ryan Seacrest-produced drama pilot that has J.Lo playing a single mom who is recruited to work undercover for the FBI’s anti-corruption task force.

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<p>Jennifer Lopez</p>

Jennifer Lopez

Credit: Jordan Strauss/AP

Jennifer Lopez's NBC drama 'Shades of Blue' still exists, will be directed by Barry Levinson

'Homicide' vet has an Oscar and four Emmys

NBC announced the Jennifer Lopez drama "Shades of Blue" back in February, revealing that the police procedural had received a 13-episode direct-to-series order for the 2015-16 season. That was an impressive piece of longterm planning from the network, which was months from ending the 2013-14 season and only in the early phases of plotting its schedule for the 2014-15 season.

Given the foresight of the announcement, it's not surprising that nobody has really said much about "Shades of Blue" for the past eight months, which made it a pleasant surprise to get Monday's (October 6) release saying that not only does NBC remember that "Shades of Blue" exists, but a director has been hired, an Oscar and Emmy winner at that.

Per NBC, Barry Levinson will direct the "Shades of Blue" pilot and will serve as executive producer. Levinson will also "be hands-on and participate in the development process," which is a good thing is you're working on a police drama and you secure the attentions of one of the men behind "Homicide: Life on the Street."

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Marvel's secret plan for their movie universe seems to be driving Hollywood crazy
Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel's secret plan for their movie universe seems to be driving Hollywood crazy

Everyone's aping the moves, but not taking away the right lessons

Everyone else is just playing Marvel's game at this point.

I have no doubt some of the DC/Warner movies will be good, and some will likely be bad, and there will be people who prefer them because there is a strong chance they are going to be radically different in tone than anything Marvel's making, and fandom will continue to rage and debate even as Fox struggles to manage their own unconnected corner of the Marvel Universe. But make no mistake… Marvel is driving the entire conversation right now. Everyone else is reacting to them, or being forced to try to emulate them, or making a conscious decision not to react to them, which is still a reaction, and through it all, Marvel is making the choices they're making based on a long-range story-driven game plan that takes business considerations into account but that also seems designed to ever keep anyone from being in the position of being able to ruin their plans over money.

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<p>Katia Winter of &quot;Sleepy Hollow&quot;</p>

Katia Winter of "Sleepy Hollow"

Credit: FOX

Interview: 'Sleepy Hollow' co-star Katia Winter on getting to know Katrina in Season 2

FOX star also discusses the challenges of Deep South production

WILMINGTON, NC. It's nearly half-way through production on the second season of FOX's "Sleepy Hollow" and Katia Winter is getting to scratch an itch.

Let's pretend that I'm being metaphorical and talking about the expanded opportunities for Winter's Katrina, who spent the first "Sleepy Hollow" as more of a recurring plot device than a recurring character. She'd show up in expositional flashbacks or she'd pop up to help cut a narrative corner through witchcraft, but it was hard to get a feeling for Katrina as a person, much less for Katrina and Ichabod as a couple.

Perhaps that's why a large segment of the "Sleepy Hollow" fandom was able to ignore that when they shipped IchAbbie, one of the principals was a man who was, at least ostensibly, happily married. 

Through the two episodes that have aired, we've already gotten more of Katrina as a human character than we got all of last season and the contemporary scene with Katrina and Ichabod last week was new for the show.

So let's say I'm being metaphorical.

I'm not. 

No, it's a steamy day in late August in North Carolina and the itch that Winter is scratching is very literal. She was out shooting in the woods the night before and, as seems to happen simply as a matter of course in such circumstances, she was eaten alive by unidentified insects. So as we sit talking about Katrina's expanded Season 2 role, Winter is going through a cycle of scratching and apologizing.

As you might guess, skin irritations aside, Winter is happy to find herself with a regular TV role this season, as well as a character she can sink her teeth into, like a chigger sinking its teeth into a Swedish actress in the forest. In our conversation, she discusses the tensions between Katrina and Ichabod, as well as Katrina's feelings for her Moloch-affiliated son.

And we talked about the bugs and humidity. It was hard not to...

Click through for the full Q&A... And catch a new "Sleepy Hollow" tonight at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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'SNL' accused of ripping off its Tina Turner sketch
Credit: NBC

'SNL' accused of ripping off its Tina Turner sketch

Sarah Wayne Callies will play Josh Holloway’s wife on USA's 'Colony'

“SNL” accused of ripping off its Tina Turner sketch
A teacher for the L.A.-based comedy troupe that boasts so many “Saturday Night Live” alums and two of its members claim the Tina Turner tribute band sketch featured this past weekend was a direct ripoff. And to prove it, they’ve uploaded their video to YouTube. Meanwhile, an “SNL” source tells The Wrap that the sketch wasn’t ripped off: “It's a common idea, Tina Turner is such an iconic figure. The similarities represent parallel thinking, it's an example of great minds thinking alike.”

Don’t be pessimistic about “Twin Peaks” returning!
The knee-jerk reaction to today’s news is to point out how terrible “Twin Peaks” became. But as James Poniewozik says, it’s okay to be excited: "I have no idea, of course, what the new Twin Peaks will be like. It will be good, or it will be bad. But I beg you: let yourself get excited. Be happy about a thing without needing to coat it in prophylactic pessimism. Don’t give in to the defensive reflex to pre-disappoint yourself. Don’t be afraid of seeming like a sucker.” PLUS: It won't be the same unless Kyle MacLachlan returns.

Sarah Wayne Callies will play Josh Holloway’s wife on USA's “Colony”
The “Prison Break” and “The Walking Dead” alum is joining the sci-fi drama from “Lost’s” Carlton Cuse.

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