Showtime has announced a slew of guest stars for the upcoming seventh season of "Weeds." In addition, the premium cable network also unveiled some key twists in the "Weeds" narrative.
[That last sentence was a warning that if you don't want to have a couple "Weeds" Season 7 details spoiled, you may want to back away, slowly.]
Production on "Weeds" is currently underway and the half-hour dramedy will return to Showtime on Monday, June 27. 
When we left Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) at the end of Season 6, she was surrendering to the FBI for Pilar's murder. Next season will begin three years later, with Nancy ending a prison sentence and moving into a halfway house in New York City. Having spent years in Copenhagen, Andy (Justin Kirk), Silas (Hunter Parrish) and Shane (Alexander Gould) are heading back to the Big Apple for a family reunion.
Intriguing, right?
Showtime has also revealed that Martin Short will appear in at least three episodes, playing "an eccentric attorney," while Aidan Quinn is set to at least four episodes as "a charismatic investment firm CEO." Jennifer Jason Leigh will return for at least four episodes as Nancy's sister Jill, while Lindsay Sloane is set for six episodes as a conceptual artist who attracts Andy's attention.
Also guest-starring this season are Pablo Schreiber, David Clennon, Gary Anthony Williams and Olga Sosnovska.
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