Minutes after taking the stage with his future "Avengers'" co-stars in Hall H at the San Diego Comic-Con, "Thor" lead Chris Hemsworth was on the red carpet and in interviews with HitFix .

The 27-year-old Aussie described landing his role as god-on-earth as a "blessing" "to be part of the [Marvel] franchise."

"You come from constantly doubting yourself and figuring out ways into tricking yourself into thinking, 'No, no, no, I'm good at this,'" Hemsworth says about his feelings going into the project. But it was with sage cast and crew like director Kenneth Branagh and Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins -- who plays Thor's father Odin in the myth, the comic book and film -- that he learned to feel like a more capable actor.

One of Hemsworth's favorite days of shooting encapsulated the true scale of talent with which he was working. It was for a scene where father and son argue, and Branagh stepped to Hopkins to whisper some directions.

"Then we started doing the take. And oh my God. It was emotional, anger... incredibly powerful. They called cut, and the whole set started applauding, some people were crying. And I was just sitting there going, 'That was amazing.' And 'I suck,'" he laughed. "I was thinking 'I'm in the ring with Hopkins, I’m holding my own,' until that moment."

(What did Branagh tell Hopkins? "Let him affect you.")

Near the beginning of production, there was a report that ran in a New York newspaper that claimed Hopkins wasn't enjoying the shoot and that there were tensions between he and Hemsworth and Branagh. The young actor shrugged the tabloid piece off as sheer rumor and completely false.

"Anthony said to me a number of times [that] he came on with one of the best directors he ever worked with. [Hopkins] kept saying, 'How fun is this?'. He brings the enthusiasm of someone on their first day on set. You gotta laugh at it. But there’s moments when I go home and its dark and I’m alone," he laughs, "and I think, 'The most talented nicest guy on the planet hates me.'"
What Hemsworth loved was taking the stage in Hall H with his future "Avengers" co-stars like Robert Downey, Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans and Samuel L. Jackson. Coming together with the ensemble apparently caught him off-guard.
"I didn't even know that was gonna happen until five minutes beforehand."
And, yes, Thor will walk across the Rainbow Bridge.
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