<p>Leonardo DiCaprio in &quot;Wolf of Wall Street.&quot;</p>

Leonardo DiCaprio in "Wolf of Wall Street."

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Contender Countdown: A December to remember for Oscar's Best Picture race?

Only seven weeks until dreams are shattered

We've reached a critical phase of the season, Oscar watchers. We're not talking about the shortened shopping season or families reuniting across the country for the holidays. No, Hollywood is heading into the high season.  A time when we stop talking about who's going to get a nomination and who's going to actually win.

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<p>Oscar Isaac and Justin Timberlake singing &quot;Please Mr. Kennedy&quot;&nbsp;in the Coen Bros' &quot;Inside Llewyn Davis.&quot;</p>

Oscar Isaac and Justin Timberlake singing "Please Mr. Kennedy" in the Coen Bros' "Inside Llewyn Davis."

Credit: CBS Films

Justin Timberlake and Adam Driver sing 'Please Mr. Kennedy' for 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

Oh, and Oscar Isaac too

It's hard to believe that the Coen Bros.' "Inside Llewyn Davis" debuted at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival over six months ago. Now, after numerous festival screenings and events, its theatrical release is finally around the corner. Sure, it won't be anywhere near nationwide yet, but Coens fans will take it.

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<p>Julianne Moore in Legendary Pictures' &quot;Seventh Son&quot; which Universal will now release in 2015.</p>

Julianne Moore in Legendary Pictures' "Seventh Son" which Universal will now release in 2015.

Credit: Legendary Pictures

Universal moves 'Warcraft' to 2016 as 'Seventh Son' goes on the shelf

Don't pay attention to these dates, really

Any publicity expert will tell you that if you need to announce bad news, the best day to do it is when no one is paying attention.  That's often why Hollywood studios and networks time cancellations, firings, er, "transitions" and negative news late Friday afternoon or evening Los Angeles time. East Coast media and investors are out partying the night away and their West Coast equivalents are likely on their way out of the office. It's no surprise then, that Universal Pictures revealed some big release date changes on the Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving when most people are traveling home for the holiday weekend.


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Best and Worst of 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire'

Best and Worst of 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire'

It's great, but not let's get crazy here

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" torched the box office last weekend and has already grossed over $186 million. That was pretty much expected based on the franchise's fan base and the strength of the first film in the franchise, 2012's "The Hunger Games."  What had to be a happy surprise to Lionsgate and director Francis Lawrence were some of the glowing reviews the film has received.  Some pundits even throwing out that "Catching Fire" is so good it's the best sequel since "Empire Strikes Back."  OK, the HitFix team thinks it's a really good flick, but let's not get crazy here people.  "Catching Fire" isn't destined to make most critic's best of year lists.  Obviously, "Catching Fire" isn't aiming for Oscars (or maybe it is?), but as pure old-fashioned cinematic entertainment it features more than enough obvious highlights and lowlights to wax on. And, yes, we can't wait for "Mockingjay, Pt. 1" either.

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<p>Margo Martindale during a dramatic moment in the first season of FX's &quot;The Americans.&quot;</p>

Margo Martindale during a dramatic moment in the first season of FX's "The Americans."

Credit: FX

Margo Martindale is the latest victim of my obsession with 'The Americans'

Could she be back for more than one episode?

Poor Margo Martindale.  On a brisk Sunday morning in New York, the Emmy Award winner was paired with Oscar winner Chris Cooper to discuss  their impressive performances in John Wells' big screen adaptation of Tracy Letts' acclaimed stage play "August: Osage County."  Both actors have outside chances at best supporting Oscar nominations and, of course, what do I want to talk about?  All I want to do is ask Martindale questions about a television show she isn't "officially" a regular guest star on anymore, "The Americans."  

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<p>Jane Fonda at the 2013 Outfest Legacy Awards.</p>

Jane Fonda at the 2013 Outfest Legacy Awards.

Credit: HitFix

Jane Fonda steals the show from Lee Daniels at Outfest Legacy Awards

Plus: Did Raven-Symoné make her first 'out' appearance?

LOS ANGELES — If you've ever met Lee Daniels or seen an interview with him, you'd quickly ascertain that the director of "Precious" and "The Butler" is his own force of nature. He has a charisma and passion that has helped fuel his success as a filmmaker. So, to be fair, only a true diva could upstage him and especially on a night he's receiving a prestigious lifetime achievement award.

Enter Jane Fonda.

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Winners and Losers: Where are the 'Twilight' saga cast one year later?

Winners and Losers: Where are the 'Twilight' saga cast one year later?

You might be surprised who is in the winners list

It's been a little over a year since the "Twilight" saga said goodbye with the final chapter, "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Pt. 2."  In the 12 months since Hollywood just hasn't been the same.  Studios have tried to recreate the screaming tween magic with numerous faux franchises such as "The Host" and "Mortal Instruments," but moviegoers just won't have it.  Sure, there's "Hunger Games" and potential future players like "Divergent" and "The Maze Runner," but where is our pop culture phenomenon to fill the "Twilight" void?  

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<p>Elizabeth Banks, Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson pose at the Los Angeles premiere of &quot;Catching Fire.&quot;</p>

Elizabeth Banks, Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson pose at the Los Angeles premiere of "Catching Fire."

Credit: AP Photo/Jordan Strauss

Jennifer Lawrence stuns as 'Catching Fire' premiere takes over downtown LA

Lionsgate throws a big party for their new blockbuster

LOS ANGELES - Can you imagine how hard it is to keep topping yourself on the red carpet when you're literally "the girl on fire"?  Somehow Jennifer Lawrence managed to do it again as jaws dropped when she appeared in a gorgeous see-thru swimsuit-esque dress at the Los Angeles premiere of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" Monday night.

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<p>Russell Tovey, Frankie J. Alvarez and Jonathan Groff on the set of HBO's &quot;Looking.&quot;</p>

Russell Tovey, Frankie J. Alvarez and Jonathan Groff on the set of HBO's "Looking."

Credit: Instagram.com/HBOLooking

Is HBO's 'Looking' the great gay TV series some of us have been waiting for?

Trying not to get too hyped about the new series

When it comes to "gay" TV shows, I tend to keep my expectations low. Lord knows there are more than enough gay men and women working in Hollywood today ( just behind the camera, of course) so you'd think we'd have a long line of quality shows to look back upon. Sadly, that hasn't been the case. There have been lots of well written and wonderfully conceived gay characters, but specific TV shows?  Not so much.

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<p>Adam Driver</p>

Adam Driver

Adam Driver says 'there's no truth' to rumor he's Nightwing in 'Batman vs. Superman'

'GIRLS' star is telling the truth or...

We all know how good Adam Driver is as an actor based on his work in the acclaimed HBO TV series "GIRLS" and films such as "Frances Ha," but is he telling the truth about his rumored involvement in the upcoming "Batman vs. Superman"?

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