<p>Adam Scott and Jennifer Westfeldt in the latter's directorial debut, &quot;Friends with Kids.&quot;</p>

Adam Scott and Jennifer Westfeldt in the latter's directorial debut, "Friends with Kids."


Review: Adam Scott and Maya Rudolph shine in very funny 'Friends with Kids'

Jennifer Westfeldt's dramedy has some big and cutting laughs

TORONTO - One of the more anticipated potential acquisition titles at the Toronto International Film Festival this year is Jennifer Westfeldt's directorial debut, "Friends with Kids." And, it's not hard to figure out why.  Especially when you've recruited an ensemble cast that includes Jon Hamm (also a producer), Megan Fox, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Adam Scott.  Happily for distributors and moviegoers, "Friends" delivers the goods and should spark a bidding war before heading to a theater near you.

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<p>&quot;Sarah Palin - You Betcha!&quot;&nbsp;co-director Nick Broomfield and a larger than life image of his subject Sarah Palin.</p>

"Sarah Palin - You Betcha!" co-director Nick Broomfield and a larger than life image of his subject Sarah Palin.


Review: Nobody in Wasilla wants to talk about 'Sarah Palin'

'You Betcha!' just isn't a good documentary

TORONTO - No one over the past three years has been a more polarizing figure in American politics than Sarah Palin.  The former Vice Presidential candidate and Alaska Governor has transformed herself from a self-proclaimed "Hockey Mom" to a major media and political figure while alienating most of the country in the process.  There have been many investigative and in-depth pieces on Palin during that time, but that didn't stop British filmmaker Nick Broomfield ("Kurt and Courtney") and his partner Joan Churchill ("Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer")  from trying to find out the "truth" about the "real" Sarah Palin in their new documentary "Sarah Palin - You Betcha!"

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<p>Michael Fassbender of &quot;Shame&quot;&nbsp;</p>
<div id="myEventWatcherDiv" style="display:none;">&nbsp;</div>

Michael Fassbender of "Shame" 

Fox Searchlight snags Steve McQueen's 'Shame' for Oscar run

Telluride favorite could get attention for Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan
Fox Searchlight has made one of the big acquisitions of the Fall 2011 festival circuit, snagging domestic distribution for Steve McQueen's provocative drama "Shame."
"Shame" had its US premiere at the Telluride Film Festival, drawing raves from critics including this blog's regular Oscar pundit Gregory Ellwood, who speculated that star Michael Fassbender, plus co-star Carey Mulligan, could be Oscar contenders with the proper handling.
In the press release announcing the pick-up, Fox Searchlight mentions specific plans for a 2011 release, putting Fassbender and Mulligan in early Oscar discussion.
"Steve McQueen’s courageous exploration of modern life’s extremes is breathtaking. He has crafted an extraordinary film that probes some of the deepest and darkest issues ever portrayed on screen with amazingly gifted performances by Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan," state Fox Searchlight Presidents Stephen Gilula and Nancy Utley. 
Fassbender, already having himself quite the 2011, stars as Brandon, a sex-addicted New Yorker whose life enters a downward spiral when his younger sister (Mulligan) moves in with him.
"Fox Searchlight contacted us immediately after the screening in Telluride to tell us how much they loved the film. Their approach to marketing and distributing the film this year was incredibly detailed and impressive. We are excited to be working with them on a film that is sparking debate and a strong emotional reaction from audiences," say producers Iain Canning and Emile Sherman.
Adds McQueen, "This is a brave statement and an important move by Fox Searchlight. I am very happy they came on board to release Shame in the U.S. It's great to be working with a team that is so passionate about cinema."
In his review, Ellwood mentioned the "intense sex scenes and nudity" which would make it impossible for "Shame" to be released with an R rating, while McQueen told press at Telluride that he had no plans to cut the movie in any way. The Fox Searchlight release makes no mention of whether "Shame" will be released with an NC-17, or whether it will go out unrated.
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<p>Robert Pattinson at the 2011 Golden Globes.</p>

Robert Pattinson at the 2011 Golden Globes.

Credit: AP Photo

Whew: Golden Globes show saved for at least 2012

NBC, HFPA and Dick Clark Productions make deal while legal case rages on

The legal dispute between the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and Dick Clark Productions over negotiating the rights to the Golden Globes is still being battled in a Los Angeles courtroom, but cooler heads have prevailed for at least 2012.  All three parties announced this morning that the 69th Golden Globes will air as scheduled on NBC on Sunday, Jan. 15, 2012 at 5 PM PST/8PM EST. 

Dick Clark Productions will continue to produce the telecast as well as an official hour long NBC pre-show (that should be fun) from 4-5 PM PST/ 7-8 PM EST. 

The announcement also clearly noted the HFPA will co-produce the show along with Dick Clark Productions.  It is assumed the legal case will have been settled by then which means one party may be much happier than the other.

The nominees for this season's Globes will be announced bright and early at 8 AM EST on Thurs., Dec. 15. 

No word yet on whether the Globes will have a host this year. Ricky Gervais received mixed notices after his two-year run, but has publicly stated he's not that interested in returning. 


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<p>Ryan Gosling in &quot;Ides of March&quot;&nbsp;and Brad Pitt in &quot;Moneyball.&quot;</p>

Ryan Gosling in "Ides of March" and Brad Pitt in "Moneyball."

Do 'Ides of March' and 'Moneyball' have the awards season goods?

