Q: Have you shot 'Madame Bovary' yet? 

No, not quite yet, but soon.  I think Summer-Fall is what we're looking at now.

Q: Do you have anything else in the works in the interim?

Yeah.  It looks like there will be a project or two between where I am right now and 'Madame Bovary.'  But I can’t say 'cause it’s not like a final thing yet.  It does look like there will be another project perhaps.

Q: Didn’t you grow your hair out for that role, though?

No, I just let my hair grow.  And then if someone wants to cut it for a role, it'll be the most amount of raw material possible, you know.  And I like having long hair.  I like growing out my hair.  And eventually when 'Madame Bovary' finally does happen, I will have the proper amount of hair.  I might actually have a surplus, but I will not be wearing an itchy wig, I know that for sure.

Q: How long is it right now?

Yeah.  It’s definitely - it’s touching my back.  It’s maybe below my collarbones.  It’s definitely its past shoulder length.  We’re into the new frontier.

Q: That’s a lot of work, man.

Now it’s to descend down the back.  It’s the longest my hairs ever been.  It’s very exciting.

Q: I just want to really just go back to 'Perks' for one more second.  Did you land the role from the fact that Stephen had seen you in 'Kevin' or in something else, or had he been sort of giving a hint about you from a casting director? 

No.  It was two auditions.  I went in with the herds with all the others actors.  People auditioned I think in both New York and L.A. and I went on tape and then I did a Skype session actually with the director and the producers, which is always a little nerve-wracking, because auditions are scary enough without the awkwardness of the 20-second delay.  But miraculously it worked out and I got the part.  I don’t think Steve has even seen 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' still.  When he hired me, he asked about it and [I said] 'Oh, don’t watch that movie you’ll be so weirdly distracting.' You know what I mean, that you don’t have to watch the movie right now.  And I don’t know if he’d seen it at all.

Q: He never had you audition with Logan or Emma at all?

Yeah, which is maybe the most like miraculous and incredible thing that happened with the making of this movie is that we did no chemistry testing and somehow ended up all feeling like we had the relationships of our characters.  It ended up in this situation of binding endless friendship that persists to this day.  It's a case of absolute serendipity and synchronicity.  It just occurred that way.  And that definitely was a lucky turn for us.

Q: One last question. I've read you studied Opera when you were younger to partially help with a stuttering problem, but curious when did you decide that you actually wanted to be an actor?  And while you’re only 20 do you see yourself wanting to act in ten years?  Or is this just something you’re enjoying now?

I see my life in playing characters in some way or another.  I like that action of embodying characters.  So, however that goes down I’m ready for it and excited for it.  And I’d also love to keep playing music as long as I have hands and a voice.  Or even just one of those three things.  Even one hand or even just like half a voice.  I'd like to play characters and play music.  That would be wonderful if I could do that and yeah, you know, occasionally like eat food or sleep.  Then if those things can happen, yeah, I'm an incredibly grateful, happy camper.

Q: Well, I hope that they sell a lot of DVDs so that you get a nice check so you can have a place to eat and sleep.

You’re right.  That would be great; we’re on the same team then.

"The Perks of Being a Wallflower" is now available on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download.

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