<p>Jason Schwartzman and Wes Anderson in 2007.&nbsp; The longtime collaborators will reunite once more in &quot;Moonrise Kingdom.&quot;</p>

Jason Schwartzman and Wes Anderson in 2007.  The longtime collaborators will reunite once more in "Moonrise Kingdom."

Credit: AP Photo/Evan Agostini

Oscar Watch: Wes Anderson's 'Moonrise Kingdom' finds its Focus

Plus: Which prestigious film school received zero Student Academy Award nominations this year?

Considering the critical acclaim and cult following among cinefiles Wes Anderson has received over the past 13 years, it's surprising how little love Oscar has thrown his way.  Anderson only has two nominations to his credit so far: the first for co-writing "The Royal Tenenbaums" with Owen Wilson and, second, as director of best animated feature nominee "The Fantastic Mr. Fox."  You could argue that Anderson likely doesn't play the awards season game, but his producers and actors certainly have.  Now, after releasing his last two films through Fox Searchlight (a mini-major that knows something about Oscar), Anderson is taking his new live action project, "Moonrise Kingdom," to Focus Features (another mini-major that knows something about Oscar).

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<p>Romeo of 'Dancing with the Stars'</p>

Romeo of 'Dancing with the Stars'

Credit: ABC

Recap: 'Dancing with the Stars' Performances - The Top 6

With expert coaching, some celebs bring their A game – and some flop
We’re down to the final six, and as Tom Bergeron helpfully points out, one bad dance could get any one of our dancing stars kicked out of the competition. Or not really, since this is a popularity contest and talent is almost beside the point. Come on, it’s the only thing that explains Kendra coming back week after week. The judges might as well go for a sandwich during her performances. On the bright side, Kendra can take some comfort in knowing that, even after giving up the Playboy lifestyle, those implants are still paying off.
[Full recap of Monday's (May 2) "Dancing with the Stars" after the break...]
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<p>The good old days when random TV&nbsp;broadcast reporters announced the Golden Globes.</p>

The good old days when random TV broadcast reporters announced the Golden Globes.

Golden Globes have a 2012 date but will they air on NBC?

Anybody excited about a press conference again?

After taking a deep sign of relief that the Academy has decided to keep the Oscars in February next year as opposed to crashing their traditional January date, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced key dates for the 69th Golden Globe Awards. 

Truthfully, there are only three dates that really matter for the Globes:

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<p>The Academy Awards will return Feb. 26, 2012.</p>

The Academy Awards will return Feb. 26, 2012.

Credit: AP Photo

84th Academy Awards stay conservative with 2012 schedule

It's same old same old for Oscar's key events

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the key dates for the 84th Annual Academy Awards. 

Continuing scuttlebutt aside about moving up the calendar of events, there will be no dramatic change in the overall schedule. As expected, this year's Oscars will take place on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012.  Continuing scuttlebutt aside about moving up the calendar of events, there will be no dramatic change in the overall schedule.  Nomination ballots will be due the Friday before the Golden Globes air.  Nominations will be announced during the fourth week of January and in the middle of the Sundance Film Festival once again (silly across the board). 

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John Krasinski and Ginnifer Goodwin create a spark in 'Something Borrowed'

John Krasinski and Ginnifer Goodwin create a spark in 'Something Borrowed'

'The Office' and 'Big Love' meet in a May romantic comedy


In all honesty, John Krasinski and Ginnifer Goodwin were not on my list of favorite actors recently.  That might be hard for fans of "The Office" or "Big Love" to believe, but neither actor has shown much life on the less forgiving big screen. Well, that is up until now.

Goodwin, for example, was fine as Margene on "Big Love," but she was annoyingly whiny in "He's Just Not That Into You" (I believe the term was "nails on a chalkboard").  Krasinski, on the other hand, was a refreshing surprise in his breakout role on "The Office," but his work in "License to Wed" was painful and he's hardly the most memorable part of "Away We Go" (assuming you're a cult fan of the dramedy which this writer is not).  He showed some charm in George Clooney's underrated "Leatherheads," but was it because he surprisingly just fits in period movies? (See Renee Zellwegger's career, surprise, also in "Leatherheads").  So, imagine my surprise when the most appealing aspect of the new Warner Bros. romantic comedy "Something Borrowed" are the winning performances from both Goodwin and Krasinski.

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<p>Billie Joe Armstrong makes his Broadway debut in &quot;American Idiot&quot;&nbsp;last September.</p>

Billie Joe Armstrong makes his Broadway debut in "American Idiot" last September.

Musical chairs finds 'American Idiot' heading to the big screen

Will Billie Joe Armstrong make his movie debut?

