Ryan Reynolds is paying attention to what the "Green Lantern" fanboys and fangirls are saying on the forums, but he often finds a wealth of inspiration from the "ultimate fanboy" on the forthcoming film's set.

Speaking to HitFix at San Diego Comic-Con, the leading man said comic writer Geoff Johns has been on hand throughout production helping to form the one, two, three and more Green Lanterns to appear in the flick.

Johns has surely been a help, too, in construction the Green Lantern's all-CGI suit, for what Reynolds calls an "iconic" comic book character.

"[The suit] is a physical manifestation of the ring bearer's will and his biology," he says, admitting that while he may not have a costume to hang up in his closet at the end of the shoot, he's willing to sacrifice it for the fans.

Check out HitFix's live blog of the "Green Lantern" panel in Hall H over the weekend.

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