Two quality films make their Toronto debuts

TORONTO - It's only the first day of the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival and two major prestige pics have already shown their wares to the assembled international press corps; Bennett Miller's "Moneyball" and George Clooney's "Ides of March."  Both films have the potential to be solid box office performers and receive very positive reviews.  Critically, this pundit fell for the political leanings of "Ides of March" (grade: B+) a bit more than Billy Beane's story in "Moneyball" (grade: B), but both films have the potential to make their mark on awards season.  With that in mind, let's run down the best awards season bets for each picture.

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<p>Vanessa Redgrave, Ralph Fiennes and Brian Cox in a modern adaptation of &quot;Coriolanus.&quot;</p>

Vanessa Redgrave, Ralph Fiennes and Brian Cox in a modern adaptation of "Coriolanus."

Credit: The Weinstein Company

Review: Ralph Fiennes and Vanessa Redgrave display Oscar potential in 'Coriolanus'

Shakespeare adaption works finds stride in performances

There have been a number of modern adaptations of Shakespeare's plays over the last two decades.  So much so that transporting the classic tomes to a more contemporary setting isn't as fresh as it used to be. Therefore, when making that creative decision there has to be a specific vision that can transform the material into something fresh and new.  Ralph Fiennes pretty much accomplishes that feat with his directorial debut, "Coriolanus."

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<p>The poster for Jessica Yu's &quot;Last Call at the Oasis.&quot;</p>

The poster for Jessica Yu's "Last Call at the Oasis."

Credit: Participant Media

Exclusive: Erin Brokovich investigates fresh water issues in 'Last Call at the Oasis' clip

New doc about the perils of quality water premieres at Toronto on Friday

TORONTO - Lost of potential acquisition titles and awards season players are getting a ton of pre-festival publicity, but less celebrity-friendly documentaries are also a key component of the Toronto International Film Festival's slate.  This year, Davis Guggenheim's "From The Sky Down" about U2 is getting most of the opening night buzz, but there is another doc debuting on the same day that might be much more influential, "Last Call at the Oasis."

Directed by Academy Award winner Jessica Yu ("Protagonist," "The Realms of the Unreal") and produced by Elise Pearlstein ("Food, Inc."), the doc focuses on the growing concern with fresh water supplies across the globe.  The film features none other than Erin Brockovich, among others, who is investigating this issue in the United States.

Participant Media, the company behind "An Inconvenient Truth" and "Waiting for 'Superman,'" provided HitFix with an exclusive sneak peek of "Last Call" which you can view embedded in this post. 

Will "Last Call" be a call to action to the global water crisis just as "Truth" and "Waiting" were for the environment and education?  We'll no more after its debut at Toronto on Friday.

Look for continuing coverage of the Toronto Film Festival on HitFix and Awards Campaign for the next 10 days. 

For year round entertainment commentary and awards season news follow Gregory Ellwood on Twitter @HitFixGregory.

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<p>Leonardo DiCaprio as J. Edgar Hoover in Clint Eastwood's biopic &quot;J. Edgar.&quot;</p>

Leonardo DiCaprio as J. Edgar Hoover in Clint Eastwood's biopic "J. Edgar."

Credit: Warner Bros.

Clint Eastwood's 'J. Edgar' will premiere at AFI Fest 2011

Debut on Nov. 3 only six days before release

It didn't debut at Venice or Telluride and won't be sneaking at Toronto or the New York Film Festival, but Clint Eastwood's "J. Edgar" has found a home; AFI FEST 2011.  The American Film Institute announced this morning that "J. Edgar" will open the 25th installment of the festival on Nov. 3.

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<p>'Young Adult'</p>

'Young Adult'

First Look: Charlize Theron in Diablo Cody's 'Young Adult' poster

Oscar contender reunites screenwriter with 'Juno' director Jason Reitman

Oscar winner Charlize Theron ("Monster") is making a play to snag a second trophy with her much buzzed-about performance in the upcoming dramedy "Young Adult," which reunites "Juno" director Jason Reitman ("Up in the Air") and writer Diablo Cody ("United States of Tara").

The just-released poster (below) trades the star's good looks for a cool visual take on the film's title and plot.

"Young Adult" is about a successful writer of teen-themed novels who returns to her small-town hoping to reconnect with her past, namely her now-married high school boyfriend ("Little Children's" Patrick Wilson). Instead, she finds herself bonding with a different former classmate, played by Patton Oswalt,  who hasn't quite gotten the hang of being a grown up. "Juno" vet J.K. Simmons is providing the sure-to-be-hilarious narration.

The poster is an homage to Judy Blume-type Y.A. novel covers, including a faux price tag and a gold foil stamp with Reitman's name and credentials. It's a different approach for a high-profile film with a star as recognizable as Theron, but it seems reassuring that "Young Adult" is serious in its serio-comic intentions.


 "Young Adult" opens in the U.S. December 16.

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<p>Eddie Murphy at the 2009 Oscar Luncheon where he was celebrating his best supporting actor nomination for &quot;Dreamgirls.&quot;</p>

Eddie Murphy at the 2009 Oscar Luncheon where he was celebrating his best supporting actor nomination for "Dreamgirls."

Credit: AP Photo

It's official: Eddie Murphy hosting the 84th Academy Awards

Bret Ratner puts his mark on the Oscars

After leaking over the Labor Day weekend, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences formally announced Eddie Murphy has signed on as Oscar host for the 84th Academy Awards.

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