The movie musical has been in a strange rut since the success of "Mamma Mia" in the summer of 2008.   After "Nine" proved even a cavalcade of Oscar-winning stars can lead to a box office disaster the following year, Hollywood has been wary about miscalculating on audience's appetite for singing on screen.  "Princess and the Frog" and "Tangled" proved it can still work in animated form, but "Burlesque" was an expensive fiasco that didn't help producers trying to revive the relatively recent "glory days" of "Chicago," "Moulin Rouge," "Dreamgirls" and "Hairspray."  Happily, the genre appears to still has some life left in it.

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<p>Eric Bana discusses his work in Joe Wright's new thriller &quot;Hanna.&quot;</p>

Eric Bana discusses his work in Joe Wright's new thriller "Hanna."

Watch: Eric Bana on fighting Saoirse Ronan in the must-see 'Hanna'

Plus: Shooting one take scenes with Joe Wright

I'm rather annoyed at the moment. No, it's not just because Pia Toscano was voted off "American Idol" -- although considering she was the only remaining contestant with any real starpower it's insane, but don't mind me I'm just a "movie" person.  The real reason I'm a bit perturbed is because of the critical reaction to Joe Wright's new thriller "Hanna."  It's just not good enough.

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<p>Joseph Kosinski talks about &quot;Tron:&nbsp;Legacy&quot;&nbsp;one more time.</p>

Joseph Kosinski talks about "Tron: Legacy" one more time.

Joseph Kosinski says work has begun on a story for another 'Tron' sequel

'Legacy' director says he'd love to return

You have to have some amount of sympathy for Joseph Kosinski.  His feature film debut was over three years in the making and hyped by extraordinary expectations thanks to some startling imagery from a demo reel sneaked at Comic-Con in 2008.  When "Legacy" was finally released in Dec. 2010, the critics let out their annoyance with the hype by being harsher than necessary and hardly giving Kosinski any credit for the stunning world he'd created.  Audiences, however, embraced the 3-D wonder enough to gross almost $400 million worldwide.  In the media's eyes, however, you would have thought "Legacy" was a huge financial disappointment.  

"Legacy" reportedly cost $170 million and grossed $398 million across the globe.  2009's "Star Trek" cost $150 million -- according to Paramount -- and made just $385 million.  Both films had extraordinary marketing budgets, but somehow "Trek" is seen as a blockbuster and franchise game changer while a sequel for "Legacy" is still up in the air.  And even if both films cost much more than reported (as most believe) the perception is pretty strange, no?

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<p>Lilly Collins talks about her role in the new tent pole &quot;Priest&quot;&nbsp;and landing the iconic role of Snow White in &quot;Brother's Grimm Snow White.&quot;</p>

Lilly Collins talks about her role in the new tent pole "Priest" and landing the iconic role of Snow White in "Brother's Grimm Snow White."

New 'Snow White' Lilly Collins hasn't met her Prince Charming yet

Watch: 'Priest' star discusses how quickly she landed the iconic role

SAN FRANCISCO - As the daughter of rock legend Phil Collins, Lilly Collins has no doubt seen the ups and downs of the entertainment business.  Happily, she's seen a lot more ups lately.  Collins first film, "The Blind Side," was a worldwide blockbuster and she's following that one up with Sony Pictures' May tentpole "Priest."  She'll return to screens this fall in Taylor Lautner's highly anticipated thriller "Abduction."  This week, Collins found herself being cast in the intriguing "Brother's Grimm Snow White" as none other than the Snow White herself.  Not bad for two years in the movie business.

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<p>Cam Gigandet talks &quot;Priest&quot; at WonderCon 2011</p>

Cam Gigandet talks "Priest" at WonderCon 2011

Watch: Cam Gigandent can't escape from vampires with 'Priest'

Bloodsuckers continue to hound the 'Burlesque' and 'Easy A' star

Screen Gems really likes Cam Gigandent.  In fact, they like him so much they cast him in four, count 'em, four of their movies over the past two years. 

The first one was the critical and box office hit comedy "Easy A" where the 28-year-old actor got to show some of his comedy skills (thankfully the script did the rest).  The second was the unintentional musical comedy "Burlesque" where either Gigandent gave one of the more charismatic turns of his career or Christina Aguilera was just really that bad.  Third, but certainly not least, was the b-movie thriller "The Roommate" which this pundit is happy to say he avoided the urge to see (let's hope it's on that next cross country flight).  Now, Gigandent, like a military obligation, is fulfilling his contract with Gems in the new tentpole "Priest."  And you'd expect with any former "Twilight" cast member, he's out promoting the new flick in full force.  This week? San Francisco's WonderCon.

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