In November, Grammy Award winners Arcade Fire lifted the curtain on their music video to "The Suburbs," which was culled from a longer short film project directed by Spike Jonze. At SXSW this week, the "Where the Wild Things Are" helmer is revealing the whole clip at the South By Southwest Film Conference in Austin.

Below is the trailer to the film, though the original music video would have been somewhat serviceable for the same.

The young narrator talks about a memorable summer, occupied in part by the military, between clips of a city burning and teenaged kids getting into general mischief. As in the original clip, something goes terribly wrong between two pals and martial law breaks their frienship, puts them under arrest and at war with each other.

"Scenes from the Suburbs" was written by Arcade Fire's Win Butler and bandmate/wife Regine Chassagne. It will be released straight-to-DVD at a later date.

No word if Arcade Fire is plotting a secret SXSW show, though they are prone to set up shop when the spirit moves them.